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Izakaya: An Insider's Perspective images

Izakaya: An Insider's Perspective

It can be a little difficult to explain the concept of an “izakaya” in English. They are likened to pubs or bars, essentially being establishments focused on serving alcoholic drinks. However, that’s not all there is to an izakaya. As a former izakaya waitress, I'd like to debunk a few common misco…(591 words)

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Izakaya Drink Food English Children May Business Karaoke School Work
The Three Wise Monkeys images

The Three Wise Monkeys

Ever since I was little, storybooks, cartoons, and popular culture, have depicted the story of The Three Wise Monkeys. You know the image, three monkeys sitting there; one covering his ears, another covering his mouth, and the third covering his eyes. In the western world, we often relate this to t…(356 words)

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World Heritage Site Nikko Tera (Temple) Park Visit Jinjya (Shrine) Art Souvenir Monkey Three Wise Monkeys
Tamiya Playmodel Factory - and race track images

Tamiya Playmodel Factory - and race track

While I thought it would be just an interesting shopping experience, the Tamiya Playmodel Factory turned into a 3 hour stop with my 8 year old son.Three floors total. Bottom two are dedicated to models, radio-controled cars, and race cars kits for the second floor circuit track. Models are a …(345 words)

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Kids Sport activities
Japanese sweets : “Kaichu Shiruko” images

Japanese sweets : “Kaichu Shiruko”

Kaichu Shiruko is a dried red bean soup put inside a pieces of rice cake (“Monaka” skin). It becomes ready for eating with hot water having been poured in the cup just like the cup ramen (instant Chinese noodles in a cup). As there are a variety of shapes, you can enjoy both its look as well as tas…(88 words)

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Sweets Souvenir Ramen noodles Mochi (Rice cake) Shop Cake
Self-Pouring Beer Machines images

Self-Pouring Beer Machines

You may have noticed in your local ramen shop or corner eatery the little automated machine in the back that is pouring beer into mugs like soda gets filled into different cup sizes in a McDonalds. One stark difference in these custom machines is that these machines actually tilt back and forth as …(266 words)

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Beer Harajuku Kyushu Jangara Ramen noodles Shop custom Technology machines May
Japan's Special Soft Drink Flavors images

Japan's Special Soft Drink Flavors

Ever since coming to Japan I've visited convenience stores regularly, not only cause its convenient of course, but because of all the seasonal special drinks they offer. I've had Fanta plenty of times in America, but the flavors were always orange or grape. As soon as I got off the plane here I was…(314 words)

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Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

Drink Convenience store Strawberry Apple Seasonal Fanta Soft Drinks Tokyo Milk
2-Day Trip to Fujigoko (Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji) in winter 1/3 images

2-Day Trip to Fujigoko (Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji) in winter 1/3

What do you think about visiting Mt. Fuji in winter and enjoy snow and Japanese high quality Omotenashi? Most people climb or visit Mt. Fuji during either spring or summer time. Unless you really love mountain climbing, many of you might want to have something extra besides Mt. Fuji viewing. For th…(1090 words)



Trip Winter day trip Visit Summer Spring view Mountain Stay Snow
Yokohama Hanami Hotspots images

Yokohama Hanami Hotspots

It's that time of year again, when we look forward to warmer weather and the rebirth of spring. In Japan, that also means the brief return of "sakura" (cherry blossoms) and "hanami" (flower viewing). All across the country, cherry trees will explode in whites and light-and-dark pinks, inviting peop…(227 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Yokohama Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) City Visit Park Spring Cherry blossom Sport Flower Beauty
Tomsung&Co: Outstanding Tailor in Yokohama Chinatown images

Tomsung&Co: Outstanding Tailor in Yokohama Chinatown

If you are looking for a high-quality tailor in Japan, you should definitely check out Tomsung&Co. in Yokohama Chinatown. This Chinese tailor has been operating in Yokohama since the end of the Meiji era. They have a living heritage of the history!The port of Yokohama was officially opened in 1…(371 words)

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Yokohama Chinatown Clothes tailor
Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: BUNBOGU images

Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: BUNBOGU

Let me introduce Japanese Stationary as the 2nd must have Japanese souvenirs*. In Japan, girls are energetic to have cute stationary and businessmen are interested in using cool gadgets and writing materials. One of the most popular shops is LOFT. The one in Shibuya is the main store, but there a…(159 words)

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Keiko, OTT

Stationery Japanese Visit Japan Shopping Shibuya Ginza Department store Cafe
HoneyBaked Ham - Now a new store in Tokyo images

HoneyBaked Ham - Now a new store in Tokyo

Just an FYI that you can now get HoneyBaked Ham in Japan. We used to always have this growing up so happy to share it with Japanese friends. They are always amazed to try what we call 'real' Website is in English or Japanese.This kind of ham is not available…(102 words)

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new Tokyo Japan Food English Sushi Japanese Pizza used Party
Ordering Tips At A Yakitori Shop 101 images

Ordering Tips At A Yakitori Shop 101

Yakitori is a popular food both in and outside of Japan. Grilled Chicken on skewers are just the perfect comfort food or snack epecially after a good hard day of work. Back in America there were plenty of Japanese restaurants that have “Yakitori” on the menu, and it’s a popular menu item.Come t…(375 words)

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Yakitori Shop Restaurant Food Spring Izakaya Japanese Japan
There is a food called "COPPE-PAN-SANDO" images

There is a food called "COPPE-PAN-SANDO"

There is a food called "COPPE-PAN-SANDO=コッペパンサンド".It is similar to a hot dog, but the Japanese do not think it's the same.Hot dog came from the United States."COPPE-PAN-SANDO=コッペパンサンド" It is inspired from the hot dog.Food that is sandwiched between the hot dog bun has al…(78 words)

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Food Japanese Guide Japan City Cuisine Japanese cuisine Cheap Tokyo
Tokyo walks: Kuramae images

Tokyo walks: Kuramae

Come to Kuramae if you like craftsmanship and things that are made well, things made by hand. And come if you like quality coffee, tea, and chocolate. This is a small neighborhood. It is residential, but sprinkled with small stores, ateliers, and a surprising number of good cafes. Kuramae i…(264 words)

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Kuramae local secret Shopping Taito craftmanship Coffee chocolate handmade Tokyo
Saitama, Short Trip to North of Tokyo images

Saitama, Short Trip to North of Tokyo

Kawagoe City, SaitamaLittle Kawagoe, a short one-hour train ride away from Shinjuku Station on the Seibu Line, is a wonderful spot to get away from the big city and feast your eyes on buildings from the Edo and Meiji era. The main street is lined on both sides by gorgeous old wooden merchant ho…(475 words)

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Saitama Kawagoe Matome Museum Train craftmanship Airplane Jinjya (Shrine) Tera (Temple)
How to Negotiate Cheaper Prices for Japanese Products? images

How to Negotiate Cheaper Prices for Japanese Products?

Well, to be honest, I've been in Japan some 25 years and never negotiated a price. Well, maybe okay, at the electronics store in Akihabara or when buying real estate. I've noticed a big hint that negotiating is possible is when the clerk pulls out a calculator. So, if you sort of hesitate in front …(179 words)


Taxicab Japan Game Akihabara Camera Computer Bic Camera Yodobashi Camera
Delicious pastries and bread at Donq images

Delicious pastries and bread at Donq

My favorite bakery in Tokyo is Donq, one that can be found commonly in department stores and stations. Although bread in Japan may get a bit pricy, it is worth the money because it is delicious and unique. As a person who doesn't like sweets, my favorite bread at Donq is their baguette and calzone.…(114 words)

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Tokyo Department store
Romantic Night Drive to Yokohama, Japan images

Romantic Night Drive to Yokohama, Japan

One of the most popular drives from Tokyo among couples is to the beautiful port city of Yokohama. The drive will only take you about 30 minutes one way and the views are spectacular. Yokohama is known to have one of the best views at night. Start in Tokyo towards Yokohama on the Shuto Expressway t…(238 words)

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Yokohama Japan Couples
Where to Gyaru images

Where to Gyaru

The area between Shibuya and Harajuku is Mecca for Japanese "Gyaru," cool young girls. The two places where these girls converge in each location is at 109 in Shibuya and Takeshita Street in Harajuku. 109 is a department store, where many of the most popular Gyaru brands have their prestige shops…(190 words)

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Shibuya Department store Harajuku Fashion
Slapstick all the way images

Slapstick all the way

Japanese comedy is very heavily dependent on slapstick humor. One perfect example of this is the special new year's program shown every year in a unique episode.It's called "gaki tsukai ara-hen de", and it basically plays on the Japanese typical game called "batsu-game" (batsu is just the vocaliz…(141 words)

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Game Comedy New year
Claps and bows in silence images

Claps and bows in silence

Every New Year's holiday, I go to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu in Kamakura. There, you first throw money, bow twice, clap your hands twice, pray and then bow once (you can follow this process at any shrine). It may sound like a complicated process, but all you have to do is follow the person before you (t…(160 words)

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Tera (Temple) Kamakura Jinjya (Shrine) Beauty New year
Urth Caffe in Daikanyama images

Urth Caffe in Daikanyama

Recently, I went to Urth Caffe in Daikanyama with my friends. This cafe is known for its organic ingredients, especially its organic coffee. I drank their Earl Grey Boba Tea, which was mouthwatering especially during the hot summer month of July. Although it is a big cafe with many seats, it is ext…(112 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Drink Tea Coffee Summer
Elaborate Daimyo Mansions in Japan images

Elaborate Daimyo Mansions in Japan

Although technically not a museum, there are many daimyo yashiki (feudal lord mansions) in tokyo, open to the public, where you can learn a lot about the luxurious lifestyles daimyo and their families had during the Edo Period. The Shogun Tokugawa wanted to limit the powers of the daimyo to maintai…(199 words)

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History Japan Tokyo Museum River Visit
Recycling is good for our living enviornment images

Recycling is good for our living enviornment

The positive attitude towards recycling system will change our action completely. It will be really easy to seperate burnable and non-burnable once we get used to it. I was still seperating all the trash when I was visiting America since I can never mix everything again once I have done it all the …(144 words)

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Shigaraki Yaki - Shiga Prefecture images

Shigaraki Yaki - Shiga Prefecture

Shigaraki ware is pottery and stoneware made in Shigaraki area, Shiga Prefecture. My hometown!Although figures representing the Tanuki are a very popular product as Shigaraki ware, I personally love more "Shibui" (quiet and simple) dishes.The local sandy clay from the bed of Lake Biwa (bigg…(119 words)

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Shiga Museum Lake Lake Biwa
Enjoy the unique recipe for bikkuri donkey in Minami Gyotoku Tokyo, Japan. A certain hit for your travel cuisine! images

Enjoy the unique recipe for bikkuri donkey in Minami Gyotoku Tokyo, Japan. A certain hit for your travel cuisine!

This restaurant has a look of something out of the Old West from the outside - old rusty metal and weathered wood patched together awkwardly, however it is done purposely and artfully. The look, is something you might expect at Disneyland. Don't let the looks fool you, it is one of the better and…(234 words)

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Beer Hamburger steak Mayonnaise Restaurant Soy sauce Spaghetti Tokyo
The Japanese Zodiac and How it Relates to Feminism in Japan images

The Japanese Zodiac and How it Relates to Feminism in Japan

2014 is the year of the Horse and actually for all of us ladies born between Jan. 1, 1966 and Feb. 1967, it really means a lot. The Chinese Zodiac is shared with Japan and Korea and every 60 years, a certain group of women come along known as the Hinoeuma or Fire Horse. The stigma against the Fire …(218 words)


Women in Japan Japan Hinoeuma Year of the Horse Fire Horse Chinese Zodiac Lucky Horse
St. Patrick's Day special menu images

St. Patrick's Day special menu

Special St. Patrick's Day dinner plate "Corned Beef & Cabbage" is available for 1,980 yen at all Hard Rock Cafe in Japan . (Served till March 17th). Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with friends and family at Hard Rock Cafe.Sepcial St. Patrick's Day pin is also available at Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo.h…(53 words)

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Beef Dinner Restaurant
Why Visit Japan in Summer images

Why Visit Japan in Summer

Japan is a true "year-round" destination, but if you like the heat - and lively festivals - then summer is the perfect time for you to visit!Summer in Japan lasts from about June to mid-September. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from approximately 70° to 90° Fahrenheit.…(320 words)

Andres Zuleta, Boutique Japan image

Andres Zuleta, Boutique Japan

Summer Visit Japan Travel Japanese festivals Tokyo Kyoto Japan Travel Summer Outdoor recreation Fireworks Shows Iya Valley
Kumamoto Castle images

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle is located in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture. The castle was built originally in 1467.I have visited many castles in Japan and this is my favorite. The curved stone walls are known as musha-gaeshi, which were built with wooden overhangs. These were purpose built to fortif…(109 words)

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Castle Kumamoto Kumamoto Castle City Children Himeji Castle Matsumoto Castle
Temomin will Ease Tense Muscles images

Temomin will Ease Tense Muscles

The Japanese term “temomi” comes from “te means hand” and “momi (or momu) means Massage”, thus it means hand massage. I found such a place right next to JR Kanda Station (one station north of Tokyo station). Their office is about 30 seconds from the JR Kanda South Exit and when you exit the stati…(424 words)

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Massage Japan massage Japan Travel Kanda station massage Inexpensive massage Relaxation Japan Massage Tokyo
Japan's Deepest Bay Produces Great Fish and Awesome Views images

Japan's Deepest Bay Produces Great Fish and Awesome Views

DEEPEST BAY in JapanLet me introduce you to a place call Suruga Bay, which is located in Izu Peninsula of Shizuoka prefecture, which has the deepest bay in Japan and it extends to 2,500 meters below the sea level (Bay of Bengal is the deepest bay in the world with 2,574 meters). The weather…(420 words)

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Shizuoka Japanese Spider Crabs Suruga Bay Numazu Day trip from Tokyo Travel Local Japan Boat Trip Japan Mount Fuji Japan Best Views Japan Family-friendly Day Trip Japan Deepest Bay Japan
Kissaten: Lovely Retro Coffee Shops images

Kissaten: Lovely Retro Coffee Shops

Kissaten 喫茶店 is one of the words that appear in the early chapters of Japanese text books. Kissaten are coffee shops, but not of the chain variety. Most of these coffee shops are delightfully retro, unique, and atmospheric. A kissaten is the perfect place for taking a break from everyday busy ti…(298 words)

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Coffee Coffee shop Sweets Tea Cake Asakusa Cafe
How To Make the Strongest Wish: Shimanrokusennichi and Hozuki Flower Market at Senso-ji images

How To Make the Strongest Wish: Shimanrokusennichi and Hozuki Flower Market at Senso-ji

Shimanrokusennichi at Senso-ji temple in Tokyo Asakusa is your chance to make the strongest wish possible.It might be Friday the 13th and a full moon as I am writing this, but an extremely auspicious day is coming up in a few weeks. July 10 is Shimanrokusennichi 四万六千日 at Senso-ji temple in…(236 words)

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Asakusa Senso-ji Temple Japanese festivals Flower Market Tera (Temple) good luck July
Cheapest Places for Karaoke in Japan images

Cheapest Places for Karaoke in Japan

Karatetsu is my go-to karaoke place. The reasons are clear. 1. Cheap2. Carries one of the most number of songs, which is perfect for someone like me who enjoys singing songs in English.The prices are pretty mind-blowing in comparison to places like Shidax or Big Echo that charge 650yen/30mi…(338 words)

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Karaoke Singing Japan Cheap Party Drink Trip English view Yen
Gyoza Culture in Japan images

Gyoza Culture in Japan

Gyoza (Chinese dumpling) originally came from China but it is become one of Japanese soul food.We brought up with Gyoza, mom buys, eating out with family/friends or mammy's home made Gyoza.When you go to the Gyoza restaurants, you will find soup gyoza(which is more traditional in China)or …(166 words)

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Chinese dumpling Japanese food Tokyo Department store Osaka Food Dinner Daimaru
Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto and Local Inari Shrines images

Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto and Local Inari Shrines

The famous Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine in Kyoto really is a fantastic place to visit. There are the colorful main buildings to see and even more impressive is the walk through the shrine's land. In the case of Fushimi Inari, this means taking a long walk up and around the hill that belongs to the s…(316 words)

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Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine Kyoto Jinjya (Shrine) Asakusa Walk
Popular Yatai Foods: Takoyaki images

Popular Yatai Foods: Takoyaki

Takoyaki is among the most popular savoury foods from yatai food stalls. When there is a festival at a temple or shrine you will always find yatai there. Vendors sometimes also set up near train stations. Watch the food being prepared. The pieces are turned quickly to give them their round shap…(200 words)

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Takoyaki (Octopus ball) yatai Japanese festivals Summer
What Japan is proud of - Craftsmanship! : Japanese Watches II images

What Japan is proud of - Craftsmanship! : Japanese Watches II

Part 1 - Evolution of the "Timepieces"1st Floor mainly focuses on the evolution of the timepieces.(1) The Start of Time MeasurementEquatorial Sundial made in Qing Dynasty, China (see photo)Chomon points the Polaris, and it casts the shadow on the dial parallel to the equator. Hour ma…(527 words)

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Watches Spring Museum Sport History Camera Edo Period SEIKO
Anime Come To Life images

Anime Come To Life

Japanese pop culture, particularly anime (short for “animation”) has become one of the country’s iconic exports in recent years and many people globally have become acquainted not only with internationally famous anime as Pokemon, but also more eclectic characters as well. An entire subgenre has s…(1100 words)

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Anime Tokyo Visit Event Art Music English Fashion Otaku