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Ome Kaido images

Ome Kaido

Ome Kaido is a major street running generally west from Shinjuku. Once past Shinjuku, the street becomes Yasukuni Dori.Ome Kaido is an old highway, National Route 411, and it runs from Shinjuku to Kofu in Yamanashi Prefecture. It was a road used by travelers in the Edo period, both walking an…(249 words)

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Tokyo Shinjuku Police Kanto Earthquake Disaster Yamanashi
Earthquake Advice images

Earthquake Advice

Firstly, don't panic! Stay calm. If there is violent shaking you need to get under a table or bed, or something. If there is nothing, door frames are a strong part of any house, so stay under them, or otherwise slip into your toilet. Stay away from windows, cabinets, etc., as things will fly and fa…(307 words)

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Earthquake Tokyo City Transportation Government office
Japanese Vending Machines: Next Generation images

Japanese Vending Machines: Next Generation

Have you seen the new generation of vending machines in Japan? The new touchscreen ones are smart and connected. They watch people and target them by showing commercials, news, recommendations, and special offers.You can identify these new machines easily, they have a huge touchscreen and a cam…(156 words)

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Vending Machines Drink Train Train station Camera touchscreen Earthquake advertisement
How to Beat Japanese Summer Heat When Traveling in Japan? images

How to Beat Japanese Summer Heat When Traveling in Japan?

You know those times on the train platform where the crowds make you cringe? You are not cringing at the people per se, just the clammy ugginess of the possibility of contact with clammy, sweaty summer skin. Yes, we all share your feelings. Not even an elbow bump here or a happenstance brush up…(549 words)


Summer Japanese Summer Tea Coffee May Shop Railway platform Earthquake Vending Machines
Places to visit in Shitamachi to pass an exam images

Places to visit in Shitamachi to pass an exam

"Yushima Tenmangu is a Shinto shrine commonly called Yushima Tenjin. This shrine was originally established in 458 A.D. in order to worship Ameno-tajikaraono-mikoto, one of deities appears in the Japanese myths. Later, in February 1355, the spirit of Sugawara Michizane, a historical figure, was als…(177 words)

Keiko, OTT image

Keiko, OTT

Jinjya (Shrine) Lucky Visit Tokyo Ueno Earthquake Kanto Kameido yushima
Taxi, Business hotels, Manga kissa (Internet comic cafe) are some options where you can spend night images

Taxi, Business hotels, Manga kissa (Internet comic cafe) are some options where you can spend night

If you miss the train - which happens many times then there are couple of options.. 1. If you are closeby your hotel or place of stay then you can take a cab. After 11, the cab will charge an extra 10-15% depending on if it is a company taxi or personal /private taxi (you will find this mark when…(283 words)

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Manga Taxicab Train Hotel Coffee Bicycle Earthquake Comic cafe
The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park images

The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park

I recommend to join "Tokyo earthquake simulation seventy-two hours tour" at the facility in Odaiba waterfront area. words)

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Tokyo Park Odaiba Earthquake Disaster
Check the vicinity images

Check the vicinity

It is not as though earthquakes are constantly happening in Japan, it is just that they are more frequent statistically. Being slightly more aware and prepared is thus advisable, but the precautions don't need to be excessive. One thing however to keep in mind is where you will go in the event of a…(142 words)

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Tokyo Event Earthquake Zone
How to be prepared for an Earthquake in Japan? images

How to be prepared for an Earthquake in Japan?

You would be very surprised at the items you can find in Japan for that just-in-case feeling. A lot of the items would be very convenient to have in your bag during your travels around the world, so a leisurely jaunt to Tokyu Hands in Shibuya would be a very educational and helpful experience. Find…(144 words)


Earthquake Japan Tokyo Shibuya Disaster Tokyu Hands
Getting ready for earthquakes images

Getting ready for earthquakes

At Mark Is, the new mall in Minatomirai, on the 4th floor, there is an exhibition on how to prevent yourself from getting hurt by taking some precautions for your house during an earthquake. There were things such as putting attachments that prevent your bookshelves from falling over, locks on draw…(85 words)

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Tokyo Earthquake Disaster
Do what the people around you do or ask you to do! images

Do what the people around you do or ask you to do!

Most of the time, there is nothing to do.When there is an earthquake that feels longer, stronger than normal, you can switch the radio on and listen to the information that they will give. You can also rely on internet meteo data to know where it did happen, if there is any risk of tsunami (if …(304 words)

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Drink Sport Shoes Earthquake Surgical mask Medicine
What to Do When An Earthquake Hits Japan images

What to Do When An Earthquake Hits Japan

I often tell my friends that Japan might be one of the best places to be in an earthquake. Why? Nooo, you say! “I don't want it to happen when I am in town!” “Cant it wait till I leave?”. Hmmm, Mother Nature is usually pretty unpredictable and actually can be quite surprising in her timing and conc…(761 words)


Nature Earthquake Kobe Tohoku Tokyo Train Summer Convenience store Food
Unknown but, worth visiting area, Lake Hamana images

Unknown but, worth visiting area, Lake Hamana

Those of you who have an experience of taking Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka or Kyoto probably noticed Shinkansen passes over the lake after one and a half hour ride.The lake is called Hamana and is 10th largest lake in Japan.It used be a fresh water lake nearby Pacific Ocean but, the bank that…(97 words)

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Lake Tokyo Visit Japan Kyoto Cuisine Osaka Shinkansen Bullet Train Bank Earthquake
Internal Factors Affecting Toyota images

Internal Factors Affecting Toyota

For a long time, the company has maintained the top position in the industry, selling over 9.4 million vehicles annually worldwide, ahead of Volkswagen and General Motors. Despite the company’s dominance, Toyota experiences several negative business factors both internally and externally. In light …(653 words)

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Toyota Business Work Japan History Region Market Earthquake design Cheap