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Always check your sound images

Always check your sound

Personally, when I use headphones in a crowded train, I triple check that the sound is not audible outside the headphones. Noise leakage from people's headphones can be a real pain in the morning on a crowded train, and for some reason, people are just oblivious to their own noise (and no one will …(97 words)

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Leaving it alone may be best images

Leaving it alone may be best

Finding a lost item is an intersting situation. It all depends on where you "found" it. Seeing a phone, bag, laptop, or other valuable item placed ina train station with the owner clearly absent does not necessarily constitute a lost item in Japan. Although it may be difficult to leave alone, the …(131 words)

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Gestures are just as important as phrases images

Gestures are just as important as phrases

If you forget the word for your gratitude, you can briefly look at the face of the person you are grateful for, and then tilt your head down forward. This should always work in any occasion. Depending on your relationship with the person, the angle of the tilt would be different. If your rela…(220 words)

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Use simple English and write things down. images

Use simple English and write things down.

If you should encounter any difficulty when trying to communicate in English just use very simple slow English and if that doesn't work write it down. Most Japanese have a lot of passive English knowledge from their Jr. high school days but just have not had the chance to use it so may be a little…(76 words)

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Career Coach Brent

Domo! images


In casual situations, a simple "domo!" will do fine and gives off a friendly vibe.(15 words)

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Try 7-11 images

Try 7-11

If your card has credit card function, trying 7-11's ATM would be a good idea. My Irish friend was trying hard to withdraw money and finally found that 7-11's ATM is a good one.(36 words)

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Kon-nichiwa !! images

Kon-nichiwa !!

Greetings are a kind of manner as well as a way of communication to open up for each other. As you may know, Japanese hospitality is highly valued by other countries. Our hospitality always starts with greetings and ends with greetings. Through greetings, we can feel closer to each other. I think …(82 words)

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Slowly and Gently images

Slowly and Gently

Some Japanese people get very nervous when they are talked to in English all of a sudden with native pronunciation. Actually I am one of them. J I would be grateful if you can talk to me in English slowly and gently. That would greatly help following conversations. Japanese people usually unders…(92 words)

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Koban has maps ! images

Koban has maps !

You can ask directions at Koban. I do ask for help when I go to unfamiliar places. Usually, each Koban has maps for neighboring area. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, they can use their maps at hand and guide you to wherever you would like to go.(49 words)

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Woman Gynecologist images

Woman Gynecologist

English Speaking Female Dr and Nurse . Kanda 2nd Clinic 9am ~ 11:30m / 2pm~4pm . 20-14 Nishi Azabu3 chome,Minato ~ku Tokyo Japan:Phone 03 3402 0654(22 words)

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call 119 ! images

call 119 !

If you need to call ambulance in Japan remember you dial 119.You can call from your mobile but you need to explain where you are.The Japanese government recommend try to call from public pay phone.If you can't find pay phone near by, try to explain where is the landmark near you or go to the …(75 words)

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after ambulance arrives... images

after ambulance arrives...

Getting the ambulance to come is just the first step. One is far from out of the woods once they arrive. It may be good to know what happens then as it is probably different than your home country. As I am from the U.S., where ambulances are generally very sophisticated, that is my orientation.…(426 words)

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MUJI, Tokyu Hands, Loft images

MUJI, Tokyu Hands, Loft

You can buy disaster prevention goods at major lifestyle retail chains, such as Tokyu Hands, Loft and MUJI. http://www.tokyu-hands.co.jp/www.loft.co.jp/‎http://www.muji.net/Or you can even order them on Amazon Japan. http://www.amazon.co.jp/Highly recommend to purchase bottles of wa…(58 words)

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Many wear mask to avoid pollen in Spring images

Many wear mask to avoid pollen in Spring

Some statistics shows that more than 30% of all Japanese are allergic to some kind of pollen. The most common allergen is cedar pollen. Due to massive plantation of cedar for the post-war recovery lumber demand, there are so many cedar trees in Japan that produces huge amount of pollen. Since avoid…(104 words)

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Here are 3 very important risk reduction advices when Tornado occure images

Here are 3 very important risk reduction advices when Tornado occure

* On September 2, 2013, a tornado caused extensive damage in a total 19km area from Saitama, Chiba and Ibaragi Prefecture just north of Tokyo. To be honest, I had no idea a tornado could be powerful enough to blow off a house….I cannot help but call for your attention after I went to the damaged re…(281 words)

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You may feel physically lost but in a sense it's not just you.Even the people that know their way around feel lost.Going into Tokyo to find something larger.After a while many Japanese people feel that they are getting farther from why they came to the big city.One of the biggest cities…(124 words)

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Yuuki I

Multifunction Masks only in Japan images

Multifunction Masks only in Japan

Before coming to Japan, in my hometown Colorado I've never used or seen a mask.After coming to Japan I've seen many people using masks.During the Fall season.It's easy to catch a cold on a over packed train to work.Many use masks to reduce inhaling the breath of the person standing next t…(135 words)

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Yuuki I

Seven Eleven (24 Hours) or Post Office (8am-8pm) images

Seven Eleven (24 Hours) or Post Office (8am-8pm)

Seven Eleven better if you need money in a pinch anytime of the day, otherwise the Post Office.(18 words)

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Christmas 2013 in Tokyo images

Christmas 2013 in Tokyo

Highly recommend the Tokyo Union Church in Omotesando for Christmas Eve Candlelight service, and maybe on Christmas day too! I think this year they might also have a special "Blue Christmas" classical concert on Dec 18th, with Ave Maria and other special music. Welcome!http://www.tokyounion.o…(48 words)

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Tower Records, Shibuya images

Tower Records, Shibuya

I believe there are more outlets of Tower records other than the shibuya one.http://tower.jp/Shibuya one has a nice collection in the top floors. Magazines and books including a decent collection of business books. But lately I have moved to ebooks and suggest the same via amazon kindle app o…(64 words)

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Maruzen in Marunouchi images

Maruzen in Marunouchi

Maruzen is one of the big bookstore chain with Kinokuniya.The one in Marunouchi is in Oazo building, 20 meters away from Tokyo station Marunouchi North exit. They have everything you would want: all kind of literature, and also a huge collection of art and science, including economics and b…(103 words)

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ohayo gozaimasu gives a sense of belonging images

ohayo gozaimasu gives a sense of belonging

Ohayo gozaimasu is what we usually say in the morning, before switching to konichiwa. But it is also used as a greeting among members of a community, or at the office, usually a community that will perform some tough job or sports together. It gives a sense of belonging. This ohayo gozaimas…(57 words)

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a boy/girlfriend and money; finger counting is also different images

a boy/girlfriend and money; finger counting is also different

when someone is talking about someone else's boy/girlfriend they might not say the wooooord, but use their little finger up. Easy to do, close your hand, fingers looking towards you and raise the little finger. Everyone will understand.Money. In Europe, we use the thumb and the forefinger in a …(327 words)

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Sites and Sounds of Japan - the Used Goods Truck images

Sites and Sounds of Japan - the Used Goods Truck

Oct. 13, 2014http://youtu.be/jJvXx1eqI7QAs you wander around Tokyo you may see some little trucks driving very slowly along the street with a very loud announcement, and perhaps a bit of music, emanating from a loudspeaker system attached to the truck.Look at the truck and if you see ol…(296 words)

Joe Peters image

Joe Peters