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DevilCraft Beer & Pizza images

DevilCraft Beer & Pizza

People have been extolling the praises of DevilCraft Beer & Pizza since July, 2011 – when their first shop in Kanda opened. DevilCraft’s Chicago-style pizza and plethora of craft beers on tap has since become the stuff of legend.I recently visited their newest shop in Hamamatsucho, which opened…(86 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Beer Pizza kanda Tokyo Hamamatsucho
How to visit shrines in Tokyo Metropolis! images

How to visit shrines in Tokyo Metropolis!

Japanese shrines generally are based in Shintoism and temples are based on Buddhism. Buildings have different names depending on religions just as we have churches for Christianity and mosques for Muslims. An easier way to tell which one is which is that you’ll find tori archways at shrines and gr…(349 words)

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Tokyo Jinjya (Shrine) Meiji Shrine Ueno Akihabara kanda yushima kanda shrine
Kanda River Show images

Kanda River Show

If you happen to be in the Tokyo area during the evening time, be sure to take a stroll down to the Kanda River for an exquisite show of nature. Bats which inhabit the banks of the river can be seen in the evening hours fleeing from their daybeds in the trees, and fluttering into the unknown night …(154 words)

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River kanda bats Tokyo City Walk Nature Eat Flood Typhoon
How to enjoy Matsuri in Shitamachi images

How to enjoy Matsuri in Shitamachi

May is the most comfortable month in Japan. Sun shines, flowers bloom and wind blows softly. However, in Shitamachi, May is the season of Matsuri, the summer festivals of Shrines.Usually, the main events including Miya-Mikoshi is on Sunday. In the early morning Mikoshi is started from a shrine …(241 words)

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Keiko, OTT

Japanese festivals Tokyo Summer Food Asakusa Jinjya (Shrine) Ueno Yakitori yatai kanda