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Tokyo Doitsu Mura images

Tokyo Doitsu Mura

I never have figured out why places, that are clearly not in Tokyo, are still designated as "Tokyo" something or other. Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are in Chiba folks, not Tokyo. That being said, Tokyo Doitsu Mura or German Village (in the middle of Chiba Prefecture) is the best place to visi…(153 words)

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Amusement Parks images

Amusement Parks

Tokyo Disneyland is fun and popular but if you want to have an experience of a unique retro amusement park in Tokyo, I recommend Asakusa Hanayashiki without hesitation. It is the oldest amusement park in Japan (originally opened in 1853) It is extremely small, but there is a ton of stuff packed …(55 words)

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Go for some magic at Tokyo Disney Resort images

Go for some magic at Tokyo Disney Resort

The resort that I would like to go to the most would be the Disney Resort. This way, I can go to Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea one after another as well as enjoy the services offered at the Disney Resort. There are three hotels with different themes - one in Disneyland, one that has an old-fashion…(108 words)

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