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Start Train-ing! images

Start Train-ing!

There are sooo many trains in the Tokyo Metropolitan area! It is a maze for people who live here; for a visitor, it may seem a huge mess. But getting around by train is often the best way to get around, so start your train-ing early in your visit.I recommend two things to make train riding ea…(241 words)

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Train Tokyo Bus Railways
Why not take this! images

Why not take this!

There are lots of access between Tokyo and Narita airport.By train, Narita Express (JR) Skyliner(Keisei) are popularly express way.(applox60min) NaritaExpress 2,940Yen(Narita ~Tokyo) Skyliner 2,400Yen(Narita ~Ueno),150Yen(Ueno~Tokyo) total 2,550YenIts a little bit expensive... Local train1…(167 words)

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Tokyo Train Ticket Ginza Bus Airport Ueno Narita Express Railways Skyliner
Tourist information desk inside of Shibuya Station images

Tourist information desk inside of Shibuya Station

Deep in the catacombs of Shibuya Station, somewhere between JR and the Hikarie Building is one of the most pleasant tourist information desks that I've seen in Tokyo. It is jointly operated by Tokyu Railways and Tokyo Metro, providing maps and information in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish…(275 words)

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Shibuya lost Tokyo Building English Railways Metro Transportation Subway
Commuting during Rush Hour ! images

Commuting during Rush Hour !

Imagine you have to board your 7:45am train by hook or by crook (so you can arrive in office on schedule). Let's add to this imagination, images of japan train rush and getting shoved by polite train conductors without any apology. So how do you board train now, especially during mad rush on weekda…(303 words)

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Samir Bodhe

Commuting Rush hour Railways Transportation Train Ticket Children May Railway platform good luck
History in Iron and Steel at Saitama's Railway Museum images

History in Iron and Steel at Saitama's Railway Museum

If your kids love trains or if you're a railway buff at heart, look no further. Have I got the museum for you! Located in Saitama, Saitaima, Japan, the Railway Museum (鉄道博物館) is a treasure trove of all things related to Japanese trains - past, present, and future.The museum opened in 2007 …(220 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

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