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Parking in Japan images

Parking in Japan

Parking in Japan is actually quite complicated. You don't need to be in Japan very long to notice that there is not much street parking. There are some parking metered areas, but there are way more cars in commercial car parks than there are on the streets.In fact, it is basically illegal to park…(675 words)

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Tokyo Park Restaurant Yokohama Shopping Ticket Police Department store Coin
Enjoy bath, Japanese style images

Enjoy bath, Japanese style

Enjoy taking bath with Babu(Bub), a popular Japanese bath tablet to Relax after Exploring Japan on Foot.All travelers know how sight seeing can be exhausting. Especially walking around on foot, taking trains and metro etc with lots of stairs before and after the ride in metropolitan areas in Ja…(394 words)

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style Japanese Japan Summer Hotel English Play Work Market
LOOK application makes you to understand Japanese product by your native language images

LOOK application makes you to understand Japanese product by your native language

▼ Download “LOOK”“LOOK” is an application that allows foreign tourists in Japan to understand information about Japanese products in their own native language, and share the information with friends and family back in their home country. It aims to clear up the awkwar…(293 words)

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Japan Shopping application Japanese English Traditional used new buy
Buying Protein and Sports Supplements in Japan images

Buying Protein and Sports Supplements in Japan

To maintain muscle mass and optimal athletic performance, it’s important to adhere to a strict training and diet regimen. That’s why it’s essential that gym-goers and athletes always be able to access the supplements that they need. Unfortunately, buying protein and sports supplements in Japan hasn…(481 words)

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Japan Sport
Tips on Japanese 100 Yen shops (Top 3 Best Buy & Worst Buy) images

Tips on Japanese 100 Yen shops (Top 3 Best Buy & Worst Buy)

100 yen shops are a type of store that sells a variety of products for 100 yen (100 yen plus 5 percent consumption tax). They sell processed foods, cosmetic accessories, tableware, cookware, commodities such as batteries and stationary.My recommended Top 3 Best Buys are cosmetics, ceramic tablewa…(318 words)

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100 yen shop Shopping
Kamata: The Most Beautiful Knives in Tokyo images

Kamata: The Most Beautiful Knives in Tokyo

Kappabashi, Tokyo's kitchenware wholesaler's district, is a treasure trove of gorgeous ceramics, unusual spices, pots and pans of all sizes and, of course, Japan's world-class knives.No place glitters more than Kamata Hakensha, a bustling shop where every surface is covered with perfect, sharp …(303 words)

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knives Tokyo Kappabashi Japan English Asakusa Shop
A Few of the Best Stationery Shops in Japan images

A Few of the Best Stationery Shops in Japan

If you want to find some amazing stationery in Tokyo or Kyoto, here are some of the best shops:* Ito-Ya: This is a famous chain in Tokyo, with multiple locations. Definitely visit the one in Ginza, which is right near the main intersection in central Ginza, and has an incredible selection of ca…(157 words)

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Stationery Tokyo Ginza Kyoto
Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: Gachapon images

Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: Gachapon

Spend any amount of time in Japan and you'll inevitably run into one. Whether it's at your local supermarket, drug store, or Yodabashi Camera, gachapon machines are practically everywhere."Gachapon" or "gashapon" are vending machine-dispensed capsule toys that are extremely popular in Japan.The…(181 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Japanese Toy Souvenir Japan Yokohama Shop Kids Manga Gachapon Must have souvenir
Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: BUNBOGU images

Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: BUNBOGU

Let me introduce Japanese Stationary as the 2nd must have Japanese souvenirs*. In Japan, girls are energetic to have cute stationary and businessmen are interested in using cool gadgets and writing materials. One of the most popular shops is LOFT. The one in Shibuya is the main store, but there a…(159 words)

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Keiko, OTT

Stationery Japanese Visit Japan Shopping Shibuya Ginza Department store Cafe
We do negotiate prices sometimes in appropriate situations! images

We do negotiate prices sometimes in appropriate situations!

In most B2C cases, Japanese consumers don't negotiate prices and most shop clerks don't have the power to lower them, but in some situations we do! When we go buy electronic appliances, PC's, tablets, etc. at some mass merchandise stores/outlets such as Yamada Denki (LABI), BIC Camera, Yodobash…(348 words)

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Tokyo Ueno Camera Bic Camera Yamada Denki Yodobashi Camera
Tenugui - Printed Textiles with Japanese Patterns images

Tenugui - Printed Textiles with Japanese Patterns

Tenugui are small pieces of cloth for everyday use. They make perfect gifts and souvenirs. Now many Japanese carry small towels in their bags, but before the more fluffy towels became popular tenugui was widely used.A tenugui is a thin piece of cloth made from cotton. It dries very quickly, is …(334 words)

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Souvenir Tenugui (Japanese towel) craftmanship Art Asakusa
Massage and Japan images

Massage and Japan

Massage therapy is omnipresent everywhere in big cities: Temomin, Global Sports, Raffine, Queensway... and many others.For a very reasonable amount of time you can reload up, without killing your travel budget. Going to a massage therapy place is a real treat to yourself. Your menu goes l…(340 words)

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Japanese Vending Machines: Food Tickets images

Japanese Vending Machines: Food Tickets

Many shops and restaurants have ticket vending machines at the entrance or outside. Ramen, soba, or udon noodle stores often have them. Some gyudon restaurants like Matsuya also use the ticket machines.To pay and order put in money and then select what you want to eat or drink. If you want to o…(156 words)

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Vending Machines Ticket machine Restaurant Ramen noodles Soba noodles Udon noodles Gyudon (Beef bowl) Ticket
Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: Kendama images

Must Have Japanese Souvenirs: Kendama

Japan is a veritable treasure trove of souvenirs and gifts; there's absolutely something in this country for anyone you can think of - and it's usually unbelievably cool. In this "Must Have Japanese Souvenirs" series, Deep Japan senpai will share with you the coolest of the cool, the strangest of t…(279 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Souvenir Japanese Toy Traditional Culture Japan Play Yen custom Must have souvenir
How do parking lots in Japan work? images

How do parking lots in Japan work?

I think today’s multi-story car parking lot systems are the fruit of many years' labor to utilize the limited area we have in Japan. Some popular parking lots in Tokyo cost 50,000 yen per month. You think this is outrageous? Yep, I agree it’s very expensive. But, without multi-story car park sy…(127 words)

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Tokyo Park
Japanese Souvenirs @ Can Do, Meguro Tokyo images

Japanese Souvenirs @ Can Do, Meguro Tokyo

Tokyu Store Super Market is located on the first floor of our multi-tenant building, and on the 2nd floor, there is a 100 Yen Shop, Can Do. So it is very convenient for us to buy anything. Can Do now has many kinds of Japanese souvenirs for foreign travelers, and I found good ones.Sushi magnets…(257 words)

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Meguro 100 yen shop Souvenir Tokyo Summer Shop Kimono
Best Tourist Souvenir-- Samurai Umbrella! images

Best Tourist Souvenir-- Samurai Umbrella!

Purchasing a real samurai sword in Japan is very difficult, especially after they enforced the laws against the possession of knives a couple years ago. I also assume that taking a samurai sword out of Japan will definitely be a hassle at the airport. A better option might be purchasing the samurai…(112 words)

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Samurai Umbrella Souvenir Tokyo Asakusa Kamakura Airport Trip
Japanese sweets : “Yatsuhashi” images

Japanese sweets : “Yatsuhashi”

When you visit one of Japanese historic city, Kyoto, I would like to recommend its famous sweets “Yatsuhashi” for souvenir. It’s hard baked cracker having a cinnamon flavor. The name comes from Kengyo Yatsuhashi, a good “koto”(a long Japanese zither) player. Therefore Yatsuhashi cracker looks like …(57 words)

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Sweets City Visit Kyoto Souvenir
A Few International Supermarkets and other places to shop images

A Few International Supermarkets and other places to shop

There are a few international supermarkets located around Tokyo. Some of the better known markets are:1. National Azabu, located close to Hiroo subway station (Hibiya Line). See the website: Meiji-ya (Meida-ya) has a few locations around Tokyo an…(393 words)

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Joe Peters

Tokyo Train Shopping Convenience store Coffee Wine Subway Flower Isetan Japanese style shopping arcade
Funny English (Sexy) images

Funny English (Sexy)

There are many examples of strange English in japan, as well as the rest of Asia. Strange English is found, in fact, on signs throughout the world. But some of the most strange English is found on t-shirts. I wonder who writes the copy? Many of these provide the foreign visitor with a great lau…(200 words)

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English Tokyo Shinjuku Building Shibuya Fashion Japanglish
How to Negotiate Cheaper Prices for Japanese Products? images

How to Negotiate Cheaper Prices for Japanese Products?

Well, to be honest, I've been in Japan some 25 years and never negotiated a price. Well, maybe okay, at the electronics store in Akihabara or when buying real estate. I've noticed a big hint that negotiating is possible is when the clerk pulls out a calculator. So, if you sort of hesitate in front …(179 words)


Taxicab Japan Game Akihabara Camera Computer Bic Camera Yodobashi Camera
Origami Shop & Exhibition at Narita Airport images

Origami Shop & Exhibition at Narita Airport

Flying is not always fun, but this origami paper and book store can help make waiting at Narita a little better. When you fly out of Tokyo´s Narita airport, go to Nippon Origami Museum. It has books about origami, origami papers, and a selection of paper art on display. Check out the origami p…(204 words)

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Origami Narita International Airport Stationery Souvenir books Play Art
Japanese lottery images

Japanese lottery

If parimutuel, think of them as a Japanese version of Lotto (in fact there is something called Lotto on sale here as well); usually these tickets can be bought at booths located near Mizuho Bank, in addition to standalone booths found on street corners... there are also "Takarakuji" tickets from st…(86 words)

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Shopping Bank Akihabara Japanese style shopping arcade
"ip.horn" iPhone Speaker images

"ip.horn" iPhone Speaker

The ip.horn speaker is an extremely rare item, currently sold only at a number of events in held in Japan. The manufacturer prefers to remain anonymous, because the craftsmen make the ip.horn in their spare time, outside of regular company business. Nonetheless, the company, which makes wood prod…(550 words)

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speakers iPhone accessories horn speakers unplugged walnut Music Audio design
Where to Gyaru images

Where to Gyaru

The area between Shibuya and Harajuku is Mecca for Japanese "Gyaru," cool young girls. The two places where these girls converge in each location is at 109 in Shibuya and Takeshita Street in Harajuku. 109 is a department store, where many of the most popular Gyaru brands have their prestige shops…(190 words)

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Shibuya Department store Harajuku Fashion
Try discount ticket shops images

Try discount ticket shops

If there's a discount ticket shop, called kinken shop, in your neighborhood or near places you go to, try find movie tickets there because they're cheaper. A movie ticket for an adult is 1800 yen, but usually at kinken shop, it's around 1,300 to 1,500 yen. It's a good deal if you're not going to se…(87 words)

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Train Shopping Shinjuku Ticket Ginza Train station Movie
The Glory that is Onigiri images

The Glory that is Onigiri

Often translated as a Japanese rice ball, they tend to come in two distinct shapes: disc and triangle. Onigiri is packed rice with some kind of filling inside then usually (but not always) wrapped in nori or seaweed paper. Imagine a kind maki sushi hamburger. They're easy to eat on the go and they'…(200 words)

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Onigiri (Rice ball) Convenience store Sushi Umeboshi Mayonnaise Trip
Cheap, Used Books at Japanese Store Book Off images

Cheap, Used Books at Japanese Store Book Off

I used to be an avid manga reader and I would always buy my manga at bookoff. Buying a manga brand new will cost you about 400 yen while one at bookoff will only be 105yen. The books are usually in good condition and buying second hand is more ecological. Bookoff has other things you can buy. The b…(84 words)

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Manga Cheap books Japan
What does the kiosk on the train platform offer? images

What does the kiosk on the train platform offer?

A convenience store on the train platform where you can buy very basic stuffs! Kiosk offers best possible basic needs with a minimum space on the train platform. We had Kiosk even before all the convenience stores did not exist. As each Kiosk store has only one staff, they use a lot of full…(221 words)

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Train Railway platform Convenience store Etiquette Phrase
Hand-made Camping Knife and where to buy and sharpen knives. images

Hand-made Camping Knife and where to buy and sharpen knives.

Snow Peak is a famous camping equipment manufacturer from the Tsubame Sanjo area of Niigata Prefecture. It was started by the father of the current president as a manufacturer of carpentry and work tools. But Yukio Yamai, the founder, was an experienced mountaineer, so he decided that he should m…(431 words)

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Camping Kyoto Mountain Niigata Outdoor recreation Region Samurai Snow Tokyo
Umbrella and Japan: a love affair images

Umbrella and Japan: a love affair

Japanese people have a gift to feel when it is going to rain. As soon as the first rain drop drops, they all get their umbrella open. I come from Belgium. In Belgium, it rains a lot, and often. Rain has many feelings: cold, big drops, small drops, a wall of rain, ... Nevertheless, nobody has um…(405 words)

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Umbrella Shopping Convenience store Department store Souvenir Bus
Tomsung&Co: Outstanding Tailor in Yokohama Chinatown images

Tomsung&Co: Outstanding Tailor in Yokohama Chinatown

If you are looking for a high-quality tailor in Japan, you should definitely check out Tomsung&Co. in Yokohama Chinatown. This Chinese tailor has been operating in Yokohama since the end of the Meiji era. They have a living heritage of the history!The port of Yokohama was officially opened in 1…(371 words)

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Yokohama Chinatown Clothes tailor
How about making your own original wagashi at this warm-hearted Japanese confectionery? images

How about making your own original wagashi at this warm-hearted Japanese confectionery?

The sweet-maker “Japanese Confectionery Mirakuan”, famous for their “Mikan Monaka” sweets, offers visitors the chance to experience making wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets.The company founder and chairman Noboru Murofushi came to greet me (photo 1). In his smart, cool white confectioner’s apr…(1109 words)

Kanagawa P.G.T.D. image

Kanagawa P.G.T.D.

Wagashi Confectionery sweets Yokohama Sweets
Souvenirs from Japan images

Souvenirs from Japan

Gachapon capsule toys make ideal souvenirs"Gachapon, coin operated vending machines, are ubiquitous in Japan. Unlike their downscale cousins in the US, which usually dispense stale candy or cheap plastic gadgets, gachapon figurines can be collectors items. The variety is endless, and changes co…(387 words)

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Japan Travel Souvenir Shopping Kappabashi Matome
The World's Largest Uniqlo Store in Japan images

The World's Largest Uniqlo Store in Japan

The world's largest Uniqlo (Japan's largest and most popular clothing brand) store opened recently in Ginza on the main shopping street. I happened to pass by the other day and could not stop myself from stepping in, stupefied by the sheer size. The store has 12 floors and sells pretty much every p…(196 words)

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Uniqlo Shopping Japan Tokyo Ginza Winter Department store
The "Kuji" for prizes images

The "Kuji" for prizes

Takarakuji basically means a lottery, with random chances at getting a prize. The most common and commercial one is the national money lottery, and tickets are usually sold at small booths near train stations, or out in front of large grocery stores.However, often called "Kuji" for short, many …(153 words)

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Train Ticket Ramen noodles Train station
Weird Japanese Devices: Vegetabrella images

Weird Japanese Devices: Vegetabrella

I found this site Japan Ichiban that is an online shop for cool things from Japan. I particularly like this vegetable umbrella and will probably by this for my mom to take back to her for Christmas this year. It is fun to browse through the different items since they have sourced them from around t…(102 words)


Umbrella Japan Tokyo Souvenir Christmas Shop
Mandarake images


Buying manga and anime anywhere in Japan is easy. It is available pretty much anywhere. After all, nearly every convenience store and station kiosk has a pretty broad selection of manga, for children and adults. And since there are Tsutaya and Geo shops all over Japan, you can almost as easily f…(487 words)

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Manga Anime Otaku Akihabara Arcade Shopping Nakano
Bringing Japanese Tabi to the World images

Bringing Japanese Tabi to the World

Japanese people typically wear tabi when they dress up in Japanese clothes, such as kimono.These resemble socks apart from the fact that the big toe is separated out from the other toes. These days most people wear western clothes and few Japanese wear tabi on a daily basis.Musashino Uniform Co…(346 words)

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Japanese Japan City English Business style Kimono Japanese Culture Saitama design
Amazing Shopping Stores in Tokyo, Japan images

Amazing Shopping Stores in Tokyo, Japan

Since Shibuya's newest shopping Oasis, Hikarie, is located immediately above the Shibuya Station on the Ginza, Hanzomon and other lines, I happened to walk up into the amazing structure the other day. I was taken immediately by the high ceilinged/airy feel of the building and I could tell there was…(146 words)


Fashion Tokyo Shopping Building Shibuya Ginza Department store Art