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5 Tips On How to Eat Sushi in Japan images

5 Tips On How to Eat Sushi in Japan

As we sat at the Sushi Bar in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station we were so excited about what would emerge over the glass separation from the Sushi Shokunin (Chef). We watched as he deftly clumped slightly sweetened and vinegar-kissed white rice into little Nigiri Gunkans (literally translated at “Pressed …(1182 words)


Sushi Chopstick Etiquette Green tea Horse radish Restaurant Sashimi (Raw fish) Soy sauce Tea Tokyo
Learn Japanese Traditional Culture : Tea Ceremony images

Learn Japanese Traditional Culture : Tea Ceremony

By learning Japanese tea ceremony, you will derive much pleasure in various things by doing the followings. - Put yourself in a special environment of tea ceremony room away from busy daily life- Enjoy seasonal Japanese confectioneries over green tea- Encounter with various lovely tea utens…(150 words)

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Tea Green tea green Sounds
Uji-kintoki is best in summer! images

Uji-kintoki is best in summer!

Japanese shaved ice is called kakigori. There are a variety of flavors, and a traditional kind is Uji-kintoki which is flavored with green tea syrup and anko (sweet azuki beans). Kakigori is available in a wide range of quality: ranging from average quality found at the local grocery, to high q…(90 words)

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Tea Green tea Milk Summer
KAKIGORI will help you to survive the August heat images

KAKIGORI will help you to survive the August heat

Kakigori is a mountain of grated ice cubes with something on top of it to give it taste. Simple Kakigori comes with some kind of sirup (the chemical type - with fluorescent blue, green, red, yellow color). More elaborate ones comes with Uji tea, like the one in this picture, or other tastes lik…(321 words)

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August Sweets Green tea Kakigori
Refresh Yourself with Green Tea in Japan images

Refresh Yourself with Green Tea in Japan

If you go to the drink section in a convenient store in Japan, you will find that about 20% of the drinks are different types of tea! The tea is very delicious and some even have actual tea leaves in them. When I was at school, I would drink green tea every day. When you come to Japan, I definitely…(70 words)

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Green tea Convienence Store Japan Drink Tea green
Tokuyama Shoes images

Tokuyama Shoes

Tokuyama Shoes has its home in Kawanehoncho, tucked away in the northwestern side of Shizuoka Prefecture, inland from Shizuoka City and away from the more famous parts of the prefecture, which is home to half of the sacred Mt. Fuji and also the Izu Peninsula, with its world-class onsen and sightsee…(444 words)

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Shoes City Tea Onsen Green tea Shizuoka Trip
What makes you feel cooler in Asakusa. images

What makes you feel cooler in Asakusa.

The price of mini Ukiyoe Uchiwa is 350 yen at Yatsume. Ohgi is made by paper, while Sensu is usually made by fabrics. These Ohgi are at Bunsendo. You will find lots of Sensu at Takahisa.LocationYatsume: NakamiseBunsendo: NakamiseTakahisa: Shin-NakamiseFurin (a wind bell) also make you fee…(111 words)

Keiko, OTT image

Keiko, OTT

Asakusa Green tea Tofu (Soy bean curd) Ukiyoe Hand fan
Win with a Tai (yaki) images

Win with a Tai (yaki)

Tai, or sea bream, is a fish often used in Japan to celebrate something. The reason is because the sound is part of the word, "medetai," that indicates a cause for celebration. The winners of sumo tournaments, for example, celebrate by carrying a large tai, presumably to be consumed at the feast …(348 words)

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Food Sweets Snacks Green tea Japanese festivals Fish chocolate
Fans of Green Tea, Listen to This Helpful Tip images

Fans of Green Tea, Listen to This Helpful Tip

Ryokucha is my favourite type of green tea. I still drink it regularly and when I used to go to school, I would drink 500 ml a day. At any convenient store or supermarket, you will have a range of green tea brands to choose from. Any of them are good. If given the choice, I would probably choose Ay…(173 words)

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Green tea Tea Drink Hokkaido Japan Work
Hamarikyu Garden, Beautiful and Ancient Garden in Japan images

Hamarikyu Garden, Beautiful and Ancient Garden in Japan

My favourite park in Tokyo is Hamarikyu Garden, right by Shiodome station. I was actually just there the other day and the scenery of the tranquil lakes with Japanese style bridges and gazebos was breathtaking. Entrance is only about 250 yen for and adult and the garden is perfect for a 3-4 hours o…(145 words)

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Japan Garden Tokyo Park Tea Asakusa River Green tea Visit
Japanese tea images

Japanese tea

My mom always served Japanese tea after dinner at my home. It made us feel refresh and gave us pleasant time with family.The scent of green tea is also refresh our minds.(33 words)

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Tea Green tea
Kind of Japanese tea images

Kind of Japanese tea

There are many kinds of Japanese tea.Greentea(緑茶), Roasted green tea(ほうじ茶),Tea with whole rice(玄米茶) , Barley tea (麦茶)・・These can be cooled and drunk in the Summer.There is a specialty store of Japanese tea. But,My recommendation is DONKI HOUTE. It is because i…(97 words)

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Shibuya Ginza Roppongi Tea Green tea Specialty store Summer
Come and visit "Mihamaen" in Makuhari, Chiba!!! images

Come and visit "Mihamaen" in Makuhari, Chiba!!!

Mihamaen is located in the Makuhari Kaihin Park, 10 minute walk from Kaihin Makuhari Station of JR Keiyo Line. The place is a stroll-round garden with a pond, where you see the beauty of the nature with its changing scenery as you walk around. There is a tea room right in the middle of the garden. …(94 words)

Hatha Yoga Lover image

Hatha Yoga Lover

Tokyo Park Ticket Tea Chiba Green tea Beauty Nature
Each part of the tea leaf is used to make different kind of teas images

Each part of the tea leaf is used to make different kind of teas

Japan is famous for its green teas and there are many different types and grades, which can be confusing for foreigners.Sencha:Sencha is the most common Japanese green tea made of the tea leaves. Whereas black tea has been roasted, green tea is steamed during the production process.Matcha…(589 words)

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Tea Sushi Kyoto Green tea Milk Sugar Black tea Spring Autumn
Watch out for green tea farms on Shinkansen images

Watch out for green tea farms on Shinkansen

You can enjoy drinking tea, as well as watching it grow! Shizuoka-prefecture is the top producing area for Japanese tea, and you can see tea farms from Shinkansen. One hour from Tokyo on the bullet train, you may easily locate those farms on both sides of the railroad. Even if you don't know wh…(113 words)

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Tea Shinkansen Bullet Train Green tea Tokyo Train
Make sure in Japan to drink tea at a restaurant images

Make sure in Japan to drink tea at a restaurant

Today, we stopped in at a beautiful little Sushi Shop in Ginza in Tokyo. The warm tea that came out right at the beginning prepared our palate perfectly for the lovely fish to come after. It was a truly perfect experience. We would recommend that when you come to eat sushi you make sure to prepare …(76 words)


Japan Dining Tokyo Sushi Ginza Tea Green tea
Think green tea images

Think green tea

In Japan, people eat and drink things daily that promote longevity and anti-aging as a matter of fact. For example, green tea not only tastes great hot or cold but has a ton of anti-oxidants.Soy bean products are also known to keep you young and healthy. Soy milk, tofu and natto (fermented soy …(65 words)

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Drink Tea Green tea Milk Tofu (Soy bean curd) Natto (Fermented soy beans)
Green tea mixed with incense images

Green tea mixed with incense

This is a smell that I will always associate with Kyoto, in particular the little alleyways around Kiyomizu-dera and Kodai-ji, where there are dozens of tiny shops selling trinkets and snacks. The slightly bitter smell of the steaming tea mixes perfectly with incense. It's a smell you can also find…(63 words)

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Tokyo Tea Kyoto Green tea
Yatsuhashi images


If you get a chance to visit Kyoto, you can find Yatsuhashi here and there at almost every souvenir shops. It is one of the best known regional products of Kyoto. Growing up in Kansai, there was a time I got actually a bit tired of this too popular sweets as a kid, but now I sometimes feel like…(134 words)

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Tea Kyoto Souvenir Green tea Kansai Rice cracker Sugar Strawberry Sweets
Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Japan with a Different Kind of Sweet images

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Japan with a Different Kind of Sweet

As a pancake boom sweeps the nation, waffle shops are everywhere and gooey goops of chocolate sauce are merrily mixed into multi-flavored ice cream at Coldstone, it might be hard for you to imagine the the not-so-sweet sweet in Japan is a popular and beloved thing.If you take your friends or ho…(391 words)


Sweets Dessert Restaurant Hotel Art Roppongi Department store Green tea Wagashi Sweets Maccha
Convenience stores and selection images

Convenience stores and selection

Like the ubiquitous vending machines of Japan, convenience stores are truly convenient and just as ubiquitous. They are everywhere. And the selections they have is quite amazing for such tiny stores. Although the aisles are narrow, the lighting is very bright and the cleanliness and the stock li…(151 words)

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Convenience store Tokyo Green tea Food Business Salads
Travel back in time to Edo images

Travel back in time to Edo

Chiba Prefecture's Boso no Mura attraction recreates life as it was, along with the scenery, from 150 years ago. You can walk around freely and experience what it is like to live in old Japan, during the Edo period. The homes have kitchens with woo…(114 words)

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Travel Tea Chiba Green tea Walk Live Edo Period
Uji is THE place for Green Tea in Kyoto!!! images

Uji is THE place for Green Tea in Kyoto!!!

Uji-shi, Kyoto is THE PLACE to go for authentic Green Tea! Most places have cafe's inside where they serve the best Green Tea flavored sweets. Some include green tea parfait, green tea soft serve, green tea flavored shaved ice, and even green tea soba and udon noodles! Tsuen Tea, Nakamuratokichi, M…(90 words)

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Green tea Kyoto
While in Japan Enjoy the Planet's Healthiest Drink, Green Tea images

While in Japan Enjoy the Planet's Healthiest Drink, Green Tea

Yes, I love green tea too! I remember working in my Japanese firm and there was always a green tea machine on the floor. Just like we have water stations in offices overseas, Japanese companies have hot or cold green tea dispensers for your health and happiness 24/7.There are many reasons why peo…(564 words)


Tea Green tea green Summer Winter Kanagawa Wagashi Sweets Hotel
Staying in Kusatsu images

Staying in Kusatsu

“Irrashaimase!” They were expecting us? We were surprised to see that the two greeters at Hotel Sakurai seemed to be expecting us. At least they didn’t look surprised to see not 1, but 2, foreigners pull up in their car. As they guided us to our parking space and to the main hotel lobby o…(228 words)

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Hotel English view Japanese Tea style Kids Outdoor recreation Green tea dance