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Experience Your Own “Japanese Style Wedding” in Tokyo! images

Experience Your Own “Japanese Style Wedding” in Tokyo!

What’s the most romantic place in the world? Paris? Hawaii? Rome? Those may be some of the obvious contenders, but there seems to be an increasing number of people who would name Tokyo as the most romantic travel destination.This idea of Tokyo as a modern day romance capital, combined with the …(238 words)

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Tokyo style Japanese Restaurant English Asakusa Jinjya (Shrine) Ginza wedding hakama
There is a food called "COPPE-PAN-SANDO" images

There is a food called "COPPE-PAN-SANDO"

There is a food called "COPPE-PAN-SANDO=コッペパンサンド".It is similar to a hot dog, but the Japanese do not think it's the same.Hot dog came from the United States."COPPE-PAN-SANDO=コッペパンサンド" It is inspired from the hot dog.Food that is sandwiched between the hot dog bun has al…(78 words)

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Food Japanese Guide Japan City Cuisine Japanese cuisine Cheap Tokyo
Lost anything? Go to the Koban! images

Lost anything? Go to the Koban!

Japanese police boxes are so useful, because the policemen are kind and willing to help people who are having difficulties finding the way. Also, Japanese people tend to be honest and caring for other people – they deliver lost items to the police box, especially if the item looks expensive or is a…(104 words)

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Try to use exact change, or the nearest tenth above images

Try to use exact change, or the nearest tenth above

There may be some other ideas about how to physically use the change after the 1, 5, and 10 yen coins have piled up on you, but I always advise to use the change as efficiently as possible before it gets to that point. One tip I have for how to use your change properly is to always try and match th…(97 words)

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Call 119! images

Call 119!

In Japan, the emergency phone number is 119. Ambulances are free in Japan, so don't hesitate to call for one if the there is a significant emergency. If you do not speak Japanese, it is best to ask a Japanese person nearby to explain the situation to the operator for best results.(51 words)

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Earthquake Advice images

Earthquake Advice

Firstly, don't panic! Stay calm. If there is violent shaking you need to get under a table or bed, or something. If there is nothing, door frames are a strong part of any house, so stay under them, or otherwise slip into your toilet. Stay away from windows, cabinets, etc., as things will fly and fa…(307 words)

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Earthquake Tokyo City Transportation Government office
100 yen shop is a cheap choice images

100 yen shop is a cheap choice

You can buy underwear for 100 yen at a 100 yen shop. They even sell disposable underwear that are made of some sort of plastic, if you like to travel light. You can find every sort of undergarment you could want and a few that you might have a hard time identifying.(53 words)

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100 yen shop
Signs to be Improved images

Signs to be Improved

Most signs in Tokyo, at least, all of the major ones crucial for navigating, have English transcriptions. However, sometimes it may be a bit confusing seeing just the transcriptions of the words, and not the actual meaning.For example: "yamate-'doori'", doori means street, but as of now only th…(140 words)

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Tokyo Park City
Be polite in the train - a follow-up of other posts images

Be polite in the train - a follow-up of other posts

I would also add in the don't list:- do not sleep and fall on your neighbor; their shoulders are not pillows- do not put the music to high on your headphonesand some do, please, ...- do step into the train and really go inside - do not stop at the very in trance of the car- do give your…(218 words)

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Train Shopping Music Coffee
Feel Lost all the time images

Feel Lost all the time

If you know your way around in Tokyo you must not be new here.I go to Tokyo many times but always feel lost in all the people.People are busy in Tokyo but if you ask people will stop for a few seconds to tell you the way.Open up and don't think Tokyo will be like the Big Apple.(61 words)

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Yuuki I

Tokyo Apple
Taxi, Business hotels, Manga kissa (Internet comic cafe) are some options where you can spend night images

Taxi, Business hotels, Manga kissa (Internet comic cafe) are some options where you can spend night

If you miss the train - which happens many times then there are couple of options.. 1. If you are closeby your hotel or place of stay then you can take a cab. After 11, the cab will charge an extra 10-15% depending on if it is a company taxi or personal /private taxi (you will find this mark when…(283 words)

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Manga Taxicab Train Hotel Coffee Bicycle Earthquake Comic cafe
Turning in lost items images

Turning in lost items

If you find a lost item in a train or train station, turn the item in to a station employee or at the lost-and-found / information counter.If you find an item worth any kind of value (monetary or otherwise) on the street, you should take the item to the nearest police station. The officer in c…(216 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Train Police Train station Hair
Lost without Translation images

Lost without Translation

Don't worry, in most places in Tokyo, you're not far from someplace easy to navigate. Try asking anyone you meet. Some people may say they can't speak English, but they should be able to direct you to the nearest train station, or "eki." If not, ask for the nearest "koban." The police boxes are…(96 words)

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Tokyo Train Police Train station
Check the vicinity images

Check the vicinity

It is not as though earthquakes are constantly happening in Japan, it is just that they are more frequent statistically. Being slightly more aware and prepared is thus advisable, but the precautions don't need to be excessive. One thing however to keep in mind is where you will go in the event of a…(142 words)

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Tokyo Event Earthquake Zone
Go to a "dagashiya" to buy some souvenirs! images

Go to a "dagashiya" to buy some souvenirs!

Other than donating the change to a local or national charity, I recommend going to a dagashiya and buying candies and other sweets for your friends and family back home. Japanese sweets are incomparable to those of other countries due to its creativity and variety. Perhaps you should avoid stickin…(101 words)

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Rice cracker
Look up TV antennas images

Look up TV antennas

Look up TV antennas on houses and buildings to check placement of short elements. When you are in Tokyo 23 ward, it is normally pointed toward Tokyo Sky Tree or North East of Tokyo. For example, in case of the attached photo, the antenna is beaming toward the left.(48 words)

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Use your 100yen at McDonalds or 100yen shop images

Use your 100yen at McDonalds or 100yen shop

You may think what could be in your 100yen burger.There is so much you could choose from at a 100 yen shop.Food, gardening utilities, clothes, cups, you name it.If you wish to get most out of your change.100yen shop or Mc Donald's(45 words)

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Yuuki I

100 yen shop
Are you allowed to Use Your Cellphone in the Train in Japan? images

Are you allowed to Use Your Cellphone in the Train in Japan?

In Japan, using cellphones in the train is ok. In fact, you will see a lot of people texting on their cellphones in the train. However, there are rules to cellphone use. First of all, using cellphones near the priority seating is a big NoNo. Priority seats are where people with pacemakers sit and c…(125 words)

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Train Etiquette Japan Priority Seat cell phone
Credit Cards images

Credit Cards

If you lose your wallet while traveling in Tokyo, I would recommend searching thoroughly, and waiting a few days for a report before cancelling your cards. One time, I lost my bag with my wallet and cancelled all my cards for fear of fraudulent use. However, after making a report to the local polic…(132 words)

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Tokyo Police
Try exploring the local area around you images

Try exploring the local area around you

Most people in Tokyo either intend on staying out all night, until the trains begin in the morning, or make it a point to get to the station early, even before the very last train to their respective destination. However, if you're one of the many who with every intention of returning home for the …(147 words)

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Tokyo Train
Approach Casually images

Approach Casually

The police boxes placed all over the cities are not necessarily meant to scare you, or keep constant watch on you. I, as an American, have been conditioned somewhat to be afraid of police officers, and always suspicious that I myself am under suspicion for something. This has caused me to take a gr…(132 words)

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When accidents happen images

When accidents happen

When you are in an accident.Things to know are...Was anyone hurt?Did you damage someone else property?Know your insurance before hand. The police in Japan will not help you, they will only do their job. Which is take record of the accident, they won't tell you who's fault is was. That's n…(137 words)

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Yuuki I

Tokyo Police
Arigato, demo Gomennasai images

Arigato, demo Gomennasai

Say thanks but no thanks - "Arigato, demo Gomennasai"... or better yet for English-speakers, "Thank you, demo Gomennasai" and if the "inviter" is persistent, just say "No, no, Gomennasai"(29 words)

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Byou-in images


If in emergency, hop a cab and say "Chikakuno Byou-in" (not "Biyou-in", that is a hairdresser's place); seems most taxis in Tokyo have GPS devices to find a hospital nearby even if the cabbie is a novice and not used to the neighborhood(43 words)

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Tokyo Hospital
Don't hesitate! images

Don't hesitate!

Do not hesitate to ask around! There are so many services around you that are willing to help you get to your destination. I recommend either 1) Go to the information desk at the nearby mall or department store, 2) go to the police station or 3) ask a foreigner (or local) on the street (they may be…(76 words)

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Tokyo Police Department store
You should enjoy staying at a Tube Hotel called a Capsule Room Hotel!!! images

You should enjoy staying at a Tube Hotel called a Capsule Room Hotel!!!

It's amazing and you can feel another world to stay a Tube Hotel. It's Cool Japan. The price is around USD40 per night.(23 words)

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Hotel Train
Don't worry! images

Don't worry!

If you are at a department store or mall, I recommend you to go to the information desk to give the lost item that you have found. If you are on the street, it would be best to give the lost item to the police station. Although they may ask you to fill in a form, do not hesitate. You will have …(111 words)

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Police Department store
harsh or soft? images

harsh or soft?

In an informal occasion, for example if asked to enter a restaurant or bar by an employee or if a waiter is asking whether you would want another drink or dessert, the most simple and straightforward way would be to say, "kekkoudesu" (meaning "no, it's okay") would be okay. This does not sound as h…(103 words)

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Restaurant Drink Dessert
In the case of a small car accident images

In the case of a small car accident

If a small car accident, such as bumping into another car, you should both go to the side of the road and discuss the situation. Let's say that person A's car bumped into person B's car. They should both take down the other car's license plate and ther other person's name, phone number and address.…(109 words)

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Tokyo Police
Koban system images

Koban system

This is the unique sytem in Japan. Whenever or wherever you lose your way. why don't you stop by the police box, where the policemen kindly give you a helping hand where to go. You can make fully use of these police boxes.(43 words)

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Need Medical Help in Japan images

Need Medical Help in Japan

This website is a Tokyo city website dedicated entirely for foreign patients seeking medical help in Tokyo. Perfect for you! It is in English and you can search for any hospital in Tokyo. There is also a phone number you can call incase you cannot find a hospital and another number you can call to …(79 words)

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Hospital Japan Tokyo City English Metro
Always check your sound images

Always check your sound

Personally, when I use headphones in a crowded train, I triple check that the sound is not audible outside the headphones. Noise leakage from people's headphones can be a real pain in the morning on a crowded train, and for some reason, people are just oblivious to their own noise (and no one will …(97 words)

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Train Etiquette
Leaving it alone may be best images

Leaving it alone may be best

Finding a lost item is an intersting situation. It all depends on where you "found" it. Seeing a phone, bag, laptop, or other valuable item placed ina train station with the owner clearly absent does not necessarily constitute a lost item in Japan. Although it may be difficult to leave alone, the …(131 words)

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Train Train station
Donate it!!! images

Donate it!!!

In almost every convenience store there are boxes near the cash register for various causes and often you can see NPO groups at major train stations collecting donations for example seeing eye dogs so take that spare change and make a change with it. :-)(45 words)

Career Coach Brent image

Career Coach Brent

Train Convenience store Train station
Koban has maps ! images

Koban has maps !

You can ask directions at Koban. I do ask for help when I go to unfamiliar places. Usually, each Koban has maps for neighboring area. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, they can use their maps at hand and guide you to wherever you would like to go.(49 words)

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call 119 ! images

call 119 !

If you need to call ambulance in Japan remember you dial 119.You can call from your mobile but you need to explain where you are.The Japanese government recommend try to call from public pay phone.If you can't find pay phone near by, try to explain where is the landmark near you or go to the …(75 words)

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Convenience store solves all images

Convenience store solves all

If you find that at some point you have no more underwear in your luggage, or you forgot underwear altogether, never fear for there are easy solutions.My favorite convenience store, "Lawson 100" is a slightly different convenience store that can be likened more to an "all around" food store. Wi…(125 words)

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Convenience store Lawson
after ambulance arrives... images

after ambulance arrives...

Getting the ambulance to come is just the first step. One is far from out of the woods once they arrive. It may be good to know what happens then as it is probably different than your home country. As I am from the U.S., where ambulances are generally very sophisticated, that is my orientation.…(426 words)

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Ambulance Tokyo History Taxicab Hospital
Forgot to pack underwear! Go to Uniqlo! images

Forgot to pack underwear! Go to Uniqlo!

Any season, the place to go is Uniqlo - they have sizes for just about everyone now (didn't use to), and their stuff is basic, well made, reasonably priced, and simple enough to go with most peoples' styles. I have taken people there several times when they've arrived in Japan without a key piece …(90 words)

William Nealy image

William Nealy

Tokyo Uniqlo
You forgot to pack underwear?! images

You forgot to pack underwear?!

Uniqlo stores are everywhere, but in a real pinch, try the convenience stores. Many of the Family Mart's carry selected items from the Mujirushi (MUJI) line. I've picked up underwear, pajamas, and toothbrushes at convenience stores on many different occassions - the "konbini" saved me!(45 words)

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Convenience store Uniqlo