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Earthquake Advice images

Earthquake Advice

Firstly, don't panic! Stay calm. If there is violent shaking you need to get under a table or bed, or something. If there is nothing, door frames are a strong part of any house, so stay under them, or otherwise slip into your toilet. Stay away from windows, cabinets, etc., as things will fly and fa…(307 words)

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Earthquake Tokyo City Transportation Government office
Zushi...Isshiki Beach! images

Zushi...Isshiki Beach!

My favorite beach this summer is the Isshiki beach. There are many beach around Zushi area, and definitely it is a must beach to stop by during the summer. Around Zushi, there are plenty of music festivals too. The Isshiki Beach is about 10-15 minute ride by bus from Zushi Station. (JR Yok…(159 words)

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Tokyo Music Sea Bus Beaches Summer
Asakusa is good place to buy Japanese things from Tokyo images

Asakusa is good place to buy Japanese things from Tokyo

Asakusa is well known place for the tourist. It is fun to go shopping and eating in Asakusa as well.There are many shops in Asakusa and lots of shops sells Edokomono.Edokomono means Tokyo traditional small peace of hand crafts.My favorite shop is "sukeroku助六" in Nakamise Street( when you g…(85 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Asakusa Tera (Temple)
Tokyo's Tropical islands images

Tokyo's Tropical islands

Tokyo's outer islands are very diverse. Most of them are volcanic and some of them are quite far from the main part of Tokyo. Most of the main islands are accessible from Takeshiba Pier, where you can find Tokyo's main ferry terminal. Many of the main islands are also accessible by plane, from C…(302 words)

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Tokyo Beaches Airport Kanagawa Okinawa World Heritage Site Atami Shizuoka
The Best Natural Japanese Hot Springs in Japan images

The Best Natural Japanese Hot Springs in Japan

This is the only location I have ever seen in Japan that has a natural hot spring pool in the indoor pool area. This means you can go in with your family in your bathing suit and enjoy the deep mineral bath. The water feels very smooth and thick in a way as it comes up from 1500 meters below this h…(93 words)


Onsen Enoshima Island Japan Tokyo Yokohama Spring
Learn how to arrange a beautiful, traditional Japanese bouquet images

Learn how to arrange a beautiful, traditional Japanese bouquet

Well, one of my favorite things about traveling around Tokyo is the Ekibana (Station flower arrangements) you can find at many of the local stations. I wrote about this in my book because it is such an amazing way to welcome people back after a long day at work as well as to send them off in the mo…(153 words)


Flower Traditional Tokyo Art Station master Stay Work
Try "Seishun 18 kippu" !!! images

Try "Seishun 18 kippu" !!!

If you've heard of the tickets before, I guess you are quite knowledgeable about the rail way system in Japan.Even if you have not, this ticket is really worthwhile trying, and is going to be a great choice especially for those who you have plenty of time but have to get away with tight budgets, …(612 words)

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Ticket Tokyo Train Transportation Kanto Region Nagoya Tohoku Express train Miyagi
Setagaya Ward has about 12 courts for you to use images

Setagaya Ward has about 12 courts for you to use

Setagaya Ward (nearest station would be Sangenjaya and then take the Setagaya line) is a good place to play tennis. Since these are community courts, you need to register in advance at the Setagaya Ward office. If you are going to be in Japan for a little longer than a short visit, it would be rea…(149 words)

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Tokyo City Hotel Sport Tennis Table tennis Basketball
Roppongi images


There is a TV station, TV Asahi, right by the side of Roppongi Hills. You can probably meet Japanese celebrities at restaurants around the area.(25 words)

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Tokyo Roppongi Roppongi Hills
Amazing Japanese Festivals in August images

Amazing Japanese Festivals in August

Many neighborhood associations take great effort to prepare for the yearly Matsuri (festival) in their area. This photo is taken in August as a group in the Noge area of Yokohama transports their O-mikoshi (portable shrine). The taxi driver proudly told me that one of these shrines can cost more th…(166 words)


Japanese festivals Tokyo Yokohama Jinjya (Shrine) Taxicab Summer
Good Tennis Courts available in Shinagawa, and Ariake. images

Good Tennis Courts available in Shinagawa, and Ariake.

As a matter of fact, I'm a novice tennis player, and it has already been several years since I played tennis last time. When asked for advice about the topic, as far as I am concerned, Takanawa Tennis Center in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel will be a good choice for its convenience though it migh…(138 words)

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Tennis Tokyo Park Hotel Odaiba
Nozy Coffee in Sangenjaya images

Nozy Coffee in Sangenjaya

Sangenjaya is an area nestled just in between the more vibrant and busy area of Shibuya, and the western neighborhoods of Tokyo. It has many popular shops and restaurants, but still has a quiet and relaxed vibe overall.It is a great place for small and quaint bars, with a series of narrow windi…(132 words)

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Coffee Tokyo Yokohama Shibuya
Signs to be Improved images

Signs to be Improved

Most signs in Tokyo, at least, all of the major ones crucial for navigating, have English transcriptions. However, sometimes it may be a bit confusing seeing just the transcriptions of the words, and not the actual meaning.For example: "yamate-'doori'", doori means street, but as of now only th…(140 words)

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Tokyo Park City
The Best Spa in Japan images

The Best Spa in Japan

Enoshima Island Spa is located just outside Tokyo (direct ride on the Romance Car from Shinjuku Station..60 to 70 minutes). This ancient healing spot is just off the Shonan Coast and you take a 10 minute walk over the bridge to the island itself. The spa entrance fee of 2,650 yen gives you access t…(136 words)


Tokyo Enoshima Island Japan Shinjuku Swimming Spring Winter
Visit Kimono Salon TAKA in Yokohama, Yamashita-Cho images

Visit Kimono Salon TAKA in Yokohama, Yamashita-Cho

When you have a chance to go to Yokohama, Yamashita-Cho near by Yokohama China Townyou should stop by "Kimono Salon Taka" in Silk Center. It is a very nice Kimono select shop.The shop is small, but they have kept a large stock of goods by wide varitey of price range; so, if you would like to ge…(114 words)

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Tokyo Yokohama Kyoto Kimono
Japan has the Cleanest Shops in the World images

Japan has the Cleanest Shops in the World

If you happen to be a bit jet lagged and feel like walking around some of Tokyo's downtown neighborhoods (Roppongi, Shinjuku, Shinbashi, etc.) early in the morning, you will see some interesting culture that has to do with how this city stays clean. In the Summer time, shop owners will often do som…(170 words)


Japan Tokyo City Etiquette Shinjuku Roppongi Salt Shinbashi Summer
Nabe parties and Barbecue parties. images

Nabe parties and Barbecue parties.

Japan has a big restaurant industry with all kind of cuisines of the world, besides many good 24 hour options of packaged food from convenience stores, bento shops and super markets. More over as Japanese homes, especially in Tokyo, tend to be small, home parties are not so common and people tend t…(210 words)

Sanjeev Sinha image

Sanjeev Sinha

Hot pot dish Tokyo Restaurant Convenience store Bento (box meal)
What are popular? Usually the latest. Where can you get them? Usually everywhere. images

What are popular? Usually the latest. Where can you get them? Usually everywhere.

Japan is full of electronics - whether it be in areas known as clusters of electronics-oriented shops like Akihabara in Tokyo or Nipponbashi in Osaka, in stores specializing in electrical and electronic products (Denki or Denka Seihin) like DeoDeo (Hiroshima-based nationwide outlet), Joshin Denki …(185 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Event Department store Osaka Ueno Akihabara Kansai Kanto Camera
Fuji Soba images

Fuji Soba

Fuji Soba, found all over downtown Tokyo, is a soba shop like many that have a relatively simple menu of either soba or udon, cold or in hot broth, with the option of a small rice bowl. This place has got to have some of the absolute fastest service I have ever seen, provided it isn't too busy.…(122 words)

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Soba noodles Tokyo Ticket Udon noodles Ticket machine
St. Paul International Lutheran Church images

St. Paul International Lutheran Church

Please come to our small and close knit congregation for Christmas service. are located near Iidabashi station in the center of Tokyo. Many lines intersect here:JR Sobu lineTokyo Metro Namboku lineTokyo Metro Tozai lineTokyo Metro Yurakucho l…(213 words)

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Tokyo Shinjuku Music Christmas
Izakaya Okajoki in Nakano images

Izakaya Okajoki in Nakano

We've been to Okajoki a few times with friends. We've sat at the counter - okay if just a couple of you; and we've had a private room - better for groups.The food is typical Izakaya food and they have a good variety of drinks.Prices are reasonable. Service is good.Getting there: take …(119 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Izakaya Tokyo Evening Beer Sake (Rice wine) Lunch Dinner
What do do on a rainy day in Tokyo images

What do do on a rainy day in Tokyo

It always feels like such a waste when it is grey and rainy for an entire weekend.So, what DOES one do on a rainy afternoon in Tokyo or Yokohama?Go to the spa, of course!There are several to choose from, depending on your location. LaQua in Tokyo, EAS and Manyo in Yokohama, Oedo Onsen M…(147 words)

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Tokyo spa Yokohama Onsen Chiba
DevilCraft Beer & Pizza images

DevilCraft Beer & Pizza

People have been extolling the praises of DevilCraft Beer & Pizza since July, 2011 – when their first shop in Kanda opened. DevilCraft’s Chicago-style pizza and plethora of craft beers on tap has since become the stuff of legend.I recently visited their newest shop in Hamamatsucho, which opened…(86 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Beer Pizza kanda Tokyo Hamamatsucho
Edo Tokyo Museum/Edo Tokyo Hakubutsukan images

Edo Tokyo Museum/Edo Tokyo Hakubutsukan

If you are really interested in Japan culture and the way things used to be and how people lived in Tokyo, then you must put this on your list of places to visit while in Tokyo. You will find original and replicated exhibits which are built to scale. You will see models painstakingly built to sca…(160 words)

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Tokyo Museum Visit History Samurai English
Cheapest or Quickest Transport from Narita Airport to Tokyo (TOP3) images

Cheapest or Quickest Transport from Narita Airport to Tokyo (TOP3)

Cheapest transport from Narita Airport to Tokyo (TOP3) : Any of the below takes about 90 minutes to Tokyo 1. Bus (Tokyo Shuttle) 900 yen : Adults and Children pay the same price. Without a reservation, it will cost you 1,500yen for early morning and late night buses. 2. Bus (Acces…(427 words)

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Airport Tokyo Train Yokohama Hotel Bus Taxicab Narita International Airport
Yakitori; Grilled Chicken that Sake Lovers Can’t Drink Without. images

Yakitori; Grilled Chicken that Sake Lovers Can’t Drink Without.

Just like Londoners enjoying fish and chips with pints of beer at the pub, yakitori(焼き鳥, やきとり) or skewed chicken barbecue, is an essential delicacy for beer or sake here in Japan. You can easily find yakitori on izakaya menus everywhere in Tokyo, but I would like to recommend you visit a few…(256 words)

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Drink Sake (Rice wine) Yakitori Tokyo Restaurant Beer Izakaya Salt
Bedazzled by Buds and Blooms images

Bedazzled by Buds and Blooms

Japanese, and many foreigners who have lived here for a time, have a particular love for sakura season. Of course, the blooming of the sakura trees does herald the arrival of spring and - hopefully - the end of a cold winter. The sakura maps that are popular on TV news, newspapers, Facebook, and ot…(575 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Tokyo Park Cherry blossom Jinjya (Shrine) River Cherry Suginami Wadabori Yaezakura
Tokyo Primary Care - 'where all three words ring true 'Tokyo - Primary - Care' images

Tokyo Primary Care - 'where all three words ring true 'Tokyo - Primary - Care'

Tokyo Primary Care is the brainchild of Dr Joe Kurosu M.D, and his clinic is a top rank medical international clinic "providing primary care services to the local and foreign resident communities" that truly lives up to it's name. The "Tokyo" you may have heard of and be quite familiar with, and ev…(698 words)

Andrew Grimes image

Andrew Grimes

Tokyo Building Flower Shimokitazawa Hospital Doctor Pharmacy Mothers and Children Clinic Clinic Medications
View the Most Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Japan images

View the Most Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Japan

A somewhat drab introduction in the metro underground of Kudanshita will quell your palate for something exciting outside. You have probably heard about the beauty of Cherry Blossom season in Japan, but NOTHING will prepare you for the jubilance and grace of huge Cherry trees stretching branch tips…(289 words)


Cherry blossom Chidorigafuchi Spring Jinjya (Shrine) Japan Travel Cherry Blossom Day Tour Tokyo Hanami Kudanshita Tokyo
The real soba experience in Asakusa images

The real soba experience in Asakusa

You will never find Tanso-an Kenjiro unless you know how to find it. It is the Saint Graal of soba experience.Kenjiro Suzuki has traveled around Japan during many years to learn his craft and soba making from every region of Japan. He did it the medieval way: working for soba-masters every wher…(265 words)

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Asakusa Soba noodles Tokyo Restaurant Tempura
Jump! images


Kumo no Umi (Sea of Clouds) is a trampoline in the Showa Kinen Koen (Showa Memorial Park) in Nishi-Tachikawa, on the west side of Tokyo. The trampoline is built as a clump of hills and valleys of various sizes. The white vinyl looks, from afar, like a sea of clouds in the midst of an ocean of tre…(199 words)

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Tokyo Park Sea Play Children Playground
Cinco De Mayo campaign at Hard Rock Cafe images

Cinco De Mayo campaign at Hard Rock Cafe

You can enjoy Tex-Mex cuisine at Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo. They have "Cinco De Mayo" limited time menu from May 1st to 31st. Chimichanga is served with fried rice and black beans. You can also enjoy Cinco De Mayo special drink, Casa Noble Rita and non alcohol Orange crush. They also have limited num…(78 words)

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Tokyo Cuisine Cafe Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo Restaurant Cinco De Mayo Mexican Drink
In Basho's Footsteps images

In Basho's Footsteps

In May 1689 the great Haiku poet Matsuo Basho sold his house and began travelling north through Japan. His written impressions of the journey, over 1200 miles later, became The Narrow Road to the Deep North, a compilation of travel sketches in prose and verse which is a famous reminder of Basho’s o…(379 words)

InBasho'sFootsteps image


Basho Tokyo Art Jinjya (Shrine) Nature Camping view Walk Haiku Outdoor recreation
Nezu Museum images

Nezu Museum

The Nezu Museum (which is near Aoyama, not Nezu) art collection is mainly Asian artifacts, displayed in a few small galleries. While certainly pretty, they are no match for the extraordinary gardens. The Japanese gardens are filled with momiji, bright green in the spring and summer, and shoc…(125 words)

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Museum Tokyo Art Japanese garden
Design Festa images

Design Festa

Twice a year, since the early-90s, Design Festa has rocked Japan. Arts, crafts, performance, music, and the entire breadth and depth of design is featured in this extravaganza using most of the west exhibition area of Tokyo Big Sight, the largest convention and exhibition space in Tokyo.With m…(455 words)

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design Tokyo Music Exhibition Event Art Fashion Entertainment festival
"Tanaye" & "Club Harie" images

"Tanaye" & "Club Harie"

These are special sweets "Taneya" designed for Children's Day this year. Aren't they pretty? Inside the paper boxes, they have several Chimaki, a cake wrapped in bamboo leaves, special sweets for Children's Day in Japan. Their mochi skin is so smooth and I bet you will be impressed with your first …(246 words)

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Tokyo Visit Department store Mochi (Rice cake) Sweets Children Cake Shiga Wagashi tradition
Fun Places to Chill with Animals images

Fun Places to Chill with Animals

As with many people around the world, Japanese people also love animals and love to own pets. However with limited space and most people living in apartments or small houses, sometimes owning a pet is not allowed or is not an option for those animal lovers.One source of animal happiness people …(396 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

Tokyo City Drink Building Visit Coffee Harajuku Play Ikebukuro Cafe
Are You a Roller Coaster Fanatic? Don’t Miss Fujikyu Highland in Japan images

Are You a Roller Coaster Fanatic? Don’t Miss Fujikyu Highland in Japan

Located in Fuji Yoshida, right below Mt.Fuji, Fujikyu Highland is world renown for its multiple award winning rides. This brief description of each of the crazy rides at Fujikyu will surely get you on that bus leaving Shinjuku early in the morning to the land of mind-blowing rides. FujiyamaAs…(366 words)

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Fujikyu Highland Roller Coaster Japan Bus Mount Fuji Amusement park Haunted House Tokyo Bus Trip
Sea foods bowl restaurant "Kaishu" in Odawara images

Sea foods bowl restaurant "Kaishu" in Odawara

Odawara is the station many people pass by when they visit popular Hakone. We happened to walk around Odawara for the first time when we visited Hakone last time. There, we found a very good restaurant specializing in sea foods bowls(Donburi),"Kaishu". With such a colorful restaurant's front face, …(242 words)

EmiOnishi image


Restaurant Odawara Tempura Shinkansen Bullet Train Sashimi (Raw fish) Hakone Teishoku Tokyo sea food
Masakiya - Spice up the Udon images

Masakiya - Spice up the Udon

Masakiya is an udon shop. It is located not only off the beaten path, but well off the oft-travelled roads in an offbeat area, Nishi-Ogikubo. Nishiogi is well known for its antique shops, used books, quaint eateries, and, mostly, for being located near the ever popular Kichijoji, Asagaya, Koenji,…(379 words)

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Udon noodles Tokyo pork Tsukemen Nishiogi