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Casual Shojin Ryori in Tokyo images

Casual Shojin Ryori in Tokyo

Shojin Ryori, or shojin cuisine, is the form of Buddhist cuisine that is popular with the vegetarian/vegan foreigner crowd here in Japan. Traditionally the food that Buddhist monks make for themselves in their temples, there are only a handful of restaurants in Tokyo that serve this cuisine. Howeve…(432 words)

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vegetarian Tokyo shojin Vegan Restaurant Food Roppongi
“Restaurant Chez Mikawa” –Fine Belgian cuisine and beer in Akasaka since 1987 images

“Restaurant Chez Mikawa” –Fine Belgian cuisine and beer in Akasaka since 1987

Do you like Japanese beers? Yes, they’re light, fine and refreshing. I love them! But sometimes, I feel like having something different, like Belgian beers. In Tokyo, you can find bars offering Belgian beers, more easily than before. So, you might know what kind of taste they are. How about Belgian…(480 words)

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Restaurant Beer Cuisine Tokyo Food English Walk Wine Lunch Cherry
Eating at Daihanten in Yokohama's Chinatown images

Eating at Daihanten in Yokohama's Chinatown

Daihanten, in Yokohama's Chinatown, is one of the most famous shops the area. There are actually two, I'll be speaking about their "honten" (main shop).I recently went for lunch with a large party of thirteen. Once we managed to get through the large crowd of waiting customers in the downstairs…(275 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Yokohama Chinatown Restaurant Food Shop Kanagawa Lunch Dinner Eat
Exploring Japan through Beer: Kirin "Beer Village" Brewery Tour images

Exploring Japan through Beer: Kirin "Beer Village" Brewery Tour

Plan to be in Yokohoma for a few hours? Like beer? Why not head over to Kirin Brewery's Beer Village for a free look into the home of the Japanese beer industry!Located in northern Yokohama's Namamugi (Keikyu Keihin Line), this well-known tourist destination for both locals and international vi…(431 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Beer Kirin Yokohama Japan Exploring Japan Brewery Restaurant Food English History
Kinokoen Oyama no Taisho images

Kinokoen Oyama no Taisho

Providing the rich bounty of nature to urban dwellersEating wood-grown shiitake mushrooms freshly picked? There is a place where such a luxurious delight, hardly imaginable by city dwellers, can be experienced all year round. It is called Kinokoen Oyama no Taisho, a restaurant run by a farmin…(561 words)

Kanagawa P.G.T.D. image

Kanagawa P.G.T.D.

Restaurant Yokohama Spring Nature style Mountain Tokyo City
Exquisite French Fine Dining in Yokohama images

Exquisite French Fine Dining in Yokohama

Although I live in Yokohama, I avoided this restaurant for years thinking Queen Alice "had to be" overrated and overpriced. Created and owned by former Iron Chef, Yutaka Ishinabe, why else wouldn't I?But last night I took my girlfriend there for our three-year anniversary, and had a wonderful, …(244 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Yokohama Dining Restaurant Fine Dining Japan Visit Food Dinner Dessert French cuisine
Another Easy and Affordable Way to Beat Tsuyu (the Rainy Season) images

Another Easy and Affordable Way to Beat Tsuyu (the Rainy Season)

Two years ago I wrote about one of my favourite summer dishes: "Hiyashi Chuka" - chilled Chinese noodles. It's a summer staple in Japan because it's tasty, light, and refreshing - a perfect meal to beat the season's sultry summer heat: soon as June starts, you …(229 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Rainy Season Chilled ramen noodles Food Convenience store Snacks Japan Restaurant Summer Ramen noodles Eat
Old Tokyo Alive and Well in Taito Town images

Old Tokyo Alive and Well in Taito Town

Old Tokyo is alive and well in a few pockets of the city. History lovers and nostalgia junkies alike would be intrigued by Taito ward’s Asakusa, Yanaka, and Ueno neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own distinct character and feel, but they all capture the spirit of old Tokyo. The Sensoji t…(860 words)

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Tokyo Taito Japan Visit City Restaurant Food Shopping Art History
Tours of Sake breweries in Ehime images

Tours of Sake breweries in Ehime

Sake is the essence of Japanese culture. Made from quality rice, which is the foundation of Japanese peoples diet, fresh water, cleaned by local soil, a koji mold and yest, each Sake has a unique taste and character. To unfold the secrets how it develops this character you can participate in tours …(924 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Sake (Rice wine) Ehime Japan Visit Restaurant Food History Building Japanese
Turkey Day Tokyo Style! images

Turkey Day Tokyo Style!

Many restaurants do Thanksgiving specials now- a big change from just 10 years ago! I must admit that I am biased. I own a small restaurant called "Kimono wine and grill" which is a euro american bistro. We do an Awesome Thanksgiving! truly one of the best and most affordable here in Tokyo. We do o…(128 words)

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Kimono Restaurant Roppongi Thanksgiving Tokyo Wine
Handle your sushi like a pro images

Handle your sushi like a pro

Ignoring preparation (which can be an intensely meticulous process on the part of sushi chefs), nothing about the actual consumption of sushi needs to be complicated, at least in my experience. After all, it is only a slab of fish over a block of rice. Sushi is meant to be eaten in one bite, so han…(172 words)

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Sushi Restaurant Soy sauce
Peninsula Hotel at Happy Hour images

Peninsula Hotel at Happy Hour

At the top of the Peninsula Hotel is a restaurant with a bar called Peter's. ( Between 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., just in time for sunset, you can enjoy an inexpensive sparkling wine (800 Yen) and overlook the city, including a nice view of Tokyo Tower and the sunset over Hibiya Park.(54 words)

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Tokyo Park City Restaurant Hotel Wine Tokyo Tower Hibiya Park
Taste over tradition images

Taste over tradition

A late night gorge at a typical Japanese junk food restaurant just can't be beat. One thing which I always go for is ramen, but not just any ramen. Taste over tradition is the key concept, and many older or more traditional Japanese people scoff at some of the wild creations that downtown ramen sho…(133 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Roppongi Ramen noodles Miso Akita
Find Taisho(Sushi restaurant's head chef) images

Find Taisho(Sushi restaurant's head chef)

When you go to traditional sushi bars or restaurants. Usually it's pretty small and there is a counter bar.Find Taisho(Sushi bar / restaurant's head chef) and order "omakase"Omakase means "chef's special". They offer you today's recommendation fresh fishes. ( 12 ~15 pieces usually)Traditi…(58 words)

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Restaurant Sushi
Making tasty okonomiyaki images

Making tasty okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki means, literally, "cooked to your own preference." At a restaurant, take a look around and see how others cook it. Making a pancake and letting the first side cook is reasonably easy, But taking the special spatulas in both hands and flipping it in a single motion takes practice. Ord…(58 words)

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Restaurant Okonomiyaki
The wooded South of Tokyo images

The wooded South of Tokyo

South of Tokyo, in Kanagawa prefecture, lies a quiet wood called Kiyokawa-mura. The rivers run through the steep and forested hills of this district, and it is very popular for both camping and barbecues. There are many options for simply camping, but another popular option is renting out a cottage…(128 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Kanagawa Outdoor recreation Lodging Camping
Eat everything you take! images

Eat everything you take!

Although not a rule, from childhood, Japanese children learn that they should not have any left-over food as it is wasteful. Therefore, in order to behave like a local, try to take a small amount of food at a time. As it is an all-you-can-eat, you don't have to worry about not having enough food! T…(89 words)

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Go to Hard Rock Cafe! images

Go to Hard Rock Cafe!

If you are not in the mood for dancing and just want to relax with a couple of friends, I recommend going to Hard Rock Cafe. There is one in Roppongi and Minatomirai. Many foreigners eat dinner or drink at the bar, so Hard Rock Cafe is also a great place to meet foreigners who may be living or visi…(129 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Shopping Drink Roppongi
Some of the best food in Japan images

Some of the best food in Japan

The high class hotels such as Pan Pacific and Intercontinental in Minatomirai have quality food from Japan, Italy, France and China with amazing service. If you're willing to pay the price for some of the best food in Japan, I suggest going to a restaurant in a hotel. For celebrations, my family of…(83 words)

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Restaurant Yokohama Hotel
Catering can be extremely easy! images

Catering can be extremely easy!

Take-out can be very easy as long as you know how to say several information in Japanese or simple English. Let's say that you want to take-out pizza. First, you should pick the soba you want by looking at the menu online or on the flyer. Before you call, you should know how to write the addres…(232 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Hotel Roppongi Soba noodles Ebisu
Separate Sticks images

Separate Sticks

Yakiniku at a restaurant will always be grilled by your party, and not by employees. This is different from yakitori (grilled chicken) which is always done by chefs, as it is a more delicate process.One thing to keep in mind, especially when eating in groups where people will be communally tak…(159 words)

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Restaurant Etiquette Shoes Yakitori Slippers Grilled meat barbeque
Denny's here is better than those in the U.S. images

Denny's here is better than those in the U.S.

I like Denny's, and in my opinion, they are better than Denny's restaurants in the U.S. At least, it serves nicer lunch and dinner menus. On the other hand, they don't serve breakfast outside of morning hours. words)

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Tokyo Restaurant
Yakitori restaurants in Tokyo images

Yakitori restaurants in Tokyo

I would recommend strongly a restaurant named Torigin. It is a very famous yakitori restaurant in Ginza. They serve the best yakitori I have ever eaten. They not only serve yakitori but also "kamameshi", which is basically Japanese fried rice. It is served in a little iron pot, so stays hot till yo…(75 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Ginza Yakitori Fried rice Kamameshi
Teppanyaki at Seryna! images

Teppanyaki at Seryna!

My family and I enjoy going to Seryna, a teppanyaki (cooking with an iron griddle) Kobe beef restaurant in Kannai, Yokohama. You will get high quality beef with excellent flavoring and service. The chefs have to train for a decade before being able to cook in front of the customers. In this restaur…(118 words)

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Tokyo Train Restaurant Yokohama Shinjuku Ginza Roppongi Art Beef Kobe
No one set server/waiter! images

No one set server/waiter!

In contrast to Western tradition, in Japan, you do not have one set server for your table. If it is a small restaurant, you will only have a waiter or two serving food. However, in a big restaurant, you will have a waiter taking you to the table and another one asking you what you would like to dri…(104 words)

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Restaurant Etiquette Drink
The two processes you should know images

The two processes you should know

In general, ramen stores have two distinct ways of ordering. Some stores have ticket machines at the entrance or outside the store. By looking at the menu, you should pick a ramen that you like, insert the money and press the botton with the ramen that corresponds to the one want to try. Then, brin…(138 words)

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Restaurant Ticket Ramen noodles Ticket machine
Like a dawn man images

Like a dawn man

Eat by your hand, no chopstick.Pick a sushi, turn upside down, dip half of sashimi portion in soy sauce slightly, and throw a whole sushi into your mouth.You need to pick a sushi gently, otherwise it's gonna be mess.Good sushi master will make the sushi delicately, so easy to come apart.(54 words)

Moo Moo image

Moo Moo

Restaurant Sushi Soy sauce Sashimi (Raw fish) Chopstick
Try Jiro Ramen images

Try Jiro Ramen

Jiro ramen is a famous ramen restaurant chain that only exists in the Tokyo area. Most foreigners don't find it because it's not really advertised and the chefs don't usually speak English. If you feel brave, you can try it on your own or have a Japanese person accompany you. it is some of the best…(91 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Ramen noodles
TOFU is the way to go! images

TOFU is the way to go!

As a person who hardly eats any meat, I always look for restaurants with meals for vegetarians. Some of my favorite restaurants are tofu-specific restaurants. Tofu is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. My favorite restaurant is "Ume-no-hana" in Sky Building in Yokohama Station. I love …(155 words)

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Tofu (Soy bean curd) Restaurant Yokohama Building
Don't worry! images

Don't worry!

I've sometimes been in a dilemma in that my friends want to eat sushi, but I can't eat raw fish. In that case, I order inari-zushi and tamago-maki - my two favorite dishes. Inari zushi is vinegar rice stuffed in fried-tofu, brown bags. The sourness of the vinegar complements the sweetness of the fr…(133 words)

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Restaurant Sushi Sea Sashimi (Raw fish) Tofu (Soy bean curd) Natto (Fermented soy beans) Vinegar
Shop and eat at Motomachi! images

Shop and eat at Motomachi!

Motomachi is a popular area among women, because it is a chic and fancy street full of delicious restaurants and brand and non-branded stores. Along the street, you will come across stores such as Zara, Samantha Thavasa, Star Jewelry and so on. My favorite part of Motomachi, however, is the street …(140 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Jewelry
Ask the Driver images

Ask the Driver

I've lived in Japan for about 4 years, and I'm still very confused about the bus system, mostly because all of the stops listed between the starting and ending point are very small neighborhood areas with names that you really won't know unless you are a regular rider, or you live in the area.T…(149 words)

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Tokyo Train Restaurant Museum Train station Bus
harsh or soft? images

harsh or soft?

In an informal occasion, for example if asked to enter a restaurant or bar by an employee or if a waiter is asking whether you would want another drink or dessert, the most simple and straightforward way would be to say, "kekkoudesu" (meaning "no, it's okay") would be okay. This does not sound as h…(103 words)

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Restaurant Drink Dessert
Tipping in Japan images

Tipping in Japan

One of the best cultural differences between Japan and the U.S. (my home country) centers around the custom of tipping. While tipping is not generally necessary in Japan, some service providers actually do appreciate it; for example, I've never known a taxi driver to refuse a tip!In the U.S., …(222 words)

Andrea Miyata image

Andrea Miyata

Restaurant Taxicab Hair
Bettei images


I would like to introduce one of hideaway restaurant, which is called "Bettei". It is located nearby Ebisu sta. just by 5 min walk. They serve fresh vegetable and fishes from Kamakura. And, it's quite reasonable!!(35 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Kamakura Ebisu
Lively Drinking Spots in Japan: Beer Gardens and Izakaya Japanese Pubs images

Lively Drinking Spots in Japan: Beer Gardens and Izakaya Japanese Pubs

You can find Beer Gardens atop department stores around Japan and Izakayas along any busy restaurant area in any city in the country.Although also popular with groups of friends or coworkers, you will find Japanese style pubs "Izakaya" popular with men- they serve many small dishes that go well…(220 words)

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Beer Izakaya Tokyo City Restaurant Drink Department store Sea Sake (Rice wine) Shochu Natto (Fermented soy beans)
Order regular one, eat as fast as possible images

Order regular one, eat as fast as possible

I recommend you to order the regular one or the signature ramen of the restaurant. It should be the best one of the restaurant. When you eat it, try east as fast as possible. And make sure making noise during you eat. It makes the taste better by the combination of noodle and soup.(54 words)

juninada image


Restaurant Ramen noodles
It's not a fancy or stylish one images

It's not a fancy or stylish one

If you speak Japanese, Toriyoshi in Meguro is one of the best. It's a very small restaurant and probably not accept reservation but you can have great Yakitori in reasonable price. Also a Yakitori stand in front of Musashi Koyama station is awesome. You will have Yakitori standing outside.…(57 words)

juninada image


Tokyo Restaurant Yakitori
"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅) in Oimachi (大井町) images

"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅) in Oimachi (大井町)

If you don't know this small diner, you may hesitate to drop in there or may pass by without noticing it, but once you know it, you will definitely love it and feel like coming back again!"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅), or simply "Ken" (堅), is a small traditional Japanese diner run by a middle-aged J…(379 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Drink Sake (Rice wine) Cuisine Conversations
Gestures are just as important as phrases images

Gestures are just as important as phrases

If you forget the word for your gratitude, you can briefly look at the face of the person you are grateful for, and then tilt your head down forward. This should always work in any occasion. Depending on your relationship with the person, the angle of the tilt would be different. If your rela…(220 words)

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Restaurant Hotel Phrase