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The Best Views of Fuji images

The Best Views of Fuji

Kintoki Mountain is a hiking route starting in Hakone or Ashigara. The trail is steeped in legend and named after the legendary Japanese children`s tale, Kintaro. Kintaro is the story of a boy raised in the mountains with animals as friends. There are tales of him wrestling bears, running with deer…(261 words)

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Hakone Hiking Mount Fuji Japanese Jinjya (Shrine) Nature Children Mountain
Immerse Yourself in an Edo Period Townscape--Sightseeing Boat Rides in Sawara images

Immerse Yourself in an Edo Period Townscape--Sightseeing Boat Rides in Sawara

"If you want to see Edo, come to Sawara, Sawara's even better than Edo." The lyrics of this old folk song testify to Sawara's notable place in history, an influential commercial town during the Edo period. That legacy remains, as the Sawara district of today is endearingly referred to as “Little Ed…(210 words)



Edo Period Japan City History Japanese Walk River view Traditional Chiba
Free-time or set time limit? images

Free-time or set time limit?

When you go to a karaoke box, there are two ways to pay - by the half hour or free-time. If planning on staying for a long period of time, it is definitely better to pay for the free-time plan. However, if you plan on using the karaoke box for three hours or less, I suggest paying by the half-hour.…(112 words)

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Step one: fight for the front seats images

Step one: fight for the front seats

The best seat you can get is at the very front, right behind the train driver. There, you can see the view of the lush trees and plants alongside the tracks of the Enoden train line as well as the tranquil seashore of the Shonan beaches! I rode on this train recently to go from Kamakura to Enoshima…(71 words)

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Train Kamakura Beaches Enoshima Island
A fan of roller coasters? You MUST go to Fuji-Q! images

A fan of roller coasters? You MUST go to Fuji-Q!

Although I've only been there once, it was an excellent enough amusement park to say that Fuji-Q Highland is my favorite amusement park in the world. This is a great amusement park for people who like heights and fast roller coasters. Although it can take a long time to trvel to Fuji-Q and can clos…(160 words)

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Tokyo Park Amusement park
Beautiful, but not too touristy: Negishi and Gumyoji images

Beautiful, but not too touristy: Negishi and Gumyoji

My two favorite spots near Tokyo are Negishi Park and Gumyoji. During the day, I go to Negishi Park, which is a huge park with innumerable cherry blossom trees. It is so fun to have a picnic with your friends and play badminton or catch during this beautiful season. The parks is a great place to re…(192 words)

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Tokyo Park River Cherry blossom Cherry Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing)
100 Penguins Play in Tokyo, Japan images

100 Penguins Play in Tokyo, Japan

Just a few stops before Maihama station (Disneyland) going from Tokyo, is Kasai Rinkai Park. The park is very large with a small amusement park and a famous aquarium. I have visited this aquarium about 3 times and it is wonderful. You can take a look at the kind of sea life in Tokyo Bay and there i…(127 words)

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Amusement park Japan Play Tokyo Park Sea Swimming
Hidden beauty images

Hidden beauty

At Kouza Shibuya, there is a small Japanese temple named Jousenji (常泉寺) with an absolutely beautiful Japanese garden. If you love flowers and different types of plants, this is the place to go. The gorgeous flowers change seasonally and the garden is copious with different colors each season. I …(156 words)

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Beauty Tokyo Park Shibuya Tera (Temple) Cherry blossom Cherry Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Spring
Beach Rentals in Japan images

Beach Rentals in Japan

Japan is a great country in terms of public facilities. Transportation is easy and efficient and parks are well-maintained. Surprisingly though, beaches often lack facilities like public showers and changing rooms. Even if these are present, ther are usually overcrowded in the summer season when it…(189 words)

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Beaches Japan Sea Transportation Public facilities Summer Food
Yoyogi Park images

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park in Harajuku near Shibuya almost guaranteed has an event or festival going on during the weekends. Japanese traditional festivals are all well and good, but experiencing more mainstream and modern festivals also provides for a great cultural experience in my opinion.One festival duri…(109 words)

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Tokyo Park Shibuya Event Harajuku Yoyogi Park Spring
Zushi...Isshiki Beach! images

Zushi...Isshiki Beach!

My favorite beach this summer is the Isshiki beach. There are many beach around Zushi area, and definitely it is a must beach to stop by during the summer. Around Zushi, there are plenty of music festivals too. The Isshiki Beach is about 10-15 minute ride by bus from Zushi Station. (JR Yok…(159 words)

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Tokyo Music Sea Bus Beaches Summer
Setagaya Ward has about 12 courts for you to use images

Setagaya Ward has about 12 courts for you to use

Setagaya Ward (nearest station would be Sangenjaya and then take the Setagaya line) is a good place to play tennis. Since these are community courts, you need to register in advance at the Setagaya Ward office. If you are going to be in Japan for a little longer than a short visit, it would be rea…(149 words)

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Tokyo City Hotel Sport Tennis Table tennis Basketball
Amazing Japanese Festivals in August images

Amazing Japanese Festivals in August

Many neighborhood associations take great effort to prepare for the yearly Matsuri (festival) in their area. This photo is taken in August as a group in the Noge area of Yokohama transports their O-mikoshi (portable shrine). The taxi driver proudly told me that one of these shrines can cost more th…(166 words)


Japanese festivals Tokyo Yokohama Jinjya (Shrine) Taxicab Summer
Good Tennis Courts available in Shinagawa, and Ariake. images

Good Tennis Courts available in Shinagawa, and Ariake.

As a matter of fact, I'm a novice tennis player, and it has already been several years since I played tennis last time. When asked for advice about the topic, as far as I am concerned, Takanawa Tennis Center in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel will be a good choice for its convenience though it migh…(138 words)

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Tennis Tokyo Park Hotel Odaiba
My first was "Godzilla" (1954) images

My first was "Godzilla" (1954)

I was 9 at the time, but I remember discovering Godzilla. I was outside playing with a neighbor friend and his mother yelled across the fence that "Godzilla" was coming on. So he ran off to go watch it. I asked my mom what is Godzilla and she told me that he's a big dinosaur. That caught my attenti…(104 words)

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Movie Playing
Jump! images


Kumo no Umi (Sea of Clouds) is a trampoline in the Showa Kinen Koen (Showa Memorial Park) in Nishi-Tachikawa, on the west side of Tokyo. The trampoline is built as a clump of hills and valleys of various sizes. The white vinyl looks, from afar, like a sea of clouds in the midst of an ocean of tre…(199 words)

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Tokyo Park Sea Play Children Playground
Design Festa images

Design Festa

Twice a year, since the early-90s, Design Festa has rocked Japan. Arts, crafts, performance, music, and the entire breadth and depth of design is featured in this extravaganza using most of the west exhibition area of Tokyo Big Sight, the largest convention and exhibition space in Tokyo.With m…(455 words)

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design Tokyo Music Exhibition Event Art Fashion Entertainment festival
Are You a Roller Coaster Fanatic? Don’t Miss Fujikyu Highland in Japan images

Are You a Roller Coaster Fanatic? Don’t Miss Fujikyu Highland in Japan

Located in Fuji Yoshida, right below Mt.Fuji, Fujikyu Highland is world renown for its multiple award winning rides. This brief description of each of the crazy rides at Fujikyu will surely get you on that bus leaving Shinjuku early in the morning to the land of mind-blowing rides. FujiyamaAs…(366 words)

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Fujikyu Highland Roller Coaster Japan Bus Mount Fuji Amusement park Haunted House Tokyo Bus Trip
Yokohama Fireworks Show: Sparkling Twilight 2014 images

Yokohama Fireworks Show: Sparkling Twilight 2014

Summer means many things in Japan; the brightest and the loudest undoubtedly being: fireworks!In Yokohama, the Yokohama Sparkling Twilight fireworks show has become a must-see summer tradition. The event is held over two days at Yamashita Park. You can enjoy both music and fireworks, as wel…(141 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Yokohama Fireworks Summer Event Music Food Yukata (Light kimono) Yamashita Park Restaurant July
Summer at Shonan/Enoshima Beach images

Summer at Shonan/Enoshima Beach

Shonan/Enoshima area is one of the most popular beaches in Japan. There are so many beach houses (Umino-ie) that you can enjoy the beach as you like: swimming, surfing, BBQ, fishing, parties... etc. This summer, the popular US fashion brand "OLD NAVY" is having a beach house at Enoshima. Collabor…(129 words)


Enoshima Island Shonan Beaches
Visit Tokyo Toy Museum with your kids images

Visit Tokyo Toy Museum with your kids

Tokyo Toy Museum is a space full of wooden toys that are attractive for not only kids but also adults. There are traditional Japanese toys such as KOMA(spinning top), toys for playing house, board games, etc.If there is a rainy day during your visit to Tokyo, and if you don't know how to burn you…(118 words)

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Play Children Toy Tokyo Visit Museum Building Walk Marunouchi Playing
Unique Watersports Culture in Tokyo images

Unique Watersports Culture in Tokyo

In order to survive a Nippon Summer every year, Japanese people have created lots of little hints to beat the heat from way back. For examples, with Shishiodoshi (water-filled bamboo tube which clacks against a stone when emptied), Furin (wind bells) and Golden fish, people try to cool themselves b…(307 words)

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Tokyo Summer Sport City River Game Play Business Fish
Blue Cave Nakameguro the newest spot for winter Illuminations images

Blue Cave Nakameguro the newest spot for winter Illuminations

Winter means many things to many people and this vibrant holiday season is full of different traditions from all parts of the globe. In modern Japan- the winter holidays leading up to Christmas time involve the sparkling and over-the-top tradition of Illuminations. From across Japan cities add …(393 words)

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Winter Nakameguro Iluminations Holidays cave Tokyo City Shopping Event
Celestial Geisha: A Perfect Performance images

Celestial Geisha: A Perfect Performance

Yes, you may not realize it, but not only is there a history of geisha in Tokyo, but there are quite a few places where there are active geisha communities, including Kagurazaka, Asakusa, Shinbashi/Ginza, and Hachioji. There are, of course, Hatobus and other tours that offer geisha shows, but it se…(1873 words)

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Tokyo geisha drinking Art dance Train City Drink Food
Hanami, Yakata-bune, and don't be selfish! images

Hanami, Yakata-bune, and don't be selfish!

As with last few years, we (our ever so shrinking family) reserved the Yakatabune to do the annual Hanami. There must be lots of posts about Yakatabune or Yakata-bune or Hanami on this site.Basically, the boat is equipped with Tatami (but you can throw your legs down, so no worry there) and wo…(557 words)

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Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Tokyo Cherry blossom Bus Cuisine Wine Cherry Yakatabune
What about Trying Japanese “PuriKura” (Part 1) images

What about Trying Japanese “PuriKura” (Part 1)

Want to look like an Anime character? Actually change your face, i.e., enlarge your eyes, point your chin, make your hair shiny and sleek, add thick eye-liner and get stars in your bright pupils? I’ve seen countless you-tubers teaching us how to do Japanese Anime type make-up, and I’d always wanted…(642 words)


Japanese Photo booth Japan Japan Travel Anime Manga Yen Amusement arcade
Making Art and Much More at ArtBar Tokyo images

Making Art and Much More at ArtBar Tokyo

Imagine sitting with a paint brush in hand, palette full of colours in the other, sitting in front of a blank canvass. Sounds a bit intimidating, perhaps? Well, at ArtBar Tokyo, this is exactly what groups of people regularly do and have a blast doing it. I participated in my first ArtBar experienc…(397 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Tokyo Art painting Sounds Shibuya Wine Exhibition Daikanyama Entertainment Bar
Experience Zen images

Experience Zen

People feel different things when they hear the word “Zen.” It can conjure images of rock gardens, meditating monks, or spiritual Nirvana. Zen(禅) has influenced and can be found in many of the things we find around us daily. The meaning of zen varies with different schools of practice, but a good …(227 words)

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Tokyo Japan Hotel Event Japanese Tea Nature Samurai
Hiking in Japan images

Hiking in Japan

Hakone HikingJapan`s natural beauty and geoplogical gifts are sometimes overlooked because of the cultural and historical treasures this country has. Hakone is blessed with both and has many hiking trails that allow visitors to get in touch with nature, get active, explore, and enjoy great view…(492 words)

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Japan Hakone Hiking Mount Fuji Tokyo Park History Japanese Tera (Temple) Kyoto
Ueno park ohanami images

Ueno park ohanami

Ohanami is the honorific form of the word hanami, which is Japanese for flower viewing, Ohanami refers to the viewing festival of the cherry blossom. The flowers of the peach and plum trees are also observed, but pale in comparison to the popularity of the cherry blossom.But why is this flower,…(847 words)

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Park Ueno Ueno Park
Down Town Tokyo (aka Shitamachi) images

Down Town Tokyo (aka Shitamachi)

If you're new to Japan. You'll probably have this location mark on your travel agenda, as it is not only #true shitamachi it is also one the most popular tourists areas of Tokyo.I'm an American with over 30 years of living in Japan and my first 15 years where spent in Shitamachi. So, I recommen…(134 words)

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Tokyo Park Asakusa History Summer
How to enjoy New Years in Japan. images

How to enjoy New Years in Japan.

This is an interesting subject, which is actually difficult to answer as there are many ways to enjoy New Year's in Japan. I'll try to tackle this one and give you a few options.Option one: New Years Eve Party!! During this time of the year, there are parties and events everywhere (Roppongi, Gi…(328 words)

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New year City Drink Ginza Roppongi Soba noodles Tera (Temple) Kimono Toy
Monja Town images

Monja Town

If you want an Tokyo "Shitamachi" experience, go to Monja Town near Tsukishima Station on the Yurakucho Line. You will find over 200 small shops that serve a Tokyo specific culinary wonder: monja. It is a delicious mix of vegetables and meats cooked on a hot table. Now a meal with beer, monja used …(71 words)

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Tokyo Beer Kansai Okonomiyaki Monja
Kasai Rinkai Aquarium images

Kasai Rinkai Aquarium

Kasai Rinkai Aquarium is by far my favorite aquariums in Tokyo. It is easy to get to on the Keio Line. While you are there, walk around the park, see the seaside, and ride the Ferris Wheel!(37 words)

Sweet42.195 image


Tokyo Park
SL hiroba images

SL hiroba

Shinbashi is great spot to feel in Japan. It's call salaryman(Japanese business man called salary-man) paradise! There are many inexpensive izakaya(casual Japanese tavern) .Shinbashi station is one of the big station in Tokyo and it's so hard to find a good place to meet.I highly recommend …(95 words)

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Tokyo Train Park Ginza Izakaya Shinbashi
Meeting someone in Shinjuku images

Meeting someone in Shinjuku

The most popular meeting spot in Shinjuku tends to be in front of the Studio Alta building. The building is close to the station and is convenient to shopping and nightlife on the east side of the station. But if you are either coming from the west side, or meeting someone staying at any of the m…(125 words)

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Shopping Shinjuku Building Police
Leave the dog images

Leave the dog

The most popular meeting place in Shibuya is, by far, at the Hachiko statue, the famous dog. But not only is the place crowded, but the odor of tobacco is extremely difficult to bear for a non-smoker. The best place near Hachiko is inside the green train car located in the plaza area. However, t…(71 words)

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Train Shibuya Museum
Life's a Beach! images

Life's a Beach!

In the summer, many Japanese beaches enjoy a "kaisuiyoku," literally meaning an ocean bathtub. It is the only time of year that there are lifeguards at most Japanese beaches. During the brief season, many of the beaches have beach houses, where there are lockers, showers, bars, and great festival…(99 words)

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Tokyo Music Kamakura Beaches Enoshima Island Summer
Hama-rikyu Garden images

Hama-rikyu Garden

I recommend the Hama-rikyu Gardens founded in the Edo period. The place is like an oasis in Tokyo. You can relax under the numerous trees in the garden and still see the surrounding skyscrapers. It's a mix of old and modern Tokyo!How to get to this park? 7 minutes walk from Tsukijishijo station…(74 words)

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Tokyo Park Tsukiji
The wooded South of Tokyo images

The wooded South of Tokyo

South of Tokyo, in Kanagawa prefecture, lies a quiet wood called Kiyokawa-mura. The rivers run through the steep and forested hills of this district, and it is very popular for both camping and barbecues. There are many options for simply camping, but another popular option is renting out a cottage…(128 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Kanagawa Outdoor recreation Lodging Camping