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Setsubun - Ehomaki culture images

Setsubun - Ehomaki culture

"Setsubun" is the day before the beginning of Spring in Japan and it's on February 3rd every year. A long sushi roll is eaten on the night of Setsubun while facing toward the year's "lucky" direction. This custom originally started in the Kansai area. With your eyes closed, we wish for perfect …(184 words)

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Enjoy “Setsubun” (Bean throwing ceremony)! images

Enjoy “Setsubun” (Bean throwing ceremony)!

“Setsubun” is the day before the first day of spring, which falls on February 3rd. In the evening of this day, we throw roasted soy beans inside and outside our houses with a cry of "Fuku wa uchi, Oni wa soto!" meaning "Out with the devil! In with good fortune!" Sometimes, we pick someone to play a…(101 words)

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Yaikagashi (burn and smell) at Setsubun images

Yaikagashi (burn and smell) at Setsubun

On Setsubun day (February 3rd), there is a culture to make "Yaikagashi" (a holly sprig with a baked sardine's head). Japanese people have a time-honored custom of putting this "Yaikagashi"at their door on Setsubun (the traditional end of winter) to ward off evil spirits. They may look a little bit …(73 words)

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Winter Setsubun