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Why Do Japanese People Call Mt. Fuji, Mr. Fuji? images

Why Do Japanese People Call Mt. Fuji, Mr. Fuji?

If you wondered why Japanese people refer to Mt. Fuji as Mr. Fuji, you are not alone.When I first came to Japan, and actually until about two years ago, well okay, actually it still happens a lot, I was confused and continue to get confused by place names.In Japanese, Mt. Fuji is called Fuj…(604 words)


Mount Fuji Tokyo History Nature Play Flower Mountain view Castle Lake
5 Traditional Japanese Villages to Explore images

5 Traditional Japanese Villages to Explore

The rural area of Japan is quite worth an exploration. Many villages in Japan have typical Japanese styles. Although they are quite far away from big cities, you can enjoy enchanting natural views and interesting life in these villages. Here I recommend you 5 amazing Japanese villages that you shou…(475 words)

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Japanese Traditional Nature Japan Food Building Kyoto Sea view Japan Travel
JR Kyoto Station - Futuristic architecture masterpiece images

JR Kyoto Station - Futuristic architecture masterpiece

If you only pass through the platforms of Kyoto Station, you miss out to explore this impressive building, the third largest train station in Japan (Ref: 1st: Tokyo, 2nd: Umeda). The whole building was constructed on the 1200th anniversary of the capital's foundation in Kyoto.If you come by tra…(267 words)

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Kyoto architecture Train station Train Building Department store view Internet
Follow the Yellow Brick Road in Tokyo images

Follow the Yellow Brick Road in Tokyo

Have you seen a movie produced by Warner Brother’s call “The Wizard of Oz”? In one of the parts, munchkins tell Dorothy, the Coward Lion, the Tin Man and the scarecrow to follow the yellow brick road. Well, this is almost like it to help people navigate from point a to b.When I came back to Jap…(394 words)

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Tokyo Train Yokohama Train station Osaka Nagoya May Movie view Lion
Street Photography in Japan images

Street Photography in Japan

Almost everyone enjoys taking photographs. In Japan, I would venture to say that EVERYONE enjoys taking photographs! Whether it be the camera embedded in modern smartphones or high end digital SLRs, cameras have become an integral part of our lives. And so has photography. My dad was an avid photog…(1485 words)

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Photography Camera City Film Technology Tokyo Train Asakusa Walk view
One of the Most Ancient and Interesting Bridges in Japan images

One of the Most Ancient and Interesting Bridges in Japan is a place steeped in history, pulsing with riveting stories of banished Samurai, castles and the Iwakuni Han. Home to Japan’s naval air force and the US Marines, Iwakuni is where the US and Japan work together to try and keep this part of the wor…(599 words)


River Yamaguchi Japan Building Art History view Beauty Mountain Samurai
Cosplay in Harajuku images

Cosplay in Harajuku

Head to Harajuku on a weekend to catch the young and trendy Tokyo crowd! Takeshita dori, the place to find the up-and-coming fashion trends of tomorrow, will be crowded, but a walk is well worth you time.I read an interesting story in Japan Today yesterday about how to deal with your partner be…(215 words)

Emelie Fågelstedt image

Emelie Fågelstedt

Harajuku Cosplay Tokyo Fashion Manga Anime Play view Pop culture
The Largest Whirlpools in the world – Naruto Whirlpools images

The Largest Whirlpools in the world – Naruto Whirlpools

The Naruto whirlpools (鳴門の渦潮 Naruto no Uzushio) are tidal whirlpools in the Naruto Strait, which is one of the largest in the world. I have visited the Naruto Strait many times and it’s been always very exciting experience. I would recommend this unique site as a must see for visitors. The spe…(214 words)

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City Japan Spring Sea view Osaka Shikoku Kobe Tokushima
Exploring the Geopark at Uradome Coast in Tottori images

Exploring the Geopark at Uradome Coast in Tottori

The Uradome Coast in Tottori Prefecture is one of the Geosites that is part of the UNESCO recognized San'in Kaigan Global Geopark, home to a diversity of geological sites related to when Japan was originally part of the Asian continent and the formation of the Sea of Japan. The geopark includes gra…(943 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Tottori Japan Visit Food History Japanese Sea view
Kamogawa Riverside in Kyoto images

Kamogawa Riverside in Kyoto

The Kamo River (鴨川 Kamo-gawa, literally means duck river) is running through Kyoto Prefecture. The riverbanks are popular walking spots for residents and tourists. There are pathways running alongside the river on which one can walk along the river, and some stepping stones that cross the river.…(187 words)

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Kyoto Summer Kamo river River Walk view Japanese Culture Dining
Visit the amazing Kururi-jo Castle and explore the history at Kururi-Joshi Museum! images

Visit the amazing Kururi-jo Castle and explore the history at Kururi-Joshi Museum!

Personally, I love the way visiting different castles in Japan brings centuries-old history to life. Recently I visited “Kururi-jo Castle”, located in Kimitsu City of Chiba Prefecture. If you're a fan of Japanese castles too, I'd certainly recommend taking a visit there, especially if you enjoy tri…(563 words)



Visit History Museum Japan City Walk view Chiba Mountain Samurai
2-Day Trip to Fujigoko (Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji) in winter 1/3 images

2-Day Trip to Fujigoko (Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji) in winter 1/3

What do you think about visiting Mt. Fuji in winter and enjoy snow and Japanese high quality Omotenashi? Most people climb or visit Mt. Fuji during either spring or summer time. Unless you really love mountain climbing, many of you might want to have something extra besides Mt. Fuji viewing. For th…(1090 words)



Trip Winter day trip Visit Summer Spring view Mountain Stay Snow
Cheapest Places for Karaoke in Japan images

Cheapest Places for Karaoke in Japan

Karatetsu is my go-to karaoke place. The reasons are clear. 1. Cheap2. Carries one of the most number of songs, which is perfect for someone like me who enjoys singing songs in English.The prices are pretty mind-blowing in comparison to places like Shidax or Big Echo that charge 650yen/30mi…(338 words)

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Karaoke Singing Japan Cheap Party Drink Trip English view Yen
Yoga Studio in the middle of Sakae images

Yoga Studio in the middle of Sakae

With a hard day of work and constantly checking our phones. It's easy to lower our priority in having time for ourself.When these short times maybe the important ones.One of the limited moments that I'm making time for my self is when I am sitting on my surfboard waiting for a wave.The …(361 words)

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Yuuki I

Park City English view Nagoya July Work Surfing
Narita and other Chiba destinations for a day trip images

Narita and other Chiba destinations for a day trip

Take Narita's Omotesando street to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple"On the way to the temple from the train station, you will never feel bored, as the main street to the temple, called "Omotesando", is the main attraction of visiting the temple. Traditional style wooden buildings stand along the stre…(561 words)

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Chiba day trip Day trip from Tokyo Tera (Temple) Sake (Rice wine) Hiking view Train Matome
UNKAI Sea of Clouds in Hokkaido images

UNKAI Sea of Clouds in Hokkaido

Unkai Terrace is located in the resort town of Tomamu in Hokkaido Japan, about a 2.5 hour drive from Sapporo. The word "Unkai" in Japanese means "sea of clouds" and the natural phenomena only occurs occasionally, typically on summer mornings. Resort Tomamu located in Shimukappu village has the unka…(313 words)

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Sea Hokkaido Hotel Summer Visit Event Coffee Nature Mountain view
The world-famous Nara Daibutsu (Big Buddha of Nara), images

The world-famous Nara Daibutsu (Big Buddha of Nara),

Recently I had a chance to visit Nara with my family. In Nara, we have the largest wooden building in the world, called Todai-ji and you can view the Great Buddha housed inside Todai-ji temple complex. The Nara Daibutsu is officially called Rushana Buddha and commonly known as “Nara-no-Daibutsu-sa…(88 words)

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Nara Visit City Building Tera (Temple) view Traditional Japanese Todai-ji Temple
Escape to Hotel Moon Beach in Okinawa images

Escape to Hotel Moon Beach in Okinawa

Beach resorts aren't usually the first thing tourists associate with Japan, but this country has many beautiful beaches with resorts to match. One such resort is Hotel Moon Beach, located on the west coast of Okinawa.This expansive resort seems to go on forever, with multiple shops, a swimming …(398 words)

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Hotel Okinawa view Restaurant Japan Food Sport Dinner Transportation style
Today, in Japan, I Fell in Love With Kyogen images

Today, in Japan, I Fell in Love With Kyogen

My friend invited me to watch him perform “Kyogen” in Shibuya Today. It was my first experience, seated in a perfectly constructed Nogakudo deep in Cerulean Tower’s basement (B-2, five minutes walk from Shibuya Station), to spend an extended time in awe of the art form known as Noh.Here is the …(802 words)


Japan Kyogen Art Kyoto Shibuya Walk view Noh Japanese Theatre
Kyoto Love: Kiyomizu-dera & Jishu Shrine images

Kyoto Love: Kiyomizu-dera & Jishu Shrine

Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺 is a beautiful temple in Kyoto up on the hills, with a view over the city. The temple grounds are a nice place to walk around and look at the many halls, gates, and pagodas from different angles. This is a very famous place and it might get a little crowded, but it is really wo…(276 words)

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Kiyomizudera Temple Kyoto Tera (Temple) Autumn Color Cherry blossom Garden Light-up love view
Visiting Nokogiriyama images

Visiting Nokogiriyama

Earlier this month I was able to visit a mountain a bit further from my normal territory, in Chiba prefecture. Nokogiriyama is located in Futtsu, South Western Chiba, and the name of the mountain translates to "Saw Mountain" due to the mountain region running from East to West creating a saw-toothe…(460 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

Chiba Mountain Nokogiriyama Tokyo Visit Tera (Temple) Nature view Mount Fuji Region
I opened a wine bar in Tokyo images

I opened a wine bar in Tokyo

I recently opened a wine bar in the Omotesando area of Tokyo, a very stylish area of the city. I'd like to post a brief outline of the process I went through in establishing the bar below. The property I sourced the property through a friend. It is a two storey building, built in the late…(833 words)

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Tokyo Wine Business City Drink Food Building Beer Winter view
Daikoku Pier C-4 Container Terminal - Port of Yokohama images

Daikoku Pier C-4 Container Terminal - Port of Yokohama

A visit to a container terminal - You can gaze at piles of containers and huge cranes from the windowFor some people, the Hikawa Maru ocean liner or the passenger ship terminal may come to mind when they think of the Port of Yokohama, but in fact it is the trading port that serves as the hub of…(678 words)

Kanagawa P.G.T.D. image

Kanagawa P.G.T.D.

Yokohama Sea port view Visit
6 Very Well-kept Secrets in Tokyo images

6 Very Well-kept Secrets in Tokyo

Tokyo has many famous sightseeing places that are even known by people all over the world. However, there are also some hidden but great scenic spots in this city which are surely worth a visit. I gonna share 6 well-kept secrets in Tokyo. 1. Todoroki RavineIn the Setagaya-ku of Tokyo, there…(338 words)

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Tokyo Visit Walk Summer Japanese Kyoto style view Traditional
Immerse Yourself in an Edo Period Townscape--Sightseeing Boat Rides in Sawara images

Immerse Yourself in an Edo Period Townscape--Sightseeing Boat Rides in Sawara

"If you want to see Edo, come to Sawara, Sawara's even better than Edo." The lyrics of this old folk song testify to Sawara's notable place in history, an influential commercial town during the Edo period. That legacy remains, as the Sawara district of today is endearingly referred to as “Little Ed…(210 words)



Edo Period Japan City History Japanese Walk River view Traditional Chiba
Asakusa viewpoint & information images

Asakusa viewpoint & information

The Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center is located in front of Kaminari-mon at the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. Take the elevator to the top for some of the best views in Asakusa. On the 8th floor the Center has a small cafe and a terrace. You can have a coffee, a beer, or some Japanese sw…(159 words)

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Asakusa Senso-ji Temple view Tokyo Skytree Nakamise-dori rickshaw Sumida river Taito
Enospa in Enoshima images

Enospa in Enoshima

Whether you're a spa enthusiast or first timer, I highly recommend you visit Enoshima's Enospa for an affordable, exclusive experience you won't soon forget. For less than ¥3000, you can spend an entire day relaxing in one or all of their various indoor and outdoor pools (with beach/ocean view)…(170 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Enoshima Island spa Visit Outdoor recreation Sauna Shonan view Sea
In Basho's Footsteps images

In Basho's Footsteps

In May 1689 the great Haiku poet Matsuo Basho sold his house and began travelling north through Japan. His written impressions of the journey, over 1200 miles later, became The Narrow Road to the Deep North, a compilation of travel sketches in prose and verse which is a famous reminder of Basho’s o…(379 words)

InBasho'sFootsteps image


Basho Tokyo Art Jinjya (Shrine) Nature Camping view Walk Haiku Outdoor recreation
Hakone Sightseeing Cruise images

Hakone Sightseeing Cruise

Hakone Sightseeing Cruise links popular sightseeing spots and you can enjoy scenic views of Mt. Fuji if the weather allows. We were not able to see it when we went. You should consider yourself lucky if you get a clear view of the mountain. Even without it, the ride is worth it. Calm, relaxing and …(142 words)

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Cruise Hakone Hiking Lake Lake Ashi Mount Fuji Mountain view Weather
Legoland Discovery Center in Odaiba, Tokyo images

Legoland Discovery Center in Odaiba, Tokyo

Legoland is a theme park dedicated to families with children between the age of 2 and 12 that features interactive rides, play space and attractions based on the LEGO toy brand. The park is split into various areas such as a Lego miniland, play fields and model village. The model village is bre…(252 words)

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Odaiba Children Kids Tokyo Park Play view Amusement park Toy
Enoshima - "Jewel of Shonan" Festival images

Enoshima - "Jewel of Shonan" Festival

Enoshima Island has been lit up for the "Jewel of Shonan" Festival, with delightful night time illuminations at various locations, including the Sea Candle Lighthouse, Samuel Cocking Garden, some of the local cafes and restaurants. It is chosen as one of the three major illumination spots in the Ka…(263 words)

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Enoshima Island festival Shonan Visit Spring Sea Winter Walk Mount Fuji view
Hakone & Lake Ashi images

Hakone & Lake Ashi

If you are in search of that idyllic movie setting lakeside outing, then you have stumbled upon the right guiding information here. Look no further than a visit to the city of Hakone, which lies in the Kanagawa prefecture. Just under a two hour drive from Tokyo proper, you can be immersed in nature…(227 words)

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Hakone Lake Lake Ashi City Visit Nature Kanagawa view Outdoor recreation ropeway
Scenic Cafe in Tokyo Tower Japan images

Scenic Cafe in Tokyo Tower Japan

With the recently built 634m tall mega tower Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower has lost attention. Although it is much shorter than Sky Tree and cannot compete in terms of height, it has a better, more central location in Tokyo. The views from the tower are still undeniably beautiful. To attract more cou…(143 words)

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Tokyo Tokyo Tower Coffee view Stay lost night view Couples
The Most Spectacular View of Tokyo, Japan is Surprisingly Not in Tokyo images

The Most Spectacular View of Tokyo, Japan is Surprisingly Not in Tokyo

Well, I love the observation deck in Landmark Tower. It is in Yokohama (10 minutes walk on electric walkways) from Sakuragicho station one stop after Yokohama station but it is the second highest building in Japan and has a great observatory floor. The Royal Park Hotel in the building has great res…(92 words)


view Tokyo Park Yokohama Shopping Hotel Building Landmark Tower
Need a Calm, Safe and Sound Harbour in the middle of Roppongi? images

Need a Calm, Safe and Sound Harbour in the middle of Roppongi?

Roppongi at times can be particularly busy, unkempt and full speed ahead when it comes to business and leisure hour pursuits. It's on the go 24/7 and if you don't get your bearings right it can be a somewhat overwhelming place say the least! For first time tourists and businessmen alike one of …(602 words)

Andrew Grimes image

Andrew Grimes

Roppongi Tokyo Hotel Shibuya Fashion Beef Roppongi Hills English Businessman view
Tokyo bay cruise images

Tokyo bay cruise

If you are Tokyo tour proficient, you must know the name "Hato Bus". Well, Hato Bus is not only a tour bus company but also owns cruise company. You can enjoy nice lunch or dinner on the Tokyo bay cruise together with buy tour to other places. I went with family for Christmas lunch and it wa…(123 words)

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Tokyo Cruise Tokyo Bay Bus Christmas English Lunch Dinner view
Hanami - another way to enjoy (for the next year) images

Hanami - another way to enjoy (for the next year)

Belatedly, let me introduce another way to enjoy cherry blossoms - please take this FYI for the next year :-)Yakata-Bune is the traditionally shaped smallish boat to go up and down the river. There are a few boat operators in Tokyo and one of them is in the canal near Shinagawa station. It ha…(170 words)

KIH image


Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Tokyo Asakusa Cherry blossom River Lunch view Cruise Yakatabune
Bakery & Table HAKONE images

Bakery & Table HAKONE

Great food, service and views!We happened to pass by this place and walked in. But it turned out to be excellent! We grabbed a couple of pastry with a bottle of milk and sat outside enjoying the view of the Ashi Lake. You can take off your shoes and socks at the outside table and soak your bare…(131 words)

EmiOnishi image


Hakone Bakery Restaurant Spring Bus Shoes Milk Lake view Food
Many concerts and events happening all the time in Japan images

Many concerts and events happening all the time in Japan

I have had a long and happy relationship with Japan as I cover so many artists visiting for amazing events here in the Land of the Rising Sun.I interview various people on my podcast at Japan Today and invite you to tune in to find out about special events and interesting opportunities to explo…(195 words)

Kong image


Tokyo Building Event view Exhibition Stay
Surprise Views of Mount Fuji images

Surprise Views of Mount Fuji

Japan's highest peak, the iconic Mount Fuji was designated UNESCO World Heritage in June 2013. You can experience Mount Fuji during the short climbing season in the summer months, but you might spot it on any day of the year."Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration: The beauty …(287 words)

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Mount Fuji World Heritage Site view Art