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Bookworm's Paradise

There's no shortage of big bookstores in Tokyo. There is, of course, the Kinokuniya Books in Shinjuku, as well as Junkudo, and Parco Books, as well as the Aoyama Book Store. All of these stores have their merits, but they carry only new books. But just like there is something important you l…(604 words)

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Quick and easy things to do in Yokohama #9 images

Quick and easy things to do in Yokohama #9

There's a lot to love about Yokohama. It's this diversity and variety that make Yokohama the great city that it is. One visit is never enough, for you can always find something new and different each time you walk its streets.In Hanasaki-cho, one of the few "old school" smaller districts that s…(393 words)

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