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Fancy hotels in Tokyo images

Fancy hotels in Tokyo

Hotel Okura and the Imperial Palace hotel are 2 out of the many, very fancy hotels in Tokyo. The restaurants at either hotels are excellent offering a variety of food. From Chinese, American, French and Italian.(35 words)

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Easy as pie! images

Easy as pie!

The process of checking-in is similar to that of hotels in other countries. You should go to the front desk and tell them your name and other information to do with your reservation. From that point onwards, the employees will guide you on the use of the room ticket, meals, how to get around, when …(94 words)

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Business vs Economy images

Business vs Economy

Serviced apartments in Tokyo tend to be some of the nicest options you could possibly have for housing. Many foreign businessmen choose a serviced apartment over a long term hotel stay, for obvious reasons of comfort, and avoiding the logistics of moving into a new place, dealing with Japanese real…(143 words)

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Serviced Apartments and Share Houses images

Serviced Apartments and Share Houses

For short stays in Tokyo, and indeed for the rest of Japan, hotels are very convenient. However, you should be aware that hotels in Japan typically charge per head, and not per room (there are exceptions), so hotels can become an expensive proposition.The alternative to hotels, are serviced or fu…(254 words)

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Just go to the website! images

Just go to the website!

The easiest way would be to go to the hotel's website. The big hotels usually have their sites in English as well. If you see an "English" link on the website, press that. If not, try to look for 予約 on the website. From there it is straightforward. You just have to input the days that you wan…(119 words)

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Upscale hotels, Business hotels, Dormitories, Youth Hostels are diff types of lodgings available in Japan images

Upscale hotels, Business hotels, Dormitories, Youth Hostels are diff types of lodgings available in Japan

Tokyo has many diff types of lodging facilities..It has the upscale 3 star or 5 star hotels like Ritz Carlton and Hyatt etc. Then there are business hotels like Hotel Villa Fontaine, Park Inn etc which are in the range of 7000 JPY - 10000 JPY depending on season etc. Then there are servic…(140 words)

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Fancy Hotel images

Fancy Hotel

Mandarine Hotel In Ginza ~ Best View of Skytree ,Rainbow Bridge, Shinjuku ....All The Restaurants Are Fantastic Too(17 words)

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A Pension by any other name... images

A Pension by any other name...

The Japanese have a type of accomodation that is called a "pension." It is much like a minshuku, another type of hotel, but the pension usually has a Western feel, while a minshuku is usually quite Japanese. In general, pensions are found in the countryside and are much like a bed and breakfast. …(68 words)

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Change slippers for the toilet! images

Change slippers for the toilet!

Do not wear your room slippers into the toilet area, this will really annoy people. Use the provided toilet slippers.(20 words)

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automatic check-in images

automatic check-in

some budget business hotels offer self-check in, there you will find a kiosk in the lobby, key in your reservation number, check the dates, insert cash (it also gives changes), collect the key card and you are good to go. No wonder some says you can get by in Tokyo for days without talking to a rea…(58 words)

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Japanese Bed and Breakfast Manners images

Japanese Bed and Breakfast Manners

Japanese bed and breakfast facilities resemble their British bread and breakfast lodgings, but often with several differences. Many Japanese establishments offer both dinner and breakfast. Before arrival, make sure which meals are offered. More often than not, "breakfast" will beJapanese st…(177 words)

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Perfet place for taking nap images

Perfet place for taking nap

Comic cafes (or Manga Cafe) are perfect place for taking nap. You fill out a registration form at a counter for the first time then you will be assigned a chair or flat mat. Those spaces are separately by walls and are usually equipped with a desktop PC with a headset.You might want just browse…(105 words)

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Best check with the ward office. images

Best check with the ward office.

Hello from Mido :) Yes... the recycling system is very very confusing here in Japan. On every ward or city, there are garbage recycling rules, and the best way is to check your ward/city office website. Depending on the ward you live, there are even areas where you don't have to recycle muc…(137 words)

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Balian resorts images

Balian resorts

Balian resorts offer different type of room for couples or families. Some of the hotels have facilities such as karaoke, table tennis, snooker, darts etc. They are all free. Check their website to learn more. A lot of complimentaries that will surprise you. Excellent cost performance! Beautiful roo…(58 words)

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Hotel New Grand in Yokohama, Yamashita Cho images

Hotel New Grand in Yokohama, Yamashita Cho

You should go to Hotel New Grand. It takes only two minutes from Motomachi-Chukagai Train Station. ( Minatomirai Line, Terminal Station). Or you can walk from Ishikawa Cho Train Station of JA East line. It takes 20 minutes on foot.Why do you have to go? Because you want to have a memorial swe…(189 words)

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A decent hotel substitute images

A decent hotel substitute

In Tokyo I have used internet cafes that don't even ask for identification. In Okayama many of them require you to have a members card which makes some sort of identification necessary. They charge by time intervals but it depends on the establishment. 10-15 minutes, 30 minutes or hourly rates are …(69 words)

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Home Yakiniku images

Home Yakiniku

One of the best ways to have a home party in a small space is having a home yakiniku party. It doesn't take much. All you need is a ¥4,000 hot plate and a table. chairs optional as you get the best experience from eating while sitting on the floor. You can cook yakiniku outdoors if your bal…(188 words)

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The Landlord

Conbini Trashcans images

Conbini Trashcans

If you are a resident of Japan, throwing away your household garbage at a convenience store is somewhat scorned. You may ask, "why use a convenience store?". Many wards and cities in Tokyo require that you purchase special garbage bags for your household trash, with a large bag running about 100 ye…(187 words)

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Machida images


Urban amenities yet close to greener areas west of Tokyo Proper (23 wards); good access to Kanagawa also!(17 words)

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Stay a while in Tokyo images

Stay a while in Tokyo

If you want to be in the city for an extended stay the best option is to check out the serviced apartments. An online search for Tokyo Serviced Apartments turns up a myriad of options.If you're just staying a few days, but don't want to stay in a hotel, check out a vacation rental property. www…(117 words)

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Joe Peters

Recommendations - How to spend your extended stay in Tokyo images

Recommendations - How to spend your extended stay in Tokyo

If you are staying by yourself then suggest to sleep over at a local Capsule hotel. Capsule hotels are unique invention of japan namely for the weary office workers ("salarymen") who travel long distances daily or for those looking for a cheaper and cleaner alternative for a good night`s sleep. If …(292 words)

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Samir Bodhe

Looking for a great location outside of Tokyo? Kichijoji is Great! images

Looking for a great location outside of Tokyo? Kichijoji is Great!

Staying for more than a few days in Central Tokyo can be a drain, both on the wallet and the mind. There are other cities that don't sleep, but there are few cities in the world that remain as bustling and wide awake 24-7-365 as Tokyo.While both the Imperial Palace grounds - Kokyo - and Yoyogi…(437 words)

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