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Hamamatsuya : Observe Hakone’s Traditional “Yosegi Zaiku” Wood Mosaic Technique images

Hamamatsuya : Observe Hakone’s Traditional “Yosegi Zaiku” Wood Mosaic Technique

osegi Zaiku marquetry, or wood mosaic, originated in Hatajuku in Hakone. The wood mosaic technique is said to have been created here by a man named Nihei Ishikawa in the late Edo period (1800s), and the craft has since been passed down from generation to generation. Hamamatsuya’s president Mr. Ichi…(700 words)

Kanagawa P.G.T.D. image

Kanagawa P.G.T.D.

Hakone Traditional Art History Bus Beauty Cherry Region Trip Japan
Hand-made Camping Knife and where to buy and sharpen knives. images

Hand-made Camping Knife and where to buy and sharpen knives.

Snow Peak is a famous camping equipment manufacturer from the Tsubame Sanjo area of Niigata Prefecture. It was started by the father of the current president as a manufacturer of carpentry and work tools. But Yukio Yamai, the founder, was an experienced mountaineer, so he decided that he should m…(431 words)

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Camping Kyoto Mountain Niigata Outdoor recreation Region Samurai Snow Tokyo
Yubara Onsen (Valentine Special) images

Yubara Onsen (Valentine Special)

If you're looking for a special way to spend Valentine's Day in the Chugoku region, how about a trip up to Yubara Onsen? Located in Maniwa City, Yubara is Okayama Prefecture's most well-known hot spring town, and is situated along the Asahi River and next to the Yubara Dam.Yubara is a hot sprin…(271 words)

Andrea Miyata image

Andrea Miyata

Onsen Region Okayama City Trip Spring River Outdoor recreation Beef Grilled meat barbeque
Best View in Japan: Angled Cliffs, Mount Fuji, Buddhist Temples images

Best View in Japan: Angled Cliffs, Mount Fuji, Buddhist Temples

Cable cars are often available to provide tourists with quick and scenic access to mountain summits in Japan. One that I recently used was the cable car which takes you to the summit of Nokogiri-yama mountain in Chiba prefecture. The ride was very scenic and is highly recommended. The mountain also…(164 words)

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Mountain Japan Tera (Temple) History Chiba Kanto Region Mount Fuji
Wi-Fi for travelers in Japan: At the airport (1 of 2) images

Wi-Fi for travelers in Japan: At the airport (1 of 2)

With the ubiquity of smartphones nowadays, the first thing many travelers want to do when reaching their destination is turn on and check in. Whether it is a mail to a loved one or boss, a check in with Facebook or Foursquare or a quick look at the news, flipping on your device and logging on is a…(422 words)

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Airport Internet Mobile Narita International Airport Wi-Fi Kansai Airplane Hotel Region
Traditional American Thanksgiving images

Traditional American Thanksgiving

As a native Californian living in Japan there are some food holidays and flavors I really miss from home! Food is an amazing part of our socialization and culture. The food in Japan is amazing but we also like a bit of home too. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner are a couple of those times! Also, b…(186 words)

Traci Pink Cow image

Traci Pink Cow

Traditional Thanksgiving Tokyo Event Food Dinner festival Holidays Region Christmas
Visiting Nokogiriyama images

Visiting Nokogiriyama

Earlier this month I was able to visit a mountain a bit further from my normal territory, in Chiba prefecture. Nokogiriyama is located in Futtsu, South Western Chiba, and the name of the mountain translates to "Saw Mountain" due to the mountain region running from East to West creating a saw-toothe…(460 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

Chiba Mountain Nokogiriyama Tokyo Visit Tera (Temple) Nature view Mount Fuji Region
Try "Seishun 18 kippu" !!! images

Try "Seishun 18 kippu" !!!

If you've heard of the tickets before, I guess you are quite knowledgeable about the rail way system in Japan.Even if you have not, this ticket is really worthwhile trying, and is going to be a great choice especially for those who you have plenty of time but have to get away with tight budgets, …(612 words)

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Ticket Tokyo Train Transportation Kanto Region Nagoya Tohoku Express train Miyagi
Omiyage wrapping images

Omiyage wrapping

Omiyage is the Japanese social obligation of gifting. It's expected for travelers/guests to bring omiyage when they go somewhere for hosts or when they return home for family, friends or coworkers. It's best when the gift is a specialty product of the region, from which that the traveler is coming.…(226 words)

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Souvenir Shopping Visit Etiquette Beauty Region Japanese Culture
Lavender fields of Farm Tomita/Hokkaido images

Lavender fields of Farm Tomita/Hokkaido

In Hokkaido, Furano's lavender fields attract large numbers of visitors to the region every summer when the plants are in full bloom. Lavenders usually start blooming in late June and reaches its peak from around mid July to early August. I had always wanted to visit Furano since I watched the …(328 words)

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Hokkaido Lavender Summer Visit Region Walk Garden Curry Kids
Monument commemorating General Aung San, a founding father of Burma images

Monument commemorating General Aung San, a founding father of Burma

People visit here wonder why they see the monument of General Aung San (father of Ms.Aung San Suu Kyi), a founding father of Burma.The monument stands on top of Ohkusa hill by the Lake Hamana.There you can overlook Tomei Expressway and the lakeHistory shows General was exiled to Japan in 1…(111 words)

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Hamana lake Burma Aung San Suu Kyi Visit Japan City History Japanese Region Lake
Sentence endings images

Sentence endings

In Japan, there is a wealth of dialects, and they tend to act upon specific aspects of the language. For the most part, nouns, adjectives, and verb roots will not have much variance between dialects, if any. Many changes however occur to sentence endings. Japanese in all dialects adds slight fl…(134 words)

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Tokyo Osaka Kansai Region
Try Okonomiyaki and a Chuu Hai images

Try Okonomiyaki and a Chuu Hai

Okonomiyaki is an awesome Japanese dish that is basically a pancake filled with cabbage, meats, and whatever else you'd like. In the Tokyo area, okonomiyaki tends to be thinner, whereas in the Kyoto/Osaka region they get much thicker.Chuu Hais are a japanese interperation of the Highball drink …(72 words)

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Tokyo Drink Kyoto Osaka Izakaya Shochu Okonomiyaki Region
Yoshimoto comedy theater in Shinjyuku images

Yoshimoto comedy theater in Shinjyuku

If you ask your Japanese friend "Who is the funniest comedian in Japan?"Lots of people answer comedian from Yoshimoto Talent management company.Yoshimoto is the biggest Japanese comedy company in Japan and Lot's of comedian are from Osaka. Why? Because of Osaka(Kansai) area is well-known for se…(104 words)

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Kyoto Osaka Kansai Region Hyogo Comedy Nara Shiga Wakayama
"Gakuensai" or the fair is usually held on autumn season. images

"Gakuensai" or the fair is usually held on autumn season.

Each university fair has its own unique feature and the event generally lasts three to four days. "Gaigosai" is hosted by Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Fair Committee. There will be theater performances conducted in various languages. Students from each language department will take part in…(126 words)

Hatha Yoga Lover image

Hatha Yoga Lover

Tokyo Event Art Region Cuisine Autumn
Here are 3 very important risk reduction advices when Tornado occure images

Here are 3 very important risk reduction advices when Tornado occure

* On September 2, 2013, a tornado caused extensive damage in a total 19km area from Saitama, Chiba and Ibaragi Prefecture just north of Tokyo. To be honest, I had no idea a tornado could be powerful enough to blow off a house….I cannot help but call for your attention after I went to the damaged re…(281 words)

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Tokyo Building Chiba Region Saitama Disaster
Okagemairi in Japan 2014- Special Visit to Ise Jingu, the Grand Shrine images

Okagemairi in Japan 2014- Special Visit to Ise Jingu, the Grand Shrine

Ise Jingu, the Grand Shrine's main pavilions were newly rebuilt and its residing deities were transferred to the new shrines, which is called Sengu. The ceremony is held every 20 years in order to keep the spirit of "Tokowaka" which means "forever young or everlasting purity" and it has been done f…(124 words)

Hatha Yoga Lover image

Hatha Yoga Lover

Ise Grand Shrine Jinjya (Shrine) Hatsumode Nagoya New year Region
Helping the Children of Tohoku APRICOT News #2 images

Helping the Children of Tohoku APRICOT News #2

The rainy season it seems has done nothing to dampen the spirits of APRICOT’s supporters. Thanks to the growing number of Team APRICOT Children volunteers,we have been very productive and positive for APRICOT, one that has seen us take a major step towards official NPO status (as a registered NPO …(434 words)

Andrew Grimes image

Andrew Grimes

Children Tohoku Visit English Bank Region activities Work
Wild Rides in Kamakura images

Wild Rides in Kamakura

If you are ever looking for that ultimate traditional Japanese experience, look no further than a trip to Kamakura. There are countless activities to fill your interests in Kamakura, including experiencing the outstanding larger than life Buddha, walking amongst the time-honored temples, sampling t…(268 words)

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Transportation Kamakura rickshaw Traditional Food Trip Region activities
Hotels around Fukuoka images

Hotels around Fukuoka

About Fukuoka Toei HotelFrom the Fukuoka Toei Hotel, guests can get to the Hakata area which is located in the heart of Fukuoka, in 10 minutes by bus, and Tenjin, a popular sightseeing area in Fukuoka, in about 10 minutes on foot.Guests can also get to both the Fukuoka Port and Hakata Inter…(92 words)

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Fukuoka Hotel Business Building Bus Region Kyushu Wi-Fi port
Conversation with Ginza Aster Grand Chef images

Conversation with Ginza Aster Grand Chef

The other day I had the pleasure to interview Minakawa san, the Grand Chef of Ginza Aster. He is a genuinely all round nice guy and it was a great insight to speak to someone in his position. We spoke about various aspects of his time at Aster Ginza, their concept and what he does specifically. H…(273 words)

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Tokyo Train Restaurant Food Japanese Ginza Cuisine style Japanese cuisine Region
西条 - Saijo (Hiroshima) : The SAKE town ! images

西条 - Saijo (Hiroshima) : The SAKE town !

If you want to discover the taste of sake you must visit Saijo (Hiroshima Prefecture) !This tour is like a journey through the past through some of the oldest and most prestigious sake breweries in the country.KAMOTSURU, FUKUBIJIN, KAMOIZUMI, KIREI, SAIJOTSURU, HAKUBOTAN, SANYOTSURU, KAMOKI…(405 words)

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Sake (Rice wine) Hiroshima Japan Visit Train City Art Wine Traditional Region
Internal Factors Affecting Toyota images

Internal Factors Affecting Toyota

For a long time, the company has maintained the top position in the industry, selling over 9.4 million vehicles annually worldwide, ahead of Volkswagen and General Motors. Despite the company’s dominance, Toyota experiences several negative business factors both internally and externally. In light …(653 words)

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Toyota Business Work Japan History Region Market Earthquake design Cheap