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Kawasaki St Clare's Church images

Kawasaki St Clare's Church

7:30 PM Dec 24 the Christmas eve service.The church is location near to Chin Kawabashi hospital about 15 minutes by walk from the Kawasaki JR station 20 minutes from Kawasaki Keikyu station.Location: Kyoukai 〒210-0014 Kawasaki City Kawasakiku Kaizuka 1-8-9 r…(52 words)

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Tokyo City Hospital Christmas
Tokyo Primary Care - 'where all three words ring true 'Tokyo - Primary - Care' images

Tokyo Primary Care - 'where all three words ring true 'Tokyo - Primary - Care'

Tokyo Primary Care is the brainchild of Dr Joe Kurosu M.D, and his clinic is a top rank medical international clinic "providing primary care services to the local and foreign resident communities" that truly lives up to it's name. The "Tokyo" you may have heard of and be quite familiar with, and ev…(698 words)

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Andrew Grimes

Tokyo Building Flower Shimokitazawa Hospital Doctor Pharmacy Mothers and Children Clinic Clinic Medications
It depends on the hospital images

It depends on the hospital

Japan has public and private specialist and general hospitals. There are also quite a few public and private clinics. Your medical need may influence your choice.All hospitals require initial registration at which time a card will be made for you. If you don't have Japanese health insurance you…(76 words)

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Bring the prescription to the nearest pharmacy images

Bring the prescription to the nearest pharmacy

You should have received the prescription from your doctor/hospital. You can just bring it to any pharmacy that has a sign of "処方せん" or "処方箋" that means "prescription".(27 words)

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Hospital Medicine
Byou-in images


If in emergency, hop a cab and say "Chikakuno Byou-in" (not "Biyou-in", that is a hairdresser's place); seems most taxis in Tokyo have GPS devices to find a hospital nearby even if the cabbie is a novice and not used to the neighborhood(43 words)

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Tokyo Hospital
Look for the "Uketsuke", Hospital Care in Japan images

Look for the "Uketsuke", Hospital Care in Japan

Although my experience at hospitals in other countries is limited, I don't think the process at a Japanese hospital is particularly unique. All you have to do when you get to a hospital is to find the "uketsuke" (front desk), which is usually located right by the entrance, and talk to a nurse about…(212 words)

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Hospital Japan Visit English Stay Doctor health
Need Medical Help in Japan images

Need Medical Help in Japan

This website is a Tokyo city website dedicated entirely for foreign patients seeking medical help in Tokyo. Perfect for you! It is in English and you can search for any hospital in Tokyo. There is also a phone number you can call incase you cannot find a hospital and another number you can call to …(79 words)

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Hospital Japan Tokyo City English Metro
Hospitals in Japan images

Hospitals in Japan

You will be lucky to find a hospital with good English support in Tokyo. Good hospitals are everywhere in Tokyo but only the larger ones will have English support. However, there is no problem if you access this page: site is made to p…(126 words)

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Hospital Japan Tokyo City Police Public facilities English Lucky
Woman Gynecologist images

Woman Gynecologist

English Speaking Female Dr and Nurse . Kanda 2nd Clinic 9am ~ 11:30m / 2pm~4pm . 20-14 Nishi Azabu3 chome,Minato ~ku Tokyo Japan:Phone 03 3402 0654(22 words)

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Tokyo Hospital
after ambulance arrives... images

after ambulance arrives...

Getting the ambulance to come is just the first step. One is far from out of the woods once they arrive. It may be good to know what happens then as it is probably different than your home country. As I am from the U.S., where ambulances are generally very sophisticated, that is my orientation.…(426 words)

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Ambulance Tokyo History Taxicab Hospital
Smart Cities, Expanded images

Smart Cities, Expanded

In our last installment, we discussed the upcoming Smart Cities Week 2014 (SCW 2014) which will be held in Yokohama, Japan this coming October 29-31 at the Pacifico Yokohama Hotel and Convention Center. While the event itself is looking to attract in the area of 50,000 attendees, the concept is ex…(1500 words)

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Smart Cities Tokyo Train Yokohama Hotel Event Osaka Hospital SCW Wearable Tech