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If you would like to try water ski in Tokyo.. images

If you would like to try water ski in Tokyo..

You can sometime see water skiing in Edogawa.In Japan, you can see lots of people ride water ski in a summer time.It was actually really popular in late 80's and early 90's but it is not much popular as before.I found this website and it looks really helpful if you would like to try water…(106 words)

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Tokyo Skiing Summer
Water ski images

Water ski

It might be difficult to enjoy water sports in Tokyo because there aren't many beaches around. But you can always go to Zushi and Kamakura area where the water is relatively clean and one has a better chance at participating in marine sports.(43 words)

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Tokyo Sport Kamakura Beaches Skiing
Ski tours in Japan images

Ski tours in Japan

Ski Japan for some of the best skiing. LiquidSnowTours provides best Ski holidays, Snow resorts, accommodation in offers many skiing and snowboarding options, with numerous ski areas and mountains, resorts dotted around, whistler,banff in Canada.Discover the longest winter…(59 words)

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Japan Skiing Holidays Snow
Myoko Kogen images

Myoko Kogen

I recommend Myoko Kogen in Niigata. It is not on a shinkansen (bullet train) line so it is a lot less busy to other more famous ski resorts on the shinkansen lines. You can read more about Myoko Kogen here ( you prefer nice powder snow, I recommend …(76 words)

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Train Shinkansen Bullet Train Hokkaido Niigata Skiing Snow Snowboarding
Beer me up! images

Beer me up!

Have you skied in the Rocky Mountains and looking for some powder snow?A weekend trip up to Hokkaido is recommended. If your from Australia and looking for a place to hit the slopes I've heard there are places in Hokkaido that Aussies hang out.Don't have the time? Well people in the Shizu…(141 words)

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Yuuki I

Beer Hokkaido Nagoya Skiing Snow Nagano Snowboarding Shizuoka Trip
Kagura, northern Honshuu images

Kagura, northern Honshuu

Last winter I went to a place called Kagura ski resort, located on Mt. Naeba. This area is in Niigata which is on the northern part of the main island in Japan; about a 3 hour drive from Tokyo. You can always take a bus in the early morning from Shinjuku on a snowboard day trip, but we took a car.…(140 words)

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Tokyo Shinjuku Bus Mountain Niigata Skiing Snow Snowboarding Trip Winter
Snow in the Weather Forecast? Here is a collection of spots for skiing and snowboarding images

Snow in the Weather Forecast? Here is a collection of spots for skiing and snowboarding

A friend of mine had a collection of links and reccommended spots.Madarao Sanpatekku and/or Madarao KogenThese are places in Nagano prefecture. The price is reasonable and they have nice ski slopes, hotel and onsens. Distance is around 300km from Tokyo area. The Itinerary with night bus w…(492 words)

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Biju Paul

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A common question we hear from travelers is, “If you could visit Japan at any time of year, when would you go?”One of the best things about Japan is that it’s truly worth visiting at any time of year! Every season has its highlights, and Japanese culture is remarkable in its appreciation of the…(350 words)

Andres Zuleta, Boutique Japan image

Andres Zuleta, Boutique Japan

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Popular ski resorts in Japan images

Popular ski resorts in Japan

The “” provides information about the popular ski resorts in Japan such as Niseko , Sapporo , Hakuba , Yuzawa , Zao and Nozawa Onsen , and recommended accommodation of the area.You can compare the price of accommodations listed in more than 30 online room-booking websites and find th…(76 words)

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Skiing Onsen Stay Sapporo Niseko Hakuba Snow
Get to know your Prefectures: Yamagata, Japan (Pt. 2 of 2 ) images

Get to know your Prefectures: Yamagata, Japan (Pt. 2 of 2 )

"Get the latest updates here on Deep Japan as we collaborate with Tokyo Broadcasting System(TBS) Television, JNN(Japan News Network/TBS nation wide affiliates)'s seven-station network across Japan and Vietnam's VTV station to bring the people in Vietnam informative and fun reports from the fantasti…(828 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

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