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Udon is a Must-Try for a Real Japanese Noodle Experience images

Udon is a Must-Try for a Real Japanese Noodle Experience

Everyone knows the most popular noodle dishes for Japanese are ramen, soba and udon. Why then, we wonder, does udon seems to be mentioned less often and receive less attention from international visitors? Here, I would like to let you know where and how to experience UDON, our fascinating, tradit…(437 words)

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Udon noodles Restaurant Ramen noodles Soba noodles Tempura Fast food
Breakfast in Japan images

Breakfast in Japan

Japan just doesn't have the "eat breakfast out" culture the way that , say , the USA has with diners offering breakfast almost anytime, or cafes in Europe offering coffee, breads/cheese and pastries.A typical breakfast for the Japanese is fish with rice, pickles, natto (fermented beans) and mi…(170 words)

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Coffee Fast food Miso Miso soup Natto (Fermented soy beans) Teishoku Toast Tokyo
Cleanliness in Key in Japanese Shops images

Cleanliness in Key in Japanese Shops

One thing I absolutely love about Japan is how clean everything is. Today I was at a soba shop and I noticed the little cup of toothpicks was knocked over and that about 20 toothpicks were strewn across the countertop. I noted this to the staff in the restaurant and he immediately said "So Sorry!" …(183 words)


Fast food Tokyo Restaurant Etiquette Soba noodles Coffee Shop
Yoshinoya is your beef bowl heaven in Japan..try the real thing during your Japan Travel- images

Yoshinoya is your beef bowl heaven in Japan..try the real thing during your Japan Travel-

There are a wide range of fast foods to choose from in Japan. I would like to introduce a beef bowl this time!Beef bowl is a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce.It has a history of about 100 years and there are several beef bo…(214 words)

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Beef Gyudon (Beef bowl) Fast food History Hot pot dish
Curry,Tendon & Onigiri for vegetarians images

Curry,Tendon & Onigiri for vegetarians

If you like a Indian curry, I recommend you a vegetable curry with rice or nan. More cheep japanese vegetarian food is a Tendon(rice-bowl with vegetable tempura/flitter) or Onigiri(Musubi). I think it's a fast food & ceep one. If you want to have Tendon, Tenya(天や)shop is ceepest one(about \5…(75 words)

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Convenience store Tempura Fast food Onigiri (Rice ball)
Chilled with tempura toppings images

Chilled with tempura toppings

Hanamarudon is a franchise chain of Sanuki udon (originated from Kagawa prefecture in Shikoku) which is my favorite spot to go to . This might sound strange but I like my udon chilled topped with tempuras (Japanese fritters of vegetable, seafood etc).Here is the menu online.http://www.hanamar…(119 words)

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Andrew Soh Chih Jen

Tempura Soy sauce Udon noodles Fast food Shikoku Kagawa Spring
Eating soba noodles- the original Japanese fast food. images

Eating soba noodles- the original Japanese fast food.

There are 3 basic noodle varieties available all year long in Japan: soba, udon or ramen. Also there's a fourth- somen noodles-- thin strands eaten cold with ice in the summer only.Soba are noodles made with buckwheat, slightly healthier than the enriched flour in the other noodles offerings.…(161 words)

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Soba noodles Fast food Train Ramen noodles Udon noodles Tempura Horse radish Tofu (Soy bean curd) Somen noodles Summer
Perhaps it's not in the product images

Perhaps it's not in the product

With in Japan there are certain areas where people relatively live longer then other places.Many cases they don't use front line cosmetics nor go to the doctor every other day.They still drink. So what's the trick?!Well it was in their diet, and life style.They don't crave for fas…(104 words)

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Yuuki I

Drink Miso Miso soup Fast food Umeboshi Cosmetics
The Real Sushi Experience, Don't Miss Out! images

The Real Sushi Experience, Don't Miss Out!

I always went to "kaiten sushi" because it was easy, you can calculate expense based on color and design of the plates and you could see what you are ordering as you take a plate off the conveyer belt. I still go to kaitenzushi when I want a scrumptious meal of sush (I want to eat a lot) or when I …(351 words)


Sushi Sashimi (Raw fish) Kaitenzushi (Conveyor belt sushi) Japanese cuisine Restaurant Fast food Food Winter
Just use your hands images

Just use your hands

I feel as though a lot of people who eat sushi treat it with a bit too much reverence. All though sushi is a misleadingly complex topic, both for the chef and the customer, in the modern day, it is just meant to be enjoyed rather than over-analyzed.If you have reservations or concerns that sush…(325 words)

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Sushi Soy sauce Fast food
Yayoiken images


This is one of my favorites. Its kind of a fast food chain but if you are really hungry and a rice eater, this is the place to be! Set menus with -> 1 Dish + Unlimited Rice and Hot unlimited Tea -> priced from 600JPY to 100JPY + . about. shot a fill…(93 words)

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Tokyo Tea Fast food
Matsuya, Speedy and Filling images

Matsuya, Speedy and Filling

It's a bit difficult to define "fast food" in Japan in my opinion. Is fast food a meal that is prepared really fast? Or is it take out? or does it generally refer to junk food? I would say that fast food is cheap, tasty, not necessarily the healthiest, and can either be take out or dine in.Mats…(191 words)

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Tokyo Miso Miso soup Fast food Beef Gyudon (Beef bowl)
Ame Yoko Cho images

Ame Yoko Cho

Ame Yoko Cho is the name of a shopping district located between Ueno and Okachimachi Stations. It's name is a Japanese acronym which has two meanings. The original name is said to mean Candy Store Alley, because the area had many candy and snack stores. The area still has some stores that sell c…(269 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Harajuku Ueno Fruits Shoes Akihabara Fast food Otaku Jewelry Cosmetics
The Fastest of Japanese Fast Foods: Kaitenzushi, Gyudon & Curry Rice images

The Fastest of Japanese Fast Foods: Kaitenzushi, Gyudon & Curry Rice

How do you define fast food? Let’s not think in categories such as burgers and fries, but consider what the fastest foods are you can order in a restaurant.Sushi is prepared very quickly and kaitenzushi is already waiting for you to take from the conveyor belt and eat. So as the fastest Japanes…(434 words)

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Curry rice Gyudon (Beef bowl) Fast food Sushi Kaitenzushi (Conveyor belt sushi)
Japanese 'fast-food' for foreigners images

Japanese 'fast-food' for foreigners

You might have heard of, or hear around you at times the Japanese word Gaijin, which literally means outside person, or non-Japanese. It is not originally meant to be disrespectful, just basically means foreigner. So for those who are foreigners and do not speak Japanese, but can’t get enough of th…(379 words)

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Fast food Japanese food Shinagawa Station Food Ticket English Walk Shop Eat Curry