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Funniest Japanese Show in Japan: Itte-Q images

Funniest Japanese Show in Japan: Itte-Q

If you're interested in japanese TV, Itte-Q is the show to watch. Even if you don't understand Japanese, the show should be entertaining. Its on Channel 4 from 8pm every sunday. On the show, they do different things every time but the basic concept is that the comedians and celebrities on the show …(135 words)

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Jidaigeki Period Dramas Teaching Japanese Morals images

Jidaigeki Period Dramas Teaching Japanese Morals

Jidaigeki (時代劇). Let me tell you the book definition of Jidaigeki first for many of you may not know this term at all. It is Literally "period dramas", they are most often set during the Edo period of Japanese history, from 1603 to 1868. Some, however, are set much earlier, such as Heian period—…(494 words)

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Shinsen near Shibuya images

Shinsen near Shibuya

There is an area "Shinsen" which is close to Shibuya on the Keio train line. This area is well known for housing many Japanese celebrities both television and movie. While it may be difficult to actually meet a Japanese celebrity, unless you know exactly who you are looking for, you can see some of…(114 words)

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Doraemon - Robot cat images

Doraemon - Robot cat

The other day, from the local evening TV news, I learned that our Doraemon is to make his debut on US television this year (2014)!Doraemon is one of the most popular cartoon characters. He is a robot cat from the future with a magic pocket in his tummy. When I was a child, I used to sit in fron…(284 words)

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Manhole Covers Highlight Local Features images

Manhole Covers Highlight Local Features

This is because they are emblazoned with cartoon characters or buildings that have a connection to the local area. There has even been an increase in the number of so called “manhole-joshi,” that is women who like to take pictures of unique “design manhole” covers. A panel discussion event called “…(264 words)

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Asakusa-Odaiba Direct Line (Sea & River Boat Cruise) images

Asakusa-Odaiba Direct Line (Sea & River Boat Cruise)

Asakusa-Odaiba Direct Line connects Odaiba and Asakusa. (お台場 or simply Daiba 台場) is a popular newly-redeveloped waterfront area wit…(197 words)

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NHK TV Program "Professional" images

NHK TV Program "Professional"

I recommend the TV program called "Professional" broadcasting by NHK(National TV Channel #1) and it introduces Japanese professionals or experts or charismas in various industries or area such as entrepreneur, chief, engineer, artist, athlete, etc.etc. You may touch their philosophy or idea, and al…(83 words)

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Odaiba images


I recommend a venture to Odaiba, a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay. To Odaiba, you can take the underground trains (Rinkai line) connecting to the JR lines or the Yurikamome line.The Yurikamome (meaning seagull) is a monorail that gives you a fantastic tour around the bay, which is one of …(222 words)

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OH! Japan-derful (spell, not sure) images

OH! Japan-derful (spell, not sure)

Fuji TV, Mezamashi-Doyobi, 「OH!ジャパンダフル」 is a good program to know the very surprising and really Japan-like stuffs which are not well-known even for Japanese. Every Saturday, from about 7:10 a.m. on Fuji TV. Never shows up in any guide books, for sure.I really enjoy the show, a…(50 words)

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Moo Moo

Space Battleships images

Space Battleships

A bit different than the way many consider "nerd hobbies" in America, for example wizards and knight games, Star Wars collectibles, video games, etc, Japan's "Otaku" classification is a bit broader in scope. Otaku will sometimes be less concerned about the actual appearance or collection aspect of …(187 words)

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Football? images


Football season has officially begun. If catching up on the latest scores online, or watching games on cable television aren't enough to satisfy your fix there is good news. It is possible to watch live games here in Japan. "Live" as in, actually being able to attend games in person. "Football?…(345 words)

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