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Local Secret: Sakura at Zenpukuji images

Local Secret: Sakura at Zenpukuji

In a bid to get away from the crowds of Nakameguro, Ueno and Shinjuku, I found out about a minor sakura covered park in Nishiogikubo, about 20 minutes away from the station. Zenpukuji is a miniaturized version of the famous Inokashira park, and has the same lovely cherry trees stretching over a…(202 words)

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Inokashira Park - a quick and refreshing excursion from central Tokyo images

Inokashira Park - a quick and refreshing excursion from central Tokyo

Want to take a rest from the big city without the hassle of taking a long trip? How about Inokashira Koen (Park), all it takes is 35 to 50 minutes and 200 yen to get there by train from Shibuya station on the Keio Inokashira line. My suggestion is to take the express train 4 stops to Kugayama stati…(212 words)

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Walk the walk images

Walk the walk

I personally think that one of the best ways to experience Tokyo is on foot. It's huge, yes, but you have to think of Tokyo fragmentally, as the different wards and towns that make up the metropolis all have their own vibe that becomes unmistakable after you have spent some time here; all of them c…(161 words)

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One park to the next images

One park to the next

A great cycling course for all skill levels is the length of Inokashira Ave., which runs from Inokashira park in Kichijoji, to Yoyogi park in Harajuku. I always recommend this course for bikers and walkers alike, because it gives you a great idea of the distinct environments of Tokyo suburbia and t…(111 words)

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Koyo in Inokashira Koen images

Koyo in Inokashira Koen

Inokashira Koen, a brief walk away from Kichijouji station on the Inokashira line, is mainly famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms, which reflect on the lake, and for the 'cursed' swan boats. Supposedly, if you ride in a swan boat with your significant other, you will break up!However, the p…(181 words)

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