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Cheap, Used Books at Japanese Store Book Off images

Cheap, Used Books at Japanese Store Book Off

I used to be an avid manga reader and I would always buy my manga at bookoff. Buying a manga brand new will cost you about 400 yen while one at bookoff will only be 105yen. The books are usually in good condition and buying second hand is more ecological. Bookoff has other things you can buy. The b…(84 words)

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Manga Cheap books Japan
World's Most Comfortable Economy-class Seats on Skymark Airlines images

World's Most Comfortable Economy-class Seats on Skymark Airlines

When I boarded my Skymark airline flight last weekend for a short trip down to Fukuoka, I was shocked by how large the economy seats were. Initially I miss took the economy seats to be business class seats and kept going till the back of the place. Skymark used to be the low quality, cheap-o ai…(231 words)

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Skymark Airlines Airline Cheap Travel Trip Business Fukuoka Stay Japan
There is a food called "COPPE-PAN-SANDO" images

There is a food called "COPPE-PAN-SANDO"

There is a food called "COPPE-PAN-SANDO=コッペパンサンド".It is similar to a hot dog, but the Japanese do not think it's the same.Hot dog came from the United States."COPPE-PAN-SANDO=コッペパンサンド" It is inspired from the hot dog.Food that is sandwiched between the hot dog bun has al…(78 words)

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Food Japanese Guide Japan City Cuisine Japanese cuisine Cheap Tokyo
Cheapest Places for Karaoke in Japan images

Cheapest Places for Karaoke in Japan

Karatetsu is my go-to karaoke place. The reasons are clear. 1. Cheap2. Carries one of the most number of songs, which is perfect for someone like me who enjoys singing songs in English.The prices are pretty mind-blowing in comparison to places like Shidax or Big Echo that charge 650yen/30mi…(338 words)

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Karaoke Singing Japan Cheap Party Drink Trip English view Yen
Enjoy Scenery in Japan Without Having to Walk images

Enjoy Scenery in Japan Without Having to Walk

The seishun 18 ticket is a very cheap way to travel long distance on trains in Japan. The ticket is sold in sets of five and one set costs 11,300yen. The amazing thing is that one ticket will allow you to travel on any JR local train in Japan as many times as you want with in 24 hours. This is amaz…(172 words)

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Ticket Japan Tokyo Train Shinkansen Bullet Train Cheap
Enjoy Japan Travel Even More with the Cheap, Kanto Area Train Pass images

Enjoy Japan Travel Even More with the Cheap, Kanto Area Train Pass

The Japan Rail Pass, which allows tourists unlimited rides on all JR trains (including bullet trains across the country), is one of the great ways to see lots of different cities without breaking the bank.For non-Japanese residents, or tourists with more limited time or means, there is also the…(302 words)

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Cheap Kanto Area Pass Chiba Karuizawa Summer Train Winter
Torinoiru Cafe for Bird Lovers images

Torinoiru Cafe for Bird Lovers

Hello everybody! Alex aka Subtokyo is back for another interesting animal cafe, this time an owl cafe!There are a handful of owl cafes around the Tokyo area. Kiba, Tsukishima, and a couple other locations in Tokyo. I visited the owl cafe or bird cafe in Kiba, Tokyo. This was the Torinoiru Cafe …(317 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

Cafe Tokyo Visit Food Walk Cheap Subtokyo Owl Animal Cafe
100 Yen Shop Shopping Sense images

100 Yen Shop Shopping Sense

I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't think that 100 yen shops aren't great. There's just so much of everything that you can find for a mere few coins. If you can find it at a convenience store or local market, you can bet your nearby 100 yen store probably will, too.It used to be one might hide …(252 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Shopping Shop 100 yen shop Yen Cheap Art Convenience store Children Kids Stationery
Ikebukuro is downtown. and.. images

Ikebukuro is downtown. and..

Ikebukuro is downtown.You will buy products cheaply in Ikebukuro. The same as those sold in Shibuya.Shop in the old building, You can buy a cheap and good products.Since the old building is cheap rent,Products can also be sold cheaply. Japanese I think.The building named Sunshin…(106 words)

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Shibuya Japan Building Cheap Ikebukuro Tokyo City English Japanese Shop
Internal Factors Affecting Toyota images

Internal Factors Affecting Toyota

For a long time, the company has maintained the top position in the industry, selling over 9.4 million vehicles annually worldwide, ahead of Volkswagen and General Motors. Despite the company’s dominance, Toyota experiences several negative business factors both internally and externally. In light …(653 words)

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