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No one set server/waiter! images

No one set server/waiter!

In contrast to Western tradition, in Japan, you do not have one set server for your table. If it is a small restaurant, you will only have a waiter or two serving food. However, in a big restaurant, you will have a waiter taking you to the table and another one asking you what you would like to dri…(104 words)

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Go to Sakuragicho or Kannai for music-related performances! images

Go to Sakuragicho or Kannai for music-related performances!

The most popular places in the area for music-related street performances are Sakuragicho and Kannai in Yokohama. Right outside Sakuragicho station, there are many types of music performed, from ballads to acoustic to pop! It may be fun to stop by, listen and perhaps purchase their CD! Kannai i…(82 words)

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In front of Sakuragicho station images

In front of Sakuragicho station

If you're lucky, on some weekday nights, there is a man in front of Sakuragicho performing his shamisen. Although he is probably not a professional, this is a a cheap and great way to enjoy street performances in Japan as well as engrossing yourself into the Japanese shamisen culture like a local.(52 words)

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Don't litter! images

Don't litter!

When walking around in Tokyo, you should prevent littering. Many Japanese people hold on to their trash and try to keep the city clean. Japanese also tend to recycle their garbage, which makes it harder to sometimes find the right garbage can. If you have garbage that you really want to throw out, …(68 words)

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Go out to drink to socialize. images

Go out to drink to socialize.

Japanese people like to be in groups.They also take close attention to "Kuki" (air) the atmosphere of the location, the people they are with. You won't be welcomed if you bombard a random group or at an Izakaya.There are many pubs all around Japan now.These places are more open, the Japanes…(129 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

Use a sword to know the soul of Old Japan images

Use a sword to know the soul of Old Japan

Kendo is cool, you'll learn how to use a sword without getting hurt.You'll get a feel of the Samurai!But that's not all, and knowing how to use the sword is not the point.Kendo is Budo, you meditate before a session and also after a session.You bow before a match, and you bow after a matc…(169 words)

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Yuuki I

Kikkoman images


I believe Kikkoman's customer relations department offers information to foreigners interested in cooking Japanese food - I presume as a soy sauce manufacturer Kikkoman will direct you to cooking schools that use their sauce...(34 words)

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Once a year images

Once a year

There is an "open market" (late October?) for those interested in purchasing a Japanese sword at a building right near the Atago Police Station {across from Japanese Red Cross headquarters}; I don't recall the exact building name [Nihon Token Club Building? Token means "sword & stuff" in Japanese, …(117 words)

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Toshima-en fishing area images

Toshima-en fishing area

Located in Nerima, which can be accessed on the subway from Tokyo (either on the Fukutoshin line from Shibuya, or Oedo line from Shinjuku), has a very nice fishing area that caters to all levels.The fishing area is more geared however toward those who want to leisurely fish on the weekend, or w…(130 words)

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Check out governmental facilities! images

Check out governmental facilities!

There are cooking classes offered at governmental facilities in Tokyo and Yokohama. These governmental facilities are called "chiku center (地区センター) and hold events to train sports clubs to hold cooking lessons. Although the majority of these classes will be in Japanese, it is worth giving a t…(156 words)

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Tipping in Japan images

Tipping in Japan

One of the best cultural differences between Japan and the U.S. (my home country) centers around the custom of tipping. While tipping is not generally necessary in Japan, some service providers actually do appreciate it; for example, I've never known a taxi driver to refuse a tip!In the U.S., …(222 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Conversation clubs images

Conversation clubs

Japanese people are very interested in speaking English. It is quite the phenomenon, as it seems that a huge majority, of people in Tokyo at least, want in some way to make English a part of their lives. Some need it for work, others want it as a tool to be able to handle foreign customers, some li…(164 words)

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2 bows, 2 claps and 1 bow in a shrine images

2 bows, 2 claps and 1 bow in a shrine

In a shrine "2 bows, 2 claps and 1 bow" is the traditional procedure. 1. Ring the bell and throw coin(s) in2. 2 bows3. 2 claps4. keep putting your palms together, closing your eyes and pray5. Open eyes and 1 bow(35 words)

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Street performers in Yoyogi Park images

Street performers in Yoyogi Park

I visited Yoyogi Park in Tokyo near Harajuku station recently on a Sunday. As I walked through the park, there were numerous street performers. One of my favorites are the street rockers. They dress in black jeans and 50's style with Elvis style hair and ducktail haircuts. They dance to rockabi…(73 words)

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Go fishing in Yokohama area images

Go fishing in Yokohama area

I recommend to join Fishing Boat departing from the sea side in Yokohama area such as Yamashita area or Kanazawa area, etc. There are several boats from visiting just nearest Jetty, light house etc, Or going out offshore. Even if you are begineer, you are coached by the fishing guide or the captai…(53 words)

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Japanese Professional Baseball images

Japanese Professional Baseball

I recommend to visit professional baseball park in Japan. Japanese baseball is different from American's in terms of power or stringency but techniques but it is really interesting anyway. There are 12 professional baseball teams in Japan thtoughout Japan. In Tokyo (Kanto) area, there are five prof…(112 words)

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Izu Ooshima is good! images

Izu Ooshima is good!

Getting on a ship or airplane to the island!(9 words)

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Yoshimoto comedy theater in Shinjyuku images

Yoshimoto comedy theater in Shinjyuku

If you ask your Japanese friend "Who is the funniest comedian in Japan?"Lots of people answer comedian from Yoshimoto Talent management company.Yoshimoto is the biggest Japanese comedy company in Japan and Lot's of comedian are from Osaka. Why? Because of Osaka(Kansai) area is well-known for se…(104 words)

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bowing is showing your respects at a temple or shrine images

bowing is showing your respects at a temple or shrine

I was asked my friend from Europe what are manners at Shrine and Temple. Shrine is Shinto(Japanese original religion) and temple is Buddhist.I was taught from my grandmother when I go to Shinto shrine, crap my hands and call god , bow and you pray your wishes.When I go to Temple, I don't cra…(65 words)

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As far as I know, there isn’t really a place! images

As far as I know, there isn’t really a place!

As far as I know, there isn’t really a place where beginners can go just to experience Kendo for an afternoon of fun. The All Japan Kendo Federation puts on a group event where you can go and experience holding the Kendo swords and trying on the armor. The event is once a month between 6 and 7pm, a…(141 words)

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There are some sumo stables. images

There are some sumo stables.

There are some sumo stables that are off limits to normal citizens. Also, at some places, the sumo may be on patrol around town, or the stable may be in quite a remote area. These stables here are apparently open for viewing, but you may need help inquiring with the site:http://www.kokonoe-beya.c…(68 words)

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There is a clothing rental shop in Ebisu. images

There is a clothing rental shop in Ebisu.

There is a clothing rental shop in Ebisu, next to Shibuya, called ARK that does Kimono rentals, and they will also take pictures of you. The shop is close to the station, and they also have an English page for you to check out:http://ark-rent.co.jp/e_page/epage.html(52 words)

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Saying "No" images

Saying "No"

Refusing an offer isn't always easy, especially if the offer is for a fun night out at an izakaya. However, if you can't make it, here are some techniques I use to bow out gracefully. Usually, I go for the easy let-down. I feel a too-direct, "Thanks, but I'm not interested," may be too straight-…(165 words)

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Go to Hotel New Otani for a quick session images

Go to Hotel New Otani for a quick session

Seisei-an Tea room in Hotel New Otani offers a quick an casual tea ceremony experience program. It is nothing too strict or stiff. The tea master is very frank and talkative. Since it is organized per request, usually very small group, maybe just for yourselves. It costs only 1000 yen plus tax and …(69 words)

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Eating at a Japanese restaurant images

Eating at a Japanese restaurant

Before entering, understand if non-smoking seats are available and credit cards can be used. When eating, do not pour soy sauce on white rice! When paying, no tip is required; just say "Gochiso Sama!"(34 words)

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No Tipping images

No Tipping

There is no tipping practice in Japan, which is rooted in the concept of full dedication to the work assigned. The waiter at your table is expected and inspired to anyway do his/her best. Secondly there is a strong sense of collective responsibility towards the whole establishment with very little …(60 words)

Sanjeev Sinha image

Sanjeev Sinha

Tipping versus Service Charge images

Tipping versus Service Charge

Tipping - not normally done, don't think you have to, although if you want to, it's fine. Service Charge - Often restaurants will include this in the bill (by way of tip). Now, if for example, the restaurant's service was sub-standard, you are within your rights to ask for this to removed.(52 words)

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You really need an invite from the Stable. images

You really need an invite from the Stable.

Sumo stables are certainly an experience. One stable, which has now closed down, used to have chanko events around the time of the tournaments, where the wrestlers in the evening after fighting would serve chanko to the guests. In addition, it is permissible for men to view the training area. Women…(54 words)

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Keep to the left when standing on the escalators images

Keep to the left when standing on the escalators

You're expected to keep to the left when you are standing on the escalators. And to the right when you are climbing.I say this because I am not good at it when I am in Osaka, where people do the opposite: to the right when standing, to the left when climbing. I end up finding myself standing on…(70 words)

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Tokyo Sumo Stable Tours for a Memorable Japan Experience images

Tokyo Sumo Stable Tours for a Memorable Japan Experience

If you are interested in visiting a Sumo stable and watching the wrestlers train for the day, there a many many opportunities available to do so.Most stable now have their own websites and I am guessing that you the visit may have a particular wrestler that you are fond of a know the name of th…(132 words)

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