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Izakaya: An Insider's Perspective images

Izakaya: An Insider's Perspective

It can be a little difficult to explain the concept of an “izakaya” in English. They are likened to pubs or bars, essentially being establishments focused on serving alcoholic drinks. However, that’s not all there is to an izakaya. As a former izakaya waitress, I'd like to debunk a few common misco…(591 words)

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Cheapest Places for Karaoke in Japan images

Cheapest Places for Karaoke in Japan

Karatetsu is my go-to karaoke place. The reasons are clear. 1. Cheap2. Carries one of the most number of songs, which is perfect for someone like me who enjoys singing songs in English.The prices are pretty mind-blowing in comparison to places like Shidax or Big Echo that charge 650yen/30mi…(338 words)

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What can you tell me about Japanese "snack" bars? images

What can you tell me about Japanese "snack" bars?

"Snack" - or sometimes called pubs, or pub snacks,- are small, Japanese style bars. They can be found in any neighborhood in Tokyo or any other town in Japan.They can be intimidating to enter for the first time as they usually have no windows and no outdoor menus or signs that give you an idea of…(209 words)

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Karaoke Box in Japan – Reasonable amusements where foreigners can enjoy! images

Karaoke Box in Japan – Reasonable amusements where foreigners can enjoy!

Japanese people are embarrassed to sing in front of strangers in general. Therefore, they prefer to go to Karaoke box with their friends and have fun singing popular songs in their private space. Even foreigners can casually enjoy Karaoke box without problem!After you check in at reception coun…(321 words)

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Free-time or set time limit? images

Free-time or set time limit?

When you go to a karaoke box, there are two ways to pay - by the half hour or free-time. If planning on staying for a long period of time, it is definitely better to pay for the free-time plan. However, if you plan on using the karaoke box for three hours or less, I suggest paying by the half-hour.…(112 words)

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Think about your song choice images

Think about your song choice

If going to karaoke with friends, you should definitely consider your song choice. Try not to pick songs that only you can enjoy. Sometimes, it is fun to sing old songs that all of you know and can sing along to or new songs that you would want to introduce to your friends. I love singing duet song…(108 words)

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Let off steam with a song images

Let off steam with a song

Many Japanese workers will go out with their colleagues after work to let off steam and stress; If you feel up to it that is. After some drinks and food, the common ritual is to go to a karaoke place to sing your heart out. For many, this is a way to break the ice with their colleagues, as there i…(160 words)

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Be Conscientious! images

Be Conscientious!

It is very important to be conscientious of others if you happen to go with Japanese friends. Although nobody will directly tell you this rule, people usually take turns singing at karaoke. No one will probably say anything but you may get some cold looks from your friends if you dominate the mike …(140 words)

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Balian resorts images

Balian resorts

Balian resorts offer different type of room for couples or families. Some of the hotels have facilities such as karaoke, table tennis, snooker, darts etc. They are all free. Check their website to learn more. A lot of complimentaries that will surprise you. Excellent cost performance! Beautiful roo…(58 words)

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