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How about Do-shi Village Camping sites? images

How about Do-shi Village Camping sites?

There are several good camp spots I can recommend to you, which are located in the direction to West from the central part of Tokyo, or at the western edge of Kanto Plain as I live in the western part in Tokyo prefecture. One place you should definitely try, if you have not, is Do-shi Village Campi…(164 words)

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Camping Tokyo River Kanto Flower
If you would like to try water ski in Tokyo.. images

If you would like to try water ski in Tokyo..

You can sometime see water skiing in Edogawa.In Japan, you can see lots of people ride water ski in a summer time.It was actually really popular in late 80's and early 90's but it is not much popular as before.I found this website and it looks really helpful if you would like to try water…(106 words)

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Tokyo Skiing Summer
As far as I know, there isn’t really a place! images

As far as I know, there isn’t really a place!

As far as I know, there isn’t really a place where beginners can go just to experience Kendo for an afternoon of fun. The All Japan Kendo Federation puts on a group event where you can go and experience holding the Kendo swords and trying on the armor. The event is once a month between 6 and 7pm, a…(141 words)

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Tokyo Event
Come and visit "Mihamaen" in Makuhari, Chiba!!! images

Come and visit "Mihamaen" in Makuhari, Chiba!!!

Mihamaen is located in the Makuhari Kaihin Park, 10 minute walk from Kaihin Makuhari Station of JR Keiyo Line. The place is a stroll-round garden with a pond, where you see the beauty of the nature with its changing scenery as you walk around. There is a tea room right in the middle of the garden. …(94 words)

Hatha Yoga Lover image

Hatha Yoga Lover

Tokyo Park Ticket Tea Chiba Green tea Beauty Nature
Beautiful Sumidagawa River near Asakusa or Shinagawa Tokyo. Japan from a river view is truly lovely. images

Beautiful Sumidagawa River near Asakusa or Shinagawa Tokyo. Japan from a river view is truly lovely.

Honestly, when I hear the word "Yakatabune", what comes up in my mind first is; a night river cruise in a decent sized house boat with inner tables, legless chairs installed on a tatami floor in it, where, you are probably with your close friends or good colleagues at work, and will be served tradi…(392 words)

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Asakusa River Building Odaiba Sake (Rice wine) Sashimi (Raw fish) Sushi Tempura Tokyo Wine
MUJI, Tokyu Hands, Loft images

MUJI, Tokyu Hands, Loft

You can buy disaster prevention goods at major lifestyle retail chains, such as Tokyu Hands, Loft and MUJI.‎ you can even order them on Amazon Japan. recommend to purchase bottles of wa…(58 words)

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Tokyo Disaster
OKUTAMA Camping!!! images

OKUTAMA Camping!!!

OKUTAMA offers easy access by train from Tokyo city center and also it is a wonderful area of natural features.For more information about Camping in Japan,THE JAPAN CAMP ASSOCIATION will be helpful.Tel: (03) 3469-0217 They can probably advise on the best camping grounds for your family. …(70 words)

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Tokyo Train City Camping
Getting contact lenses in Japan - Megane Super images

Getting contact lenses in Japan - Megane Super

There are a lot of contact lens and eye glasses super stores around Tokyo, but I have always had a good experience at Megane Super. You do need to get an eye exam the first time, but that is easy enough and not too expensive, probably about 3500 JPY.Then they fit you for your lenses, most l…(103 words)

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William Nealy

Tokyo Contact lens
Weird Japanese Devices: Vegetabrella images

Weird Japanese Devices: Vegetabrella

I found this site Japan Ichiban that is an online shop for cool things from Japan. I particularly like this vegetable umbrella and will probably by this for my mom to take back to her for Christmas this year. It is fun to browse through the different items since they have sourced them from around t…(102 words)


Umbrella Japan Tokyo Souvenir Christmas Shop
Get fruit at AmeYoko images

Get fruit at AmeYoko

Not just for fruit but one of the most culturally interesting and inexpensive places to shop in Tokyo is AmeYoko market located right by JR Okachimachi Station, as well as accessible by Ginza (Ueno Hirokoji station), Oedo and Hibiya lines (at Naka Okachimachi station).Fruit, seafood, clothing, nu…(206 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Ginza Ueno Fruits Cosmetics Watches
Breakfast in Japan images

Breakfast in Japan

Japan just doesn't have the "eat breakfast out" culture the way that , say , the USA has with diners offering breakfast almost anytime, or cafes in Europe offering coffee, breads/cheese and pastries.A typical breakfast for the Japanese is fish with rice, pickles, natto (fermented beans) and mi…(170 words)

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Coffee Fast food Miso Miso soup Natto (Fermented soy beans) Teishoku Toast Tokyo
A trip under bridges on Sumida River images

A trip under bridges on Sumida River

Sumida river, on eastern part of main Tokyo, is full of beautiful bridges. One can take a boat ride from traditional town of Asakusa to beautiful Hamarikyu gardens which goes under a series of beautiful bridges. Come of the so called water buses also have an open deck on the top which makes the exp…(100 words)

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Sanjeev Sinha

River Trip Tokyo Asakusa
Conbini Trashcans images

Conbini Trashcans

If you are a resident of Japan, throwing away your household garbage at a convenience store is somewhat scorned. You may ask, "why use a convenience store?". Many wards and cities in Tokyo require that you purchase special garbage bags for your household trash, with a large bag running about 100 ye…(187 words)

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Tokyo Convenience store
Cleanliness in Key in Japanese Shops images

Cleanliness in Key in Japanese Shops

One thing I absolutely love about Japan is how clean everything is. Today I was at a soba shop and I noticed the little cup of toothpicks was knocked over and that about 20 toothpicks were strewn across the countertop. I noted this to the staff in the restaurant and he immediately said "So Sorry!" …(183 words)


Fast food Tokyo Restaurant Etiquette Soba noodles Coffee Shop
Fuji Soba images

Fuji Soba

Fuji Soba, found all over downtown Tokyo, is a soba shop like many that have a relatively simple menu of either soba or udon, cold or in hot broth, with the option of a small rice bowl. This place has got to have some of the absolute fastest service I have ever seen, provided it isn't too busy.…(122 words)

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Soba noodles Tokyo Ticket Udon noodles Ticket machine
Theft Prevention images

Theft Prevention

Bike crime in Tokyo is certainly present, so locking up your bike is always a good choice. Because so many people ride bikes in Tokyo, the registration system is somewhat strict, and police will enforce the system by checking bike registration at random, to make sure that the bike belongs to you.…(201 words)

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Tokyo Police Bicycle
Tokyo Midtown is A Great Place to Hangout in Japan images

Tokyo Midtown is A Great Place to Hangout in Japan

Since the trains start so early and there is an Oedo line exit for Roppongi station under the Midtown shopping area, this place is buzzing and fun from about 7:30 a.m. If you get there too early, you can rest right outside in the park right next store. There is a lovely little stream there, open ya…(227 words)


Tokyo Shopping Park Roppongi Tea Art Coffee
Tokyu Store images

Tokyu Store

And yes that's Tokyu, not Tokyo. The Tokyu is a train corporation which extends itself to many different economic areas, such as grocery stores and real estate.The Tokyu store is a high quality grocery store, but not entirely limited to expensive items. It is a typical store with all the regula…(145 words)

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Tokyo Train Soy sauce Beer Wine
A Few International Supermarkets and other places to shop images

A Few International Supermarkets and other places to shop

There are a few international supermarkets located around Tokyo. Some of the better known markets are:1. National Azabu, located close to Hiroo subway station (Hibiya Line). See the website: Meiji-ya (Meida-ya) has a few locations around Tokyo an…(393 words)

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Joe Peters

Tokyo Train Shopping Convenience store Coffee Wine Subway Flower Isetan Japanese style shopping arcade
Tsukishima Mizukake Matsuri images

Tsukishima Mizukake Matsuri

Tsukishima is one of the small island in Tokyo Bay. It is famous for its monjayaki street today. Tsukishima in English mean the Island of the Moon, which is quite poetic, but it used to be a place for fishing in the past (it must be why it is called so as fishing occurs early morning, before th…(179 words)

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Japanese festivals Tokyo Sea Hair
Ame Yoko Cho images

Ame Yoko Cho

Ame Yoko Cho is the name of a shopping district located between Ueno and Okachimachi Stations. It's name is a Japanese acronym which has two meanings. The original name is said to mean Candy Store Alley, because the area had many candy and snack stores. The area still has some stores that sell c…(269 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Harajuku Ueno Fruits Shoes Akihabara Fast food Otaku Jewelry Cosmetics
Kagura, northern Honshuu images

Kagura, northern Honshuu

Last winter I went to a place called Kagura ski resort, located on Mt. Naeba. This area is in Niigata which is on the northern part of the main island in Japan; about a 3 hour drive from Tokyo. You can always take a bus in the early morning from Shinjuku on a snowboard day trip, but we took a car.…(140 words)

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Tokyo Shinjuku Bus Mountain Niigata Skiing Snow Snowboarding Trip Winter
Izakaya Okajoki in Nakano images

Izakaya Okajoki in Nakano

We've been to Okajoki a few times with friends. We've sat at the counter - okay if just a couple of you; and we've had a private room - better for groups.The food is typical Izakaya food and they have a good variety of drinks.Prices are reasonable. Service is good.Getting there: take …(119 words)

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Joe Peters

Izakaya Tokyo Evening Beer Sake (Rice wine) Lunch Dinner
The Plum Blossoms are the tough guys... images

The Plum Blossoms are the tough guys...

People think of Japan and many think of Cherry Blossoms first. Actually Apricot and Plum Blossoms are the tough guys, they push past the snow, they stand firm in rainstorms and endure the rainstorms... Posting this photo was inspired by a kind Facebook Friend who had spotted the early plum blos…(317 words)

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Andrew Grimes

Tokyo Train Park Shinjuku Sushi Cherry blossom Cherry Flower Spring Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing)
Absinthe in Japan: Bar Tram & Bar Trench in Ebisu, Tokyo images

Absinthe in Japan: Bar Tram & Bar Trench in Ebisu, Tokyo

Ebisu in Tokyo is home to two of the best absinthe bars in Japan."Bar Tram has been open since 2003; Bar Trench, 2009. They are both run by Takuya Itoh and Rogerio Igarashi Vaz, two highly devoted absinthe aficionados whose mission it is to educate and illuminate others about “la fée verte” (th…(137 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Tokyo Ebisu Drink Absinthe
Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Gunma images

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Gunma

You can find nature in Japan! And you may find it about 1hour and a half away from Tokyo: in Gunma prefecture.There is that contemporary art museum in the middle of the mountain that is fabulous. It is managed by the Hara Museum, and hosts collections that do not fit in the mother museum based …(193 words)

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Art Museum Tokyo Visit
What do do on a rainy day in Tokyo images

What do do on a rainy day in Tokyo

It always feels like such a waste when it is grey and rainy for an entire weekend.So, what DOES one do on a rainy afternoon in Tokyo or Yokohama?Go to the spa, of course!There are several to choose from, depending on your location. LaQua in Tokyo, EAS and Manyo in Yokohama, Oedo Onsen M…(147 words)

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Tokyo spa Yokohama Onsen Chiba
Tempura - Kaneko Hannosuke at Nihonbashi images

Tempura - Kaneko Hannosuke at Nihonbashi

I love their tendon. They are actually one of the best tendons I've ever had! The shop is clean and neat too.When you sit down, you are first served with Tea that has floating black beans. (I was very impressed with this service when I first visited them. Very Japanese!)They only have one menu.…(169 words)

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Tempura Tokyo Tea Ginza Miso Miso soup Eel Tendon
Hanami images


Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers and people eat “bento” and drink alcohols under the trees. Every television and newspapers share the blossom forecast early March each year, which shows how hanami is a cherished annual event for the whole nation. T…(95 words)

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Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Tokyo Event Roppongi Cherry blossom Cherry Bento (box meal)
Bedazzled by Buds and Blooms images

Bedazzled by Buds and Blooms

Japanese, and many foreigners who have lived here for a time, have a particular love for sakura season. Of course, the blooming of the sakura trees does herald the arrival of spring and - hopefully - the end of a cold winter. The sakura maps that are popular on TV news, newspapers, Facebook, and ot…(575 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Tokyo Park Cherry blossom Jinjya (Shrine) River Cherry Suginami Wadabori Yaezakura
Walk & Play at Sumida Park in Asakusa images

Walk & Play at Sumida Park in Asakusa

When you visit Asakusa, don't only go to Senso-ji temple. Also go to Sumida River and take a walk in Sumida Park. The park has great views of Tokyo Skytree and a big playground for children. There are also two small cafes here overlooking the river. To reach Sumida Park go towards the river from As…(143 words)

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Asakusa Playground Tokyo Skytree Park Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Sumida river Tokyo Cherry blossom Children
Tokyo Primary Care - 'where all three words ring true 'Tokyo - Primary - Care' images

Tokyo Primary Care - 'where all three words ring true 'Tokyo - Primary - Care'

Tokyo Primary Care is the brainchild of Dr Joe Kurosu M.D, and his clinic is a top rank medical international clinic "providing primary care services to the local and foreign resident communities" that truly lives up to it's name. The "Tokyo" you may have heard of and be quite familiar with, and ev…(698 words)

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Andrew Grimes

Tokyo Building Flower Shimokitazawa Hospital Doctor Pharmacy Mothers and Children Clinic Clinic Medications
View the Most Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Japan images

View the Most Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Japan

A somewhat drab introduction in the metro underground of Kudanshita will quell your palate for something exciting outside. You have probably heard about the beauty of Cherry Blossom season in Japan, but NOTHING will prepare you for the jubilance and grace of huge Cherry trees stretching branch tips…(289 words)


Cherry blossom Chidorigafuchi Spring Jinjya (Shrine) Japan Travel Cherry Blossom Day Tour Tokyo Hanami Kudanshita Tokyo
Inspired by Starbucks - a Shimokitazawa cafe images

Inspired by Starbucks - a Shimokitazawa cafe

From the outside it looks like just another one of the ubiquitous standard designed Tokyo cafes with rows of heartlessly wrapped cellophane sandwiches, boring buns and plastic cheesecakes. The food is good and tasty, and my dog is particularly fond of a slice of apple and cinnamon pie with vanilla …(266 words)

Andrew Grimes image

Andrew Grimes

Cafe Shimokitazawa Tokyo Beer Coffee Wine English Juice Wi-Fi Setagayaku
The pleasure of Kagurazaka: The Agnes Hotel images

The pleasure of Kagurazaka: The Agnes Hotel

No matter if you are a first time visitor or a veteran, The Agnes Hotel and Apartments is a pleasure. A small hotel with an excellent bar and restaurant, the elegant Kagurazaka quarter is there for you to explore. It is a 5 minute walk from Iidabashi Station served by the JR Sobu Line and 4 metro…(91 words)

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Hotel Kagurazaka Tokyo Restaurant
Hanami - another way to enjoy (for the next year) images

Hanami - another way to enjoy (for the next year)

Belatedly, let me introduce another way to enjoy cherry blossoms - please take this FYI for the next year :-)Yakata-Bune is the traditionally shaped smallish boat to go up and down the river. There are a few boat operators in Tokyo and one of them is in the canal near Shinagawa station. It ha…(170 words)

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Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Tokyo Asakusa Cherry blossom River Lunch view Cruise Yakatabune
Local Secret: YaNeSen images

Local Secret: YaNeSen

You know you are in for something special when, on the way to Nippori station on the eternally jammed Yamanote line, you find yourself in an almost empty train watching the buildings get smaller and smaller.Affectionately known as YaNeSen (Yanaka-Sendagi-Nezu), this part of Tokyo was untouched …(307 words)

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local secret Tokyo Visit Jinjya (Shrine) Curry Wagashi Nippori
InterFM: "Funk 'n' Stuff" with DJ Marvin live from Tokyo & Nagoya images

InterFM: "Funk 'n' Stuff" with DJ Marvin live from Tokyo & Nagoya

A message to all the funk-a-teers of the world. From Motown to To-Town now to yo town via Interfm; I wanna say “hello” and “how do ya do” to all the folks out there • keeping it real • living ya life day by day • trying to stay above ground • keeping ya noses above the water • making and creating p…(259 words)

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Tokyo Nagoya Live Drink Music Shoes dance radio request Funk
Maid Cafe in Akihabara! images

Maid Cafe in Akihabara!

I’ve heard about Japanese “Maid Cafes” and I was very curious to see what kind of place it was. So I decided to go to one of them in Akihabara with my cousins. (There are many maid cafes in Akihabara) So here is my experience:When I got off at Akihabara station, a woman dressed up as a maid was…(276 words)

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Maid Cafe Akihabara Cafe Tokyo Food
Kameido Tenjin Shrine images

Kameido Tenjin Shrine

If you still have a few hours to kill in Tokyo, Kameido's Tenjin Shrine is a nice spot to visit. It is at walking distance from the Skytree Tower. I like the way modern constructions mixe with traditional ones.The shrine is located in quite a large parc with a pond and a forest of palawnia. Fuj…(303 words)

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Jinjya (Shrine) Kameido Tokyo Sushi Visit