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How to Get Tickets for a Japanese Baseball Game images

How to Get Tickets for a Japanese Baseball Game

Being a baseball fanatic, a convenient service I use often at convenience stores is the ticket machines. Using these machines, you can easily purchase any kind of ticket you want. Any of the major combinis (Seven-Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, and Sankus) will have a ticket machine and they have Engl…(80 words)

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Comic Market, The Largest Manga Event in Japan images

Comic Market, The Largest Manga Event in Japan

Comiket, or Comic Market, is Japan’s largest manga related event. It is held once a year in August. To truly understand the appeal, I think you must have a strong passion for Japanese manga culture. What you can find at Comiket are manga related products that are made independently by “circles” or …(138 words)

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A bit exclusive images

A bit exclusive

Japanese "snack" bars are not necessarily what you would think. Just seeing the word "snack" on a shop sign is not an indication that the store serves snacks. They do serve snacks to customers, but this is hardly the original intention for going to a store like this.It would be better to think …(205 words)

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Japanese Etiquette Of Exchanging Name Cards images

Japanese Etiquette Of Exchanging Name Cards

In Japan, the exchange of name cards is much more than just exchanging contact information and is considered almost a ritual carrying great meaning. The way you exchange your card with somebody can greatly influence the impression they get of you. Exchanging cards the "proper" way will make the rec…(198 words)

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Take Yamanote Line!!! images

Take Yamanote Line!!!

Enjoy an excursion by taking Yamanote Line. You should watch this video before your journey. Tokyo Loop Line〔東京(Tokyo)-有楽町(Yurakucho)-新橋(Shinbashi)-浜松町(Hamamatsucho)-田町(Tamachi)-品川(Shinagawa)-大崎(Osaki)-五反田(Gotanda)-目黒(Megu…(51 words)

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Check out JR Rail Pass images

Check out JR Rail Pass

If you purchase a JR rail pass before coming to Japan, you can ride all JR trains and most Shinkansen for no additional fee. One week costs around 28,000 yen and 2 weeks costs around 45,000 yen. Typically, a round trip out to Kyoto or Osaka will cover the cost of a week rail pass.(52 words)

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Roppongi Hills Toho Cinemas in Japan images

Roppongi Hills Toho Cinemas in Japan

The Toho Cinemas movie theater at Roppongi Hills is my favourite in Tokyo. The cinema is fairly new (about ten years) and shows the most English films in the Tokyo area. In Japan, U.S. animation movies are often dubbed into Japanese and only shown in Japanese. Only a selected number of theaters, in…(144 words)

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Hamarikyu Garden, Beautiful and Ancient Garden in Japan images

Hamarikyu Garden, Beautiful and Ancient Garden in Japan

My favourite park in Tokyo is Hamarikyu Garden, right by Shiodome station. I was actually just there the other day and the scenery of the tranquil lakes with Japanese style bridges and gazebos was breathtaking. Entrance is only about 250 yen for and adult and the garden is perfect for a 3-4 hours o…(145 words)

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Toshima Swimming Pool in Japan images

Toshima Swimming Pool in Japan

Living in Yokohama, I rarely go to swimming pools in Tokyo. However, I have ben to Toshima swimming pool once and having quite a fun time. Toshima pool is more than just an ordinary pool. It is a waterpark. Japanese people have a thing for swimming pools and so there are many pools here in Tokyo an…(162 words)

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Great Events On All the Time at Japan's Shinjuku gyoen images

Great Events On All the Time at Japan's Shinjuku gyoen

You would never fail to enjoy cherry blossoms at the Shinjuku-gyoen every spring time. Five minute-walk from the south exit of JR Shinjuku will lead you there.There are Rose festivals and beautiful Autumn colors to enjoy too!If you are in Shinjuku and want a reprieve from the crowds and bu…(71 words)

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Japan's Animal Viewing Oasis is Tama Zoo images

Japan's Animal Viewing Oasis is Tama Zoo

Tama Zoo is one of the most popular Zoos in Japan.I recommend that you should go to Tama-zoo because it is surrounded by nature and will make for a lovely full day of fun.You will enjoy all the animals and insects located in Tama-zoo. Get off at the TAMA-DOUBUTSUEN (Keio-Line),where you wil…(82 words)

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Odaiba images


I recommend a venture to Odaiba, a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay. To Odaiba, you can take the underground trains (Rinkai line) connecting to the JR lines or the Yurikamome line.The Yurikamome (meaning seagull) is a monorail that gives you a fantastic tour around the bay, which is one of …(222 words)

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Fun for Kids & Families to enjoy all over Japan images

Fun for Kids & Families to enjoy all over Japan

Of course there are amusement parks, including Disneyland and Universal Studios in Japan; fun playgrounds and adventure parks too. But I think even the day to day can offer fun experiences for kids. Kaiten-sushi (sushi train) shops are lots of fun, soba and udon noodle shops, buffet dining and …(292 words)

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Suntory hall images

Suntory hall

I like Suntory Hall in Roppongi! The main hall made of oak is very beautiful and makes the sound very warm. I enjoyed the orchestra concert in the main hall and the chamber music in the small hall.Also the hall is very famous for the pipe organ which is one of the largest in the world! …(99 words)

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Edo-Tokyo museum images

Edo-Tokyo museum

If you are interested in Edo culture I recommend the Edo-Tokyo Museum next to Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumo Arena). You can see the lifestyle of people who were living in the big city in Edo period. When I visited there I could enjoy a Japanese traditional music show like Syamisen and Koto performanc…(70 words)

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Ghibli Museum images

Ghibli Museum

I love the place even I'm not a comic fanatic.May not need to explain about Ghibli animation films.My favorite is Kurenai-no-Buta, Porco Rosso.Details : words)

Moo Moo image

Moo Moo

Enjoy walking around central Tokyo images

Enjoy walking around central Tokyo

I have never lived in Tokyo, but I love day trips there. I would spend a few hours walking around Omotesando and Harajuku- interesting people watching and window shopping, great dining, shady streets, very international & trendy cafes al…(171 words)

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The Best Natural Japanese Hot Springs in Japan images

The Best Natural Japanese Hot Springs in Japan

This is the only location I have ever seen in Japan that has a natural hot spring pool in the indoor pool area. This means you can go in with your family in your bathing suit and enjoy the deep mineral bath. The water feels very smooth and thick in a way as it comes up from 1500 meters below this h…(93 words)


The Most Spectacular View of Tokyo, Japan is Surprisingly Not in Tokyo images

The Most Spectacular View of Tokyo, Japan is Surprisingly Not in Tokyo

Well, I love the observation deck in Landmark Tower. It is in Yokohama (10 minutes walk on electric walkways) from Sakuragicho station one stop after Yokohama station but it is the second highest building in Japan and has a great observatory floor. The Royal Park Hotel in the building has great res…(92 words)


Tokyo View For Free images

Tokyo View For Free

The 45th floor observatory of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office (City Hall / Tochō) in Shinjuku offers sweeping views of Tokyo and across the Kanto Plain to Mount Fuji (on clear days). Entrance is free. Take the observatory elevator from the 1st Floor of Main Building Number 1. H…(67 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

Kurokawa Onsen in Kumamoto Prefecture images

Kurokawa Onsen in Kumamoto Prefecture

The first onsen I ever visited in Japan was Kurokawa Onsen in Kumamoto Prefecture. Although I've visited many other onsens in the 19 years I've been in Japan (and they're all nice!), my favorite is still Kurokawa Onsen. Why? Because the view is FANTASTIC! The rotenburos (outdoor hot spring pools) a…(106 words)

Andrea Miyata image

Andrea Miyata

The city center and near train stations images

The city center and near train stations

The further you get from the city center or a train station, the cheaper the land is likely to be. People want to live near a station and enjoy the convenience of the city center so land prices will be high in these areas. This would be the case for any city but major cities would be more expensive…(65 words)

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Yamanote Area images

Yamanote Area

If you come to Tokyo to do some sightseeing, you will most definitely be riding the yamanote train line, which loops around downtown Tokyo, stopping at all the most key entry points.The "Yamanote" area historically has been considered very upper class Tokyo, while Asakusa, Ueno, and those areas…(124 words)

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A Trek around Odaiba images

A Trek around Odaiba

If you are willing to take to the road and walk the distance, I highly recommend crossing from central Tokyo into the Odaiba area. You can get there across the rainbow bridge, which will provide an excellent view of the Tokyo bay and the surrounding industrial landscape, which is actually quite bea…(134 words)

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Past and Present images

Past and Present

A "historical" location is a bit of an open ended term, as basically anywhere in Tokyo that has existed for an amount of time is in its own right historical. if you are interested in the evolution of Tokyo through the Meiji and Showa periods, leading up to the current Heisei period which began in t…(113 words)

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Yokohama Bay Bridge images

Yokohama Bay Bridge

I took this picture as I was returning from one of the outer Tokyo islands, Oshima, on a large passenger ship. As you approach the Tokyo bay, nestled between the Miura peninsula, and the Chiba Peninsula, you can begin to feel the magnitude of the ocean commerce of this area of Japan. Cranes, power …(170 words)

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Walking a Historical Path images

Walking a Historical Path

Tokyo, as well as Japanese commerce in general, was structured largely along walking routes in the 16th to 18th centuries. Tokyo has done a good job of preserving its classic street structures, so when you walk down a road in downtown Tokyo, of course the shops have grown from small, one-merchant s…(171 words)

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Spread-out sights images

Spread-out sights

Tokyo's best examples of modern architecture tend to be fairly spread out over the city, so you're better off checking out a building here and there instead of trying to take them all in in a single day (or even a week). Here are a three of my favorites.Tokyo International Forum, Yurakucho Stat…(212 words)

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Fujino Art Walk images

Fujino Art Walk

Fujino station, which is a bit far west from Tokyo, is a very cool starting point to some walking courses lined with modern art from local artists. Fujino has actually been considered an "artist town" since the end of WWII, and although is somewhat struggling in the modern day, the public art remai…(126 words)

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Craziest Amusement Park in Japan, Fujikyu Highland images

Craziest Amusement Park in Japan, Fujikyu Highland

I was at Fujikyu Highland the other day for a speech and from the window in the hotel I spied this unbelievable drop on their huger roller coaster. Yes, you are right, it actually inclines like that and you could hear the screams of delight all through the day. The park did not seem very crowded on…(125 words)


Otaku Battles images

Otaku Battles

There are groups who dress up in camouflage clothing and run about in various settings - woods, countryside, even urban - shooting at each other with air guns. These outings are actually organized and some of the participants will own several models of air guns. They even have magazines dedicated t…(75 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

I concur about Roppongi Hills Observatory but don't forget the Big Picture too images

I concur about Roppongi Hills Observatory but don't forget the Big Picture too

Indeed, I second the advice that the Roppongi Hills Observatory - the night view in particular - is to be recommended. But in fact I think you can get a nice view from many other locations in the Roppongi Hills area, whether in the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (Academy Hills) facilities on 49th floor,…(143 words)

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Sunrise on the New Year's Morning images

Sunrise on the New Year's Morning

You will only get one chance a year at this, but if you happen to be in Japan during the new year, you can see literally the first sunrise on earth. Many people will either stay up all night or wake up especially early to see the first sun in "the land of the rising sun" no less.However, even i…(148 words)

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Shinjuku - Southern Terrace images

Shinjuku - Southern Terrace

Across from Takashimaya, Southern Terrace - some pretty good illuminations.(10 words)

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First Visit for the New Year - Hatsumode images

First Visit for the New Year - Hatsumode

Many Japanese people visit shrines and temples during the first days of the year. It is a way to start into the new year. The new year starts at midnight, so people line up already in the evening of December 31. At the big popular places like Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa or Meijijingu in Harajuku it …(161 words)

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The Magical DisneySea Perfect for Families images

The Magical DisneySea Perfect for Families

It seems a no-brainer that Disney Sea would be one of the places you dont want to miss during your visit to Japan. Disneyland is in a few places around the world, but Japan is the only country to have a Disney Sea (the fourth most visited theme park in the world) that focuses on the nautical, explo…(375 words)


Robert Yellin is the person to talk to about Japanese Pottery images

Robert Yellin is the person to talk to about Japanese Pottery

I have never met anyone who knows more about Japanese pottery than Robert Yellin. I visited his Kyoto gallery a few years ago as was deeply impressed with his selection of pottery and his love of Japan. He is also a super nice guy and very easy to talk to. You can learn more about Robert athttp:/…(73 words)

Jeff Aasgaard image

Jeff Aasgaard

Itami in Hyogo Prefecture images

Itami in Hyogo Prefecture

Itami city is located in Hyogo Prefecture – known as a town for Itami Airport. Itami is also known as a is the birthplace of Seishu (refined sake). They have the oldest Sake storehouse in existence that is clear when it was build. They are important cultural property that pass on the history of t…(91 words)

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Asakusa's Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise Street in the Evening images

Asakusa's Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise Street in the Evening

Many tourists visit Asakusa and the Senso-ji temple during the day and it gets quiet in the evening. As one of the major tourist attractions in Tokyo, it is usually quite crowded here, but by the time the shops close in Nakamise-dori between 18:00 and 19:00 most visitors leave. At night, the temple…(194 words)

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Day Trekking at Mt. Takao images

Day Trekking at Mt. Takao

At 599 meters, or just under 2,000 feet, Mount Takao - Takaozan in Japanese - isn't an especially high mountain. However, with over half a dozen trails leading to the top, in addition to a cable car and chair lift that goes about halfway to the summit, Takaozan offers a great place for a day outing…(822 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters