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Parking in Japan images

Parking in Japan

Parking in Japan is actually quite complicated. You don't need to be in Japan very long to notice that there is not much street parking. There are some parking metered areas, but there are way more cars in commercial car parks than there are on the streets.In fact, it is basically illegal to park…(675 words)

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Tokyo Park Restaurant Yokohama Shopping Ticket Police Department store Coin
How to spend one day in east Tokyo, for first-time visitors to Japan images

How to spend one day in east Tokyo, for first-time visitors to Japan

Senso-ji Temple: Make your visit special by putting on a Kimono“Kimono is usually made of silk or hemp, beautifully dyed or embroidered. Yukata is made of cotton, the Kimono for summer. Most of Ryokan (Japanese hotels) prepare Yukata in each room as a sleepwear, but you can get out with Yukata …(553 words)

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Tokyo day trip Japanese food Asakusa Kappabashi Japanese garden Matome Department store Souvenir
JR Kyoto Station - Futuristic architecture masterpiece images

JR Kyoto Station - Futuristic architecture masterpiece

If you only pass through the platforms of Kyoto Station, you miss out to explore this impressive building, the third largest train station in Japan (Ref: 1st: Tokyo, 2nd: Umeda). The whole building was constructed on the 1200th anniversary of the capital's foundation in Kyoto.If you come by tra…(267 words)

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Kyoto architecture Train station Train Building Department store view Internet
Valentine's Day in Japan images

Valentine's Day in Japan

Japan is well-known for putting its unique spin on western holidays. Christmas, Halloween, even St. Patrick's Day - so why not Valentine's Day?The chocolatier Morozoff Ltd. introduced Japan to Valentine's Day back in 1936. By the mid 1950s, after it had marketed a hugely successful campaign of …(288 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Yokohama Event Holidays City Department store Christmas chocolate tradition custom Sogo
Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: Tenugui images

Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: Tenugui

If you're looking for a souvenir that is truly Japanese, look no further than "tenugui" - a thin hand towel made of cotton. Although the idea of a hand towel as a gift sounds simple, and it well may be, tenugui also happen to be one of the most popular souvenirs you can buy in Japan - popular even …(280 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Japanese Souvenir Japan Train Trip Art Shop Department store Clothes Must have souvenir
Shopping in Sogo! images

Shopping in Sogo!

My favorite department store is Sogo, which can be found near major stations and city areas. I go to Sogo for different errands. The second floor of the basement (B2) is a great place to buy food on the go, go grocery shopping and purchase Japanese sweets and cakes as souvenirs for your family. I l…(262 words)

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Shopping Sogo Tokyo City Ginza Department store Museum Fashion Stationery
Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: BUNBOGU images

Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: BUNBOGU

Let me introduce Japanese Stationary as the 2nd must have Japanese souvenirs*. In Japan, girls are energetic to have cute stationary and businessmen are interested in using cool gadgets and writing materials. One of the most popular shops is LOFT. The one in Shibuya is the main store, but there a…(159 words)

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Keiko, OTT

Stationery Japanese Visit Japan Shopping Shibuya Ginza Department store Cafe
The World's Largest Uniqlo Store in Japan images

The World's Largest Uniqlo Store in Japan

The world's largest Uniqlo (Japan's largest and most popular clothing brand) store opened recently in Ginza on the main shopping street. I happened to pass by the other day and could not stop myself from stepping in, stupefied by the sheer size. The store has 12 floors and sells pretty much every p…(196 words)

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Uniqlo Shopping Japan Tokyo Ginza Winter Department store
Delicious pastries and bread at Donq images

Delicious pastries and bread at Donq

My favorite bakery in Tokyo is Donq, one that can be found commonly in department stores and stations. Although bread in Japan may get a bit pricy, it is worth the money because it is delicious and unique. As a person who doesn't like sweets, my favorite bread at Donq is their baguette and calzone.…(114 words)

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Tokyo Department store
Bentos from 7-11, Ito Yokado, OK stores images

Bentos from 7-11, Ito Yokado, OK stores

'Bento' is a take-out meal for lunch or dinner available in all parts across Japan. Although traditional bento contains rice, meat, fish and japanese pickles, it has evolved into various types, proportions and cuisines. You can find bentos serving other cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, Indian, et…(142 words)

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Samir Bodhe

Bento (box meal) Restaurant Convenience store Shinjuku Department store Sport Tofu (Soy bean curd) Lunch Dinner
Great department in Japan. images

Great department in Japan.

I would like to suggest some good departments in Japan. Isetan, Marui and Sogo, these 3 partments are my favorite ones which sell agreat food in the basement floor and sell clothing.(31 words)

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Tokyo Department store Isetan Sogo
"Okowa" is a must-eat! images

"Okowa" is a must-eat!

My favorite Bento place is “Tagosaku,” often found in the basement of big department stores or near the train stations. “Okowa” is Japanese mocha-gome (sticky rice) with various vegetables or beans. I love eating the “gomoku-okowa,” which is the sticky rice with a variety of vegetables and chicken …(91 words)

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Tokyo Train Department store Train station Bento (box meal)
Kimono for you to wear or for souvenir? images

Kimono for you to wear or for souvenir?

Traditional Kimono is wide range of the price.If you would like to buy traditional Kimono for you to wear, you can go to the department store such as Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihongobashi or Shinjyuku Takashimaya Department store. The most of Department store have a Kimono shop and the…(150 words)

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Souvenir Kimono Tokyo Department store Harajuku Takashimaya Mitsukoshi
"Tanaye" & "Club Harie" images

"Tanaye" & "Club Harie"

These are special sweets "Taneya" designed for Children's Day this year. Aren't they pretty? Inside the paper boxes, they have several Chimaki, a cake wrapped in bamboo leaves, special sweets for Children's Day in Japan. Their mochi skin is so smooth and I bet you will be impressed with your first …(246 words)

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Tokyo Visit Department store Mochi (Rice cake) Sweets Children Cake Shiga Wagashi tradition
Japanese-style depachika food courts images

Japanese-style depachika food courts

Japan has the most elegant restaurants as well as vending machines and convenient stores selling snacks and beverages on seemingly every corner. Somewhere in the middle on the gourmet scale are the food courts of the big department stores. Usually they are located in the department store basement a…(314 words)

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Food Depachika Department store Bento (box meal) Sweets Souvenir
Japan's Expanded "Tax Free" system for tourists images

Japan's Expanded "Tax Free" system for tourists

If you are coming to Japan on a tourist visa (or if the stamp in your passport says "temporary visitor") and in Japan less than six months, you can take advantage of Japan’s tax free system. Save 8% on Everything from electronics, alcohol, clothes, and more. Just for tourists.Currently, Japan h…(490 words)

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Shop Shopping Department store Airport Sake (Rice wine) Medicine Cosmetics custom Visa Clothes
NOUSAKU: Flexible ware? Great Japanese Craftmanship images

NOUSAKU: Flexible ware? Great Japanese Craftmanship

My parents' birthdays are coming up this month and I am considering to present them a special Japanese craftman art this year. Have you heard of NOUSAKU brand? I had a chance to do some research on this company at work and I would like to share about their wonderful work. It is becoming a huge hit …(395 words)

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craftmanship Japanese manufacturing Souvenir Art Ginza Department store Mitsukoshi Tokyo City Hotel
Appropriate attire for funerals images

Appropriate attire for funerals

Everyone in Japan wears black for funerals. For men, this consists of a black suit (no pattern or design), white button-up shirt, black shoes (with no ornamentation), and a black necktie. For women, this consists of either a black suit (skirt or slacks with a jacket) and a black blouse, or a blac…(155 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Department store Shoes
Amazing Shopping Stores in Tokyo, Japan images

Amazing Shopping Stores in Tokyo, Japan

Since Shibuya's newest shopping Oasis, Hikarie, is located immediately above the Shibuya Station on the Ginza, Hanzomon and other lines, I happened to walk up into the amazing structure the other day. I was taken immediately by the high ceilinged/airy feel of the building and I could tell there was…(146 words)


Fashion Tokyo Shopping Building Shibuya Ginza Department store Art
Enjoy Japanese department stores basements ! images

Enjoy Japanese department stores basements !

You might associate a Japanese word “department store” with expensive stores, but every Japanese department store has its own depachika and all of which are crammed with attractive shelves containing a wide range of foods from a delicious bento box to gorgeous sweets yet for reasonable prices. Aisl…(308 words)

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Department store Depachika Bento (box meal) Takashimaya Sweets Mitsukoshi
Eating in Japan is never a problem! Picnics are the bests images

Eating in Japan is never a problem! Picnics are the bests

When travelling, you have no choice but to eat either in restaurants (nice but it gets on your appetite, and stomach and say good bye to your weight control), or get some room service (a bit sad), or grab some junk food from fast food restaurant and conbini (the 7/11 and other Lawson that have col…(738 words)

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Tokyo City Restaurant Park Kyoto Food Department store
Matsuyama Castle and Dogo Onsen - Classic Japan images

Matsuyama Castle and Dogo Onsen - Classic Japan

Whenever my friends from overseas ask me what would be a classic thing to do in Japan, I always reply that visiting a medieval castle and staying in an onsen town (hot spring bath) are a "must". There is no doubt that a visit to Matsuyama City is the perfect way to combine both of these in one tri…(886 words)

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Japan Onsen Castle Visit City Trip Spring Sea Department store Airport
Eating and drinking in Japan on a budget images

Eating and drinking in Japan on a budget

Go out for lunch“Make lunch one highlight of your days in Japan ... Select a special lunch set at a sushi bar or traditional Japanese restaurant. You can expect to eat an exquisite selection for less than half of what you would pay at dinner time. These lunch sets are a good option if you want …(464 words)

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Japanese food Japan drinking Japan Travel Department store Bento (box meal) Coffee Matome
Black or Dark Suits/Dresses images

Black or Dark Suits/Dresses

If you are in Japan during a funeral, a dark suit should be worn for men, along with a black tie. Very inexpensive black ties can be found for men in most men's clothing stores and department stores. For women, black or dark dresses.(44 words)

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Department store Funeral
Experiencing a Japanese-style New Year Season images

Experiencing a Japanese-style New Year Season

New Year is a big event in Japan when people congratulate the peaceful ending of the previous year and the coming of the new year. Many families visit their relatives and eat "osechi", a special meal. You can make your own, or order it at various department stores. Sending out warm new year messag…(96 words)

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Event Department store Jinjya (Shrine) Kimono New year
Nutritious Japanese snacks [a work in progress] images

Nutritious Japanese snacks [a work in progress]

The Japanese diet is superior to the western diet in many ways and, although western snacks such as cookies, potato chips and other sweets are easy to find, low cal and nutrition dense foods are easy to find.Let me define my terms here. Low cal are foods that are less than 150 kcal/serving. N…(236 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Convenience store Department store Fruits Rice cracker
Kawaii female fashion images

Kawaii female fashion

In the fashion world, Tokyo is now one of the hottest cities especially for youth or street fashion. As the keyward of "kawaii" is getting known in the world, Tokyo has been always transmitting new style of fashion to the world. "Marui One" is the female fashion department store where you can get…(62 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Shinjuku Department store Fashion
A present full of surprises images

A present full of surprises

During the first few days of January, there is a big shopping spree in which many people buy big “Lucky” bags filled with products from that store. Although the contents of the bag are unknown, people buy it because the contents are said to be worth more than the selling price. It’s thrilling to…(91 words)

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Shopping Department store
Department stores in Japan images

Department stores in Japan

Out of the many in Tokyo, I would recommend Matsuzakaya. This place has everything from food, clothing and accessory stores. If you get lost or want to know where a specific store is, there is an information desk on the first floor so you will never get lost. Every time I want to find out where wha…(67 words)

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Tokyo Department store Matsuzakaya
Where to Gyaru images

Where to Gyaru

The area between Shibuya and Harajuku is Mecca for Japanese "Gyaru," cool young girls. The two places where these girls converge in each location is at 109 in Shibuya and Takeshita Street in Harajuku. 109 is a department store, where many of the most popular Gyaru brands have their prestige shops…(190 words)

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Shibuya Department store Harajuku Fashion
What's inside that bag? images

What's inside that bag?

On the first three days of January, many people in Japan go to the near by mall, outlets and department stores to get the "Fukubukuro" or Lucky Bags. The customers do not know the contents of the bag, but purchase it because it's cheap price relative to their actual values. It is fun to open the ba…(90 words)

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Department store Stationery
KURI-GOHAN! images


My favorite food during the autumn is kuri-gohan, which is sticky rice mixed with sweet chestnuts and red beans. The stickiness of the rice and the sweetness of the chestnuts go perfectly together. It tastes even better if you sprinkle some salt or sesame seeds! I definite food you must purchase or…(86 words)

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Department store Salt Bento (box meal) Autumn
Don't hesitate! images

Don't hesitate!

Do not hesitate to ask around! There are so many services around you that are willing to help you get to your destination. I recommend either 1) Go to the information desk at the nearby mall or department store, 2) go to the police station or 3) ask a foreigner (or local) on the street (they may be…(76 words)

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Tokyo Police Department store
Fruits and vegetables at the combini! images

Fruits and vegetables at the combini!

When I'm hungry but don't want something high in calories, I go to the nearby convenience store and get a fruit cup, vegetable cup or fruit yoghurt. As convenience stores are easily accessible, you can purchase these snacks any time! Fruits, vegetables and yoghurt are also healthy choices as snacks…(74 words)

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Convenience store Department store Fruits
Don't worry! images

Don't worry!

If you are at a department store or mall, I recommend you to go to the information desk to give the lost item that you have found. If you are on the street, it would be best to give the lost item to the police station. Although they may ask you to fill in a form, do not hesitate. You will have …(111 words)

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Police Department store
Lively Drinking Spots in Japan: Beer Gardens and Izakaya Japanese Pubs images

Lively Drinking Spots in Japan: Beer Gardens and Izakaya Japanese Pubs

You can find Beer Gardens atop department stores around Japan and Izakayas along any busy restaurant area in any city in the country.Although also popular with groups of friends or coworkers, you will find Japanese style pubs "Izakaya" popular with men- they serve many small dishes that go well…(220 words)

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Beer Izakaya Tokyo City Restaurant Drink Department store Sea Sake (Rice wine) Shochu Natto (Fermented soy beans)
Can you recommend a department store in Tokyo? images

Can you recommend a department store in Tokyo?

Mitsukoshi and Isetan are the two biggest department store brands with several branch locations around Tokyo. The best are the Isetan in Shinjuku or the Mitsukoshis in Ginza or Nihonbashi.(30 words)

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Tokyo Shinjuku Ginza Department store Isetan Mitsukoshi
Tokyo Station images

Tokyo Station

You can find a wide variety of souvenirs, mostly foods and lifestyle goods, at shops and department stores inside or near Tokyo Station. If you don't have time to go outside of the station, try "e-cute". They have nicely designed boxes of snacks and foods. some…(106 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Building Department store Fashion Marunouchi Daimaru
Go to local supermarkets or try pick-your-own farms images

Go to local supermarkets or try pick-your-own farms

Just keep in mind that fruits in Japan are relatively more expensive than other countries. So avoid buying them from department stores, supermarkets for expats, or Seijo Ishii that imports foreign foods, and go to one of your local supermarkets. Or you can join a bus tour for PYO experience. Yo…(69 words)

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Department store Bus Fruits
What are popular? Usually the latest. Where can you get them? Usually everywhere. images

What are popular? Usually the latest. Where can you get them? Usually everywhere.

Japan is full of electronics - whether it be in areas known as clusters of electronics-oriented shops like Akihabara in Tokyo or Nipponbashi in Osaka, in stores specializing in electrical and electronic products (Denki or Denka Seihin) like DeoDeo (Hiroshima-based nationwide outlet), Joshin Denki …(185 words)

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Tokyo Shopping Event Department store Osaka Ueno Akihabara Kansai Kanto Camera