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Cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo images

Cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo

Where does the cherry-viewing buzz come from?“Cherry blossom period is starting in Japan. It is the time when Japanese people are enjoying watching flowers blooming everywhere... But where does this habit come from exactly? Why do the Japanese enjoy watching sakura so much? I think that the see…(528 words)

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Charming transport / traditional village and onsen one-night trip. images

Charming transport / traditional village and onsen one-night trip.

I wanted to see one of the largest castles in eastern Japan so I headed for Tsurugajo castle in Aizu-Wakamatsu City from my ryoukan on the tour bus. The castle was built about 600 years ago and was important to control Eastern Japan. The current castle was built about 400 years ago. The castle was …(927 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Jiyugaoka is one of Japanese ladies' favorites images

Jiyugaoka is one of Japanese ladies' favorites

Recently, the area surrounding Jiyugaoka Station was voted the place where young women would most like to live. In addition to the foreign brands that have shops there, there are literally dozens and dozens of independent shops and cafes. Great to just explore. (Can be crowded on weekends. …(67 words)

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Peninsula Hotel at Happy Hour images

Peninsula Hotel at Happy Hour

At the top of the Peninsula Hotel is a restaurant with a bar called Peter's. ( Between 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., just in time for sunset, you can enjoy an inexpensive sparkling wine (800 Yen) and overlook the city, including a nice view of Tokyo Tower and the sunset over Hibiya Park.(54 words)

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Time Travel to the Tokugawa Period images

Time Travel to the Tokugawa Period

Fukagawa Edo Museum is the best museum I have ever been. You can see and experience how life in Edo (Tokyo) was in the Tokugawa period through display items. You can feel like you have traveled back in time! If you want to learn more about the past and want an English speaking guide, please call th…(75 words)

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The imperial palace gardens; well worth trying! images

The imperial palace gardens; well worth trying!

If you look for ones in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, I'd recommend you should go visit Koukyo if you haven't tried it yet; the imperial palace gardens park in the right front of the Tokyo Station. In spite of its location, there are good amount of nature preserved, and lots of "space" available in …(185 words)

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How to bow images

How to bow

I work at a medical clinic in Japan, and had to participate last month in an etiquette workshop in which we learned how to bow properly. Although I'm no expert myself, this is what we learned:1. You should face the person to whom you're bowing. There are 3 kinds of bows: #1-casual bow that c…(214 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Going wild in Tokyo images

Going wild in Tokyo

Ueno Zoo is by far the most well known zoo in Tokyo. It is especially well known for its most popular animal, the Giant Panda. But possibly the best zoo in Tokyo is the Tama Zoo, in the foothills west of Tokyo. The zoo is spread out over a huge area, so wear good shoes. One of the highlights is…(107 words)

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1.UENO 2.TAMA images


I recommend both ueno zoo and tama zoo. travelers you maybe like to see zoo and something(e.g. Japanese museum)Ueno zoo is very close to other spot like TOKYO METROPOLITAN ART MUSEUM yanesenht…(98 words)

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Receive with both hands and respect images

Receive with both hands and respect

Namecards are considered to be another self of the person. So, when receiving the card, receive with both hands to show your respect to the person. Also, put it on top of your business card holder during the meeting to give it a good treat.(45 words)

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Around Computers images

Around Computers

You can find CPU 、HDD、.... many devices. more!(27 words)

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Full-announce plan in English. images

Full-announce plan in English.

I think you'll get a fun time for 'hato-bus tour in English'. It departure from nearby Tokyo Station or Hamamatu-cyo Station every day. it has full-day or half- day plan in English announce. You can choice a few plan around Tokyo or another area.( words)

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An Intimate Live Music Experience images

An Intimate Live Music Experience

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of live music establishments in Tokyo. Everything from small basement live houses(that's what they are called in Japanese) for any imaginable independent sub-genre, to large concert halls for the classical maestros. A personal favourite for viewing a beloved ar…(88 words)

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Tokyo Metropolitan Gym images

Tokyo Metropolitan Gym

Tokyo Metropolitan Gym has one of the biggest pools in Tokyo area, and I'd recommend it for any athletic swimmers. It has 50-meter and 25-meter pools. Also, It's conveniently located near Sendagaya-station on JR Chuo line. words)

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Nice park in Tokyo images

Nice park in Tokyo

A nice park in Tokyo I would suggest is Yoyogi park which is actually near everything such as Shibuya and Harajuku. It is a large park with green trees everywhere. It is a nice place to go jogging or even just reading a book on the benches in the shade. It is a very relaxing environment.(56 words)

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A very good list of Theatres in Tokyo! images

A very good list of Theatres in Tokyo!

Although, I'm not particularly versed on this subject. I did find a nice site with a very good list of theaters and I hope that this will help you out.Be advised that not all the links have English information pages, but the main or major theatres do, so hope you can find what you're looking fo…(63 words)

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Smoking is bad for your health, but if you must do it. images

Smoking is bad for your health, but if you must do it.

There are designated smoking areas near most train stations and over locations where people gather. These can be very congested and a bit dirty.But it is where you should smoke. Here is the link to the Japan Tabaco site and they have a series of posters to promote proper smoking mannersLink…(104 words)

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Expect a knock images

Expect a knock

My experiences at Japanese inns have all been very pleasant. However, to a certain extent, you have to remember the close quarters you are in. You will be getting somewhat familiar with the owners and employees of the inn as you will pass them by on the way to the bath, dinner, restroom, etc.Al…(134 words)

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Sakuragicho for live music performances! images

Sakuragicho for live music performances!

I enjoy watching the musical performances in front of Sakuragicho station (in Yokohama which is nearby Tokyo). These performances range from jazz to pop. I find it really entertaining to walk around the Minatomirai area, because there is always a different group performing different styles of music…(83 words)

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Akihabara = Electronics images

Akihabara = Electronics

Last week, I went to Akihabara to look for some electronic equipment. Akihabara is a great place to go if you're willing to spend the time to look for reasonable yet high-quality goods. Along the back-streets and narrow roads, there are small, specialized stores selling electronic goods ranging fro…(97 words)

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Takarazuka is one of the unique concept musical in Japan images

Takarazuka is one of the unique concept musical in Japan

Takarazuka is the musical companies originally from Takarazuka,Hyogo prefecture.The musical actresses are all woman and it was the first musical review show they introduced here in Japan early 1900's.I think lots of girls wanted to dream about being a takarazuka star once in their life(at lea…(154 words)

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Love heights? SKY TREE AND TOKYO TOWER! images


One of my favorite dates was going to Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower. These are easily accessible places with beautiful views. I recommend you to go to Sky Tree during the day (much better if you go up on a clear day) and enjoy the day view of the surrounding area from a bird's eye point of view. At nigh…(137 words)

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For humility, politeness and respect images

For humility, politeness and respect

In Japan, bowing to a person is an expression of humility and politeness. Therefore, the lower you bow, the more humble you seem and the more respect you show to the person you are bowing to. If the person is of a more respected status, you should definitely bow lower than the person. When bowi…(79 words)

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Mt Takao images

Mt Takao

You may think Tokyo is just a huge city but you can also enjoy nature as well! It takes about an hour by train from Shinjuku station. You find lots of green and some temples on the way to the top of the mountain. Good hiking as a day trip. Best season is Autumn.(54 words)

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Odaiba images


A Day trip to Odaiba and Walk Rainbow Bridge ~(9 words)

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Fun indoor amusement park images

Fun indoor amusement park

My son (10 years old) likes to go to Joypolis in Odaiba. This is an indoor amusement park with various attractions like fun rides, haunted house and cool entertainments. The amusement park is on the 3-5th floor of DECKS Tokyo Beach mall that includes shops, cafe and restaurants so if you get hu…(135 words)

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NicoNicoPark in Meiji Jingu Gaien. images

NicoNicoPark in Meiji Jingu Gaien.

NicoNicoPark ( is a nice park for small children. It's located in the old Olympic village in Meiji JIngu Gaien and is close to batting cages, the Olympic stadium, and the Yakult Swallows' Jingu stadium.(41 words)

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The ice cream comes in many varieties but I like the Vanilla Super Cup images

The ice cream comes in many varieties but I like the Vanilla Super Cup

Most convenient stores are actually.......convenient!!! They are located in the stations, and whenever I walk next to the store it seems to call me over to browse the ice cream case, check out the oden, use the ATM, buy spices suddenly needed during cooking, toilet paper and tissue, office supplies…(112 words)

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Meiji Jingu images

Meiji Jingu

So covenient location next to Harajuku/Shibuya but, you will find awsome silence and majestic scenery in an authorative shrine. words)

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Onsen town in Japan - Oita Prefecture, Beppu-shi images

Onsen town in Japan - Oita Prefecture, Beppu-shi

Although it may have seen better days, to me the onsen capital of Japan still has to be Oita. I lived there as a JET in the mid-90's, so I might be a little biased. But most Japanese people will still associate Oita with onsens. Beppu was like the Las Vegas of Japan for years, and with the eco…(156 words)

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William Nealy

The warm seat during the Winter gives a comfortable glow to your day images

The warm seat during the Winter gives a comfortable glow to your day

One of the features of the special toilet seat is the heating element. Many houses in Japan don't have central heating so other than where you spend the most time the rooms are left cold in the house. Except, when you go to the restroom and sit down on the bidet seat. It is a pleasant surprise to h…(158 words)

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Man-made Beach images

Man-made Beach

From Ginza (Shimbashi Station), take the Yurikamome line for 15 minutes and you will encounter a beautiful man-made beach in Odaiba. What is more, from Odaiba is an amazing 180 degree panorama across the Tokyo Bay in which you can see the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree and even the St…(56 words)

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Great castle images

Great castle

Please visit Osaka castle. will see not only see the castle tower but also the Nishinomaru Garden with some 600 cherry trees. If you go there in early spring you can see an ume (plum) orchard boasting 1,270 ume trees in 100 varieties, and other spots …(71 words)

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Tokyo Gate Bridge is the latest and the greatest images

Tokyo Gate Bridge is the latest and the greatest

Tokyo Gate Bridge that connects Wakasu and Tokyo Bay landfill area is one very unique bridge from its shape. In order to let ships pass underneath, it has to be high enough but it cannot interefare with airroute that lies up above.So, it has a very unique shape like two gigantic T-Rex kissing eac…(93 words)

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Sumidagawa images


Walk along the Sumidagawa from Tsukiji to Skytree. There are many bridges of various designs. My favourite is Chuo-Ohashi, bridging the river between Hatchobori and Tsukishima areas.(27 words)

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Matsumoto Castle images

Matsumoto Castle

Visit Matsumoto Castle in the center on Nagano Prefecture. It`s one of the few original castles left thats is fully constructed from wood. Most of the castles in Major cities are replicas - concrete construction etc Osaka castle even has an elevator inside!Matsumoto is 2 1/2 hours from Tokyo on e…(63 words)

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Himeji Castle images

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle in Kansai (an hour or so from Osaka) is a UNESCO world heritage site, and the most visited castle in Japan FOR A REASON- in my opinion the most impressive man-made site to see in the country. Learn about Japanese history, architecture and aesthetic culture in one place, and think of h…(82 words)

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Japanese Footcare Tools images

Japanese Footcare Tools

I have tried two kind of footcare tools, small massage machine and one for foot fingers.The massage machine shake your foot and make them feel relax. Their designs are cute and small. The one for foot fingers opens your feet and make them relax. I recommend this one better.You can find both of …(59 words)

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Yokohama Sankeien Garden images

Yokohama Sankeien Garden

Sankeien Garden was opened by Senkei Hara, a businessman who made a fortune with the Japanese silk trade. The Garden is featuring many historical buildings from all over Japan such as Kamakura and Kyoto. It is located at Honmoku, Yokohama covering over 18,000 square miles. Many art masterpiece were…(80 words)

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Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en(architecture museum) images

Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en(architecture museum)

Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en is an outdoor museum to restore an old building of Japan, and to be able to see them freely. You can bring yourself to old time of Japan.Some of builfings are used in "Spirited away", a movie by Gibli, for reference. When you pass the museum to the direction of Mitaka, the …(156 words)

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