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Japanese Breads: Yakisobapan and Karepan are Superheroes images

Japanese Breads: Yakisobapan and Karepan are Superheroes

Japanese people obviously love bread. It seems that next to every train station there is a bakery and every convenience store has a bread corner. Many of these breads look like something you might find in Europe, but the Japanese breads are often a little different, they have evolved into their own…(335 words)

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Bread Curry Yaki soba noodles Anpan (Japanese sweet roll) Anpanman Anime
Australian Curry Amidst the Green images

Australian Curry Amidst the Green

Many visitors to Japan just stay in the cities with a few day trips to places like Kamakura (great place to visit), or Hakone, or a shopping tour to one of the many outlet malls (Gotanda is a poplular one). But, if you are the outdoorsy type, and want a bit of fresh air and lots of greenery, a …(196 words)

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Joe Peters

Curry Karuizawa Kita Karuizawa Food
Lavender fields of Farm Tomita/Hokkaido images

Lavender fields of Farm Tomita/Hokkaido

In Hokkaido, Furano's lavender fields attract large numbers of visitors to the region every summer when the plants are in full bloom. Lavenders usually start blooming in late June and reaches its peak from around mid July to early August. I had always wanted to visit Furano since I watched the …(328 words)

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Hokkaido Lavender Summer Visit Region Walk Garden Curry Kids
Local Secret: YaNeSen images

Local Secret: YaNeSen

You know you are in for something special when, on the way to Nippori station on the eternally jammed Yamanote line, you find yourself in an almost empty train watching the buildings get smaller and smaller.Affectionately known as YaNeSen (Yanaka-Sendagi-Nezu), this part of Tokyo was untouched …(307 words)

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local secret Tokyo Visit Jinjya (Shrine) Curry Wagashi Nippori
Japanese 'fast-food' for foreigners images

Japanese 'fast-food' for foreigners

You might have heard of, or hear around you at times the Japanese word Gaijin, which literally means outside person, or non-Japanese. It is not originally meant to be disrespectful, just basically means foreigner. So for those who are foreigners and do not speak Japanese, but can’t get enough of th…(379 words)

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Fast food Japanese food Shinagawa Station Food Ticket English Walk Shop Eat Curry
February, US Black History Month images

February, US Black History Month

February is Black History Month in the US. The Pink Cow was the first place in Tokyo and has been celebrating African-American History Month for 10 years now! We are very proud of the contributions of African-Americans to our rich US culture and history and want to share some of that with people fr…(318 words)

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Traci Pink Cow

History Tokyo Event Food Music Dinner Karaage (Fried chicken) Party Apple Curry
Go Go Curry images

Go Go Curry

I love Japanese curry. My favourite store is Go Go Curry, originating form Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture. It's a chain store with a lot of locations in and around Tokyo. I made a video when I went there recently - was really yummy!(53 words)

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Curry Japanese love Ishikawa