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Jukai trekking at Mt. FUJI images

Jukai trekking at Mt. FUJI

There is a deep forest around Mt. Fuji, called Jukai. You will feel the power of nature walking through many trekking courses. The ground is a lava bed and the topsoil is only 10 centimeters, so roots of trees go horizontally. Therefore there are many fallen trees. Direction: The nearest sta…(185 words)

Keiko, OTT image

Keiko, OTT

Mount Fuji Lake Kawaguchi cave
Horseback riding at the foot of Mt Fuji images

Horseback riding at the foot of Mt Fuji

What's your plan for the next weekend ?If not decided, how about horseback riding ?No, it's not that difficult nor scary experience at all as you might imagine.They can even take the first time riders out for trekking on horses!After learning basic control, how to go forward, turn left or…(289 words)

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