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You can show your gratitude for the long-lasting favorable relationship! images

You can show your gratitude for the long-lasting favorable relationship!

When you write a Japanese business email to your customer (client), the sentence often begin with a greeting phrase "Itsumo osewani natte orimasu," meaning that "I am grateful of your kind service, always." And the same phrase can be used when you receive a phone call from Japanese client. The …(162 words)

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Greeting Phrase
Another Way of Doing a Toast: "Otsukare (-sama)" images

Another Way of Doing a Toast: "Otsukare (-sama)"

As everyone knows and some other senpais comment, it's usually the case with a toast that we say "Kanpai" ( as you say "cheers") before we begin to drink at a party. But we have another way of doing a toast.In a casual setting where we go out for a drink after work before going home, we someti…(297 words)

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Toast Drink Greeting Phrase
Aisatsu images


The use of aisatsu is probably one of the best ways to strike up a relationship in Japan. "Aistatsu" are greetings such as "Konnichi wa" (Hello, used during the day). Try using aisatsu at a variety of places; eg. in the elevator, in the park, at ths supermarket or in the izakaya (as per the above e…(97 words)

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Park Izakaya Greeting
No reply necessary images

No reply necessary

One thing to point out, which may not be terribly important except in saving you some confused looks, is when you walk into a store, employees will greet you with a special phrase: “Irashaimase” (E-ra-shai-ma-se). This is the universal greeting that store owners and employees use toward customers t…(118 words)

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Greeting Phrase
Key is to greet in Japanese and with a sincere humble intent images

Key is to greet in Japanese and with a sincere humble intent

Japanese greet often amongst themselves though it is not like in US or other countries where even if you dont know anybody people say "Hey hello - whats up" or something. But typically there are daily greetings like Good Morning (Ohayo Gozaimasu) or Good Night (Oyasumi Nasai) etc. - which perhaps…(281 words)

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For humility, politeness and respect images

For humility, politeness and respect

In Japan, bowing to a person is an expression of humility and politeness. Therefore, the lower you bow, the more humble you seem and the more respect you show to the person you are bowing to. If the person is of a more respected status, you should definitely bow lower than the person. When bowi…(79 words)

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Greeting Bowing
ohayo gozaimasu gives a sense of belonging images

ohayo gozaimasu gives a sense of belonging

Ohayo gozaimasu is what we usually say in the morning, before switching to konichiwa. But it is also used as a greeting among members of a community, or at the office, usually a community that will perform some tough job or sports together. It gives a sense of belonging. This ohayo gozaimas…(57 words)

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Sport Greeting
E-tegami (picture postcard) images

E-tegami (picture postcard)

Japan is a nation obsessed with seasonal activities of all sorts. After all, there are few other nations that I know that have national holidays for the Vernal (Spring) and Autumnal Equinox. This year (2014), the Vernal Equinox will fall on March 21, one day after the traditional date.But whi…(459 words)

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