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Japan's Deepest Bay Produces Great Fish and Awesome Views images

Japan's Deepest Bay Produces Great Fish and Awesome Views

DEEPEST BAY in JapanLet me introduce you to a place call Suruga Bay, which is located in Izu Peninsula of Shizuoka prefecture, which has the deepest bay in Japan and it extends to 2,500 meters below the sea level (Bay of Bengal is the deepest bay in the world with 2,574 meters). The weather…(420 words)

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Shizuoka Japanese Spider Crabs Suruga Bay Numazu Day trip from Tokyo Travel Local Japan Boat Trip Japan Mount Fuji Japan Best Views Japan Family-friendly Day Trip Japan Deepest Bay Japan
Tokyo's Tropical islands images

Tokyo's Tropical islands

Tokyo's outer islands are very diverse. Most of them are volcanic and some of them are quite far from the main part of Tokyo. Most of the main islands are accessible from Takeshiba Pier, where you can find Tokyo's main ferry terminal. Many of the main islands are also accessible by plane, from C…(302 words)

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Tokyo Beaches Airport Kanagawa Okinawa World Heritage Site Atami Shizuoka
Tokuyama Shoes images

Tokuyama Shoes

Tokuyama Shoes has its home in Kawanehoncho, tucked away in the northwestern side of Shizuoka Prefecture, inland from Shizuoka City and away from the more famous parts of the prefecture, which is home to half of the sacred Mt. Fuji and also the Izu Peninsula, with its world-class onsen and sightsee…(444 words)

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Shoes City Tea Onsen Green tea Shizuoka Trip
Visit the Birthplace of the Big Japanese Company, Suzuki Motors images

Visit the Birthplace of the Big Japanese Company, Suzuki Motors

My Dad built a special structure to house his Suzuki Motorcycle out of the rain and wind on our hillside home overlooking Pearl Harbor and my friends in India know Maruti Suzuki with as much familiarity as any homegrown product. http://www.marutisuzuki.comI went to the Suzuki birthplace, Hama…(732 words)


City Hamamatsu City Visit Business Shizuoka Yuru Kyara Shinkansen Bullet Train Tokaido 53 Tsugi Building
Japanese Bed and Breakfast Manners images

Japanese Bed and Breakfast Manners

Japanese bed and breakfast facilities resemble their British bread and breakfast lodgings, but often with several differences. Many Japanese establishments offer both dinner and breakfast. Before arrival, make sure which meals are offered. More often than not, "breakfast" will beJapanese st…(177 words)

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Etiquette Hotel Miso Miso soup Shoes Yukata (Light kimono) Slippers Shizuoka Furo (Japanese bath)
Beer me up! images

Beer me up!

Have you skied in the Rocky Mountains and looking for some powder snow?A weekend trip up to Hokkaido is recommended. If your from Australia and looking for a place to hit the slopes I've heard there are places in Hokkaido that Aussies hang out.Don't have the time? Well people in the Shizu…(141 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

Beer Hokkaido Nagoya Skiing Snow Nagano Snowboarding Shizuoka Trip
Mt. Fuji Station #5 (Fuji Subaru Line) images

Mt. Fuji Station #5 (Fuji Subaru Line)

Mt. Fuji, as most of us know, is the highest peak in Japan, standing at 3,776 m (12,388 ft) and it is a very popular tourist destination, with an estimated 320,000 climbers scaling the mountain during the two month summer season (from July 1st to August 31st) annually. The mountain's new new statu…(547 words)

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English Mount Fuji Mountain Mt Fuji 5th Station Shizuoka Summer Tera (Temple) Trip World Heritage Site Yamanashi
Musubin, the Health-Advocate Cute Cartoon Character in Fuji City, in Japan images

Musubin, the Health-Advocate Cute Cartoon Character in Fuji City, in Japan

Musubin Is the Character for Fuji CityOne of the things I love about Japan is the cute Yuru Kyara characters they have for so many cities. Almost every city in Japan is adopting the Yuru Kyara promotion plan to publicize what is special and unique about their City or maybe to raise awareness ab…(473 words)


Mount Fuji Lunch Onigiri (Rice ball) Food Shizuoka Hobby style Japanese cuisine Yuru Kyara