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The Hakone Open Air Museum : Amazing place! images

The Hakone Open Air Museum : Amazing place!

The Hakone Open Air Museum is a beautiful landscape park with wonderful arts and the mountains as a backdrop. I recommend this as an unforgettable stop while exploring Hakone. We went there in the afternoon on the way back from our Hakone trip as it has been always my favorite Hakone spot. We stay…(255 words)

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Kumamoto Castle images

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle is located in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture. The castle was built originally in 1467.I have visited many castles in Japan and this is my favorite. The curved stone walls are known as musha-gaeshi, which were built with wooden overhangs. These were purpose built to fortif…(109 words)

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Sasebo images


Sasebo is located in Kyushu, in Nagasaki Prefecture. Sasebo is a very scenic city with a large natural sea port. There are 208 islands near Sasebo and there are many boat tours available. There are many wonderful views you will be able to capture during your trip to Sasebo.Sasebo is a touris…(112 words)

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Book your tickets for the May Sumo Grand Tournament! images

Book your tickets for the May Sumo Grand Tournament!

The May Sumo Grand Tournament is soon upon us! Between Sunday May 11th and Sunday May 25th the sumo wrestlers of Japan will be fighting it out at Ryōgoku Kokugikan. 15 days of matches, starting with the beating of drums at 08:00 each morning and ending at 18:00 with a bow dance ceremony. Head o…(204 words)

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Emelie Fågelstedt

Huis ten Bosch images

Huis ten Bosch

Ever have a hankering to visit the Netherlands? Well, if you live in Asia, you don't have to fly all the way to Europe. You can come to Sasebo and visit Huis ten Bosch theme park. It is a complete resort with hotels and numerous attractions.Your entire family will enjoy a visit to Huis ten B…(145 words)

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Wisteria: Fuji - Spring Flowers in Japan images

Wisteria: Fuji - Spring Flowers in Japan

Tokyo changes all the time, but there are a few places left that feel unchanged. Kameido Tenjin Shrine is a place like this. I was there today for the wisteria flower festival and it was like walking through the old print from "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo" by Utagawa Hiroshige. Wisteria flo…(154 words)

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The beauty hidden in mountains of Japan. - Satoyamas images

The beauty hidden in mountains of Japan. - Satoyamas

Here is an interesting tour which i recently used for vising Hida area in Gifu.The tour contains various components and its amazing to be in nature and classic township models from the can check out the possibilities on their site including cycling tours! It sure is an experiences and …(72 words)

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Golden Week in Nihonbashi images

Golden Week in Nihonbashi

Time to Goldenweek here in Japan the end of April to the first week of May.Many people will go to overseas for a trip or going back to a home town.Many sightseeing places will be packed.If you would like to feel "modern Japan" during the golden week, I will recommend "COREDO Muromachi" in …(186 words)

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JRA Japan Horse Show on Golden Week images

JRA Japan Horse Show on Golden Week

Japan Horse Show will be held on May 3 to 5 at Baji-Kouen that is now use for training hurdle race horses. This park contains several small playground for children with lots of big trees and it's a good place to visit taking lunch box. Attention ; no pets allowed inside.This is free charge …(126 words)

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Moo Moo

Visiting Japan? There's an App for That! images

Visiting Japan? There's an App for That!

For thousands of years, Japan has been building sustainable systems for everything, from rice planting to entertaining overseas visitors. So, if you're planning to visit, we've been waiting for you! All you have to do is plug in, let a Licensed Private Tour Guide know your interests and itinerary, …(221 words)

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Kameido Tenjin Shrine images

Kameido Tenjin Shrine

If you still have a few hours to kill in Tokyo, Kameido's Tenjin Shrine is a nice spot to visit. It is at walking distance from the Skytree Tower. I like the way modern constructions mixe with traditional ones.The shrine is located in quite a large parc with a pond and a forest of palawnia. Fuj…(303 words)

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Enospa in Enoshima images

Enospa in Enoshima

Whether you're a spa enthusiast or first timer, I highly recommend you visit Enoshima's Enospa for an affordable, exclusive experience you won't soon forget. For less than ¥3000, you can spend an entire day relaxing in one or all of their various indoor and outdoor pools (with beach/ocean view)…(170 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Yoshima YMCA Retreat images

Yoshima YMCA Retreat

oshima Island is located off the southern tip of Shodoshima in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea. It has an area of 2.2 square kilometers and is about 1 kilometer from the main island of Shodoshima. Although Yoshima is part of Shodoshima and therefore Kagawa Prefecture, it is administered by the Kobe YMCA.…(421 words)

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Bizen Osafune Sword Museum images

Bizen Osafune Sword Museum

I studied ancient Greek when I was in college and although fascinating, it was hard to use phrases like, "the donkey pulls my cart" in everyday conversation. Sword making is an ancient tradition in Japan and as with ancient Greek, I was curious as to whether it held some utility in today's society.…(403 words)

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Hakone images

Hakone in the Hakone area. Hakone is a great place to visit for a day or two or more and is only around and hour and a half to two hours from Tokyo. And the other shot is of the large torii at the …(977 words)

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5 Unique Japan Guidebooks For An In-Depth Japan Experience images

5 Unique Japan Guidebooks For An In-Depth Japan Experience

A general Japan guidebook can be great if you’re looking for general information on Japan travel.But if you’re looking for more specialized, in-depth information, most guidebooks won’t cut it. That’s why we love these specialty Japan guidebooks.*OLD KYOTO: A GUIDE TO TRADITIONAL SHOPS, REST…(472 words)

Andres Zuleta, Boutique Japan image

Andres Zuleta, Boutique Japan

You Salty Dog You! images

You Salty Dog You!

Salt. Salt of the earth. Pillars of salt. Earn your daily salt. Take it with a grain of salt.If you visit Shioya (Salt Store) in Azabu Juban you can get all the grains of salt you'll ever need, and then some.Opened just a few months ago Shioya does a booming business in all things salt or …(203 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Take a walk on the nearly wild side images

Take a walk on the nearly wild side

One of the many characteristics of Japanese people is their large tolerance for fashion. Aoyama district is the fashionable place to be for all fashion victims "with classe". Aoyama street is the place to be for fashion designers of the world. They show off their season collections in really ni…(308 words)

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The season of fireworks will start soooooon! images

The season of fireworks will start soooooon!

Summer is the season of fireworks. In Japan, it is an absolutely orgiastic affair. Not to be missed. To attend these fireworks, you need to prepare for extreme crowds, more or less disciplined, and to gear up with: drinks (if possible alcoholic one if you are more than 20 years old), a yukata (…(162 words)

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Asakusa area has a lot of great sightseeing spots images

Asakusa area has a lot of great sightseeing spots

Asakusa area has a lot of great sightseeing spots and you can ride on a “jinrikisha” (rickshaw) to travel around popular historical spots, enjoying interesting explanations given by jinrikishaman. You can select a tour time from a couple of options such as 30 minutes and 60 minutes. We had one arou…(110 words)

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In Basho's Footsteps images

In Basho's Footsteps

In May 1689 the great Haiku poet Matsuo Basho sold his house and began travelling north through Japan. His written impressions of the journey, over 1200 miles later, became The Narrow Road to the Deep North, a compilation of travel sketches in prose and verse which is a famous reminder of Basho’s o…(379 words)

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Nezu Museum images

Nezu Museum

The Nezu Museum (which is near Aoyama, not Nezu) art collection is mainly Asian artifacts, displayed in a few small galleries. While certainly pretty, they are no match for the extraordinary gardens. The Japanese gardens are filled with momiji, bright green in the spring and summer, and shoc…(125 words)

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Kabuki - True Japanese Traditional Entertainment! images

Kabuki - True Japanese Traditional Entertainment!

Perhaps I may be minority here, but many Japanese people have never seen Kabuki or Sumo live. Until today, I couldn't care less, honestly.But, boy was I wrong! I went to the latest one at Meiji-za (not Kabuki-za) with my mother where Ichikawa Somegoro did a very interesting and entertaining p…(228 words)

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Hakone Sightseeing Cruise images

Hakone Sightseeing Cruise

Hakone Sightseeing Cruise links popular sightseeing spots and you can enjoy scenic views of Mt. Fuji if the weather allows. We were not able to see it when we went. You should consider yourself lucky if you get a clear view of the mountain. Even without it, the ride is worth it. Calm, relaxing and …(142 words)

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Sunsets in Japan images

Sunsets in Japan

As Japan is an island nation, if one enjoys sunsets and I think pretty much everyone loves sunsets, then this island nation of Japan has coastlines galore. Take a break from the big city, take a train or drive to the coast, take some photographs with your family and friends. These particular phot…(74 words)

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Fun Places to Chill with Animals images

Fun Places to Chill with Animals

As with many people around the world, Japanese people also love animals and love to own pets. However with limited space and most people living in apartments or small houses, sometimes owning a pet is not allowed or is not an option for those animal lovers.One source of animal happiness people …(396 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

Where to visit when your in Aichi images

Where to visit when your in Aichi

Recommended place for family, couples, and friends.Nagashima Onsen has it all.I went there last year stayed at a near by Ryokan for a night.The first day my friends and I went to the Theme Park.One of the many must rides is the Steal Dragon.It takes you up 97 meters feet dangled from yo…(208 words)

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Yuuki I

Australian Curry Amidst the Green images

Australian Curry Amidst the Green

Many visitors to Japan just stay in the cities with a few day trips to places like Kamakura (great place to visit), or Hakone, or a shopping tour to one of the many outlet malls (Gotanda is a poplular one). But, if you are the outdoorsy type, and want a bit of fresh air and lots of greenery, a …(196 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Easy hike through Kamakura images

Easy hike through Kamakura

Seeking to combine some sight-seeing with a bit of hiking, I found a short hiking course in Kamakura, starting at Kita Kamakura Station and ending up near the Daibutsu, from where the walk can be extended until the sea shore.The trail starts right next to Jochiji temple, and winds into the hill…(427 words)

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Hakkeijima Sea Paradise images

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is just south of Yokohama. This is a great place to spend the day for the whole family. Multiple aquariums with hundreds of varieties of sea life. Total number of sea life is well over 100,000. From sea turtles to penguins and numerous other attractions you may be surpri…(89 words)

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Mt. Fuji and Me images

Mt. Fuji and Me

I wanted to climb Mt. Fuji from the first time I saw it up close. And although it was a beautiful sight, I would have been content to just view it from afar. Seeing Mt. Fuji’s beauty up close was not the reason I wanted to climb to the top. My first visit was to the fifth step in early May of 2011 …(1677 words)

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Psychedelic Buddhas images

Psychedelic Buddhas

Fukagawafudo is so funky. There is a hidden path behind the main stage (?) with thousands of crystal towers. I visited many temples but this is something insanely beautiful. All I can say is wow, who made these???Then go upstairs. There is a dark room with glow in the dark buddhas. There ar…(84 words)

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Old Saidaiji Railway images

Old Saidaiji Railway

Saidaiji is well-known for its Hadaka Matsuri or Naked Festival but few people, even locals are aware that there was once a light rail line that ran to central Okayama City. Saidaiji Railway was in operation from 1911 to 1962 and provided transport along the 11.4 kilometers between what was then Sa…(364 words)

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Beautiful Kyoto images

Beautiful Kyoto

Kyoto is a beautiful city where you discover small temples and shrines around the corner. One step inside and you are in another world, free from the noise of the city, stressless, peaceful. All it takes is a walk along Kamo river, and some curiosity to look around the corners... So, if you ha…(391 words)

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Kamakura: the hydrangeas of Hasedera images

Kamakura: the hydrangeas of Hasedera

June is really probably not one of the best times to be in Japan. Endless days of rain, laundry that doesn't really dry, excursions cut short because of squalls...However the plentiful watering does bring one positive event with it: the riotous blooming of hydrangeas. An attractive weed, they g…(200 words)

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Tokyo Bay Fireworks - HANABI Special buffet Dinner images

Tokyo Bay Fireworks - HANABI Special buffet Dinner

The Tokyo Bay Fireworks are held north of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay. They feature about 12,000 fireworks launched from barges anchored in the water. They have official viewing spots at Harumi Park (15 minute walk from Toyosu Station), but transportation will be really bad especially after…(319 words)

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Service Robot “Sacchan” – Meet her at Huis ten Bosch images

Service Robot “Sacchan” – Meet her at Huis ten Bosch

Huis ten Bosch Theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture is one of the popular sightseeing spots for both international visitors and Japanese residents. They will have a new attraction called "Game Kingdom" starting from 5th of July. At the Game Kingdom, our service robot "Sacchan" will serve a…(267 words)

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Surprise Views of Mount Fuji images

Surprise Views of Mount Fuji

Japan's highest peak, the iconic Mount Fuji was designated UNESCO World Heritage in June 2013. You can experience Mount Fuji during the short climbing season in the summer months, but you might spot it on any day of the year."Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration: The beauty …(287 words)

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Summer is here time to head to the beach! images

Summer is here time to head to the beach!

Hello!It's getting hot and today I would like to recommend a few places to go to cool off at the beach.I live in the Tokai area, there for my advice are for people in Nagoya area.At the end of I will post a link for surf spots locations that is near you regardless of where you live in Japan.…(411 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

Sumo!! images


Sumo-the image conjured up in many gaijin minds is that of a couple of overweight guys in adult diapers belly-bumping each other until one of man falls off a raised platform like a drunken Baby Huey. As a martial artist, I never really thought of sumo in that way, but I get why others would. Still,…(1153 words)

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