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Oiran Parade : The screamingly bright colors! images

Oiran Parade : The screamingly bright colors!

Shinagawa Shukuba Festival is held on the last Saturday and Sunday of September every year. We just had one two weeks ago. One performance you should not miss is the parade of oiran (courtesans) wearing beautiful Kimono. If you are lucky, you will have an opportunity to watch one of those oiran par…(467 words)

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Tokyo Tower Monkeys (Sarumawashi) images

Tokyo Tower Monkeys (Sarumawashi)

With it being the 55th anniversary of the Tokyo Tower, I thought it would be suiting to write about the free monkey show that takes place in front. These shows are not put on directly by Tokyo Tower, but permitted to entertain there. I have myself gone back multiple times now to check out this ente…(405 words)

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Sarumawashi Tokyo Tower Monkey Tokyo Park Children Movie Entertainment Live festival
Children’s Day images

Children’s Day

Kodomo-no-hi falls on May 5, called "Tango-no-sekku", Boys' festival. In Japan, we have various customs on the day. We hang out carp streamers (Koinobori) or decorate the Boys' May Festival dolls to pray that boys in the house will live their lives strongly as well as to drive out an evil spirit. O…(87 words)

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Children Mochi (Rice cake) Dolls Live Children's Day (Japan)
Tanuki - Racoon Dogs images

Tanuki - Racoon Dogs

If you live in the suburbs of Tokyo like I do, then you might be lucky enough to have some neighborhood Tanuki! In the suburbs, there are still a number of farms and open spaces. And there is some surprising wildlife as well, such as this family of Tanuki. This Tanuki family would come by almost…(174 words)

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Tanuki Suburbs Live Lucky Park
Edo Wonderland - See the Legends! images

Edo Wonderland - See the Legends!

I will admit that this was one of the most memorable adventures of my first trip to Japan. It is all very interactive and you can actually experience the Edo period lifestyle first-hand. This is a wonderful place to see and take part in the living history and culture of the Edo period. This cult…(223 words)

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Huis ten Bosch images

Huis ten Bosch

Ever have a hankering to visit the Netherlands? Well, if you live in Asia, you don't have to fly all the way to Europe. You can come to Sasebo and visit Huis ten Bosch theme park. It is a complete resort with hotels and numerous attractions.Your entire family will enjoy a visit to Huis ten B…(145 words)

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A Car License the Old-fashioned Way images

A Car License the Old-fashioned Way

After being in Japan a while you might feel the need to drive, especially if you live outside a big city. Getting a car license if you are from abroad can be a daunting task for some people but there are actually several ways to go about it.You can transfer your license from your home country. …(324 words)

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City Live Stay School Work car license
How long does it take to be accepted in a Japanese community? images

How long does it take to be accepted in a Japanese community?

Have you had the experience where you felt like you where not completely connected with a Japanese friend.I live near a port and every July the locals take their fishing boats out to Kanzanji park to watch fireworks from the sea.It's an experience that normally you wouldn't have.Lots of l…(293 words)

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Yuuki I

Park Sea Live
InterFM: "Funk 'n' Stuff" with DJ Marvin live from Tokyo & Nagoya images

InterFM: "Funk 'n' Stuff" with DJ Marvin live from Tokyo & Nagoya

A message to all the funk-a-teers of the world. From Motown to To-Town now to yo town via Interfm; I wanna say “hello” and “how do ya do” to all the folks out there • keeping it real • living ya life day by day • trying to stay above ground • keeping ya noses above the water • making and creating p…(259 words)

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Tokyo Nagoya Live Drink Music Shoes dance radio request Funk
I like this place... I could live in Japan images

I like this place... I could live in Japan

Whether you've had a passion for Japan since you were young, developed it through study, perhaps through seeking adventure through travel or considered it because of work or business opportunity (yours, or a partner's), one day you might find yourself seriously considering living here.Unless yo…(1469 words)

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Kabuki - True Japanese Traditional Entertainment! images

Kabuki - True Japanese Traditional Entertainment!

Perhaps I may be minority here, but many Japanese people have never seen Kabuki or Sumo live. Until today, I couldn't care less, honestly.But, boy was I wrong! I went to the latest one at Meiji-za (not Kabuki-za) with my mother where Ichikawa Somegoro did a very interesting and entertaining p…(228 words)

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Entertainment Kabuki Ticket English Play Live Guide
Tourist Tip #1: Invest in a Suica or Pasmo IC Card images

Tourist Tip #1: Invest in a Suica or Pasmo IC Card

The Suica and Pasmo IC cards are e-money cards that can be used in a variety of ways. The two most practical: riding public transportation and shopping. The cards are accepted at an impressive number of locations, including convenience stores, coffee shops, coin lockers, vending machines, and many …(226 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Suica Pasmo Tourist Tip Train Shopping Train station English Transportation Live
Travel back in time to Edo images

Travel back in time to Edo

Chiba Prefecture's Boso no Mura attraction recreates life as it was, along with the scenery, from 150 years ago. You can walk around freely and experience what it is like to live in old Japan, during the Edo period. The homes have kitchens with woo…(114 words)

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Travel Tea Chiba Green tea Walk Live Edo Period
Thoughts on Japan Entry Documents images

Thoughts on Japan Entry Documents

We often describe what to do once you arrive in Japan but I am in the process of returning to Japan and decided to write an article to inform you what you will be going through to get through Japanese Customs whether your flight arrives in Narita, Haneda, Osaka or any other Japan port of entry.…(567 words)

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Football? images


Football season has officially begun. If catching up on the latest scores online, or watching games on cable television aren't enough to satisfy your fix there is good news. It is possible to watch live games here in Japan. "Live" as in, actually being able to attend games in person. "Football?…(345 words)

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Sport Game American football History Play Live Television August Soccer January
Where to visit in Fall? images

Where to visit in Fall?

For people living in Tokyo, visiting Yamanashi prefecture in September is a great choice! You can try grape picking there.All the grapes are delicious. Especially, Shine Muscat is one of the best fruits I've ever ate in my life.It tastes like something different from grapes but extremely …(62 words)

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Visit Tokyo Live Yamanashi Grape
World heritage Shirakawa Go is the place to Go images

World heritage Shirakawa Go is the place to Go

I lived in Tokyo Ebisu for short 6 months back in 2010.Looked forward in making many new friends and meeting interesting people that you can’t find in other cites.Which was true also at the same time, it was easy to feel lonely and lost with all the people you pass daily that I’ll never have a …(496 words)

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Yuuki I

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