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“Benkyoukai” Helps People in Japan Get Ahead images

“Benkyoukai” Helps People in Japan Get Ahead

Allow me to introduce you to a term Benkyoukai. The term Benkyoukai is made up of three Kanji Characters and the first one is written as 勉, which means “exertion”. The second character is written as 強and it means “strong”. The third character is written as 会 and it means “meeting, association,…(278 words)

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The Decorated Trucks of Japan images

The Decorated Trucks of Japan

I had a lot of fun filming an episode about the decorated trucks of Japan for the Travel Channel. Below is the story I wrote about the experience.The rumble of powerful engines, air perfumed by diesel exhaust, bright lights flashing in the night: all ambrosia to the senses of the owners of the …(851 words)

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Joe Peters

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Photography Workshops in English images

Photography Workshops in English

If you are a foreigner in Tokyo looking to learn some photography techniques in English, then you have some excellent opportunities here. In the almost 15 years that I have been in Japan, it was only about 4 years ago when I took up photography more seriously. I believe learning is a continuous pro…(396 words)

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Otaku Battles images

Otaku Battles

There are groups who dress up in camouflage clothing and run about in various settings - woods, countryside, even urban - shooting at each other with air guns. These outings are actually organized and some of the participants will own several models of air guns. They even have magazines dedicated t…(75 words)

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Joe Peters

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Musubin, the Health-Advocate Cute Cartoon Character in Fuji City, in Japan images

Musubin, the Health-Advocate Cute Cartoon Character in Fuji City, in Japan

Musubin Is the Character for Fuji CityOne of the things I love about Japan is the cute Yuru Kyara characters they have for so many cities. Almost every city in Japan is adopting the Yuru Kyara promotion plan to publicize what is special and unique about their City or maybe to raise awareness ab…(473 words)


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