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Perfect Homemade Ramen at Kita Kamakura images

Perfect Homemade Ramen at Kita Kamakura

I am actually trying to avoid meat, but I just cant avoid this Ramen.When you step outside the Kita Kamakura station (Yokosuka Line one stop before Kamakura Station) you will see the Red Awning just down the road to your right. If you had your back to Yokohama with Kamakura ahead, you would exi…(150 words)


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Shop tempura Edogawa Rampo ate many times images

Shop tempura Edogawa Rampo ate many times

In Tokyo there is a town called Jimbocho.There is No. 1 in the East, it had been said to be a city that old book gather.For novelist, Jimbocho is the place to look for work tips.In the Jinbocho, there are shops of tempura Edogawa Rampo attend.But only for lunch, you can eat tendon at …(98 words)

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Shop Tempura Lunch Tokyo Japan City Japanese Eat Yen Work
Bonenkai season images

Bonenkai season

Well that time of the year has rolled around again - Bonenkai season. Literally this translates to Forget the Year party, and is generally held among groups of co-workers or friends. The purpose of the party is to give completion to the year by forgetting the ups and downs of the past year, and als…(167 words)

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Ginza Lunch New year Yen new Party
Gourmet Cycling in Kushiro images

Gourmet Cycling in Kushiro

In October, I participated in a gourmet bicycle tour in Kushiro, which featured prominently the Ainu culture that permeates life throughout the area, particularly in its cuisine. The 3-day tour covers about 150 kilometers, roughly evenly divided in the three days of the tour. The ride itself was ca…(868 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

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