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A Few International Supermarkets and other places to shop images

A Few International Supermarkets and other places to shop

There are a few international supermarkets located around Tokyo. Some of the better known markets are:1. National Azabu, located close to Hiroo subway station (Hibiya Line). See the website: Meiji-ya (Meida-ya) has a few locations around Tokyo an…(393 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Tokyo Train Shopping Convenience store Coffee Wine Subway Flower Isetan Japanese style shopping arcade
Kamakura images


Kamakura is one hour away from Tokyo, on the Yokosuka line.You can enjoy the mountain, the beach and walk to Enoshima. Temples, with the great Buddha statue is a must while quite touristic. It is impressive though. There are other beautiful temples, around Hase and Kita Kamakura. In automn, the…(84 words)

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Tokyo Tea Kamakura Coffee Mountain Enoshima Island
Hama Rikyu images

Hama Rikyu

I also recommend Hama Rikyu garden near Shiodome. It is an oasis in the middle of central Tokyo. There is one view that shows a very traditional Japanese garden (Hama Rikyu) with the tall buildings of Shiodome as the backdrop.I have written about Hama Rikyu here:…(54 words)

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Matsuya, Speedy and Filling images

Matsuya, Speedy and Filling

It's a bit difficult to define "fast food" in Japan in my opinion. Is fast food a meal that is prepared really fast? Or is it take out? or does it generally refer to junk food? I would say that fast food is cheap, tasty, not necessarily the healthiest, and can either be take out or dine in.Mats…(191 words)

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Tokyo Miso Miso soup Fast food Beef Gyudon (Beef bowl)
Sunrise on the New Year's Morning images

Sunrise on the New Year's Morning

You will only get one chance a year at this, but if you happen to be in Japan during the new year, you can see literally the first sunrise on earth. Many people will either stay up all night or wake up especially early to see the first sun in "the land of the rising sun" no less.However, even i…(148 words)

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New year Tokyo River Tama River Winter
UFO madness images

UFO madness

You've seen the "crane games" the UFO catchers before I'm sure. As I remember when I was young at amusement parks and arcades and such, I would see stuffed animals and candy and try tirelessly to get what I wanted.Japan has taken the "UFO catcher" addiction to new heights with dedicated areas i…(202 words)

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Tokyo Souvenir Amusement park
La Boheme Italian restaurant images

La Boheme Italian restaurant

When people think of Japan, they usually don't think of Japan for Italian food. However, I have found that Tokyo has excellent Italian food at reasonable prices. La Boheme is one Italian restaurant chain that you can always count on for great food and excellent service. From pizza to pasta and b…(63 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant
Ame Yoko Cho images

Ame Yoko Cho

Ame Yoko Cho is the name of a shopping district located between Ueno and Okachimachi Stations. It's name is a Japanese acronym which has two meanings. The original name is said to mean Candy Store Alley, because the area had many candy and snack stores. The area still has some stores that sell c…(269 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Harajuku Ueno Fruits Shoes Akihabara Fast food Otaku Jewelry Cosmetics
Kagura, northern Honshuu images

Kagura, northern Honshuu

Last winter I went to a place called Kagura ski resort, located on Mt. Naeba. This area is in Niigata which is on the northern part of the main island in Japan; about a 3 hour drive from Tokyo. You can always take a bus in the early morning from Shinjuku on a snowboard day trip, but we took a car.…(140 words)

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Tokyo Shinjuku Bus Mountain Niigata Skiing Snow Snowboarding Trip Winter
Tower Records, Shibuya images

Tower Records, Shibuya

I believe there are more outlets of Tower records other than the shibuya one. one has a nice collection in the top floors. Magazines and books including a decent collection of business books. But lately I have moved to ebooks and suggest the same via amazon kindle app o…(64 words)

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Tokyo Shibuya
Snow in the Weather Forecast? Here is a collection of spots for skiing and snowboarding images

Snow in the Weather Forecast? Here is a collection of spots for skiing and snowboarding

A friend of mine had a collection of links and reccommended spots.Madarao Sanpatekku and/or Madarao KogenThese are places in Nagano prefecture. The price is reasonable and they have nice ski slopes, hotel and onsens. Distance is around 300km from Tokyo area. The Itinerary with night bus w…(492 words)

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Biju Paul

Skiing Bus Holidays Hotel Mountain Nagano Shinjuku Ticket Tokyo Train
Shinjuku South Exit images

Shinjuku South Exit

If you exit Shinjuku station out the south exit, or better yet the "new" south exit, you arrive in a promenade with Krispy Kreme donuts, Starbucks, Tokyu Hands, and other shops.This whole area is lit up with spectacular lights, and being right outside the station, is a great place for a stroll.…(114 words)

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Shinjuku Tokyo Shopping Takashimaya
Most popular sushi fish is tuna! images

Most popular sushi fish is tuna!

Tuna is very popular sushi fish in Japan. There are three kinds of tuna – re “Otoro (belly of tuna. Fatty tuna, Taste great!)”, “Chutoro (medium fatty tuna)” and “Akami (lean tuna)”. They are usually eaten with soy source (Shoyu, sometimes called “Murasaki” in sushi restaurants) and a little bit of…(95 words)

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Tokyo Sushi Soy sauce Osaka Horse radish
Shinjuku - Southern Terrace images

Shinjuku - Southern Terrace

Across from Takashimaya, Southern Terrace - some pretty good illuminations.(10 words)

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Tokyo Shinjuku Takashimaya
First Visit for the New Year - Hatsumode images

First Visit for the New Year - Hatsumode

Many Japanese people visit shrines and temples during the first days of the year. It is a way to start into the new year. The new year starts at midnight, so people line up already in the evening of December 31. At the big popular places like Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa or Meijijingu in Harajuku it …(161 words)

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New year Hatsumode Tokyo Asakusa Tera (Temple) Senso-ji Temple Jinjya (Shrine) festival
Shiba Koen - Zojoji images

Shiba Koen - Zojoji

Zojoji Temple in Shiba Koen has a countdown event we have been going to for close to 20 years. If you get there about 8 p.m. you can get a ticket for an environmentally friendly ballon. Thousands of balloons are released by well wishers to welcome in the New Year after the countdown. The back dr…(70 words)

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Tokyo Park Ticket Event Tera (Temple) Tokyo Tower New year
Maruzen in Marunouchi images

Maruzen in Marunouchi

Maruzen is one of the big bookstore chain with Kinokuniya.The one in Marunouchi is in Oazo building, 20 meters away from Tokyo station Marunouchi North exit. They have everything you would want: all kind of literature, and also a huge collection of art and science, including economics and b…(103 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Building Art Marunouchi Cuisine Literature
The Magical DisneySea Perfect for Families images

The Magical DisneySea Perfect for Families

It seems a no-brainer that Disney Sea would be one of the places you dont want to miss during your visit to Japan. Disneyland is in a few places around the world, but Japan is the only country to have a Disney Sea (the fourth most visited theme park in the world) that focuses on the nautical, explo…(375 words)


Amusement park Tokyo Park Hotel Sea Visit
Odaiba and RAinbow bridge images

Odaiba and RAinbow bridge

For a 12-15k run, and to get a breathtaking view of Tokyo bay from the Rainbow bridge: make a loop from Tsukiji market to Kachidoki, to Harumi to Toyosu and then go to Odaiba. If you want to run more, you can circle odaiba and then cross the Rainbow bridge, run in front of Hamarikyu park and then g…(88 words)

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Tokyo Park Odaiba Tsukiji
Gyouza Okoku `Kingdom of Gyouza` images

Gyouza Okoku `Kingdom of Gyouza`

Gyouza or chinese dumplings are well-known in Japan. You can find them in restaurants and super-markets. Those who Love gyouza or those looking for 100% vegetarian gyouzas or Eager (& hungry) first-timers, do visit Gyouza Okoku restaurant in Minami-Gyotoku, 6~10 mins walk from Minami Gyotoku statio…(91 words)

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Samir Bodhe

Tokyo Restaurant Chinese dumpling vegetarian gyouza Minami-gyotoku Subway Tokyo Metro Tozai Subway
In Praise of Shadows images

In Praise of Shadows

Japan has raised lavatory facilities to a palatable topic. Hygiene is very important here, and of course, toilets should reflect your concern. Even if you are in the wildest place of Japan, in a rush, don't worry, you will always find a clean, hygienic, welcoming toilet. If you are in crowded area…(431 words)

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Tokyo Train Train station Hair Public toilet
The Waka Poetry Garden - Rikugien images

The Waka Poetry Garden - Rikugien

Rikugien is a very nice garden for walking the park paths, up the gentle hills, and around the pond while taking in the sights and sounds of this park within the confines of a busy city. The garden was created based on the theme of Waka poetry. It's a typical example of the gardens of the Edo perio…(175 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Tokyo City Park Subway Visit
Day Trekking at Mt. Takao images

Day Trekking at Mt. Takao

At 599 meters, or just under 2,000 feet, Mount Takao - Takaozan in Japanese - isn't an especially high mountain. However, with over half a dozen trails leading to the top, in addition to a cable car and chair lift that goes about halfway to the summit, Takaozan offers a great place for a day outing…(822 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Takao Tokyo Train Restaurant Shinjuku Trip Soba noodles Jinjya (Shrine) Shoes Mountain
Suteki Jyoshi Kai, Tokyo's Women's Leaders Special Membership Club! images

Suteki Jyoshi Kai, Tokyo's Women's Leaders Special Membership Club!

You are warmly invited to join our 2nd Regular Meeting of Suteki Jyoshi Kai, Tokyo's Women's Leaders Special Membership Club!Saturday, February 22th, 201, from 13:00 pm~17:00pm at Yotsuya Club 東京ガス 四谷クラブ(6-1, Aizumi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)Fee 3,000yen(member)/ 4,000yen (non-m…(193 words)

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Tokyo Visit Women leaders Suteki-jyoshi Shinjuku
nature airliner images

nature airliner

nature airliner emerged as a husband-and-wife folk duo in the summer of 2010, when Japanese photographer Eiko Hosaka Tiernan (vocals) and Canadian musician Laurier Tiernan (guitar) joined forces to start playing unplugged shows of Laurier's unreleased songs which suited Eiko's voice. The first sing…(183 words)

Laurier Tiernan image

Laurier Tiernan

Tokyo Summer Music Museum History Osaka Kansai Christmas Nature Playing
Dark Souls Cafe in Roppongi Until April images

Dark Souls Cafe in Roppongi Until April

Oz cafe in Roppongi has collaborated with the game Dark Souls to bring you the Dark Souls Cafe! Open until April they have set up an entertaining theme restaurant with statues, decorations, swords, costumes, and a crazy themed menu. They will also hold special events such as the release of Dark Sou…(101 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

Roppongi Tokyo Restaurant Game Visit Dark Souls Subtokyo Themed Restaurant
Guest house Shinagawa shuku - Best access from Haneda Airport! images

Guest house Shinagawa shuku - Best access from Haneda Airport!

It is near Shinagawa Station (10-minutes walk distance), easy access from the airport and perfect connection to the city of Tokyo. Reasonable for backpackers : 3,000 yen per night for dormitory and 3,500 yen for private single. I've heard the staff members are very friendly! You can visit many trad…(83 words)

EmiOnishi image


Tokyo City Airport Haneda Airport Visit
Special places in Japan can be hidden just outside of the city images

Special places in Japan can be hidden just outside of the city

How much would you pay to eat fresh sashimi?Would you go to a 100 yen Kaiten Sushi?Or would you prefer to know what your eating and go to a Sushi bar where the chief is right in front of you? Sounds expensive?!The fish you eat in Tokyo the main hub comes through a large market called Tuki…(288 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

City Tokyo Sushi Soy sauce Sea Izakaya Sashimi (Raw fish)
Air bnb taking Tokyo by storm images

Air bnb taking Tokyo by storm

Did you know you can find thousands of places to stay in Tokyo that are NOT hotels, guest houses, or commercial properties. Hosts all over the city are now posting up rooms, studios, and apartments to reserve for your visit to Japan. Check out You can search by neighborhood and many hosts will also…(143 words)

LShannon image


Tokyo City Visit Apartment for rent places to stay
The Plum Blossoms are the tough guys... images

The Plum Blossoms are the tough guys...

People think of Japan and many think of Cherry Blossoms first. Actually Apricot and Plum Blossoms are the tough guys, they push past the snow, they stand firm in rainstorms and endure the rainstorms... Posting this photo was inspired by a kind Facebook Friend who had spotted the early plum blos…(317 words)

Andrew Grimes image

Andrew Grimes

Tokyo Train Park Shinjuku Sushi Cherry blossom Cherry Flower Spring Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing)
Do you need a taxi? images

Do you need a taxi?

There are plenty of taxi in Japan. They are cheap, easy, they won't try to cheat on you, they have white lace cover seats and they are safe. You even feel like a VIP when the driver has white gloves. But their driver might not understand other language than Japanese, and worse, he might not kno…(388 words)

Claire image


Taxicab Tokyo City Trip Kyoto
Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Gunma images

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Gunma

You can find nature in Japan! And you may find it about 1hour and a half away from Tokyo: in Gunma prefecture.There is that contemporary art museum in the middle of the mountain that is fabulous. It is managed by the Hara Museum, and hosts collections that do not fit in the mother museum based …(193 words)

Claire image


Art Museum Tokyo Visit
Wifi images


On the Tokyo Metro lines (Marunouchi, Hibiya, Fukutoshin, Hanzomon, Tozai, Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Nanboku), there is Metro Free Wifi.On the Toei Subways, it is not availableThe service is OK if you happen to be outside the train, as the Wifi access points are generally located at the station thems…(138 words)

Steve image


Wi-Fi Tokyo Train Internet
How to visit shrines in Tokyo Metropolis! images

How to visit shrines in Tokyo Metropolis!

Japanese shrines generally are based in Shintoism and temples are based on Buddhism. Buildings have different names depending on religions just as we have churches for Christianity and mosques for Muslims. An easier way to tell which one is which is that you’ll find tori archways at shrines and gr…(349 words)

Eddie image


Tokyo Jinjya (Shrine) Meiji Shrine Ueno Akihabara kanda yushima kanda shrine
Koyo in Inokashira Koen images

Koyo in Inokashira Koen

Inokashira Koen, a brief walk away from Kichijouji station on the Inokashira line, is mainly famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms, which reflect on the lake, and for the 'cursed' swan boats. Supposedly, if you ride in a swan boat with your significant other, you will break up!However, the p…(181 words)

Chiara image


Park Inokashira Park Kichijouji Tokyo Coffee Autumn Lake Museum
Spring for HANAMI (cherry blossom viewing) has come !! images

Spring for HANAMI (cherry blossom viewing) has come !!

In Japan, we have a custom of enjoying changes in nature which occurred as the seasons progresses such as hanami (cherry blossom viewing), Tsukimi (moon viewing) and Yukimi (snow viewing). Hanami is a kind of party to celebrate the upcoming spring and it will be seen throughout the country from aro…(621 words)

fujimorison image


Spring Cherry blossom Tokyo Park Etiquette Event Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) City Japan
Tempura - Kaneko Hannosuke at Nihonbashi images

Tempura - Kaneko Hannosuke at Nihonbashi

I love their tendon. They are actually one of the best tendons I've ever had! The shop is clean and neat too.When you sit down, you are first served with Tea that has floating black beans. (I was very impressed with this service when I first visited them. Very Japanese!)They only have one menu.…(169 words)

EmiOnishi image


Tempura Tokyo Tea Ginza Miso Miso soup Eel Tendon
Tennis in Tokyo for french, english and japanese speakers images

Tennis in Tokyo for french, english and japanese speakers

Do you like Tennis ???!!Do you want to learn tennis ??!! To train ??!Jinji Tennis can help you !!!Jinji Tennis will offer you his knowledge, his coaches, many different programs and a fantastic place to play your favorite sport !!So Join Us !!!!!!www.jinjitennisfra.comVous aim…(97 words)

jojosan image


Tokyo Tennis English Shinjuku Sport Hotel
A quiet Italian in Gotanda images

A quiet Italian in Gotanda

Il Cavallo is a bit hidden away on the 3rd floor of Tokyo Design Center Building, but access is easy as it's right in front of exit #7 of Gotanda Station.Set lunches range from 1,050 to 4,000 yen. I had the Pranzo B which included a choice of soup of antipasto and a main course (pork on the day…(141 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Tokyo Restaurant Music Coffee Lunch Dinner Italian cuisine
"Teishoku" is a nostalgic homemade meal for Japanese. images

"Teishoku" is a nostalgic homemade meal for Japanese.

Are you interested in the fare found in a normal, ordinary Japanese household? Why not give Teishoku(定食) a try? The word itself means "set meal", and if you've stayed at a Japanese style inn and enjoyed breakfast there, you must have tasted steamed rice, miso soup and several other delicacies…(305 words)

Hagi image


Teishoku Tokyo Miso Izakaya Miso soup Lunch Gyudon (Beef bowl) Japanese cuisine Hotel