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Cosplay in Harajuku images

Cosplay in Harajuku

Head to Harajuku on a weekend to catch the young and trendy Tokyo crowd! Takeshita dori, the place to find the up-and-coming fashion trends of tomorrow, will be crowded, but a walk is well worth you time.I read an interesting story in Japan Today yesterday about how to deal with your partner be…(215 words)

Emelie Fågelstedt image

Emelie Fågelstedt

Harajuku Cosplay Tokyo Fashion Manga Anime Play view Pop culture
Where to Gyaru images

Where to Gyaru

The area between Shibuya and Harajuku is Mecca for Japanese "Gyaru," cool young girls. The two places where these girls converge in each location is at 109 in Shibuya and Takeshita Street in Harajuku. 109 is a department store, where many of the most popular Gyaru brands have their prestige shops…(190 words)

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Shibuya Department store Harajuku Fashion
Anime Come To Life images

Anime Come To Life

Japanese pop culture, particularly anime (short for “animation”) has become one of the country’s iconic exports in recent years and many people globally have become acquainted not only with internationally famous anime as Pokemon, but also more eclectic characters as well. An entire subgenre has s…(1100 words)

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Anime Tokyo Visit Event Art Music English Fashion Otaku
Funny English (Sexy) images

Funny English (Sexy)

There are many examples of strange English in japan, as well as the rest of Asia. Strange English is found, in fact, on signs throughout the world. But some of the most strange English is found on t-shirts. I wonder who writes the copy? Many of these provide the foreign visitor with a great lau…(200 words)

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English Tokyo Shinjuku Building Shibuya Fashion Japanglish
Shopping in Sogo! images

Shopping in Sogo!

My favorite department store is Sogo, which can be found near major stations and city areas. I go to Sogo for different errands. The second floor of the basement (B2) is a great place to buy food on the go, go grocery shopping and purchase Japanese sweets and cakes as souvenirs for your family. I l…(262 words)

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Shopping Sogo Tokyo City Ginza Department store Museum Fashion Stationery
Why Men Look Handsome in Kimonos in Japan? images

Why Men Look Handsome in Kimonos in Japan?

I've noticed more men wearing Kimono on weekends recently. The obi belt tied just above the hips, masculine shoulders emphasized by a narrower line going down the body, a deep blue color. Try walking in back of one of these gents. Watch the way the geta sandals click on the stone walkway and how th…(251 words)


Kimono Asakusa Fashion Kimono experience Geta slipper Asakusa Kimono Fashion Tokyo Kimono Rental for Men Male Kimono Japan Japan Kimono Kimono fashion for men
The importance of "bihaku" images

The importance of "bihaku"

Unlike many of the Western countries, Japanese tend to not show much skin when going out. They favor "bihaku" meaning white, clear skin and therefore cover up as much as possible using clothing, hats and sun umbrellas. Even in the scorching summer, you will see many people wearing long pants, long …(100 words)

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Fashion Summer
Crazy Colorful Nails: A very unique Japanese souvenir images

Crazy Colorful Nails: A very unique Japanese souvenir

For people who are interested in fashion and playing with their look, getting gel nails done in Japan is a must-try experience.Unlike a regular manicure, gel nails and art can last for up to 6 weeks. You can get any design imaginable, from a basic lame' gradation (where the tips of your nails a…(198 words)

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Souvenir Art Fashion design Rainy Day Nail art
Japanese Stationery that Frees Your Creativity images

Japanese Stationery that Frees Your Creativity

Japan is a country and culture that takes its stationery and stationery shops super seriously - arguably to the point of insanity. For those people who don't care about what pen or pencil they use, the Japanese obsession with office and home supplies probably seems a waste. But for those who do car…(402 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Stationery Fashion design Music Shop Movie Market Shopping 100 yen shop Tokyo
Underground Shopping images

Underground Shopping

Shinjuku station is absolutely massive, and can provide hours of entertainment, if you are a shopper that is.One place that I got repeatedly dragged to by my girlfriend when I was a student here in Tokyo is the underground shopping avenue that runs from the Marunouchi line area to the ground le…(117 words)

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Shopping Tokyo Shinjuku Fashion Marunouchi Entertainment Jewelry
Design Festa images

Design Festa

Twice a year, since the early-90s, Design Festa has rocked Japan. Arts, crafts, performance, music, and the entire breadth and depth of design is featured in this extravaganza using most of the west exhibition area of Tokyo Big Sight, the largest convention and exhibition space in Tokyo.With m…(455 words)

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design Tokyo Music Exhibition Event Art Fashion Entertainment festival
Bouncy Skirts the Newest Tokyo Fashion Trend images

Bouncy Skirts the Newest Tokyo Fashion Trend

And, as for fashion, how about these new bouncy-wouncy skirts I spotted in the display window at Issey Miyake in Omotesando?! is as if your skirt or blouse was on a trampoline! We understand that Issey Miyake is all about the move…(185 words)

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Tokyo Fashion Train Shopping Harajuku Outdoor recreation Omotesando Japanese Culture and Style
ISETAN Department Store with an abundant line-up of products and unparalleled customer service images

ISETAN Department Store with an abundant line-up of products and unparalleled customer service

There are a number of major department stores in Shinjuku area, Tokyo, offering a wide variety of shopping locales for international visitors. Located next to Shinjuku 3-Chome subway Station, ISETAN is a veteran among Shinjuku's department stores and they focus on high-quality, unique items especia…(578 words)

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Department store Isetan Shopping Tokyo Visit Japan Summer Shinjuku Fashion Depachika
Kawaii female fashion images

Kawaii female fashion

In the fashion world, Tokyo is now one of the hottest cities especially for youth or street fashion. As the keyward of "kawaii" is getting known in the world, Tokyo has been always transmitting new style of fashion to the world. "Marui One" is the female fashion department store where you can get…(62 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Shinjuku Department store Fashion
Diver City Tokyo, Odaiba images

Diver City Tokyo, Odaiba

Diver City Tokyo in Odaiba is one of the newest shopping mall in Tokyo, its full of fashion shops and amusements, and there you got to see the 18m tall gigantic Gundam too! words)

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Tokyo City Shopping Fashion Odaiba
Amazing Shopping Stores in Tokyo, Japan images

Amazing Shopping Stores in Tokyo, Japan

Since Shibuya's newest shopping Oasis, Hikarie, is located immediately above the Shibuya Station on the Ginza, Hanzomon and other lines, I happened to walk up into the amazing structure the other day. I was taken immediately by the high ceilinged/airy feel of the building and I could tell there was…(146 words)


Fashion Tokyo Shopping Building Shibuya Ginza Department store Art
It depends! images

It depends!

It depends on what kind of industry you are in and what kind of job you do. If you belong to corporate staff working inside the office, business casual is a norm throughout the year. Shirts tend to be white and pants tend to be dark although more colorful combinations are seen nowadays. If your …(177 words)

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Fashion Anime Otaku Summer
A great way to immerse yourself in Japan images

A great way to immerse yourself in Japan

Almost every university and high school in Japan hosts a festival or fair every year around the beginning of November. In these fairs, each class is responsible for an event, such as a play, a game, cafes, food, etc. Often, each university and high school is famous for an aspect of their festival, …(97 words)

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Event Game Fashion Comedy
Nakameguro, shops along the river images

Nakameguro, shops along the river

Nakameguro is a quiet yet fashionable and fun district just outside the more lively and inclusive Shibuya area. Nakameguro is well known for its fashion shops, and dainty restaurants that are perfect for dates, or casual upper class dining. There are of course less expensive and more chain store-ty…(151 words)

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River Tokyo Shibuya Fashion Flower Spring
Harajuku is the place to go images

Harajuku is the place to go

Recently, I went to Harajuku's Takeshita Dori to do some shopping. This is probably one of the hottest spots for Gyaru, where even some of the store employees have the Gyaru make-up and fashion. As the stores are aimed for young Japanese girls, the prices are also reasonable and many stores often h…(134 words)

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Harajuku Shopping Fashion Jewelry
Makuhari Garden Walk images

Makuhari Garden Walk

Makuhari Garden Walk is right next to Kaihin Makuhari station. This is a great outlet mall with numerous shops from brand name fashion for handbags to sporting goods. Also, Costco is nearby as well, although visiting Costco is best by car. Two stations before Kaihin Makuhari is Minami Funabashi s…(64 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Fashion
Tokyo Station images

Tokyo Station

You can find a wide variety of souvenirs, mostly foods and lifestyle goods, at shops and department stores inside or near Tokyo Station. If you don't have time to go outside of the station, try "e-cute". They have nicely designed boxes of snacks and foods. some…(106 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Building Department store Fashion Marunouchi Daimaru
Deep Harajuku Feature images

Deep Harajuku Feature

It's been covered on this site and many otehrs, but Harajuku is the absolute number one area for the typical Japanese fashion scene. Although mostly pertaining to girls' fashion, stylish menswear is also abundant.This site provides some fantastic first-hand, up-close and personal features of th…(78 words)

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Tokyo Harajuku Fashion
109: ichi maru kyuu images

109: ichi maru kyuu

The mecca for fashionista is 109, a round shaped building in Shibuya. This is the ultimate fashionista experience!The sales-Gyaru that you meet there are in fact seasoned businesswomen that are experiencing the fashion that they create, selling them with a lot of tact and fun, and they also…(103 words)

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Building Shibuya Fashion
"Furoshiki" can be a great gift! images

"Furoshiki" can be a great gift!

Furoshiki is known as traditional culture representing Japanese Culture and it can be a great souvenir. Furoshiki can be used not only as a cloth wrapper for special presents but also as a part of your fashion. It's very neat to have your own favorite Furoshiki pattern and/or size. If you are inter…(80 words)

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Furoshiki Souvenir Harajuku Fashion
Don’t be fooled by appearances! images

Don’t be fooled by appearances!

Fashion and appearances are of vital importance in Japan. So why do Japanese businessmen all look similar?To start with the conclusion, if I may, unfashion is a kind of fashion. Let me explain it with the Japanese angle. Like anywhere else, fashion in Japan is a statement of belonging to a com…(359 words)

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Fashion Visit Business
Need a Calm, Safe and Sound Harbour in the middle of Roppongi? images

Need a Calm, Safe and Sound Harbour in the middle of Roppongi?

Roppongi at times can be particularly busy, unkempt and full speed ahead when it comes to business and leisure hour pursuits. It's on the go 24/7 and if you don't get your bearings right it can be a somewhat overwhelming place say the least! For first time tourists and businessmen alike one of …(602 words)

Andrew Grimes image

Andrew Grimes

Roppongi Tokyo Hotel Shibuya Fashion Beef Roppongi Hills English Businessman view
Chiaki Kohara images

Chiaki Kohara

Chiaki Kohara is an artist from Osaka. Born in 1986, she is still young enough to have the vibrant quality of a J-Pop idol. And her art has the lively quality of anime.But look underneath the surface of her colorful characters and one gets the sense that there is much more to her art than at …(358 words)

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Art Anime Building Ginza Osaka Fashion Uniqlo Exhibition
Casual Cool Dining in the Hippest Part of Tokyo Town images

Casual Cool Dining in the Hippest Part of Tokyo Town

I knew I wanted to come back after my first visit; now after several, Weekend Garage Tokyo has become my latest favourite Shibuya-Ebisu-Daikanyama hang. They're a unusually large restaurant/live house unconventionally located on an almost hidden street along the JR Yamanote Line train tracks.We…(267 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Dining Tokyo Restaurant Japan Shibuya Art Music Fashion Drink Visit
Charming sweets, "MA-ME-DAI-FUKU", Do you know? images

Charming sweets, "MA-ME-DAI-FUKU", Do you know?

In Japan, there is a cute sweets.It is a Japanese sweets named "MA-ME-DAI-FUKU". Do you know?Please try to have on hand. It will be similar to the cute something of the animal.The taste is very delicious.Even on weekdays, it will immediately sold out.Since I lived in harajuku, I a…(90 words)

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City Eat Harajuku Tokyo Japanese Shop Fashion Clothes Japan