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Buying Protein and Sports Supplements in Japan images

Buying Protein and Sports Supplements in Japan

To maintain muscle mass and optimal athletic performance, it’s important to adhere to a strict training and diet regimen. That’s why it’s essential that gym-goers and athletes always be able to access the supplements that they need. Unfortunately, buying protein and sports supplements in Japan hasn…(481 words)

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Japan Sport
“Benkyoukai” Helps People in Japan Get Ahead images

“Benkyoukai” Helps People in Japan Get Ahead

Allow me to introduce you to a term Benkyoukai. The term Benkyoukai is made up of three Kanji Characters and the first one is written as 勉, which means “exertion”. The second character is written as 強and it means “strong”. The third character is written as 会 and it means “meeting, association,…(278 words)

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Visit Event Sport May Japanese Culture Hobby Business activities
Tell me about Japanese Undokai (Sports days) images

Tell me about Japanese Undokai (Sports days)

School Sports Festival for Kids! Anyone can be a hero on this day. It’s also a day for Dads to fight!For some kids, it will be an important day to determine his or her position in the hierarchy of class. The event will also strengthen the unity of each class. For Dads, it will be a day to f…(379 words)

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Sport Event Bento (box meal)
Bentos from 7-11, Ito Yokado, OK stores images

Bentos from 7-11, Ito Yokado, OK stores

'Bento' is a take-out meal for lunch or dinner available in all parts across Japan. Although traditional bento contains rice, meat, fish and japanese pickles, it has evolved into various types, proportions and cuisines. You can find bentos serving other cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, Indian, et…(142 words)

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Samir Bodhe

Bento (box meal) Restaurant Convenience store Shinjuku Department store Sport Tofu (Soy bean curd) Lunch Dinner
Tamiya Playmodel Factory - and race track images

Tamiya Playmodel Factory - and race track

While I thought it would be just an interesting shopping experience, the Tamiya Playmodel Factory turned into a 3 hour stop with my 8 year old son.Three floors total. Bottom two are dedicated to models, radio-controled cars, and race cars kits for the second floor circuit track. Models are a …(345 words)

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Kids Sport activities
Yokohama Hanami Hotspots images

Yokohama Hanami Hotspots

It's that time of year again, when we look forward to warmer weather and the rebirth of spring. In Japan, that also means the brief return of "sakura" (cherry blossoms) and "hanami" (flower viewing). All across the country, cherry trees will explode in whites and light-and-dark pinks, inviting peop…(227 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Yokohama Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) City Visit Park Spring Cherry blossom Sport Flower Beauty
What Japan is proud of - Craftsmanship! : Japanese Watches II images

What Japan is proud of - Craftsmanship! : Japanese Watches II

Part 1 - Evolution of the "Timepieces"1st Floor mainly focuses on the evolution of the timepieces.(1) The Start of Time MeasurementEquatorial Sundial made in Qing Dynasty, China (see photo)Chomon points the Polaris, and it casts the shadow on the dial parallel to the equator. Hour ma…(527 words)

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Watches Spring Museum Sport History Camera Edo Period SEIKO
Japanese Children Celebrate Sports Day images

Japanese Children Celebrate Sports Day

The “undokai” is an annual sports day held at every Japanese elementary and middle school in either May or September. Although schools in other countries also have sports days, the many of the “undoukai” activities are unique to Japan and the event is an important part of Japanese culture. During a…(136 words)

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Sport Children Japanese Culture
Benny’s Place, Real American style bar images

Benny’s Place, Real American style bar

If you miss your home back in the States, why don’t you visit Benny’s Place to have real spareribs and Buffalo wings on the 4th of July? Their great foods can leave you speechless after a bite.Located within a few minute walk distance from South exit of JR Ishikawa-cho/Yokohama, Benny’s Place i…(209 words)

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Park City Yokohama Shopping Visit Sport Kanagawa Taxicab Dinner Walk
Escape to Hotel Moon Beach in Okinawa images

Escape to Hotel Moon Beach in Okinawa

Beach resorts aren't usually the first thing tourists associate with Japan, but this country has many beautiful beaches with resorts to match. One such resort is Hotel Moon Beach, located on the west coast of Okinawa.This expansive resort seems to go on forever, with multiple shops, a swimming …(398 words)

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Hotel Okinawa view Restaurant Japan Food Sport Dinner Transportation style
3 Tips for Surviving Rush Hour in Japan images

3 Tips for Surviving Rush Hour in Japan

From my point of view, as someone who has to deal with the morning rush every morning, its difficult to understand why anyone would want to experience it. During the morning rush, all the trains and platforms are congested with people. Not only people but many grumpy people who are already in a bad…(350 words)

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Japan Rush hour Tokyo Train Yokohama Event Music Sport Railway platform
Japan has most national holidays in number around the world! images

Japan has most national holidays in number around the world!

Here are the list of national holidays in Japan - 2013 version. Wow - We have 16 holidays in total, which is the biggest in number around the world!January 1 - New Year's DayJanuary 14 - Coming‐of‐Age DayFebruary 11 - National Foundation DayMarch 20 - Vernal Equinox HolidayApril 29 …(145 words)

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Sport Holidays Labor Thanksgiving Day Culture Day Greenery Day Marine Day National Foundation Day Showa Day The Emperor's Birthday New year
Tama River Rafting images

Tama River Rafting

Flowing from high in the mountains of Yamanashi the Tama River makes its way to the ocean after traversing a nearly 140 kilometer long trail. The last several kilometers of the river is the dividing line between Tokyo and Kanagawa. The river is dammed along the way, forming Lake Okutama, a major so…(616 words)

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Joe Peters

River Tama River Rafting Tokyo Sport Nature Tree Cruising Fishing and angling
Japan Bible Home - Perfect Getaway place from Tokyo! images

Japan Bible Home - Perfect Getaway place from Tokyo!

Most people know Minakami for skiing in winter, water sports in summer and bungee-jumping. It is a good place to make a one day trip from Tokyo and you can find a lot of economical ski lots and eating places. However, in summer this year I visited this place tucked away in the mountains and I w…(460 words)

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Biju Paul

Tokyo Summer Trip Winter Sport River Nature Play Beauty Dinner
Fun Children Activities in Japan, Learn Martial Arts images

Fun Children Activities in Japan, Learn Martial Arts

Bushido refers to the samurai way of life, the "yamato damashii" or the samurai spirit. It is a general attitude towards life including things like respecting hierarchal relationships, putting great emphasis on loyalty, and dying with honor. Since samurai don't exist anymore, its difficult to see o…(575 words)

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Japan Children activities Convenience store Building Sea Sport Samurai Art
Setagaya Ward has about 12 courts for you to use images

Setagaya Ward has about 12 courts for you to use

Setagaya Ward (nearest station would be Sangenjaya and then take the Setagaya line) is a good place to play tennis. Since these are community courts, you need to register in advance at the Setagaya Ward office. If you are going to be in Japan for a little longer than a short visit, it would be rea…(149 words)

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Tokyo City Hotel Sport Tennis Table tennis Basketball
Unique Watersports Culture in Tokyo images

Unique Watersports Culture in Tokyo

In order to survive a Nippon Summer every year, Japanese people have created lots of little hints to beat the heat from way back. For examples, with Shishiodoshi (water-filled bamboo tube which clacks against a stone when emptied), Furin (wind bells) and Golden fish, people try to cool themselves b…(307 words)

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Tokyo Summer Sport City River Game Play Business Fish
Kyara-ben or chara-ben Culture images

Kyara-ben or chara-ben Culture

It is a shortened form of character bento. As Autumn is season for sports festivals in Japan, it comes up in our conversations between moms. Moms decorate homemade food to look like cute characters in order to make their kids happy and their lunches more appealing.If you’re interested in seeing…(222 words)

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Food Bento (box meal) Kids Art Sport Autumn Japanese food Apple
Spend a day at the Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside! images

Spend a day at the Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside!

Our favorite family shopping spot is the Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside, which is about an hour away from Tokyo. Here, there are stores of all varieties, from sports goods to fancy clothes to delicious food. Although it can get crowded during the weekend, the atmosphere is great with the famil…(106 words)

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Tokyo Park Yokohama Shopping Music Sport Shoes
A super store! images

A super store!

It is important to know that a convenience store isn’t just a place to buy drinks, food, masks, stationery, magazines and other everyday products. It has developed to the extent in which you can send domestic mail, have your suit dry cleaned, photocopy, fax and scan and purchase bus, concert and sp…(96 words)

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Convenience store Sport Bus Concert Stationery
Baseball Ouendan images

Baseball Ouendan

At baseball games in Japan, the outfield bleachers are used for the ouendan, which is the cheering section for each team (typically right field for the home team and left field for the visiting team). The ouendan will have trumpets, drums, giant flags, and thousands of fans chanting, singing, jumpi…(113 words)

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Sport Baseball
Southern Beach images

Southern Beach

South of Tokyo in Chigasaki on the Tokaido line lies a convenient option for a day at the beach, or for the more sporty, a day in the surf. Chigasaki beach has very easy access from the station, and along the way are plenty of shops and restaurants.A good solution for board rentals is the South…(127 words)

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Tokyo Sport
YMCA images


You could always organize futsal games and the like in one of Tokyo's many parks, but the logistics of getting to parks or the riverside can be somewhat difficult. The solution of course is to seek futsal courts within the downtown areas of Tokyo which everyone can access easily. Not to mention hav…(123 words)

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Tokyo Sport
Almost Militarized images

Almost Militarized

Keirin is a very high intensity sport, with quick explosive races every hour. The athletes must be very clever and skilled, in addition to very fit and determined. It's hard to say however how much is planned in terms of who is intended to win, and who is intended to "almost" win...but that's anoth…(159 words)

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Sport Bicycle
Suburban Tennis time images

Suburban Tennis time

It's nice to get away from downtown Tokyo, and see some of the beautiful suburban areas. Going for a day of tennis could be a good way to spend an afternoon in Tokyo suburbia. Taking a trip to Chofu, west of Tokyo on the Keio line from Shinjuku is a good and close option for tennis.Keio sports …(102 words)

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Tennis Tokyo Shinjuku Sport Trip
Use a sword to know the soul of Old Japan images

Use a sword to know the soul of Old Japan

Kendo is cool, you'll learn how to use a sword without getting hurt.You'll get a feel of the Samurai!But that's not all, and knowing how to use the sword is not the point.Kendo is Budo, you meditate before a session and also after a session.You bow before a match, and you bow after a matc…(169 words)

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Yuuki I

Sport Art Samurai Grape
Many stores catering to mountain climbers images

Many stores catering to mountain climbers

Many stores that cater to mountain climbers and hikers usually have items useful in responding to disasters (water purifier bottles for example); the Ogawamachi area of Tokyo, near Ochanomizu/Meiji University/Nikolai-do (Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral), is full of such stores, but ICI Ishii S…(91 words)

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Tokyo Sport Osaka Mountain Disaster Nagoya Fukuoka
Community centers have free ping pong facilities! images

Community centers have free ping pong facilities!

Many community centers offer ping pong and badminton facilities for free! I recommend you to research a community center near you and call to just make sure that they have ping pong tables! The one close to my house (Naka sports center) has many ping pong tables that the community uses.(51 words)

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Tokyo Sport Tennis Table tennis
Water ski images

Water ski

It might be difficult to enjoy water sports in Tokyo because there aren't many beaches around. But you can always go to Zushi and Kamakura area where the water is relatively clean and one has a better chance at participating in marine sports.(43 words)

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Tokyo Sport Kamakura Beaches Skiing
Seagull Girls images

Seagull Girls

The Tokyo American football team, the Seagulls, play regular games at the famous Tokyo Dome. Always accompanying the team is the lively and cute cheersquad. Cheer leading is actually quite popular among young girls in Japan, and despite the fact that cheer is something that kind of developed from a…(173 words)

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Tokyo Sport Baseball Entertainment American football
Check out governmental facilities! images

Check out governmental facilities!

There are cooking classes offered at governmental facilities in Tokyo and Yokohama. These governmental facilities are called "chiku center (地区センター) and hold events to train sports clubs to hold cooking lessons. Although the majority of these classes will be in Japanese, it is worth giving a t…(156 words)

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Tokyo Train Yokohama Sport
An integral part of Japanese sports games images

An integral part of Japanese sports games

Ouendan is an important part of the sports culture in Japan. When you go to Japanese baseball, soccer and other sports games, the Ouendan lead the cheers so that the supporters can follow them. Although most of them are at the front of the stadium (near the sport players), there are several others …(144 words)

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Sport Baseball Soccer
Actually Pretty Popular! images

Actually Pretty Popular!

Although I wouldn't list American football down as one of the most popular sports in Japan, it is popular to some extent. There is not real professional American football league. There are two leagues, the university league and the businessmen's league. The champion university team competes with th…(185 words)

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Tokyo Sport Game Manga American football
Energy Drinks For When Not Feeling Well images

Energy Drinks For When Not Feeling Well

Japan has a great selection of energy drinks that are always changing with the times. However, there are two drinks that haven been round for the longest time and are still going strong. They are basically the same drink, in competition with each other, I suppose a little bit like Coke and Pepsi...…(243 words)

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Convenience store Drink Sport Playing Summer
Beach Adventure Time images

Beach Adventure Time

Tokyo is relatively close to the beach, and there are a decent amount of beach parties and festivals. Many of the beach areas around the Shonan area attract huge amounts of young people who go and party, and occasionally there will be sponsored events by sports, music, or promotion agencies, making…(84 words)

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Tokyo Music Sport Beaches Outdoor recreation
ohayo gozaimasu gives a sense of belonging images

ohayo gozaimasu gives a sense of belonging

Ohayo gozaimasu is what we usually say in the morning, before switching to konichiwa. But it is also used as a greeting among members of a community, or at the office, usually a community that will perform some tough job or sports together. It gives a sense of belonging. This ohayo gozaimas…(57 words)

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Sport Greeting
Do what the people around you do or ask you to do! images

Do what the people around you do or ask you to do!

Most of the time, there is nothing to do.When there is an earthquake that feels longer, stronger than normal, you can switch the radio on and listen to the information that they will give. You can also rely on internet meteo data to know where it did happen, if there is any risk of tsunami (if …(304 words)

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Drink Sport Shoes Earthquake Surgical mask Medicine
Tennis in Tokyo for french, english and japanese speakers images

Tennis in Tokyo for french, english and japanese speakers

Do you like Tennis ???!!Do you want to learn tennis ??!! To train ??!Jinji Tennis can help you !!!Jinji Tennis will offer you his knowledge, his coaches, many different programs and a fantastic place to play your favorite sport !!So Join Us !!!!!!www.jinjitennisfra.comVous aim…(97 words)

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Tokyo Tennis English Shinjuku Sport Hotel
Morning sumo practice in the Kitanoumi-beya images

Morning sumo practice in the Kitanoumi-beya

I got up early one morning to go visit the morning sumo practice, keiko, at the Kitanoumi-beya in Kotu-ku, Tokyo. We were instructed not to talk, move, or show the back of our feet out of respect to the training sumo wrestlers and trainees. One hour watching these men train for the upcoming tournam…(223 words)

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Emelie Fågelstedt

Sumo History Osaka Sport Ticket Tokyo Trip Visit
Yoshima YMCA Retreat images

Yoshima YMCA Retreat

oshima Island is located off the southern tip of Shodoshima in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea. It has an area of 2.2 square kilometers and is about 1 kilometer from the main island of Shodoshima. Although Yoshima is part of Shodoshima and therefore Kagawa Prefecture, it is administered by the Kobe YMCA.…(421 words)

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Sea Sport Beaches Nature Outdoor recreation Tennis Okayama Kobe Bar Food