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The Decorated Trucks of Japan images

The Decorated Trucks of Japan

I had a lot of fun filming an episode about the decorated trucks of Japan for the Travel Channel. Below is the story I wrote about the experience.The rumble of powerful engines, air perfumed by diesel exhaust, bright lights flashing in the night: all ambrosia to the senses of the owners of the …(851 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Decorated Art Hobby Truck Utamaro Decotora Cross cultural communication
Torinoichi (or Otorisama) images

Torinoichi (or Otorisama)

Torinoichi is held at Ohtori Shrine and Chokokuji Temple, next to each other. This year (2014), the event is on November 10 and 22. As people buy a little bigger Kumade, called Kakkome, every year, the Kumade is going to be huge. It is interesting that this festival starts at midnight (0:00) and en…(98 words)

Keiko, OTT image

Keiko, OTT

year-end Tokyo Event Tera (Temple) Jinjya (Shrine) festival Horse Decorated Asakusa
Vietnamese Dining in the Heart of Roppongi images

Vietnamese Dining in the Heart of Roppongi

Cyclo is a trendy, semi-casual Vietnamese restaurant located in Roppongi Green Hills. They have a lovely spacious interior with, comfortably dimly lit, with clean tables and interesting decor. The staff are courteous and treat customers well.Their menu has quite a lot to choose from, all the st…(262 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Tokyo Restaurant Food Roppongi Dinner Dining Decorated Ethnic Train