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Lost anything? Go to the Koban! images

Lost anything? Go to the Koban!

Japanese police boxes are so useful, because the policemen are kind and willing to help people who are having difficulties finding the way. Also, Japanese people tend to be honest and caring for other people – they deliver lost items to the police box, especially if the item looks expensive or is a…(104 words)

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Tokyo Baptist Church in Daikanyama, Shibuya images

Tokyo Baptist Church in Daikanyama, Shibuya

If you are a Baptist and looking for a church to attend, Tokyo Baptist Church is perhaps one of the prominent one in Tokyo to attend.Excerpt from Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Baptist_Church---Tokyo Baptist Church (organized on January 5, 1958) is an English speaking in…(95 words)

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Andrew Soh Chih Jen

This is not an unusual happening in Japan because there are many places to help you out images

This is not an unusual happening in Japan because there are many places to help you out

This problem can be easily solved by getting to any convenience store as they will have basic sizes (S, M, L, LL) and probably just white or black colors. If you are looking for more variety than it will be easy to find a Uniqlo clothing store which has a very good selection for men and women at af…(60 words)

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What do do on a rainy day in Tokyo images

What do do on a rainy day in Tokyo

It always feels like such a waste when it is grey and rainy for an entire weekend.So, what DOES one do on a rainy afternoon in Tokyo or Yokohama?Go to the spa, of course!There are several to choose from, depending on your location. LaQua in Tokyo, EAS and Manyo in Yokohama, Oedo Onsen M…(147 words)

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Experience Your Own “Japanese Style Wedding” in Tokyo! images

Experience Your Own “Japanese Style Wedding” in Tokyo!

What’s the most romantic place in the world? Paris? Hawaii? Rome? Those may be some of the obvious contenders, but there seems to be an increasing number of people who would name Tokyo as the most romantic travel destination.This idea of Tokyo as a modern day romance capital, combined with the …(238 words)

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MUJI, Tokyu Hands, Loft images

MUJI, Tokyu Hands, Loft

You can buy disaster prevention goods at major lifestyle retail chains, such as Tokyu Hands, Loft and MUJI. http://www.tokyu-hands.co.jp/www.loft.co.jp/‎http://www.muji.net/Or you can even order them on Amazon Japan. http://www.amazon.co.jp/Highly recommend to purchase bottles of wa…(58 words)

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Convenience store solves all images

Convenience store solves all

If you find that at some point you have no more underwear in your luggage, or you forgot underwear altogether, never fear for there are easy solutions.My favorite convenience store, "Lawson 100" is a slightly different convenience store that can be likened more to an "all around" food store. Wi…(125 words)

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How to Be Prepared for Rain in Japan images

How to Be Prepared for Rain in Japan

In my Hawaiian home, we get some type of rain in the morning or evening, the wind gusts strong and a Typhoon comes by every once-in-a-while, but the temperature is pretty much paradise year-round. I was 12 before I realized how each and every day’s weather can be such an exciting experience!My …(889 words)


Look for the "Uketsuke", Hospital Care in Japan images

Look for the "Uketsuke", Hospital Care in Japan

Although my experience at hospitals in other countries is limited, I don't think the process at a Japanese hospital is particularly unique. All you have to do when you get to a hospital is to find the "uketsuke" (front desk), which is usually located right by the entrance, and talk to a nurse about…(212 words)

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Tokyo Union Church is great for English Language Services in Japan images

Tokyo Union Church is great for English Language Services in Japan

If you are planning to shop at Omotesando Hills or go to the Oriental Bazaar, Tokyo Union Church is situated just along the main Omotesando road on the left when you have Harajuku ahead of you. This is the church where many expats go and it would be a familiar protestant service for visitors from t…(106 words)


Japanese habits that you catch without noticing... images

Japanese habits that you catch without noticing...

With friends, we have created a list of Japanese habits that makes Japanese people soooo Japanese. The thing is, these habits rubs off on us too so, here's the diagnostic test (short version), hold on with me!You need to check the number of habits that you have.- you rush to get your train …(564 words)

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Funny souvenirs from Japan images

Funny souvenirs from Japan

Yesterday, I was screening the cosmetics section of Zakka, the small beauty outlet inside Kyoto station and I found wonderful promises of beauty and youthfullness! These huuuuge sections, that you also find in Loft and Tokyu Hands like shops are wonderful. You spend 5 minutes there and underst…(387 words)

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Tourist Tip #2: Coin Lockers will Free Your Hands (and Mind) images

Tourist Tip #2: Coin Lockers will Free Your Hands (and Mind)

Imagine: your hands are full with bags and boxes of on-sale purchases and more. The only thing is, now you’re on your way to spend hours going temple hopping, and then finish with dinner at a recommended cozy restaurant. What are you going to do with all of those bags and boxes?Never fear, do w…(353 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Nissan Global Headquarters images

Nissan Global Headquarters

If you like cars, then the Nissan Global Headquarters in Yokohama is well worth your time to visit. Entry is free and the showroom always has a number of Nissan and sometimes, if you are lucky, they will also have some Infiniti cars on display. Access is just a few minutes walk from Yokohama stat…(167 words)

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Basic tips if you are visiting Japan on a business trip images

Basic tips if you are visiting Japan on a business trip

In case you are on a business visit here are some tips for making most of any business visit to Japan 1. Carry name card with your Name (preferably in Japanese & English), Contact details (email / tel /address) 2. Carry a 1 to 4 pager company profile (again preferably in Japanese).3. Comp…(870 words)

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Black or Dark Suits/Dresses images

Black or Dark Suits/Dresses

If you are in Japan during a funeral, a dark suit should be worn for men, along with a black tie. Very inexpensive black ties can be found for men in most men's clothing stores and department stores. For women, black or dark dresses.(44 words)

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Appropriate attire for funerals images

Appropriate attire for funerals

Everyone in Japan wears black for funerals. For men, this consists of a black suit (no pattern or design), white button-up shirt, black shoes (with no ornamentation), and a black necktie. For women, this consists of either a black suit (skirt or slacks with a jacket) and a black blouse, or a blac…(155 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Try McDonald's and Starubucks images

Try McDonald's and Starubucks

I've seen some McDonald's equipped with free AC outlets. The one in Yoyogi has a counter with ac outlets per seat. Also some Starbucks have free ACs. Newer Shinkansen (bullet train) also has AC outlets per seat so you can use your laptop all throughout your journey to Kyoto!(49 words)

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Tullys or Starbucks images

Tullys or Starbucks

Some Tullys or Starbucks coffee shops provide AC power. They do have WiFi also but normally you have to subsribe to Japanese telecom subscribers to use.(26 words)

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Earthquake Advice images

Earthquake Advice

Firstly, don't panic! Stay calm. If there is violent shaking you need to get under a table or bed, or something. If there is nothing, door frames are a strong part of any house, so stay under them, or otherwise slip into your toilet. Stay away from windows, cabinets, etc., as things will fly and fa…(307 words)

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Many convenient stores carry underwear and other just in case items images

Many convenient stores carry underwear and other just in case items

You will be surprised to find many convenient stores carry the various just in case items like underwear, shaving goods, shampoo sets and others. If you are in a pinch and have to spend a late night at the office or have checked into a hotel without amenities, a quick trip to the nearby convenient …(148 words)

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Turkey Day Tokyo Style! images

Turkey Day Tokyo Style!

Many restaurants do Thanksgiving specials now- a big change from just 10 years ago! I must admit that I am biased. I own a small restaurant called "Kimono wine and grill" which is a euro american bistro. We do an Awesome Thanksgiving! truly one of the best and most affordable here in Tokyo. We do o…(128 words)

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Tokyo Baptist Church in Japan is a great place to celebrate Christmas images

Tokyo Baptist Church in Japan is a great place to celebrate Christmas

Although I have not attended Tokyo Baptist Church personally, I understand they have multiple English services (even one at 7 p.m. on Saturdays!). Here is the link: http://www.tokyobaptist.org/live/services/times.html# However, if you want the ambience of a traditional church building, Tokyo Union…(64 words)


How to be prepared for an Earthquake in Japan? images

How to be prepared for an Earthquake in Japan?

You would be very surprised at the items you can find in Japan for that just-in-case feeling. A lot of the items would be very convenient to have in your bag during your travels around the world, so a leisurely jaunt to Tokyu Hands in Shibuya would be a very educational and helpful experience. Find…(144 words)


Safety in Japan images

Safety in Japan

I have heard from some of my foreigner friends that in some countries, people would rather avoid getting involve with the police than seek justice for a small problem. In Japan, you don't have to worry about the police taking advantage of you. Although they can be a hassle at times do the the amoun…(281 words)

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Where can I participate in a mochi-making "Mochi-tsuki"event? images

Where can I participate in a mochi-making "Mochi-tsuki"event?

Mochi-tsuki event takes place when people celebrate something and it’s always a happy event. As it is often held at local shopping center events or festivals, you might want to check out such local information first. I also know some hotels hold mocha-tsuki event as a part of their New Year’s even…(157 words)

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Signs to be Improved images

Signs to be Improved

Most signs in Tokyo, at least, all of the major ones crucial for navigating, have English transcriptions. However, sometimes it may be a bit confusing seeing just the transcriptions of the words, and not the actual meaning.For example: "yamate-'doori'", doori means street, but as of now only th…(140 words)

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Yuzuyu (bathing with Yuzu) in winter. images

Yuzuyu (bathing with Yuzu) in winter.

There are a lot of customs in Japan and many of them are associated with healthy life. One of the examples is the yuzu bath in winter, known commonly as yuzuyu. It is said to improve blood circulation, guard against colds, warm the body, and cure neuralgia and pain in the lower back. I hope you wil…(96 words)

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Commuting during Rush Hour ! images

Commuting during Rush Hour !

Imagine you have to board your 7:45am train by hook or by crook (so you can arrive in office on schedule). Let's add to this imagination, images of japan train rush and getting shoved by polite train conductors without any apology. So how do you board train now, especially during mad rush on weekda…(303 words)

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Samir Bodhe

Tourist Tip #10: Three Links to Life in Japan images

Tourist Tip #10: Three Links to Life in Japan

Planning a trip to Japan can seem a daunting task, but it really doesn't have to be. Deep Japan is full of useful articles that can help you decide where to go and see, what and what not to do, as well as how to do it.In addition, Japan is a country and culture that in many ways is built on tra…(153 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Be prepared and learn how to survive…natural disaster. images

Be prepared and learn how to survive…natural disaster.

Sorry for those look for fun items and experiences in Japan. The title won’t be something international tourists expect to find... but as you know, in Japan we often have earthquakes, including very big ones some times, because of that, the government provides a center called “the Disaster Preventi…(613 words)

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Hotels around Fukuoka images

Hotels around Fukuoka

About Fukuoka Toei HotelFrom the Fukuoka Toei Hotel, guests can get to the Hakata area which is located in the heart of Fukuoka, in 10 minutes by bus, and Tenjin, a popular sightseeing area in Fukuoka, in about 10 minutes on foot.Guests can also get to both the Fukuoka Port and Hakata Inter…(92 words)

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Key is to greet in Japanese and with a sincere humble intent images

Key is to greet in Japanese and with a sincere humble intent

Japanese greet often amongst themselves though it is not like in US or other countries where even if you dont know anybody people say "Hey hello - whats up" or something. But typically there are daily greetings like Good Morning (Ohayo Gozaimasu) or Good Night (Oyasumi Nasai) etc. - which perhaps…(281 words)

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Go to a nearby cellphone store! images

Go to a nearby cellphone store!

When I run out of battery on my cellphones and if I am not carrying along a charger, I often go to a nearby cellphone store and ask them if I can charge my phone. The cellphone store you go to, however, depends on your mobile phone operator (the biggest ones being Docomo, AU and SoftBank). You shou…(83 words)

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Men In Black images

Men In Black

When going to a funeral in Japan.Wear a black suit and a black tie.Also bring along a Jyuzu it is believed that the round stones keep away spirits that you don't wish to take home.(37 words)

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Yuuki I

Koban system images

Koban system

This is the unique sytem in Japan. Whenever or wherever you lose your way. why don't you stop by the police box, where the policemen kindly give you a helping hand where to go. You can make fully use of these police boxes.(43 words)

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Career Counselling images

Career Counselling

I support and help Japanese & non-Japanese with career coaching support. Feel free to contact me at bconkle@gettbac.com to schedule an appointment and let me help you develop your career in Japan.(33 words)

Career Coach Brent image

Career Coach Brent

Koban has maps ! images

Koban has maps !

You can ask directions at Koban. I do ask for help when I go to unfamiliar places. Usually, each Koban has maps for neighboring area. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, they can use their maps at hand and guide you to wherever you would like to go.(49 words)

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Forgot to pack underwear! Go to Uniqlo! images

Forgot to pack underwear! Go to Uniqlo!

Any season, the place to go is Uniqlo - they have sizes for just about everyone now (didn't use to), and their stuff is basic, well made, reasonably priced, and simple enough to go with most peoples' styles. I have taken people there several times when they've arrived in Japan without a key piece …(90 words)

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William Nealy