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Why Do Japanese People Call Mt. Fuji, Mr. Fuji? images

Why Do Japanese People Call Mt. Fuji, Mr. Fuji?

If you wondered why Japanese people refer to Mt. Fuji as Mr. Fuji, you are not alone.When I first came to Japan, and actually until about two years ago, well okay, actually it still happens a lot, I was confused and continue to get confused by place names.In Japanese, Mt. Fuji is called Fuj…(604 words)


Mount Fuji Tokyo History Nature Play Flower Mountain view Castle Lake
Enjoy bath, Japanese style images

Enjoy bath, Japanese style

Enjoy taking bath with Babu(Bub), a popular Japanese bath tablet to Relax after Exploring Japan on Foot.All travelers know how sight seeing can be exhausting. Especially walking around on foot, taking trains and metro etc with lots of stairs before and after the ride in metropolitan areas in Ja…(394 words)

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style Japanese Japan Summer Hotel English Play Work Market
Ride The Tokyo Metro Like A Boss With These Apps images

Ride The Tokyo Metro Like A Boss With These Apps

To people new to Japan, the Tokyo subway system, stylishly called "Tokyo Metro" is a confusing labyrinth of lines going every which way. Orderly thought and planning, it would appear, seem to be the main ingredients neglected when designing the subway subway system.Once you live here a bit, you …(375 words)

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Tokyo Metro Subway Internet Play Spaghetti Shibuya Train station Smartphone Apps


When I don't have a clear idea of what type of food (bento) to buy, I always choose SUKEROKU bento.It is simple bento, kind of Sushi without raw fish.As you see the picture, two kinds of sushi are in.One is NORIMAKI, rolled by seaweed, inside : Kanpyo, brown color, cooked vegetable, boi…(137 words)

Moo Moo image

Moo Moo

Bento (box meal) Convenience store Sushi Food Play
Origami Shop & Exhibition at Narita Airport images

Origami Shop & Exhibition at Narita Airport

Flying is not always fun, but this origami paper and book store can help make waiting at Narita a little better. When you fly out of Tokyo´s Narita airport, go to Nippon Origami Museum. It has books about origami, origami papers, and a selection of paper art on display. Check out the origami p…(204 words)

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Origami Narita International Airport Stationery Souvenir books Play Art
Cosplay in Harajuku images

Cosplay in Harajuku

Head to Harajuku on a weekend to catch the young and trendy Tokyo crowd! Takeshita dori, the place to find the up-and-coming fashion trends of tomorrow, will be crowded, but a walk is well worth you time.I read an interesting story in Japan Today yesterday about how to deal with your partner be…(215 words)

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Emelie Fågelstedt

Harajuku Cosplay Tokyo Fashion Manga Anime Play view Pop culture
Chindon'ya images


The Chindon'ya are a type of Japanese marching band that wear elaborate costumes and perform in a variety of festivals, shop openings, and other promotions or special events. Originating in Osaka during the late Edo period, most of the remaining Chindon'ya are based in Tokyo. Chindon'ya usual…(511 words)

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Tokyo Event Music Osaka Children Play Entertainment
Shoes Fit for a King images

Shoes Fit for a King

I like shoes. Not enough to have 3000 pairs, like the wife of a former Asian dictator, but I think good shoes are a very important thing. A good pair of shoes keeps our feet on the ground, after all.Atsushi Inoue is a Shoe Creator. Not just any shoemaker. His shoes are, no doubt, a mixture …(294 words)

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Shoes Play May style design comfort durability
Quick and easy things to do in Yokohama #10 images

Quick and easy things to do in Yokohama #10

Looking for an unforgettable, mind-blowing experience that's absolutely free? Visit Yokohama's Dockyard Garden and take part in their 3D projection mapping events that take place every night at scheduled times on a seasonal basis.One of their most popular shows, entitled "ピカチュウ (Pikachu) N…(211 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Yokohama Projection Mapping Dockyard Garden Garden Landmark Tower Minato Mirai 21 Visit Play
Karaoke Box in Japan – Reasonable amusements where foreigners can enjoy! images

Karaoke Box in Japan – Reasonable amusements where foreigners can enjoy!

Japanese people are embarrassed to sing in front of strangers in general. Therefore, they prefer to go to Karaoke box with their friends and have fun singing popular songs in their private space. Even foreigners can casually enjoy Karaoke box without problem!After you check in at reception coun…(321 words)

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Karaoke Ginza Play
Harajuku on Sunday images

Harajuku on Sunday

Harajuku and Yoyogi Park on a Sunday. The Rockabilly Dancers dance to their own beat and it very fun watching them have fun dancing. They play a variety of 50's style Rockabilly style music, both Western and Japanese. They dance so much on the asphalt that they literally wear the soles of their …(155 words)

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Harajuku Park Visit Music Outdoor recreation Play Yoyogi Park style dance Dancing
Tokyo Survival Game Field – ASOBIBA - images

Tokyo Survival Game Field – ASOBIBA -

“Survival game” ( “Sabagee” for short) is a shooting game where two teams armed with airsoft BB guns (with 6mm dia. plastic balls) battle each other. This entertainment play has originated in Japan and “ASOBIBA” is the place where you can give it a try within Tokyo. Sabagee is getting very popular …(271 words)

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Tokyo Game Nagoya Odaiba Play Entertainment Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki Aichi
Summer Festival in your neighborhood images

Summer Festival in your neighborhood

This useful tip is for short term visitors and for long term residents, both. If you wish to immerse in local japanese culture, make new friends, know your neighborhood, or simply enjoy a fun-filled evening with beer, pan-fried noodles ("yaki soba"), etc. look out for summer festivals organized in …(192 words)

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Samir Bodhe

Summer festival Event Beer Soba noodles Play Children Japanese Culture Playing Kids
Edo Wonderland - See the Legends! images

Edo Wonderland - See the Legends!

I will admit that this was one of the most memorable adventures of my first trip to Japan. It is all very interactive and you can actually experience the Edo period lifestyle first-hand. This is a wonderful place to see and take part in the living history and culture of the Edo period. This cult…(223 words)

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Edo Period Nikko Park Trip History Play Japanese Culture Live activities Lucky
Japan Bible Home - Perfect Getaway place from Tokyo! images

Japan Bible Home - Perfect Getaway place from Tokyo!

Most people know Minakami for skiing in winter, water sports in summer and bungee-jumping. It is a good place to make a one day trip from Tokyo and you can find a lot of economical ski lots and eating places. However, in summer this year I visited this place tucked away in the mountains and I w…(460 words)

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Biju Paul

Tokyo Summer Trip Winter Sport River Nature Play Beauty Dinner
Bizen Osafune Sword Museum images

Bizen Osafune Sword Museum

Japan is synonymous with master sword-making. This status has been cultivated through popular culture with the myriad of samurai and ninja movies that have been made over the years. While Hollywood often focuses on the fanciful side of the Japanese sword, within Japanese popular culture it tends to…(307 words)

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Museum City Visit Food Art History Play Samurai Okayama
Maid Cafe experience images

Maid Cafe experience

Take a sneak peek at Maid Cafe --- yes, I've been curious but not motivated enough much so far.But as a professional Tokyo tour guide, I needed to have the experience before I take guests there. So I went with seven other guide friends.There are tons of maid cafes in Akihabara, different co…(363 words)

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Maid Cafe Tokyo Akihabara Play Drink English Kawaii
100 Penguins Play in Tokyo, Japan images

100 Penguins Play in Tokyo, Japan

Just a few stops before Maihama station (Disneyland) going from Tokyo, is Kasai Rinkai Park. The park is very large with a small amusement park and a famous aquarium. I have visited this aquarium about 3 times and it is wonderful. You can take a look at the kind of sea life in Tokyo Bay and there i…(127 words)

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Amusement park Japan Play Tokyo Park Sea Swimming
Jump! images


Kumo no Umi (Sea of Clouds) is a trampoline in the Showa Kinen Koen (Showa Memorial Park) in Nishi-Tachikawa, on the west side of Tokyo. The trampoline is built as a clump of hills and valleys of various sizes. The white vinyl looks, from afar, like a sea of clouds in the midst of an ocean of tre…(199 words)

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Tokyo Park Sea Play Children Playground
Fun Places to Chill with Animals images

Fun Places to Chill with Animals

As with many people around the world, Japanese people also love animals and love to own pets. However with limited space and most people living in apartments or small houses, sometimes owning a pet is not allowed or is not an option for those animal lovers.One source of animal happiness people …(396 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

Tokyo City Drink Building Visit Coffee Harajuku Play Ikebukuro Cafe
Visit Tokyo Toy Museum with your kids images

Visit Tokyo Toy Museum with your kids

Tokyo Toy Museum is a space full of wooden toys that are attractive for not only kids but also adults. There are traditional Japanese toys such as KOMA(spinning top), toys for playing house, board games, etc.If there is a rainy day during your visit to Tokyo, and if you don't know how to burn you…(118 words)

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Play Children Toy Tokyo Visit Museum Building Walk Marunouchi Playing
Unique Watersports Culture in Tokyo images

Unique Watersports Culture in Tokyo

In order to survive a Nippon Summer every year, Japanese people have created lots of little hints to beat the heat from way back. For examples, with Shishiodoshi (water-filled bamboo tube which clacks against a stone when emptied), Furin (wind bells) and Golden fish, people try to cool themselves b…(307 words)

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Tokyo Summer Sport City River Game Play Business Fish
Legoland Discovery Center in Odaiba, Tokyo images

Legoland Discovery Center in Odaiba, Tokyo

Legoland is a theme park dedicated to families with children between the age of 2 and 12 that features interactive rides, play space and attractions based on the LEGO toy brand. The park is split into various areas such as a Lego miniland, play fields and model village. The model village is bre…(252 words)

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Odaiba Children Kids Tokyo Park Play view Amusement park Toy
Google Translate app takes down language barrier images

Google Translate app takes down language barrier

From June 2014 I have had the opportunity to fly into Mexico for business.Right now Mexico is a hot spot for the automotive industry.Many Japanese automotive companies are in a rush to locate in the Central Highlands in Mexico. The company I work for has a factory in Guadalajara. My job is to…(421 words)

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Yuuki I

Trip English Dinner Play Lunch Business Japanese Culture Communication Work
The power of onsen is truly amazing! images

The power of onsen is truly amazing!

We have recently come to understand the effects of hydrogen sulfide, or "sulfur". Just by sniffing it, the swelling associated with rheumatism can be lessened. Also, we know the effects it can have on the brain, and it is possible that it has a preventative effect in regard to dementia.It a…(117 words)

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Onsen Play
The Hakone Open Air Museum : Amazing place! images

The Hakone Open Air Museum : Amazing place!

The Hakone Open Air Museum is a beautiful landscape park with wonderful arts and the mountains as a backdrop. I recommend this as an unforgettable stop while exploring Hakone. We went there in the afternoon on the way back from our Hakone trip as it has been always my favorite Hakone spot. We stay…(255 words)

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Museum Hakone Park Building Trip Lunch English Play Gallery Kids
Kabuki - True Japanese Traditional Entertainment! images

Kabuki - True Japanese Traditional Entertainment!

Perhaps I may be minority here, but many Japanese people have never seen Kabuki or Sumo live. Until today, I couldn't care less, honestly.But, boy was I wrong! I went to the latest one at Meiji-za (not Kabuki-za) with my mother where Ichikawa Somegoro did a very interesting and entertaining p…(228 words)

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Entertainment Kabuki Ticket English Play Live Guide
Best Way to Enjoy the FIFA World Cup in Japan images

Best Way to Enjoy the FIFA World Cup in Japan

Are you a soccer fanatic, bummed out that you won't be in Brazil to witness the excitement of the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Don't worry, even if you're here in Japan, on the opposite side of the globe, there are ways to thoroughly enjoy the world cup. You must go to one of the multiple Public Viewing ev…(290 words)

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Fifa World Cup Public Viewing Sports bar Tokyo Shibuya Event Sport Odaiba Play Soccer
Sumo!! images


Sumo-the image conjured up in many gaijin minds is that of a couple of overweight guys in adult diapers belly-bumping each other until one of man falls off a raised platform like a drunken Baby Huey. As a martial artist, I never really thought of sumo in that way, but I get why others would. Still,…(1153 words)

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Sumo Tokyo Train Summer Shopping Visit Event Sport Food Play
Summer in Shinjuku Chuo Park images

Summer in Shinjuku Chuo Park

Want a place to entertain your kids in the midsummer in Tokyo for free?Well, look no further than Shinjuku Chuo Park The paddling pool じゃぶじゃぶ池 is fantastic. It is fairly big.It seems that the water of these paddling pools are drained on a daily basis, so in theory, the water should…(116 words)

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Park Summer Shinjuku Tokyo Beer Play Garden Kids Playground Pool
PLAY BALL! Baseball in Japan images

PLAY BALL! Baseball in Japan

Certain things go with Japan in summer: fireworks, matsuri (festivals), cold beer on a rooftop and, of course, baseball. Between the months of April through October, you can flip through TV channels and, somewhere, odds are better than even that a game will be shown somewhere. Known as Yakyu (野…(586 words)

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Play Baseball Tokyo Summer Yokohama Shinjuku Osaka Game Koshien
Football? images


Football season has officially begun. If catching up on the latest scores online, or watching games on cable television aren't enough to satisfy your fix there is good news. It is possible to watch live games here in Japan. "Live" as in, actually being able to attend games in person. "Football?…(345 words)

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Sport Game American football History Play Live Television August Soccer January
Kanagawa Government Office: “King” a Great National Historical Building to See images

Kanagawa Government Office: “King” a Great National Historical Building to See

One of my absolute favorite places in Yokohama is the Kanagawa Prefecture Headquarters, called “Kanagawa Ken Hon-cho”. Until air travel allowed visitors to come via airports, Yokohama was Japan’s front door to the world. Officials wanted this building to have a view of the ocean and to showcase Jap…(822 words)


Building Kanagawa City Visit Yokohama Hotel Beer Tera (Temple) Spring Play
Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: Kendama images

Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: Kendama

Japan is a veritable treasure trove of souvenirs and gifts; there's absolutely something in this country for anyone you can think of - and it's usually unbelievably cool. In this "Must Have Japanese Souvenirs" series, Deep Japan senpai will share with you the coolest of the cool, the strangest of t…(279 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Souvenir Japanese Toy Traditional Culture Japan Play Yen custom Must have souvenir
That is the charm of Ikebukuro. The place called Rosa. images

That is the charm of Ikebukuro. The place called Rosa.

Do you know the Japanese drama "Ikebukuro West Gate Park"?There is a park that became famous for its drama.Around that, there is an Asian restaurant called Murray Chang,There is a pasta restaurant called Giyottone.You can eat in about 1000 yen lunch.Cheap and delicious restaurant …(116 words)

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Play Ikebukuro Tokyo Yen Japan City Restaurant Park Building Shibuya
Say "NO" to Mainstream Tourism! images

Say "NO" to Mainstream Tourism!

Since this is my first post, let me introduce myself. My name is Zoe, Canadian, and been living in Tokyo for 3 years and a few months.Let me tell you. I have seen Senso-ji Temple more than I ever wished to. When I came as a tourist, when I studied for the summer, when I studied for a year, when…(1177 words)

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