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Enjoy Japanese Chu-hi drink ! images

Enjoy Japanese Chu-hi drink !

You will see an overwhelming numbers of Chu-hi cans lined up in a rowbesides beer and wine in every convenience stores. Chu-hi is aJapanese-shochu-based cocktail, which has now become a widely acceptedbeverage nationwide in Japan with a variety of offerings such as localfruits flavors.A…(332 words)

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Drink Chu-hi Izakaya Fruits Shochu Convenience store Beer Wine
The interesting relationship between Japanese culture and sweet, delicious strawberries images

The interesting relationship between Japanese culture and sweet, delicious strawberries

Strawberries are one of the many fruits produced all over the world. Strawberries are also produced in Japan, and Japanese strawberries tend to be very sweet and it is possible to eat them raw. One small bite of these strawberries will lead to an expansion of sweetness in your mouth.Generally s…(324 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Japanese Japanese Culture Culture Japan Spring Nature Eat Christmas Fruits
Umeshu and Umeboshi images

Umeshu and Umeboshi

When you are supermarkets, you must have seen a bunch of bottles and suger on sale these days. Yes, this time around the year is the time to make your own Umeshu and Umeboshi at home in Japan.Umeshu (梅酒) is a Japanese liqueur made from ume fruits (while still unripe and green) in alcohol and suga…(198 words)

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Umeboshi Umeshu Drink Salt Fruits Shochu Onigiri (Rice ball) Sugar Japanese plum
Winter Fruit: Strawberries! images

Winter Fruit: Strawberries!

Best Winter Fruit: Strawberries!The strawberries that are grown in Japan are different varieties than those grown in my home country (U.S.A) and are super large and super sweet! Whereas American strawberries are grown in fields, Japanese strawberries are grown in elevated beds in vinyl greenhou…(221 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Winter Tokyo Fruits Strawberry Okayama
High Quality Fruits in Japan images

High Quality Fruits in Japan

The other day, I found giant "New Pione" grapes at a local supermarket and I could help buying one even though the price was rather high compared to other grapes (750 yen per pack while regular grapes are sold at 350 yen per pack). They are seedless and each grape has a diameter of 4cm or more. The…(599 words)

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fruit picking Fruits Eat Hotel Okayama Yamanashi Peach
Nutritious Japanese snacks [a work in progress] images

Nutritious Japanese snacks [a work in progress]

The Japanese diet is superior to the western diet in many ways and, although western snacks such as cookies, potato chips and other sweets are easy to find, low cal and nutrition dense foods are easy to find.Let me define my terms here. Low cal are foods that are less than 150 kcal/serving. N…(236 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Convenience store Department store Fruits Rice cracker
Food, Drinks, Utilities- Restrooms - convenience stores is a small world in itself.. images

Food, Drinks, Utilities- Restrooms - convenience stores is a small world in itself..

Convenience stores will store the following - 1. Food - salad boxes, ready to eat bento box (pasta/curry etc) (mostly non-vegetarian), fruits (banana, apple, oranges), Curd, Diet biscuits, nuts, chips, chocolates, chewing gum, cup ramen noodles, soups, french fries or chicken nuggets (ready to ea…(287 words)

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Convenience store Drink Ticket Tea Ramen noodles Sea Coffee Fruits Bank Milk
Fresh Fresh Fresh - Farmers Markets in Tokyo images

Fresh Fresh Fresh - Farmers Markets in Tokyo

For those who like fresh fruits and veggies here is a nice link to a site where you can details on and schedules of the various farmers markets around Tokyo.Link: hunting!(38 words)

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Tokyo Fruits
Fruits and vegetables at the combini! images

Fruits and vegetables at the combini!

When I'm hungry but don't want something high in calories, I go to the nearby convenience store and get a fruit cup, vegetable cup or fruit yoghurt. As convenience stores are easily accessible, you can purchase these snacks any time! Fruits, vegetables and yoghurt are also healthy choices as snacks…(74 words)

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Convenience store Department store Fruits
Unique farmers markets in heart of Tokyo images

Unique farmers markets in heart of Tokyo

The image of farmers market is outside and once a week on the weekend.Tokyo Kotsuu Kaikan is look like regular office building in Hibiya(near Ginza) but it is now the place to get local fresh food from all of Japan.They have farmers markets everyday include on Sat and Sun.There are so …(175 words)

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Tokyo Building Ginza Osaka Fruits Marunouchi Hokkaido Wakayama Takoyaki (Octopus ball) Toyama
Inexpensive Fruits images

Inexpensive Fruits

I live in Yokohama.. There are many stand around the streets where selling inexpensive fruits in the bulk. The other super market is OK and Aoba where selling very inexpensive fruits.. Of course the bes choice is always costco where you can find all the imported fruits from U.S.A, and they are all …(57 words)

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Yokohama Fruits
Go to local supermarkets or try pick-your-own farms images

Go to local supermarkets or try pick-your-own farms

Just keep in mind that fruits in Japan are relatively more expensive than other countries. So avoid buying them from department stores, supermarkets for expats, or Seijo Ishii that imports foreign foods, and go to one of your local supermarkets. Or you can join a bus tour for PYO experience. Yo…(69 words)

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Department store Bus Fruits
Local Trucks and shops near stations images

Local Trucks and shops near stations

Keep your eyes peeled. especially for seasonal items- the little trucks that park around back alleys and side streets usually offer good deals. Also near most train stations you can find fruit and veggie stands- later in the day they often run specials of things that they need to move that are gett…(103 words)

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Train Park Train station Fruits
Get fruit at AmeYoko images

Get fruit at AmeYoko

Not just for fruit but one of the most culturally interesting and inexpensive places to shop in Tokyo is AmeYoko market located right by JR Okachimachi Station, as well as accessible by Ginza (Ueno Hirokoji station), Oedo and Hibiya lines (at Naka Okachimachi station).Fruit, seafood, clothing, nu…(206 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Ginza Ueno Fruits Cosmetics Watches
Ame Yoko Cho images

Ame Yoko Cho

Ame Yoko Cho is the name of a shopping district located between Ueno and Okachimachi Stations. It's name is a Japanese acronym which has two meanings. The original name is said to mean Candy Store Alley, because the area had many candy and snack stores. The area still has some stores that sell c…(269 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Harajuku Ueno Fruits Shoes Akihabara Fast food Otaku Jewelry Cosmetics
Radishes and such images

Radishes and such

Radishes are abundant; and one that especially comes to mind is the Daikon radish, also quite popular abroad. Daikon is a major staple of many Japanese dishes, the most prominent use being in soups, and as a topping called Daikon "oroshi".Miso soup, Japanese winter stews, and Oden will all make…(170 words)

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Restaurant Miso Fruits Miso soup Oden Summer Winter
MIKAN and wine is a good match images

MIKAN and wine is a good match

The traditional image of a Japanese home during the winter.People all over Japan have a stack of Mikan on the table during the winter.Have you heard of a Kotatu?There is a small heater under the table and a large blanket that covers the corners of the table to keep the heat inside.Since…(114 words)

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Yuuki I

Wine Fruits Juice Mandarin orange Winter
Strawberries in winter of course! images

Strawberries in winter of course!

I have always wondered why you find strawberries in winter only in Japan!Of course, you do need them to decorate your whipped cream Christmas cake. It is a must but it should not be the only reason!In Belgium, where I come from, strawberries are a summer time delicacy. You start picking the…(109 words)

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Winter Fruits Christmas Summer
TORAVESOGURIRU - Brazilian Restaurant in Yokohama China town images

TORAVESOGURIRU - Brazilian Restaurant in Yokohama China town

When you are getting a bit tired of Japanese foods and would like to have something different for a change, how about a Brazilian all-you-can-eat style restaurant in Yokohama China town? It's one of the best choices when you want to hang out with your friends. Their spacious interior is perfect for…(441 words)

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Restaurant Yokohama Building Visit Fruits Dinner Lunch Entertainment Chinatown