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Geisha Makeover in Asakusa, Tokyo images

Geisha Makeover in Asakusa, Tokyo

You might know about Geisha, who is a female entertainer, trained in the traditional arts, singing and dancing, and serves as a party companion and hostess. Maiko is an apprentice of Geisha. In Asakusa, you can be a Geisha and Maiko and have photos taken.There are some places you can experience …(384 words)

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Tokyo Asakusa geisha Kimono Kimono experience Samurai
Why Men Look Handsome in Kimonos in Japan? images

Why Men Look Handsome in Kimonos in Japan?

I've noticed more men wearing Kimono on weekends recently. The obi belt tied just above the hips, masculine shoulders emphasized by a narrower line going down the body, a deep blue color. Try walking in back of one of these gents. Watch the way the geta sandals click on the stone walkway and how th…(251 words)


Kimono Asakusa Fashion Kimono experience Geta slipper Asakusa Kimono Fashion Tokyo Kimono Rental for Men Male Kimono Japan Japan Kimono Kimono fashion for men
Be a princess during the feudal era in Authentic Japanese Kimono images

Be a princess during the feudal era in Authentic Japanese Kimono

The kimono is famous worldwide as a national costume in Japan and many tourists who visit Japan would like to try on a kimono or purchase one. However, a genuine kimono is very expensive. Besides, the maintenance is difficult and the dressing skill is needed. Kimono Photo Studio WA offers a por…(187 words)

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Kimono Tokyo Kimono experience Visit Japan Photography Tea Visit style
Denim Kimonos--Only in Kurashiki! images

Denim Kimonos--Only in Kurashiki!

Did you know that the birthplace of Japanese denim is Kurashiki, in Okayama Prefecture?Kurashiki is best known for the great shopping and sightseeing opportunities in the Bikan-chiku Historical district. This area is well known throughout Japan for having refurbished original 'kura' warehouses …(655 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Kurashiki Okayama Kimono experience Shopping rental
Japanese style wedding, what it is like? images

Japanese style wedding, what it is like?

According to national statistics in Japan, a bit more than 600,000 couples got married in 2017. Another private survey for such newly married couples showed that two-thirds of them had a wedding ceremony and that only 17% of them chose Japanese traditional style, Shinto wedding ceremony, while 65% …(453 words)

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wedding Tokyo Event Jinjya (Shrine) Kimono experience Kimono fashion for men Kimono Chiba Tokyo Bay Sake (Rice wine)
Where can you buy a Kimono for a good price in Japan? images

Where can you buy a Kimono for a good price in Japan?

I love to wear Kimono to weddings and parties in Japan. It is also really fun to get dressed up early on a Saturday morning and spend the day at Midtown or Shinjuku Gyouen in Kimono. You would be very surprised at how easy it is to wear and how comfortable the little zori slippers are. You will fee…(190 words)


Kimono Tokyo Roppongi Tera (Temple) Art Hair Slippers Kimono experience Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo Gekka Bijin Beauty Salon Roppongi
Kimono Experience in Asakusa images

Kimono Experience in Asakusa

Kimono is usually made of silk or hemp, beautifully dyed or embroidered. Yukata is made of cotton, the Kimono for summer. Most of Ryokan (Japanese hotels) prepare Yukata in each room as a sleepwear, but you can got out with Yukata in Summer.There are many shops you can rent Kimono for few hours. T…(162 words)

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Keiko, OTT

Asakusa Kimono Yukata (Light kimono) Kimono experience Summer Walk Shop rental Cherry blossom