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Key is to greet in Japanese and with a sincere humble intent images

Key is to greet in Japanese and with a sincere humble intent

Japanese greet often amongst themselves though it is not like in US or other countries where even if you dont know anybody people say "Hey hello - whats up" or something. But typically there are daily greetings like Good Morning (Ohayo Gozaimasu) or Good Night (Oyasumi Nasai) etc. - which perhaps…(281 words)

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The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park images

The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park

I recommend to join "Tokyo earthquake simulation seventy-two hours tour" at the facility in Odaiba waterfront area.http://www.ktr.mlit.go.jp/showa/tokyorinkai/english/72h/1f.htm(29 words)

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About toasting in Japan images

About toasting in Japan

Usually at formal occassions (a work-related party, wedding, etc.), the head person of the group / company / school (if a wedding, someone close to the bride or groom) will be asked to give a short speech and the toast. When that person calls "Kampai!" and raises their glass, everyone else will do…(77 words)

Andrea Miyata image

Andrea Miyata

Appropriate attire for funerals images

Appropriate attire for funerals

Everyone in Japan wears black for funerals. For men, this consists of a black suit (no pattern or design), white button-up shirt, black shoes (with no ornamentation), and a black necktie. For women, this consists of either a black suit (skirt or slacks with a jacket) and a black blouse, or a blac…(155 words)

Andrea Miyata image

Andrea Miyata

Turning in lost items images

Turning in lost items

If you find a lost item in a train or train station, turn the item in to a station employee or at the lost-and-found / information counter.If you find an item worth any kind of value (monetary or otherwise) on the street, you should take the item to the nearest police station. The officer in c…(216 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Used: "Good Day Books" in Gotanda/ New: "MARUZEN" in Otemachi images

Used: "Good Day Books" in Gotanda/ New: "MARUZEN" in Otemachi

If you would like to buy a used English book, I recommend "Good Day Books" in Gotanda which is 15 minutes from Tokyo station on the Yamanote line. This book shop has various kinds of books. Check the map:http://www.gooddaybooks.com/contents/home/new_location?language=englishIf you would like …(92 words)

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Please speak clearly and simply images

Please speak clearly and simply

I recommend you speak English clearly and simply. Japanese people studied English in junior high and high school. We don't understand idioms very well - I don't know the meaning of " foot the bill." So please use simple words and short sentences for us like I do to talk to non-Japanese people study…(56 words)

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Smile! :) images

Smile! :)

Smiling is the most important thing you can do when you meet Japanese people. If you know some Japanese greetings like “Ohayou,” and “Kon-nichiwa,” you can use these words for the beginning of conversations. When Japanese people know you try to speak the Japanese language, they feel happy and comfo…(59 words)

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Go to a "dagashiya" to buy some souvenirs! images

Go to a "dagashiya" to buy some souvenirs!

Other than donating the change to a local or national charity, I recommend going to a dagashiya and buying candies and other sweets for your friends and family back home. Japanese sweets are incomparable to those of other countries due to its creativity and variety. Perhaps you should avoid stickin…(101 words)

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Keep your attire dark images

Keep your attire dark

Some women may wear a dark colored kimono but recently I've noticed that most women wear a black formal dress. Men wear a dark suit with a white shirt and a black tie.(33 words)

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JP (Japan Post) or Citibank ATM normally accept foreign cards images

JP (Japan Post) or Citibank ATM normally accept foreign cards

JP (Japan Post) or Citibank ATM normally accept debit and credit cards issued overseas. JP ATM can be found even in rural Japan.(23 words)

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Mochi-tsuki events images

Mochi-tsuki events

The rice cake making is carried out in a shrine,temple and a martial arts school, local community from about Decenber20 through around January 15.However, it is not often performed on December 29. This is because there is the jinx that a Japanese avoids a day to arrive of 4 and 9.Most of th…(121 words)

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Use it in spurts images

Use it in spurts

You can use English as a tourist in Japan. Just speak clearly and smoothly without running your words together.(19 words)

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They are there to help images

They are there to help

Sometimes there is no officer in the police box because they are out on patrol. If you need to talk to someone just pick up the phone on the desk. You don't have to dial. An officer will answer on the other end.(43 words)

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Use your 100yen at McDonalds or 100yen shop images

Use your 100yen at McDonalds or 100yen shop

You may think what could be in your 100yen burger.There is so much you could choose from at a 100 yen shop.Food, gardening utilities, clothes, cups, you name it.If you wish to get most out of your change.100yen shop or Mc Donald's(45 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

Telepathy or just lost in translation? images

Telepathy or just lost in translation?

Any major city in Japan you'll notice how crowed it can get.People don't yell or fuss.When you want to get through the people in the train.You simply put your hand out in front of the person you want to get by and people will know you want to go through.Amazing!!(54 words)

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Yuuki I

Call TELL! images

Call TELL!

If you want an immediate counseling in English, it would be best to call the Tokyo English LIfe Line (TELL) for a free and anonymous phone call for any types of issues or information needed. They are open to calls from 9am to 11pm daily. Their telephone number is 03-5774-0992. If you want to me…(83 words)

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Church services in English images

Church services in English

St. Paul International Lutheran Church near Iidabashi station in Tokyo has English services and Sunday School for children too. Friendly people and services just like back home, you will find many nationalities and Japanese who attend regularly. Communion is held every Sunday. You can find infor…(52 words)

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Where are ATMs that accept my foreign issued bank card in Tokyo? images

Where are ATMs that accept my foreign issued bank card in Tokyo?

Japanese post offices in most major Japanese cities accept foreign-issued bank cards and credit cards.(15 words)

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Church in Tokyo images

Church in Tokyo

Franciscan Chapel Center (address: 4-2-37 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, phone: 03-3401-2141/2142) is the English-speaking Roman Catholic parish of the Archdiocese of Tokyo.(22 words)

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"Hajimemashite" images


When you meet Japanese people, you can say "Hajimemashite", meaning "Nice to meet you."Even though you cannot speak Japanese well, that words will give Japanese people a sense of familiarity.(31 words)

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Credit Cards images

Credit Cards

If you lose your wallet while traveling in Tokyo, I would recommend searching thoroughly, and waiting a few days for a report before cancelling your cards. One time, I lost my bag with my wallet and cancelled all my cards for fear of fraudulent use. However, after making a report to the local polic…(132 words)

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Bring the prescription to the nearest pharmacy images

Bring the prescription to the nearest pharmacy

You should have received the prescription from your doctor/hospital. You can just bring it to any pharmacy that has a sign of "処方せん" or "処方箋" that means "prescription".(27 words)

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Convenient words, "Otsukaresama desu" images

Convenient words, "Otsukaresama desu"

"Otsukaresama desu" is one of the most convenient greetings you can use at the office. This words can be used almost anytime in the office and any of your colleagues including your boss. When you come across someone in day time or when you are going home in the evening.(50 words)

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Slowly and directly images

Slowly and directly

The first thing you can try when you communicate to non native English speaker is just speaking slowly. Another thing is try speaking directly. For example using active sentence instead of passive or try not using too much polite expressions.(40 words)

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Tokyo Counseling Services images

Tokyo Counseling Services

I would recommend the Tokyo Counseling Services which offer counseling in both English and Japanese. You can listen to an interview on Tokyo Podcast with Dr. Andrew Grimes who is the director of the clinic. http://www.tokyo-podcast.com/suicide-in-japan/(40 words)

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When accidents happen images

When accidents happen

When you are in an accident.Things to know are...Was anyone hurt?Did you damage someone else property?Know your insurance before hand. The police in Japan will not help you, they will only do their job. Which is take record of the accident, they won't tell you who's fault is was. That's n…(137 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

Catholic Mass images

Catholic Mass

St. Ignatius Church in Yotsuya/Kojimachi, adjacent to Sophia University (the Jesuit university), has Mass in English(17 words)

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Catholic service images

Catholic service

St. Ignatius in Yotsuya/Kojimachi(5 words)

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Many stores catering to mountain climbers images

Many stores catering to mountain climbers

Many stores that cater to mountain climbers and hikers usually have items useful in responding to disasters (water purifier bottles for example); the Ogawamachi area of Tokyo, near Ochanomizu/Meiji University/Nikolai-do (Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral), is full of such stores, but ICI Ishii S…(91 words)

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Arigato, demo Gomennasai images

Arigato, demo Gomennasai

Say thanks but no thanks - "Arigato, demo Gomennasai"... or better yet for English-speakers, "Thank you, demo Gomennasai" and if the "inviter" is persistent, just say "No, no, Gomennasai"(29 words)

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Byou-in images


If in emergency, hop a cab and say "Chikakuno Byou-in" (not "Biyou-in", that is a hairdresser's place); seems most taxis in Tokyo have GPS devices to find a hospital nearby even if the cabbie is a novice and not used to the neighborhood(43 words)

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Don't hesitate! images

Don't hesitate!

Do not hesitate to ask around! There are so many services around you that are willing to help you get to your destination. I recommend either 1) Go to the information desk at the nearby mall or department store, 2) go to the police station or 3) ask a foreigner (or local) on the street (they may be…(76 words)

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Usually on New Year's Day, people hold mochi-tsuki events near the shrines or governmental facilities. images

Usually on New Year's Day, people hold mochi-tsuki events near the shrines or governmental facilities.

You can participate in this event. Entry fee money is 500 yen. It is 10 minutes' walk from Shibuya Station.①KODOMONOSHIROhttp://www.kodomono-shiro.jpMAPhttp://map.livedoor.com/map/?lat=35.6590833333333&lng=139.710611111111&name=&zoom=(33 words)

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Don't worry! images

Don't worry!

If you are at a department store or mall, I recommend you to go to the information desk to give the lost item that you have found. If you are on the street, it would be best to give the lost item to the police station. Although they may ask you to fill in a form, do not hesitate. You will have …(111 words)

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harsh or soft? images

harsh or soft?

In an informal occasion, for example if asked to enter a restaurant or bar by an employee or if a waiter is asking whether you would want another drink or dessert, the most simple and straightforward way would be to say, "kekkoudesu" (meaning "no, it's okay") would be okay. This does not sound as h…(103 words)

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In the case of a small car accident images

In the case of a small car accident

If a small car accident, such as bumping into another car, you should both go to the side of the road and discuss the situation. Let's say that person A's car bumped into person B's car. They should both take down the other car's license plate and ther other person's name, phone number and address.…(109 words)

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Kinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku images

Kinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku

I strongly recommend you should go to the two Kinokuniya book stores in Shinjuku. One is at the south exit and the other at the east exit of Shinjuku JR station. You can see lots of variety of English books there.(41 words)

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Kansha shimasu images

Kansha shimasu

This pharse "kansya-shimasu" is to appreciate what you have done for me. This is one of the polite expressions to say thank you very much.(25 words)

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Koban system images

Koban system

This is the unique sytem in Japan. Whenever or wherever you lose your way. why don't you stop by the police box, where the policemen kindly give you a helping hand where to go. You can make fully use of these police boxes.(43 words)

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