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Vegetarian Food and Local Beer at Beach Muffin in Zushi images

Vegetarian Food and Local Beer at Beach Muffin in Zushi

Zushi, along the Shonan coast, is well known for its relaxed, laid back, slow-paced beach lifestyle. And there's no better to place to experience it then at Beach Muffin, a small bakery/cafe and local beer tap room located minutes from Shin-Zushi Station.It's small to be sure, reminding most wh…(246 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Cafe Bakery Beer Zushi vegetarian Japan Restaurant Eat Tofu (Soy bean curd) organic
Japan's Theme Parks images

Japan's Theme Parks

For visitors and long-term residents alike who may be looking for an interesting-and uniquely Japanese-way to spend a day, a good choice is one of Japan`s theme parks. These places offer a range of attractions under one roof (unless they are outdoors of course), and have something for the whole fam…(548 words)

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Japan Amusement park Tokyo Visit Restaurant Park Hotel Spring Kyoto Bus
That is the charm of Ikebukuro. The place called Rosa. images

That is the charm of Ikebukuro. The place called Rosa.

Do you know the Japanese drama "Ikebukuro West Gate Park"?There is a park that became famous for its drama.Around that, there is an Asian restaurant called Murray Chang,There is a pasta restaurant called Giyottone.You can eat in about 1000 yen lunch.Cheap and delicious restaurant …(116 words)

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Play Ikebukuro Tokyo Yen Japan City Restaurant Park Building Shibuya
"俺" = Words to forcefully express "myself" images

"俺" = Words to forcefully express "myself"

There is a word "俺" in Japanese.The word is used when to speak with self-confidence.Although the difference is the true meaning and nuance,Japanese will use the word in such a feeling.When you walk in Tokyo, you might see a lot of characters "俺".In the shop sign that letter was wr…(86 words)

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Japan Restaurant City Food Tokyo Walk Japanese Shop Eat used
Conversation with Ginza Aster Grand Chef images

Conversation with Ginza Aster Grand Chef

The other day I had the pleasure to interview Minakawa san, the Grand Chef of Ginza Aster. He is a genuinely all round nice guy and it was a great insight to speak to someone in his position. We spoke about various aspects of his time at Aster Ginza, their concept and what he does specifically. H…(273 words)

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Tokyo Train Restaurant Food Japanese Ginza Cuisine style Japanese cuisine Region
Nikko to Tokyo - Half the fun is getting there images

Nikko to Tokyo - Half the fun is getting there

I was traveling in Nikko and heading back to Tokyo to Asakusa for some sightseeing and an overnight stay. I decided to take the scenic route and hopped on the SL train out of Nikko Station. Outside the station is the train depot and since this is the terminal station, a cool turnaround for the trai…(725 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

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