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Hanami Dango (Three-color dumpling) images

Hanami Dango (Three-color dumpling)

Sanshoku Dango (dango of three colors)is a skewered dango formed of one pink dumpling, one non-colored white dumpling and one green dumpling. Each color has a meaning : cherry blossom in spring, snow in winter and grass in summer. Wagashi (Japanese sweets) is one of the wonderful Japanese culture d…(67 words)

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Bento (box meal) Summer Spring Winter Cherry blossom Cherry Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Snow Sweets Dango (Sweet dumplings)
2-Day Trip to Fujigoko (Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji) in winter 1/3 images

2-Day Trip to Fujigoko (Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji) in winter 1/3

What do you think about visiting Mt. Fuji in winter and enjoy snow and Japanese high quality Omotenashi? Most people climb or visit Mt. Fuji during either spring or summer time. Unless you really love mountain climbing, many of you might want to have something extra besides Mt. Fuji viewing. For th…(1090 words)



Trip Winter day trip Visit Summer Spring view Mountain Stay Snow
Hand-made Camping Knife and where to buy and sharpen knives. images

Hand-made Camping Knife and where to buy and sharpen knives.

Snow Peak is a famous camping equipment manufacturer from the Tsubame Sanjo area of Niigata Prefecture. It was started by the father of the current president as a manufacturer of carpentry and work tools. But Yukio Yamai, the founder, was an experienced mountaineer, so he decided that he should m…(431 words)

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Camping Kyoto Mountain Niigata Outdoor recreation Region Samurai Snow Tokyo
Only 2 hours from Kyoto. Enjoy snow and eating crabs in the Onsen resort founded 1,300 years ago images

Only 2 hours from Kyoto. Enjoy snow and eating crabs in the Onsen resort founded 1,300 years ago

Kinosaki Onsen has a beautiful and nostalgic view with rows of willow trees along a little river. There are at most 7 public baths in the area and you can casually visit and enjoy them even without staying over at the local ryokan Inns. They are called "sotoyu"(open air bath) which is opposite of "…(424 words)

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kinosaki Onsen Snow City English Kyoto Spring Summer Ticket Visit
Thousands of lanterns being launched into the winter night sky is a fantastic spectacle images

Thousands of lanterns being launched into the winter night sky is a fantastic spectacle

Various festivals and processions are held periodically in Japan to ask various deities to keep people free from disease and bodily harm. Sky lanterns are featured prominently in one of these festivals. Participants write their wishes on lanterns resembling small hot air balloons. These lanterns ar…(283 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Winter Japan Event festival Snow Scenery
Driving to Kusatsu images

Driving to Kusatsu

It’s sometimes easy to forget that Japan, with all its grinding work hours, high tech wizardry and futuristic architecture, can also offer spectacular vistas and natural phenomena. To witness this transformation when urban, turns to suburban and then downright country, we drove from the sea in Shon…(291 words)

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driving Japan Winter Hotel Sea Onsen Work Snow architecture new
Warm up yourself in winter! images

Warm up yourself in winter!

We don’t have snow all over Japan. Those who live in areas with a little snow cannot be too excited when it snows. They will dare to go freezing outside to enjoy Yuki-gassen (snowballs) or make a snowman. Before they know it, they can be sweating while playing in the snow.(52 words)

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Playing Snow Winter
Water, water everywhere images

Water, water everywhere

Due to rainy seasons akin to visits by monsoons, typhoons and a goodly amount of snow, which remains in place until spring and then replenishes the water supply both above and under the ground, water for the most part is abunda. Unfortunately clear, potable water has been used for many other purpos…(115 words)

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City Snow Spring
Myoko Kogen images

Myoko Kogen

I recommend Myoko Kogen in Niigata. It is not on a shinkansen (bullet train) line so it is a lot less busy to other more famous ski resorts on the shinkansen lines. You can read more about Myoko Kogen here ( you prefer nice powder snow, I recommend …(76 words)

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Train Shinkansen Bullet Train Hokkaido Niigata Skiing Snow Snowboarding
Beer me up! images

Beer me up!

Have you skied in the Rocky Mountains and looking for some powder snow?A weekend trip up to Hokkaido is recommended. If your from Australia and looking for a place to hit the slopes I've heard there are places in Hokkaido that Aussies hang out.Don't have the time? Well people in the Shizu…(141 words)

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Yuuki I

Beer Hokkaido Nagoya Skiing Snow Nagano Snowboarding Shizuoka Trip
Kagura, northern Honshuu images

Kagura, northern Honshuu

Last winter I went to a place called Kagura ski resort, located on Mt. Naeba. This area is in Niigata which is on the northern part of the main island in Japan; about a 3 hour drive from Tokyo. You can always take a bus in the early morning from Shinjuku on a snowboard day trip, but we took a car.…(140 words)

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Tokyo Shinjuku Bus Mountain Niigata Skiing Snow Snowboarding Trip Winter
When visiting Kyoto... do not forget the Gold Pagoda images

When visiting Kyoto... do not forget the Gold Pagoda

I love Kyoto. It is a city with a soul. A city where people actually live. (weird to so but when living in Tokyo, Kyoto feels like a real city with people!) I often go there for my job (tough life, yes, I know!) and usually, I visit a new place, of some of my favorites: Adashino, a bit far in t…(341 words)

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Kyoto Cherry blossom Mountain Nature Castle Snow Visit Imperial Palace
World heritage Shirakawa Go is the place to Go images

World heritage Shirakawa Go is the place to Go

I lived in Tokyo Ebisu for short 6 months back in 2010.Looked forward in making many new friends and meeting interesting people that you can’t find in other cites.Which was true also at the same time, it was easy to feel lonely and lost with all the people you pass daily that I’ll never have a …(496 words)

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Yuuki I

Winter Nature Live Fish Snow Work Gifu Historic Villages of Shirakawago and Gokayama
Popular ski resorts in Japan images

Popular ski resorts in Japan

The “” provides information about the popular ski resorts in Japan such as Niseko , Sapporo , Hakuba , Yuzawa , Zao and Nozawa Onsen , and recommended accommodation of the area.You can compare the price of accommodations listed in more than 30 online room-booking websites and find th…(76 words)

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Skiing Onsen Stay Sapporo Niseko Hakuba Snow
Onsens and Outdoors in Kusatsu images

Onsens and Outdoors in Kusatsu

Ranked for last 12 years straight as one of the Top 100 onsens in Japan, it really is for the onsens that visitors come to Kusatsu. There are public onsens and of course ryokan and resort hotels with their private onsens. A few of the the famous public onsens are Sainokawahara (西の河原露天風呂)…(307 words)

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Japan Onsen activities Spring Bus Kids Japanese inn Outdoor recreation Yen Snow
Ski tours in Japan images

Ski tours in Japan

Ski Japan for some of the best skiing. LiquidSnowTours provides best Ski holidays, Snow resorts, accommodation in offers many skiing and snowboarding options, with numerous ski areas and mountains, resorts dotted around, whistler,banff in Canada.Discover the longest winter…(59 words)

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Japan Skiing Holidays Snow