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Monja Town images

Monja Town

If you want an Tokyo "Shitamachi" experience, go to Monja Town near Tsukishima Station on the Yurakucho Line. You will find over 200 small shops that serve a Tokyo specific culinary wonder: monja. It is a delicious mix of vegetables and meats cooked on a hot table. Now a meal with beer, monja used …(71 words)

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Meeting someone in Shinjuku images

Meeting someone in Shinjuku

The most popular meeting spot in Shinjuku tends to be in front of the Studio Alta building. The building is close to the station and is convenient to shopping and nightlife on the east side of the station. But if you are either coming from the west side, or meeting someone staying at any of the m…(125 words)

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Leave the dog images

Leave the dog

The most popular meeting place in Shibuya is, by far, at the Hachiko statue, the famous dog. But not only is the place crowded, but the odor of tobacco is extremely difficult to bear for a non-smoker. The best place near Hachiko is inside the green train car located in the plaza area. However, t…(71 words)

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Hama-rikyu Garden images

Hama-rikyu Garden

I recommend the Hama-rikyu Gardens founded in the Edo period. The place is like an oasis in Tokyo. You can relax under the numerous trees in the garden and still see the surrounding skyscrapers. It's a mix of old and modern Tokyo!How to get to this park? 7 minutes walk from Tsukijishijo station…(74 words)

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How do I have fun taking purikura booth photos? images

How do I have fun taking purikura booth photos?

The word "purikura" is shorthand for "print club" (purinto kurabu)." It refers to photo stickers that can be purchased in a photo booth. People enter a purikura booth (akin to machines that take passport photos), pop in a coin, get their photo taken against decorative and playful backgrounds, and …(95 words)

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Amusement Parks images

Amusement Parks

Tokyo Disneyland is fun and popular but if you want to have an experience of a unique retro amusement park in Tokyo, I recommend Asakusa Hanayashiki without hesitation. It is the oldest amusement park in Japan (originally opened in 1853) It is extremely small, but there is a ton of stuff packed …(55 words)

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Futsal in Shibuya images

Futsal in Shibuya

There are several good futsal courts in Tokyo. Due to lack of land in the city center the ones with best access are often found on rooftops. One of the more spectacular options is Adidas' court on top of the Tokyu building right at Shibuya station, perfect for a breezy late night summer activity. S…(105 words)

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YMCA images


You could always organize futsal games and the like in one of Tokyo's many parks, but the logistics of getting to parks or the riverside can be somewhat difficult. The solution of course is to seek futsal courts within the downtown areas of Tokyo which everyone can access easily. Not to mention hav…(123 words)

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Ping Pong and beer images

Ping Pong and beer

Table tennis is quite often played at leisure while drinking, much like billiards and darts. EST Shibuya Takkyuu Club is located close to Shibuya station on the 9th floor of an entertainment center. Open until 4:30AM (Mon-Thu) and 5:30AM (Fri-Sun) it makes for a fun hide-out if you have missed the …(72 words)

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A great way to immerse yourself in Japan images

A great way to immerse yourself in Japan

Almost every university and high school in Japan hosts a festival or fair every year around the beginning of November. In these fairs, each class is responsible for an event, such as a play, a game, cafes, food, etc. Often, each university and high school is famous for an aspect of their festival, …(97 words)

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The wooded South of Tokyo images

The wooded South of Tokyo

South of Tokyo, in Kanagawa prefecture, lies a quiet wood called Kiyokawa-mura. The rivers run through the steep and forested hills of this district, and it is very popular for both camping and barbecues. There are many options for simply camping, but another popular option is renting out a cottage…(128 words)

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Make funny faces and have fun decorating! images

Make funny faces and have fun decorating!

Usually, at purikura machines, you take six photos. For about two of them, my friends and I just smile and do a pose. For the other four, we do funny poses or make faces that make us laugh. The best part of the experience is decorating the photos with comments, drawings and glitters. We can even ch…(121 words)

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Football teams images

Football teams

I think many cheerleaders, according to the Texan definition, are quite visible at football events in Japan (which seems to be more popular in Kansai from my feel of things, with Kyoto University being a "powerhouse")(36 words)

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MAYThis is  traditional festivals (omatsuri) !AROUD ASAKUSA CARNIVAL. SAMBA IN TOKYO(asakusa)!! words)

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Umi no Ie images

Umi no Ie

Beachfront facilities offer a variety of food and drinks, so if you get hungry you can always hit a Umi no Ie! Some of them even have DJs who blast music and,of course, they have space for customers to dance.(41 words)

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Water ski images

Water ski

It might be difficult to enjoy water sports in Tokyo because there aren't many beaches around. But you can always go to Zushi and Kamakura area where the water is relatively clean and one has a better chance at participating in marine sports.(43 words)

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Japan Festivals and when, where and how to enjoy. images

Japan Festivals and when, where and how to enjoy.

Wow, where do I begin, there are many many many festivals in around Tokyo to enjoy in the hot hot days of summer.Matsuri, Samba, Fireworks, Music! You name it Tokyo has it. Since there are so many, I'd like to guide you to this link, which has a nice list and lots of info for you to choose fr…(110 words)

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Eastern side of Tokyo images

Eastern side of Tokyo

You can see these area in the eastern area of Tokyo. Fukagawa-area which is located around Monzen-nakacho is one of Shitamachi area and there is a Shitamachi museum where you can see the town of Edo period.Tsukishima area is also great.(42 words)

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Tomioka Hachiman images

Tomioka Hachiman

Festival at Tomioka Hachiman is great. Once three years, there are lots of Omikoshi going out in the town. That is called Mizukake Matsuri (water pouring festival).I also recommend the festival at Ohtori shrine in Meguro. It is held in September.(42 words)

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Roppongi, Shibuya, Ebisu, Shinjuku, Marunouchi are some good areas.. images

Roppongi, Shibuya, Ebisu, Shinjuku, Marunouchi are some good areas..

Roppongi, Shibuya, Ebisu, Shinjuku, Marunouchi are some good areas where you can meet or bump into foreigners. A971 - near midtown, PinkCow Club very near to Roppongi square, Oakdoor (in Hyat)PCM - Marunouchi - - Akasaka - http://www.miyoshi…(183 words)

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Join Bonodori (Bon dance) in the summer time! images

Join Bonodori (Bon dance) in the summer time!

I was surprised and excited that there are a lot of festivals in Tokyo.One of the summer festival called "bonodori"The Bon dance is the Japanese traditional folk dance. The home coming for the souls of ancestors, Join in the Bonodori is fun!People go to their neighborhood bonodori. Lo…(91 words)

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Omatsuri in Tokyo images

Omatsuri in Tokyo

I think the one of the best festival in Tokyo is the Akasuka SANJYA MATSURI this festival is held on the 3rd week of May Friday,~sunday!! In this festival both men & women participate!!! Asakusa is the last station on the Ginza line (subway)(44 words)

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Kamogawa, Chiba images

Kamogawa, Chiba

I recommend visiting Kamogawa, Chiba. The station name is Awa-Kamogawa and it's about 2 hours from Tokyo on JR. Nice family safe beaches a short walk from the hotels or traditional Japanese ryokans. If you're interested in surfing, the surfers are there from daybreak to sunset. Surfing rentals …(67 words)

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Surf's up; bring a notebook images

Surf's up; bring a notebook

If you're a surfer, make note of the best breaks you see while riding with a great view of the seaside. Record what stations you found them between and any landmarks you pass along the way.(36 words)

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If you would like to try water ski in Tokyo.. images

If you would like to try water ski in Tokyo..

You can sometime see water skiing in Edogawa.In Japan, you can see lots of people ride water ski in a summer time.It was actually really popular in late 80's and early 90's but it is not much popular as before.I found this website and it looks really helpful if you would like to try water…(106 words)

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Fire works party at Jingu Stadium images

Fire works party at Jingu Stadium

If it's summer time, you can see one of the most beautiful fireworks in Japan with in nice environment. Jingu Gaien Fireworks is very nice. You can enjoy fireworks at the ball park (stadium) words)

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You can buy "fake food" keepsakes too images

You can buy "fake food" keepsakes too

You can buy fake food keepsakes online in English here! words)

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OKUTAMA Camping!!! images

OKUTAMA Camping!!!

OKUTAMA offers easy access by train from Tokyo city center and also it is a wonderful area of natural features.For more information about Camping in Japan,THE JAPAN CAMP ASSOCIATION will be helpful.Tel: (03) 3469-0217 They can probably advise on the best camping grounds for your family. …(70 words)

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Koenji Awa Odori images

Koenji Awa Odori

Awa Odori is originate from Tokushima.It is a part of Bon dance: the parties (Ren )dance along the music of syamisen(three stringed), taiko drum, and shinobue flute with the duple beats:)One of the biggest awa odori festivals are held in Koenji. Few minutes train trip from Shinjuku.Every year, ro…(86 words)

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Plastic food samples in Japan - go to Kappabashi! images

Plastic food samples in Japan - go to Kappabashi!

If you are in Tokyo, you can go to an area of town very close to Asakusa called Kappabashi. The area is known as the place to go for all kinds of tools, food equipment, etc. But what I liked most about the place was all the stores selling the fake plastic food. This is probably the place where r…(105 words)

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William Nealy

Surfing in Chiba images

Surfing in Chiba

Getting out of Tokyo for a 1.5 hour train ride, one can find plenty of surfing spots along the Pacific coast in Chiba. For Tokyoites, Chiba offers relatively good waves and clean water--much cleaner than the beaches of nearby Shonan (Kanagawa).Although it's easier to travel out to the beach by…(132 words)

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Digging for clams during May-July season images

Digging for clams during May-July season

there are many seasides that open for visitos to collect clams during May-July. The nearest to Tokyo is the seaside at Funabashi city. If you haven't tried this, it would be a good experience, as thousands of locals will flock the seaside (quite muddy). Not like any other seasides, clams are easily…(85 words)

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rent a bicycle to cover the wider yokohama images

rent a bicycle to cover the wider yokohama

I have tried both, walk or cycle, and found that cycling is fun in Yokohama. One can cover all the lanes/streets by bicycle easily within a day, enjoying the elegant building structure and discover the old and new Yokohama. If you stay at Balian resorts, they have bicycles (free) standby for their…(57 words)

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Where to get plastic food samples? images

Where to get plastic food samples?

Just go to 'Tokyu hands'. (Not TOKYO but TOKYU). ask a shop assistant where to get plastic food samples. We are sure he/she will guide you to get them with smile.(39 words)

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"Gakuensai" or the fair is usually held on autumn season. images

"Gakuensai" or the fair is usually held on autumn season.

Each university fair has its own unique feature and the event generally lasts three to four days. "Gaigosai" is hosted by Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Fair Committee. There will be theater performances conducted in various languages. Students from each language department will take part in…(126 words)

Hatha Yoga Lover image

Hatha Yoga Lover

Firefly Festival "Hotaru Matsuri" images

Firefly Festival "Hotaru Matsuri"

Firefly festivals are held all over Japan usually at the beginning of summer. Almost every community with a waterway has one and they are open to the public. There are usually food stalls selling yaki soba (fried noodles) and yaki tori (chicken kebabs).(43 words)

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Noge Street Performance Festival images

Noge Street Performance Festival

Many street performers participates to this local festivals in Noge, Yokohama. It's best to take public transport to Minato Mirai, Sakuragi-Cho, or Hinode cho stations. FYI:this year of 2013, the festival will be held on the weekend:5th, 6th Oct.(40 words)

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Myoko Kogen images

Myoko Kogen

I recommend Myoko Kogen in Niigata. It is not on a shinkansen (bullet train) line so it is a lot less busy to other more famous ski resorts on the shinkansen lines. You can read more about Myoko Kogen here ( you prefer nice powder snow, I recommend …(76 words)

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Tokyo for Under ¥10,000/day images

Tokyo for Under ¥10,000/day

You might consider wandering through Tokyo station and its environs. There are many fine restaurants and the building itself has been magnificently restored.(23 words)

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Your inner-monster images

Your inner-monster

Japanese monsters are totally different from Occidental one.There also are much more frightening because they are not any entity that you can pinpoint and kill, something different from you. No no nooo. The Japanese monsters emanates from your dark side!Go back to the 10th century: litteratur…(319 words)

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