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Don't go Nude! images

Don't go Nude!

In Japan, the concept of nude tanning at beaches does not exist. They call this mittomo nai, or unsightly. It is acceptable to go shirtless or wear a bikini. At the same time, if you go to a remote beach, then there is nothing to worry about. But definitely don't go nude at a major public beach…(97 words)

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Etiquette Beaches Furo (Japanese bath)
Horseback riding on the beach images

Horseback riding on the beach

Summer is around the corner and the temperature is rising day by day.Time for us to plan our summer vacation. (maybe already done?)Japan is a mountain country surrounded by we can reach both mountains and beaches easily. Either way is good to escape the summer heat.This time I ch…(298 words)

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horseback riding Beaches Chiba Outdoor recreation Tokyo Sea Train Summer Kids
Bed and Breakfast Japanese Style! images

Bed and Breakfast Japanese Style!

The prices of Japanese inns (ryokan) and bed and breakfasts (minshuku or pensions) vary depending on the place. Some of the famous ryokan in the atami or izu area will cost you 1000 dollars per night. These places will definitely have superb service including traditional meals using fresh local ing…(197 words)

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Japanese inn breakfast Tokyo Beaches Minshuku Atami Summer Visit
Go see the sea paradise in Miyako Island (Miyako-Jima) in Okinawa! images

Go see the sea paradise in Miyako Island (Miyako-Jima) in Okinawa!

My wife and I make it a rule to visit Okinawa every summer, as it's a marriage promise that I made to her. She was living there for 4 years in her university days and enjoyed skin diving and snorkeling in the sea, so she wants to go back there every year.We think the best attraction in Okinawa…(417 words)

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Okinawa snorkeling Miyako Island Sea Paradise Summer diving Beaches Yabiji Yoshino Coast Ikema Bridge
Quick and easy things to do in Yokohama #14 images

Quick and easy things to do in Yokohama #14

Summer time means trips to the beaches and swims in the ocean, but the Yokohama International Swimming Pool is open all year long. It's also one of the the biggest and most beautiful pool facilities in Japan, and is an internationally approved 50-meter swimming and diving pool. The Yokohama Int…(152 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Yokohama Quick and easy things to do Swimming Japan City Beaches Subway International Summer Winter
Family-Friendly Zushi Beach in Japan images

Family-Friendly Zushi Beach in Japan

I recommend Zushi beach in Kanagawa prefecture. It only takes about 1 hour from Tokyo on the Yokosuka line and I was actually there yesterday! Although the transparency of the water can't really be compared to beaches you would find in Okinawa or Hawaii, the water is swimmable. Also, unlike most of…(144 words)

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Japan family-friendly Beaches Kanagawa Summer Yokohama day trip Swimming Tokyo
Step one: fight for the front seats images

Step one: fight for the front seats

The best seat you can get is at the very front, right behind the train driver. There, you can see the view of the lush trees and plants alongside the tracks of the Enoden train line as well as the tranquil seashore of the Shonan beaches! I rode on this train recently to go from Kamakura to Enoshima…(71 words)

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Train Kamakura Beaches Enoshima Island
Beach Rentals in Japan images

Beach Rentals in Japan

Japan is a great country in terms of public facilities. Transportation is easy and efficient and parks are well-maintained. Surprisingly though, beaches often lack facilities like public showers and changing rooms. Even if these are present, ther are usually overcrowded in the summer season when it…(189 words)

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Beaches Japan Sea Transportation Public facilities Summer Food
Zushi...Isshiki Beach! images

Zushi...Isshiki Beach!

My favorite beach this summer is the Isshiki beach. There are many beach around Zushi area, and definitely it is a must beach to stop by during the summer. Around Zushi, there are plenty of music festivals too. The Isshiki Beach is about 10-15 minute ride by bus from Zushi Station. (JR Yok…(159 words)

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Tokyo Music Sea Bus Beaches Summer
Tokyo's Tropical islands images

Tokyo's Tropical islands

Tokyo's outer islands are very diverse. Most of them are volcanic and some of them are quite far from the main part of Tokyo. Most of the main islands are accessible from Takeshiba Pier, where you can find Tokyo's main ferry terminal. Many of the main islands are also accessible by plane, from C…(302 words)

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Tokyo Beaches Airport Kanagawa Okinawa World Heritage Site Atami Shizuoka
Summer at Shonan/Enoshima Beach images

Summer at Shonan/Enoshima Beach

Shonan/Enoshima area is one of the most popular beaches in Japan. There are so many beach houses (Umino-ie) that you can enjoy the beach as you like: swimming, surfing, BBQ, fishing, parties... etc. This summer, the popular US fashion brand "OLD NAVY" is having a beach house at Enoshima. Collabor…(129 words)


Enoshima Island Shonan Beaches
In Home Hydrotherapy images

In Home Hydrotherapy

Japan boasts a myriad of pristine beaches, picturesque lakes and waterfalls, and serine onsens like none other. Spending time in these waters can be very therapeutic for your body and your mind alike, but the fast pace of life can often deprive you of time to be able to fully utilize and immerse yo…(327 words)

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Bath Bath Salt Hydrotherapy Onsen Beaches Salt Pharmacy Furo (Japanese bath) child
Protecting the Beach and Environment in Enoshima images

Protecting the Beach and Environment in Enoshima

When Michel and Alana Bonzi, the owner-operators of the Soleil Provence French language school in Kugenuma near Fujisawa bought their house in 2008, they knew they'd become an integral part of their local community. For Michel, who hails from Nice, France, and Alana, from Tobago in the Caribbean, b…(429 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Enoshima Island Fujisawa Volunteering Tokyo Visit Event Beaches Outdoor recreation Environment SEGO
Life's a Beach! images

Life's a Beach!

In the summer, many Japanese beaches enjoy a "kaisuiyoku," literally meaning an ocean bathtub. It is the only time of year that there are lifeguards at most Japanese beaches. During the brief season, many of the beaches have beach houses, where there are lockers, showers, bars, and great festival…(99 words)

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Tokyo Music Kamakura Beaches Enoshima Island Summer
Beautiful, Family-Friendly Beaches in Japan images

Beautiful, Family-Friendly Beaches in Japan

Being from Hawaii, I am pretty strict when it comes to beaches but I must admit that relaxing at a beach "Japanese Style" is pretty great. It has much less to do with the water actually. In Hawaii, I usually spend the entire day in the ocean catching waves and watching the shore from the water. In …(293 words)


Beaches Japan Tokyo Drink Enoshima Island Spring family-friendly Food
Keep the beach clean! images

Keep the beach clean!

Although beaches do not have many strict rules, one that is implied is to keep the beach clean. Similar to other manners, Japanese tend to think about other people who may use the space later. Therefore it is important to not leave trash around when you leave. This may be difficult, because there a…(97 words)

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Etiquette Beaches
How to Get to Okinawa, Japan? images

How to Get to Okinawa, Japan?

Tokyo’s outer islands are good alternatives to flying far to Okinawa for nice beaches. A hydrofoil will carry you quickly to different islands. My favorite is Niijima island, about 1.5 hrs from Tokyo on hydrofoil. The island is small but the beaches are beautiful. They reminded me of Hawaii. Gett…(108 words)

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Japan Okinawa Tokyo Beaches Hydrofoil Boat Trip Hamamatsucho
Best Way to Get to Yokohama, Japan images

Best Way to Get to Yokohama, Japan

The Tokaido line covers 700km from Tokyo to Kobe station, the longest distance among all local trains in Japan. However, one train on the line will not take you from Tokyo to Kobe. You will have to transfer many times. In the Tokyo area, the Tokaido line runs from Tokyo station South to Yokohama an…(107 words)

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Yokohama Train Tokyo Beaches Shinkansen Bullet Train Atami Kobe Japan
Island Paradise Near Tokyo, Japan images

Island Paradise Near Tokyo, Japan

If you are interested in taking a boat ride from Tokyo, I recommend going to Niijima island, one of the Izu islands. Niijima is only 2 hours on a hydrofoil from Takeshiba boat terminal in Hamamatsucho and is very easy to get to. Tickets can be purchased online, at convenience stores, or at the term…(127 words)

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Tokyo Beaches Minshuku Visit Summer Surfing Swimming
Beach Fireworks in Tokyo, Japan images

Beach Fireworks in Tokyo, Japan

An AMAZING summer beach experience is watching the fireworks at Atami Sun Beach. If you are spending a day at one of the beautiful beaches in Izu, definitely stop by for the fireworks at Atami Sun Beach. During the summer, firework displays are held every sunday and the view of the fireworks that e…(143 words)

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Atami Beaches Fireworks Tokyo Yokohama River Summer
Water ski images

Water ski

It might be difficult to enjoy water sports in Tokyo because there aren't many beaches around. But you can always go to Zushi and Kamakura area where the water is relatively clean and one has a better chance at participating in marine sports.(43 words)

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Tokyo Sport Kamakura Beaches Skiing
Kamogawa, Chiba images

Kamogawa, Chiba

I recommend visiting Kamogawa, Chiba. The station name is Awa-Kamogawa and it's about 2 hours from Tokyo on JR. Nice family safe beaches a short walk from the hotels or traditional Japanese ryokans. If you're interested in surfing, the surfers are there from daybreak to sunset. Surfing rentals …(67 words)

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Tokyo Event Sea Beaches Chiba
Fun for Kids & Families to enjoy all over Japan images

Fun for Kids & Families to enjoy all over Japan

Of course there are amusement parks, including Disneyland and Universal Studios in Japan; fun playgrounds and adventure parks too. But I think even the day to day can offer fun experiences for kids. Kaiten-sushi (sushi train) shops are lots of fun, soba and udon noodle shops, buffet dining and …(292 words)

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Tokyo Train Convenience store Sushi Soba noodles Art Beaches History Udon noodles Manga Onigiri (Rice ball)
Beach Adventure Time images

Beach Adventure Time

Tokyo is relatively close to the beach, and there are a decent amount of beach parties and festivals. Many of the beach areas around the Shonan area attract huge amounts of young people who go and party, and occasionally there will be sponsored events by sports, music, or promotion agencies, making…(84 words)

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Tokyo Music Sport Beaches Outdoor recreation
Surfing in Chiba images

Surfing in Chiba

Getting out of Tokyo for a 1.5 hour train ride, one can find plenty of surfing spots along the Pacific coast in Chiba. For Tokyoites, Chiba offers relatively good waves and clean water--much cleaner than the beaches of nearby Shonan (Kanagawa).Although it's easier to travel out to the beach by…(132 words)

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Tokyo Train City Beaches Chiba Kanagawa
Digging for clams during May-July season images

Digging for clams during May-July season

there are many seasides that open for visitos to collect clams during May-July. The nearest to Tokyo is the seaside at Funabashi city. If you haven't tried this, it would be a good experience, as thousands of locals will flock the seaside (quite muddy). Not like any other seasides, clams are easily…(85 words)

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Tokyo City Beaches
Yoshima YMCA Retreat images

Yoshima YMCA Retreat

oshima Island is located off the southern tip of Shodoshima in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea. It has an area of 2.2 square kilometers and is about 1 kilometer from the main island of Shodoshima. Although Yoshima is part of Shodoshima and therefore Kagawa Prefecture, it is administered by the Kobe YMCA.…(421 words)

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Sea Sport Beaches Nature Outdoor recreation Tennis Okayama Kobe Bar Food
Companies Cleaning Up, Corporations Getting Environmentally Involved images

Companies Cleaning Up, Corporations Getting Environmentally Involved

Two weeks ago, I posted the article, "Protecting the Beach and Environment in Enoshima" to promote the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project coming up in April. April 24, to be exact: this article, which is actually a repost by the organization that I represent, the …(635 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Beach Cleaning Volunteering Enoshima Island Kugenuma Beaches Fujisawa Kanto Kanagawa SEGO Yokohama
Sailing at Beautiful Zushi Beach with Tiwal Japan images

Sailing at Beautiful Zushi Beach with Tiwal Japan

Do you like the ocean? Do you like sailing? Or perhaps you've always wanted to but didn't know how? Well, I'm here to tell you about an exciting opportunity that will give you just that chance. Allow me to introduce you to the world of Tiwal.Tiwal 3.2 is the first high-performance inflatable mu…(736 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Japan Zushi Beach Beaches Visit Sport Children Kids Fujisawa Hayama