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The best way to buys bullet train tickets images

The best way to buys bullet train tickets

Although it's possible to purchase bullet train tickets at the automated ticket machines, I prefer to stand in line at the train ticket office (usually located near the shinkansen entrance in stations). Even though this sometimes entails standing in line for a few extra minutes, I prefer being abl…(180 words)

Andrea Miyata image

Andrea Miyata

One park to the next images

One park to the next

A great cycling course for all skill levels is the length of Inokashira Ave., which runs from Inokashira park in Kichijoji, to Yoyogi park in Harajuku. I always recommend this course for bikers and walkers alike, because it gives you a great idea of the distinct environments of Tokyo suburbia and t…(111 words)

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Back it in images

Back it in

When boarding a really packed train in the morning, it may look like there is absolutely no more space, with people already flush against the entrance way. However, don't be fooled, as there is still space in between each person. They simply maximize the amount of space they have at the moment, so …(135 words)

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Start Train-ing! images

Start Train-ing!

There are sooo many trains in the Tokyo Metropolitan area! It is a maze for people who live here; for a visitor, it may seem a huge mess. But getting around by train is often the best way to get around, so start your train-ing early in your visit.I recommend two things to make train riding ea…(241 words)

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How to Ride Trains in Japan images

How to Ride Trains in Japan

The idea of riding a train in Japan can be intimidating. There really are so many different lines that almost for a web over Tokyo. However, you shouldn't be intimidated. Most signs are also in English and buying a ticket is easy. From personal experience, I think buying a ticket in Japan is easier…(132 words)

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Southern Beach images

Southern Beach

South of Tokyo in Chigasaki on the Tokaido line lies a convenient option for a day at the beach, or for the more sporty, a day in the surf. Chigasaki beach has very easy access from the station, and along the way are plenty of shops and restaurants.A good solution for board rentals is the South…(127 words)

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What is Japan's Transportation Like? images

What is Japan's Transportation Like?

The answer to this question really depends on where in Tokyo you ant to go to. If you want to get to the Shinagawa area or anywhere on the Keikyu and Asakusa lines, you should take the Keikyu line. It only takes about 15 minutes to Shinagawa. The Tokyo monorail will get you to the Hamamatsu-cho are…(134 words)

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How Do I Get to Haneda Airport? images

How Do I Get to Haneda Airport?

The Tokyo Monorail is one of the most convenient ways to get to and from Tokyo and Haneda Airport. From the International Terminal, the non-stop Haneda Express only takes 13 minutes to get to Hamamatsu-cho station where you can transfer to the Yamanote line. On top of its convenience, the monorail …(80 words)

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Enjoy the scenery in a Jinrikisha! images

Enjoy the scenery in a Jinrikisha!

An interesting type of transportation is "Jinrikisha," which is a wooden carriage with two wheels pulled by a person. I have see nthese in areas such as Asakusa and Kamakura. This is one of the oldest forms of transportation in Japan and is a great way for tourists to get to know the area. From the…(110 words)

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Just charge it and swipe it images

Just charge it and swipe it

You can purchase a suica card from most major train stations for a 500 yen deposit. You can then add credit to the card at most train stations. You can swipe it at train station turnstiles, vending machines and many convenience stores until it runs out of credit.(47 words)

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Enjoy Scenery in Japan Without Having to Walk images

Enjoy Scenery in Japan Without Having to Walk

The seishun 18 ticket is a very cheap way to travel long distance on trains in Japan. The ticket is sold in sets of five and one set costs 11,300yen. The amazing thing is that one ticket will allow you to travel on any JR local train in Japan as many times as you want with in 24 hours. This is amaz…(172 words)

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Best Way to Get to Yokohama, Japan images

Best Way to Get to Yokohama, Japan

The Tokaido line covers 700km from Tokyo to Kobe station, the longest distance among all local trains in Japan. However, one train on the line will not take you from Tokyo to Kobe. You will have to transfer many times. In the Tokyo area, the Tokaido line runs from Tokyo station South to Yokohama an…(107 words)

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Royal Wing from Osanbashi Pier in Japan images

Royal Wing from Osanbashi Pier in Japan

Osanbashi pier is in Yokohama, but it is easily accessible from Tokyo on the Toyoko line. I grew up in Yokohama and have taken the cruise on the royal wing a couple of times. The cruise is very beautiful and you get a nice tour of Yokohama Bay. The ship will go under Yokohama Bay Bridge and then ma…(153 words)

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A breathtaking run to Minatomirai images

A breathtaking run to Minatomirai

As a person who lives in Yokohama, my favorite jogging route starts at Motomachi Station. Turn a right and run to the park that is right in front of the first crossroad. When you go up an incline, there is a Bridge below the highway that leads you to the Yokohama Doll Museum and Yamashita Park - a …(212 words)

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A dip into the hot springs in Enoshima Island Spa images

A dip into the hot springs in Enoshima Island Spa

One of the best hot springs near Tokyo is Enoshima Island Spa, which is easily accessible from Tokyo and is right near the Enoshima Station. There are set to three different temperatures to suit your body. Also, before you enter, there is an explanation on how to use the baths for different aims: r…(100 words)

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Yakatabune in Shinagawa images

Yakatabune in Shinagawa

If you go to Shinagawa, you will see Yakatabune in the bay, which are Japanese house boats. They often offer day and night cruises with various dining options. I highly recommend a night cruise that goes by the famous Rainbow Bridge.(41 words)

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Go to Shinagawa images

Go to Shinagawa

Shinagawa has some of the nicest evening yakatabune dinner cruises because of its close proximity to Roppongi's Tokyo Tower and the famous Rainbow bridge. You can either make reservations online or show up at a dock where they are parked.(40 words)

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Ask the Driver images

Ask the Driver

I've lived in Japan for about 4 years, and I'm still very confused about the bus system, mostly because all of the stops listed between the starting and ending point are very small neighborhood areas with names that you really won't know unless you are a regular rider, or you live in the area.T…(149 words)

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Not only for Transport images

Not only for Transport

The Suica IC card is truly the ultimate IC card which makes transportation so much easier, obviating the need to buy a ticket. However, it does so much more. Suica can be used for shopping at most convenient stores, all kiosks at stations, and all vending machines at stations. The number of pla…(267 words)

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Futuristic Boat Ride images

Futuristic Boat Ride

Ride the futuristic "Himiko" which runs from Asakusa to Odaiba Seaside Park, to Toyosu and then back to Asakusa. The boat is designed so you can get a great panoramic view and its a nice change of pace from the trains/buses/taxis.Great day trip: Visit Asakusa then take this boat to Odaiba!h…(62 words)

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Beautiful Sumidagawa River near Asakusa or Shinagawa Tokyo. Japan from a river view is truly lovely. images

Beautiful Sumidagawa River near Asakusa or Shinagawa Tokyo. Japan from a river view is truly lovely.

Honestly, when I hear the word "Yakatabune", what comes up in my mind first is; a night river cruise in a decent sized house boat with inner tables, legless chairs installed on a tatami floor in it, where, you are probably with your close friends or good colleagues at work, and will be served tradi…(392 words)

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A Serious Tour images

A Serious Tour

If you are like many, you have at least a mild fantasy about seeing the sights of a country while on a vehicle, whether it be a car, motorcycle, or bicycle. Japan is a country that makes it slightly difficult to be motorized, particularly in Tokyo, so the best option is the healthiest, and in my op…(190 words)

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Keep a seat for someone later! images

Keep a seat for someone later!

You will notice that when you enter a train, in most of the train cars there will be a reserved area for people who need the seat: these are called "priority seats". Of course, you can just leave it up to logic in regard to who actually needs the seat, but there will be some symbols on the window n…(196 words)

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Why not take this! images

Why not take this!

There are lots of access between Tokyo and Narita airport.By train, Narita Express (JR) Skyliner(Keisei) are popularly express way.(applox60min) NaritaExpress 2,940Yen(Narita ~Tokyo) Skyliner 2,400Yen(Narita ~Ueno),150Yen(Ueno~Tokyo) total 2,550YenIts a little bit expensive... Local train1…(167 words)

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Cable Cars - Nothing like San Francisco, though! images

Cable Cars - Nothing like San Francisco, though!

There are many so-called "cable cars" in Japan, but most are really ropeways. They are pre-attached to the cable and are drawn directly by pulling the cable. A cable car, on the other hand, is controlled by the driver. The cable, usually underground, is constantly moving. The driver chooses to …(243 words)

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Centered around the Imperial Palace images

Centered around the Imperial Palace

Roads in Tokyo can be a bit confusing to learn one by one, but fortunately there is a pretty cool system for generally figuring out your orientation. "Kan" means cycle, or in this case circle, so we have "Kan-ichi (one)" through 8.This refers to a series of roads circling the imperial palace, l…(138 words)

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Imperial Palace Loop images

Imperial Palace Loop

The Imperial Palace sits at the center of Tokyo, and just next to what has become the business epicenter of Tokyo, and moreover the world. Even though this is a very dense area with buildings and people, the area immediately around the Imperial Palace has been preserved and is well kept to look gre…(197 words)

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Check out One day ticket! images

Check out One day ticket!

Almost every train companies offer some sort of one day tickect. Train ride in Tokyo can cost a lot if you get on a lot of different lines to look around. I recommend to look for an information about one day ticket if you plan to spend a day by train. It can save you a lot of money.For example…(82 words)

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Taxi Prices in Tokyo images

Taxi Prices in Tokyo

Taxi prices in Japan are controlled. In Tokyo, they all start at 710 yen for the first 2 km. The price rises at a defined amount, either by distance or time. If there is no traffic, the factor that will trigger a price rise is distance traveled. In traffic, the factor is time. Either way, the …(159 words)

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Tokyo's Major Streets images

Tokyo's Major Streets

In years past very few streets in Japan had names other than some of the major thoroughfares. These days it's possible to find more streets with names, but other than the major ones, most people won't know where "such and such" a street is located.Some use the word "kaido" in their name. The "…(337 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters

You can move through town quickly! images

You can move through town quickly!

I regularly ride bike and I see it as one of the fastest transportation methods within central Tokyo. You cannot beat bike unless you are going from a railway station to another station.The only catch is that some places are very strict about parking on the street. Just after 30 minutes' stay, …(107 words)

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Odaiba and RAinbow bridge images

Odaiba and RAinbow bridge

For a 12-15k run, and to get a breathtaking view of Tokyo bay from the Rainbow bridge: make a loop from Tsukiji market to Kachidoki, to Harumi to Toyosu and then go to Odaiba. If you want to run more, you can circle odaiba and then cross the Rainbow bridge, run in front of Hamarikyu park and then g…(88 words)

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What is the Safest and Easiest Transportation in Japan images

What is the Safest and Easiest Transportation in Japan

I've been in Japan and travelled around in taxis for 26 years. I average at least two taxi rides per day (at least over the last 20 years) so hmmm.. 600 taxi rides a year....hmmm......12,000 taxi rides? Wow!! Like my friend Claire, I have had many a very interesting conversation. I learned from my …(217 words)


Taxis in Japan, Are they even Better Now? images

Taxis in Japan, Are they even Better Now?

Okay, I admit it. I ride a taxi in Japan at least twice a day. I've been here 27 years and never felt the need to get one of those things you keep at your house in a garage that has four wheels and moves :)The Japanese public transportation combined with the convenience and extreme accessibil…(297 words)


Japan Travel Advice: Transportation from Haneda Airport to Tokyo images

Japan Travel Advice: Transportation from Haneda Airport to Tokyo

Once you arrive in Tokyo Haneda airport, you have several transportation options to get to Tokyo area. They are by train, bus, hired limousine or taxi. I guess you can hitchhike and walk but we will not discuss those options here:) I travel from time to time with my work so I come into Nari…(767 words)

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Visiting Tokyo? Haneda Airport Information images

Visiting Tokyo? Haneda Airport Information

Though I travel through Haneda airport less frequently than from Narita Airport, I do travel through Haneda about ½ dozen times per year so I wanted to share the airport information with you as I did for Narita airport.Haneda airport is much closer to the center of Tokyo and it is very convenie…(274 words)

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Do You Know "Hidari Gawa Tsuko?" Pass on the left in Japan images

Do You Know "Hidari Gawa Tsuko?" Pass on the left in Japan

"To the Left, To the Left" is one of my favorite songs and it well applies to some parts of my life....okay, yes you're right, Ill avoid that topic for today :) But, "To the Left" is an important concept in Japan. When you walk around, basically anywhere in Japan, you'll see the cool everyone k…(435 words)


Japanese local railroad images

Japanese local railroad

This train exists in Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa.It's possible to go from Ofuna to Enoshima in 13.5 minutes.The feature is the train of a hung style which is also few in Japan.When I take this train which runs in the town, it seems to be a roller coaster.ENODEN which can see a sea in Kamak…(88 words)

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Taking the bus in Tokyo images

Taking the bus in Tokyo

With so many buses and bus stations, how can anyone get around Tokyo by bus? Although you can get fairly near anywhere by trains, sometimes the bus is the best way to get around. Sometimes a bus takes a much more direct route between two spots. One clue is if you think two places are pretty clos…(142 words)

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Hakone about 1.5 hours from Shinjuku station images

Hakone about 1.5 hours from Shinjuku station

I recommend that you go to Hakone that has been known for hot springs since the beginning of the Edo period. You can also enjoy lots of kinds of Japanese traditional hotels and restaurants.How to get to Hakone?1.5 hours from shinjuku station by train (Odakyu line)Here is the link about Hako…(57 words)

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